A “Quick-Guide” Chronology of the NARRG Lawsuit

  1. Would NARRG reveal the next court date any time soon? How likely is it that NARRG will win during the next court appearance?

    • We will continue reporting news from the various legal activities and any other associated subject as we are able and as they occur.

      Hearings are not really won or lost in the strict sense of the term. It’s a matter of whether you get all of what you want, some or most of what you want, or come up empty handed. In that sense, we’ve done very well thus far over the past 3 court hearings and a session of oral depositions.

      The hearings and depositions are stepping stones on the way to trial. We’ve planted a firm foot so to speak on each stone and are thus on the road to trial.

      • Is there no way to expedite the court process? I feel like feet are dragging behind the curtains.

        • Our abilities in this regard are limited. We are doing the best we are able to in expediting this process but many things are out of our control. The court system itself is not expedient, being jammed up with cases and a shortage of judges. Then there is the fact that the defendants have utilized the system’s liberal accommodations of time, taking advantage of it for delay and avoidance tactics. This initially had worked for them but only putting off what eventually must come forth. As we are very deep into the process now there will be fewer opportunities for this type of strategy.

          The delay and avoid strategy is a way to try and wear your opponent down; tire them until they lose heart, tie them up to frustrate them till they quit or run out of money, unable to pay their bills. Those are the kind of strategies one employs when a “Hail Mary pass” is needed. None of these strategies are going to work for them.

          Like yourself, we’ve become frustrated at times with the defendants delay and avoidance tactics. However, knowing what is at stake constantly motivates us. The National Alliance is needed in North America. It is the only entity that has a chance to take part in the historical process. We aim to grow the NA into a community of racial cohesion and a Movement demonstrating its will to live as a nation and work for the subsequent creation of national living space. And it can only do that if there is a management structure in place to operate it responsibly and professionally. What we saw in the past and are witnessing right now is a total embarrassment to Our Cause and to the legacy of Dr. Pierce. His vision of the National Alliance was never a little club as the current usurpers intend. Dr. Pierce was a serious minded player in the game of determining the outcome of the world of the future. It takes a Movement to do that; not a “Little Tent”.

          The dire circumstance the Alliance finds itself motivates us as restoring the National Alliance is an integral part of our lives. It must be so as the support we’ve seen so far for our work has demonstrably carried us this far. We have much to look forward to.

          We will not tire or falter. We are confident in our case and we have enough support to see this to the conclusion. As to the “foot dragging” you refer to we’ve some control but it is limited. To overcome it in any event we need perseverance and we have plenty of that likewise. Stay with us and watch us do our work of declaring a New Era for the National Alliance.


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