Money Part III – Sparkle in the Eyes

Money Part III – Sparkle in the Eyes

Authors Note:

The best way to read this article is to make a copy off your printer and to sit in a comfortable chair and digest it.

This article has two parts: the first part is the central thesis, while the second part is a fairy tale, (The Egg in the Bottle), which captures the synthesis to this main argument. As of now, the fairy tale is at the end of the article, but it can read first if need be. Either way, the fairy tale can stand alone. There may be areas in this article that I may digress, but it’s in the hopes of strengthening the idea.

I write these articles to the honest National Alliance members that still exist out in the universe. After Dr. Pierce’s death, there has been no other organization, in my mind, that can replace the National Alliance in its might of thought. The existing National Alliance has changed from an actual movement to a pretend movement. It has changed its image of intellect into fangs instead molars to help digest knowledge and understanding. The uplifting of duty can judge the spiritual force of any movement.  The moral power which it exhibits reminds us of our own, and that is why we then feel something which elevates our spiritual energy. All of this is gone now, and the emptiness hurts. But evil should not be looked at as a wall but as a step, something that we’ll eventually leave behind.


“Render to your intelligences the bread of life,

And in never losing sight of the true star,

Refresh your souls in the force of your ancestors.”

Una Notte di Dante, Firenze, 1839


“I therefore define the Beautiful: The individual union of an intelligible type with a fantastical element, made by the interposition of the aesthetic imagination.”

Vincenzo Gioberti, 1860


“Rationalism looked at the nation from within and said: it is mass. It looked at it from without and said: it is language. Both were materialistic stupidities. Nation is, first, the Idea; second, the nation-bearing stratum; lastly, the mass who are the object, the mere body of the Nation. From without, the Nation is a different soul from other souls. It is contact with the foreign that develops the sense of the proper.”

Francis Parker Yockey, 1948


There is a saying that the best way to make money is to write a book and title it “Money.”  I believe that people have a sixth sense and know that our money system is not right, but they cannot put their finger on the feeling of the problem. This article will not be about the mechanical solution to our monetary policies, but the recognition of one.


According to the Hindu calendar, we are living in the time of Kali Yuga, which is the fourth and last cycle of the world, characterized by a period of total decadence. It is the age of Money. From what I understand, nothing can change this cycle until the time has expired.


Among the many debts which civilization owes the Greeks, none is deeper than that due to the invention of the coinage. This conception of currency is Greek, and not Asiatic, as some have come to believe. Indeed, the Asiatic races never accepted the coinage kindly, for the Asiatics have always been slow. (The Asiatic races will always be the follower race on this planet.) Most likely this is because currency accelerates social movement more dynamically than any innovation during the historical period of antiquity. Coinage is not overly bad, but only when it becomes a master, hence the decadence.


At that time confusion and abusiveness became the norm under the Greek state because it permitted each city to coin its own money, to a disadvantage of which the Greeks soon discovered. At this point, the greatest triumphs of the Greek mind were their adoption and development of a universal “standard of value” under Alexander. By doing so, this made currency for financial transfers much cheaper and more rapid, and “international banking” on a large scale became possible. The Greeks discovered that for coinage to work the currency should be uniform, as fluctuation of various standards entails the loss in exchange. What makes this achievement remarkable was that it was accepted voluntarily with intelligent cooperation, and without physical force.


From this point, we can fast forward to the time of Charlemagne to see the complexity money had for them. Charlemagne foresaw this complexity when he placed money upon a new footing. He employed that precious metals were not to be discarded as a means of exchanged but were to be valued at imaginary livres, sols, and deniers which created a system that could have been executed and reformed from time to time by his authority. Our Founding Fathers did something similar when setting a “standard of value” to gold and silver. Charlemagne’s idea proved to be an efficient substitute for the previous one instituted by Pepin the Short (his father) in 755. But before he could fully implement his measures, Charlemagne passed away with his life and the financial abuses that prevailed before eventually returned. From Charlemagne’s time to the French Revolution his arithmetical relation of the denier, sol, and livre remained constant.


I must point out, that money is a concept that the lower races cannot imagine. To receive something of value or wealth from a piece of paper, to them, is odd, but at the same time, it creates a magnetic attractive.


The best and shortest way to understand my last statement, and our overall situation, is this: whenever you produce magnetic energy, you will always attract trace metals that will weaken the magnetic force. Europe and America started out having the magnetic energy required to create civilization. You can think of it as each new European arrival in America was an individual magnetic bar that added strength (to assimilate) to the overall magnetic energy of the country.  It then came to pass that metal trace elements began flowing (or flooding) into Europe and America in large numbers from the Far East, Africa and South America. In turn, this weakened the magnetic energy, of each country involved, to the point that the magnetic flux becomes neutralized. To make the magnetic flux healthy again requires the removal of the metal trace elements.  When done, the metal trace elements return(s) to its natural state and will never retain the original magnetic energy. So, you can think of money as the magnetic flux that attracts the trace elements, but it lacks the magnetic energy to assimilate.


My only reason for mentioning what I have stated so far is to show the complexity of subject matter. We have the same problems antiquity had; it has not changed. But now a genetic factor has been added (a new trace element) which has increased the complexity. And I do not think the problem can (ever) be solved with the small men now in charge. Hence, the Hindu calendar required fulfillment!


This essay will try to convey why our society remains rutted to a path with no paths. I’ve always thought what would the world be like without money; better yet, what type of a world would it be? There is no question that money cannot be found anywhere in Nature because Nature believes in paths, not power.


I will state my conclusion at the beginning of this essay and let the rest of the article explain my reasons: To have a real honest money system, or any decent society requires, what I call, the equilibrium of the Ideal. This concept requires a balance of thought between the “rational” and “sensual.” To achieve this equilibrium of the Ideal will require Masculine Principles. When I say Masculine Principles, I am not referring to our present-day Man, but a new type of Man who “would be frightful in his goodness!”


Money can never reference any present or past ruler, but the unseen, because its rules came before the rulers. Money has come to be the priest between the body and soul. “They” have made money into a science, but pure science is a quest! According to Leopardi, the progress of science “only increases the nothingness.” Money has become the biggest murderer of boldness, and the largest producer of tokens.


The greatest enemy to money is “authority.” Authority means freedom of the heart, while money means the capture of the heart. Authority means freedom of the mind, while money means the capture of the mind. Authority means the freedom of definition, while money means the change in definition.


The biggest problem with financial institutions, with these central banks, is their license to create and destroy money arbitrarily without understanding the laws that correlate its quantity with the national income(s). The only currency known in America is the private issue from these central banks. These banks are geared only toward profit; they are geared only toward the technique of domination. If this means putting any one country (all banks are ganglion by nature of their creation) through a time of prosperity or depression so be it.  They will always be in the forefront for social change. They have financed all revolutions and elections because they have learned that “to beget and rear a man is easier than to implant a good soul in his body.” They will make women become men and men to become women, when necessary. They will always push for the “planet” mentality. Yes, things may seem to be advancing, but even slaves soon learn to laugh.


These financial Institutions or Banks, by their very function, have become an anti-organism.  And this anti-organism will kill anyone or any organization that gets in its way. This anti-organism will guarantee that we will never reach our spiritual side of our being! Its soul purpose is to maintain. It is an anti-organism because of its detachment from the processes of a correct alimentation to the body. When you think about it, money is subject to nothing!


Can you consider this anti-organism to be a conspiracy? I would say a conspiracy of silence. This silence, (on all financial problems, in the Press and on political platforms, among editors, publishers and especially economists, who more than any others should be alive and alert to their immense importance, life importance), there can be no questions about it whatsoever.  Mr. H. G. Wells is reported to have said: “To write of currency is generally recognized as an objectionable, indeed almost an indecent, practice. Editors will implore the writer almost tearfully not to write about money, not because it is an uninteresting subject, but because it has always been a profoundly disturbing one.”


These “financial abuses” hasn’t changed to this day because our financial institutions have the privilege to regard themselves as the owners of the “virtual wealth,” which the community does not possess, and to lend it and charge interest on the loan as though it existed and they owned it. As Justus, baron von Liebig observed: “Silver and gold have to perform in the organism of the state, the same function as the blood-corpuscles in the human organism. As these round discs, without themselves taking an immediate share in the nutritive process, are the medium (money), the essential condition of the change of matter(capital), of the production of the heat and of the force by which the temperature of the body is kept up, and the motion of the blood and all the juices are determined, so has gold (or currency) become the medium of all activity in the life of the state.” I know that this quote is rather long, but it puts a long and complicated subject matter in condensed form. You may need to read it several times to understand Liebig’s point.


The main point is that the wealth so acquired by the impecunious borrower is not given up by the lenders, who receive interest on the loan but give up nothing. The old saying “getting something for nothing” has become a very “profitable” institution. Money should not be based on debt but upon steps.


What I’m going to say now may sound a little confusing and analytical, but I do not know how else to put it. I would like to reiterate something I have said before, but to say it a little differently. These Institutions, these anti-organisms, are very parasitical because it only feeds and survives upon those who possess the impelling imagination: the real wealth is the “fantastical” vision that can say, “I see.” But at the same time, these Institutions also controls the “I am” of the mind, (that part of the mind that knows, “I am a Race”). This creative imagination falls only upon a very tiny minority of the world(s) population. They are the creative image dreamers that the world takes for granted. And there is no question where these dreamers reside, just follow the littered path. Money never seeks knowledge but only to coagulate it, because learning can only achieve its full reality by the experience of life which learns to sacrifice itself.


What must be observed is the significant circumstance that only at a stage of organic development does this element of the circulation of this “medium” (money) makes its appearance. This medium (money) appears where you have the creative dreamer. The medium (money) found in non-creative societies are considered worthless. What I mean by this, is throughout the large division of the lower animals, the blood contains no corpuscles; and in communities of low culture, there is no money. These inferior cultures become used as material resources for the money cultures because the lower cultures do not understand what lies beneath their feet. My point being is that the primary drive of all money cultures is the art of keeping your neighbor (the lower cultures) poor, and the population always in servitude.


What our money system has done is to change the path of the “Faustian brand,” “money as the function,” to a force toward economy-dynamics, instead of power “distilled” from economy-dynamics. The former produces a “work” environment, while the latter produces a vector environment. What this means is that the society has changed its thought of belonging as a part, to belonging to an economic force toward a life destiny, to nothing more than a mass, a controlling mass. This mass is not permitted to have fate thinking, but just to “go with the flow.” It does not matter what the gender is, only that it is compliant.  The society becomes only localized economic death spasms instead of having a unifying mission.


If you look at our workforce today, one cannot help but notice the overwhelming presence of women. It is a fact that our present-day workforce has corrupted man. What’s not noticed is that this workforce corruption of man will also corrupt women. It has been found to be easier to control women prisoner than men prisoner. Women are more pliable to follow the “rules.” Which make them better fitted toward the “New World Race Order.” I know that there will be a lot of women who do not like my assessment, but it is an undeniable fact.


Civilization degenerates when barbarism creeps in and introduces itself by degrees to take its place. Then society shows its fetishism toward physical pleasures, of gold, of silver, of power. Over time, this fetishism has revealed an exhaustion has set in upon Western Man against its own noble and beautiful actions, against its own thoughts. Western Man has now become the enemy, (this may be hard to believe when you look at our men today, who are just as slavish as women), not only of the world but also by his women.  The “modern” women’s march in Washington was nothing more than a movement against Western Man, a march against their men! It was the act of “Lysistrata,” with an alien twist. To me, this women’s movement has become unbelievable, because it reveals a total surrender of the once noble “Imperium” of Western Man.  And yet this movement seems to have gone unnoticed and did not awaken Western Man. Why?


This protest reveals something deeper. During the “Great War,” (which tells you how long it’s been going on), it was found that, although approximately 5,000,000 men had left their work, girls and women easily took it over. Hundreds of thousands of these men imagined that they had been doing both skilled and manly work. The ease with which amateur girls and women replaced them proved that they were wrong. It also showed, incidentally, that such was the extent of our urban degeneration and emasculation that only the fewest among the peace-occupation of the country, at that time, had the masculine or demanded male qualifications. This scenario has continued to this day, with the latter looked upon with disgust.


If things carry on as they are, the tendency of regarding Western Man as harmless and amenable, then (the) female rule will continue. Western Man will become even more besotted, more lacking in mastery, feebler as lovers, and more contemptible than the men of the past. Their manliness will be reduced to the proficiency of games only. All civilizations end with games!


The masculine spirit must be revitalized, with the help of honest philosophers. To the philosopher, the mind of man can only advance to a higher being when he perceives new gods! These new gods can only come forth when Man has new and greater freedoms, to have real imagination is to question imagination. The greatness of the Greeks was that they believed in walking amongst the Gods, while today Man has been made to fear the God(s).  The Greeks felt worthy of their origin and lived by it, today’s religion abases Man instead of elevating him in his own esteem. Freedom is derived by play with the truth as its boundary: Lies are exponential, while the truth is constant. Today, the real philosophy has become very rear and lonely, because he must learn to wear the souls of many shoes.


“Scholars” (and philosophers) knowing their incapacity to decipher the mysteries of Nature, adopt the more convenient course of rejecting it. “Scholars” have become ignorant of the true nature of things and see human faculties only as equal.  Scholars have no concern for the truth, but only for their (own) opinions. Such people will continue in error because they are “indebted” to it for their existence.  For a true philosopher, the attraction to the racial truth(s) has for us is not derived merely from the light which surrounds it, but also from shadows that conceal(s) it. It’s hard to imagine, and to visualize, that a beam of shadows can reflect! The honest and genuine philosopher will teach us not be afraid to ennoble the ennobled.


In my first article about money, I presented some thoughts about what real wealth is. I would like now to pursue and discuss this subject a little deeper. What I am going to do now it to explain to you the reason why “they” fear and hate Western Man. Why “they” fear the balance of thought that Western Man has, and to keep it suppressed within his being. Every march or protest seen today is voicing that concern subliminally. Remember, what I am going to explain to you now the money powers suppress, so bear with me for a little while.


The reason for this hate is because of Western Man’s abilities and creative skills to live without money, and this is because:


There is an inner mystery within our racial being (which cannot be measured by “IQ”) that no other race can fathom or imitate. Our race has given the world the gift of doubt!  It has received the gift of mind to be able to distinguish between “determined” and the “determinable.” It is the ability to place your imagination within the object. “Imagination rules the World,” (Napoleon). No other Race has this ability because if they did, they would not be living amongst us! Everything discovered would have never come forth without first having doubt. Our libraries are nothing more than the testimonies of doubts. Doubt is the manifestation of the mind that resides between the sensual and the rational. It is the teeter-totter (with the sensual on one side and the rational on the other) which has as it focal point the equilibrium of the ideal. In the schemes of life, it will always happen that excess on the one side will give rise to a deficiency on the other, and vice versa.


If the rational state dominates, “man attempts to suppress his instincts and passions, and to commit himself to an abstract necessity (money is an example).” This total commitment to the abstract can create a coldness in thought, a coward(ness) in thought. The proof is the history of enslavement and slaughter toward our Kinsman! This massacre results from both “Culture Parasitism” and “Culture Distortion.”


Likewise, if man gears himself strictly to the sensual (lives by instinct and passion only) he denies himself nature’s kernel toward knowledge and lives by compulsion only: in this case, Man is conquered by his instincts and emotions. His actions become the consequence of an inner need. (Remember, the first instinct in any animal when faced with danger is to flee, self-survival!) The proof of this is the overpopulation of the botched and ugly races which now overcrowd this planet. So, the sensual believes in the saying “live and let live,” whereas the rational believes in the saying, “Kill or Be killed.” Money favors the latter, where Feminism, or any “isms,” prefers the former. The sensual and the rational can both be violent in its approach, which makes it difficult, sometimes, to differentiate the two terms.


Another good example of the sensual is the trend that advocates that the “human race” originated out of Africa. We perpetuate the idea to “let live” the African because we give him the belief of origin. This belief is nothing more than a pure lie because it can be seen, by the fact, that Africa lacks any personal sagas, which is the first sign of a prior culture. The African primitive has never been an evolving race, but a devolving one.  If it were not for us, Nature would have eliminated them a long time ago. Slavery was their salvation, and they could not have had better masters. It was the rationalism (the coldness) of Man that created slavery in the first place. And now we’re paying for that mistake.  In the “Laws of Manu” you will find the following statement: “That kingdom where Sudras (common, low people) are very numerous, which is infested by atheists and destitute of twice-born inhabitants (aristocrats) soon entirely perishes.” Where is that wisdom today? This quote represents an example of the equilibrium of the ideal.


“Man” (I’m speaking of the White Race only), is a subject to both cases: “in the one (the sensual) his sensuality enslaves the spiritual in him, while in the other (the rational) the spiritual enslaves his sensuality.” Freedom is only realized by the balance of the teeter-totter between them, again, by the equilibrium of the ideal.  What makes it hard to balance, and to achieve, is when your society is racially mixed. Freedom cannot be realized because the harmony between different racial impulses will always be in conflict. What this means is that the sensual lives by preservation only, while the rational understands it. So, the next time you see a debate about race look how the argument presented – “we cannot live without them” will be the theme, etc.


Again, what makes this difficult to comprehend is that the alien races living amongst us “speak” (or talk!) from, the point of view, of preservation only (from the sensual), they can never talk about it in the form of the rational! This conservational view can be quite persuasive because it tantalizes the reasoning within us. When you add money to this mix, it becomes a real mess.  It bears the question: can the spirit of the Tiger reside within the body of the leporid? Think about that. Today, money exist in the belief that it can.


As a side note: When will we ever learn that we can never explain why we should survive as a race to another race. These alien races just cannot comprehend it. It always irritates me when I see racially aware people who try to debate other races about their-their racial convictions. They are just wasting their time.  The other races know how a single individual of a race of the same species differs individually, but what they fail to understand is that these differences are acquired only through racial individuality, as a group. This racial personality, this identity, this racial attitude, is idealistic in its principle and its essence, and it should never be surrender. We should never be ashamed of our racial genii; it should “compel us to be stronger.” The last statement is a crucial point because when a race is taught, (to be brainwashed in our schools), to believe only to be an individual, he will live individually; thus, he became easier to conquer.


Nature’s laws are based on the equilibrium of the conquered. The Falcon has conquered the sparrow, but the sparrow has adapted (by numbers) to conquer the Falcon. If a species does not realize it has been conquered that species will become extinct. The lure of money pays no attention to this observation because money has already conquered the individual.


It must also be pointed out that sensuality should never be entirely suppressed, however, “but ennobled:” the sensual should permeate with spirituality to reveal the realization of the spiritual power which has entered into it. And reason should take hold of the sensual and control it in such a way to deprive it of its power so that man can fulfill what reason and destiny dictate. What a gift this is when you contemplate it, but this synthesis can only come forth by masculine birth!


These two thoughts (sensual and rational) are, first, that behind the visible world there is another, the world invisible, which is hidden from the senses and from the thought that is “fettered” by the senses. And secondly, that it is possible for Man to penetrate that unseen world by developing individual faculties dormant within him. A certain instinct may remain dormant, but it cannot be generated by something outside Man because it is essentially something already in him.  The path, to these latent faculties, can only be achieved by the pursuit of beauty.” When you think about it, beauty is the search for freedom. “Beauty is he who learns to bear what he cannot change!” Beauty requires no corrections. Beauty needs a background of the mind to exist. The mind becomes the canvas for beauty, and the equilibrium of the ideal is the brush. It is a crucial point to remember, that “man” can be blinded by the finite as well the infinite, and yet beauty can be found in both extremes. Beauty is not merely in the “eyes of the beholder,” but in the view of the mind.


The pursuit of beauty is tough to achieve because the domain of thought reveals that imagination is not equal. Nobody can flatter himself of being able to acquire the equilibrium of the ideal genius if he has not at least the “seed.” And even regarding those who possess this seed, and who have cultivated it, how many examples are there not in life, in which the monetary state or any other cause whatever, causes the imagination to languish, and hinders its efforts to display its beauty. A leopard’s spots reveal not only its beauty but also the power of its beauty. The White Race has both qualities, hence the fear by the other races! Money creates the causes and influences that will direct us away from the will.


We have all, in one way or another, have experienced the equilibrium of the ideal, but you may not have understood it at the time. Let me give you an example which I experienced which revealed this sensation to me:


Back in the early nineties Jim Ring and I would travel to different cities in Nevada and northern California to do Gun Shows.  The National Alliance became a permanent fixture at many of these Gun Shows, and people would look forward to seeing and talking with use. We covered our tables with books of all kinds, Free Speech, and National Vanguard magazines. We gave the appearance of honest, clean, and hard working individuals who had concerns about was going on with our Race and country. We were not a bunch uneducated, and toothless slob’s as Hollywood always portrays us. The people found use to be very inviting wherever we went.


On one occasion, there was a Gun Show in Carson City, Nevada, that Jim could not attend, so I ended up doing the Gun Show by myself. It was late in the afternoon, and the crowd had thinned out. Then a young man came to my table and started eyeing all the books and magazines.  I could see from his face that he was skeptical at what he was seeing. He picked up one the National Vanguard magazine’s and shook his head a little. He said to me, “are you for real?” I said back, “you see me don’t you.” “You’ve got guts doing this,” he said. I said, “do you want to join me.” “No,” he replied. At that time, he began to relax and asked me questions about the books and what the National Alliance was all about. When I talk with him, I could still sense a hesitation in the young man. So, I gave him a couple of National Vanguard magazines and told him to read what the “powers” don’t what you to read, and to learn to develop your judgment(s). At that point, he left with the magazines tucked under his arm. I believed, at the time, he would go and just through the magazines away as soon as he left the building. This incident happened on Saturday.


The next day, Sunday, the Gun Show opened at 9:00 am. At 9:02 the young man was back at my table. This time there was a sparkle in his eyes. He told me that he had read all the magazine’s twice and that he had never read anything like them before. The enthusiasm was a mark difference than what it was the day before. He ended up buying a copy of every magazine on the table. It was quite a stack when he finished. While he was collecting the magazines, we talked about what he had read, but by then I came to believe that this young man was rare. This young man had curiosity.


What this young man felt after reading our material was both internal and external, it was both sensual and rational: it was progress! The beauty had penetrated his sensuality and rationality of his being at the same time. It is a pleasure that he (or we) experience in discovering and putting in evidence a hidden truth. This hidden truth is of several kinds: One is the enjoyment which happens every time that man “loves his discovery” as a creation of his own mind. The second is the satisfaction of obtaining a distant glimpse of the truth yet unknown. This experience has taught me that all truths are secondary because all knowledge that mortals acquire is a gift for which they must thank the author.


Another good example of the equilibrium of the Ideal is on the faces of the German people during their festivals in the 1930’s. How the world has been taught to hate this! What you are witnessing is a nisus toward the link; it is the power of the mind toward a divine action. It reveals the vine of race (the sensual) is related to the vine of the mind (the rational), which connects to the vine of the ancestral spirit (equilibrium of the Ideal)! This created force would be inconceivable if it were just the exterior! Do you understand now why the other races fear this? The lower races “apes” reality, it needs objects to believe in its existence. Their beliefs and drives will always be toward material ends, and the freedom of the mind will always be an alien concept to them.  So, the next time you see a film of these smiling and exuberant faces remember that they are you.


This sparkle in the eyes has more power than money. This power embraces the authority of freedom.  When I considered the eyes of the women at the million women march, I did not see the sparkle in their eyes. I saw a cry for help! Their inner nature has turned alien against them; it is the great unlinking. The Feminists battle cry is that “women and do anything a man can do,” and yet Man is not able to “battle cry” this in reverse! Did Nature make a mistake, I think not. The focus of hatred of the Feminists is the body because honor is in the body of the woman. Woman(s) nature it to surmise, whereas man(s) nature is to realize! When these women were marching, they were marching alone, because the inclination of the change is not their own. Pornography is a perfect example of the demeaning of the woman(s) body, and Feminism has never stopped it. The voice of the higher woman will also be the nightingale to the soldier, but now she has been made the parrot. The nightingale should be singing to us men, “if you speak true, as people say you do, then stand by me and serve the truth through me.” They would then not walk alone!


Feminism has gained ground because Man has failed in understanding the Will of the Species, by the flattery of his personal attraction that is seducing her, that is impelling her to go in search of fertilization elsewhere. Women leave the boundary of her race because she does not see one, whereas men leave its border because he does not want one. Both will guarantee their extinction.


A wife of a friend of mine made an interesting account of why a white woman and a black “man” would mate together. She said: (paraphrasing) “The reason why a white woman will mate outside of her species is that it is her first incarnation as a white.” I had no answer to that statement, but it did strength my belief that the spiritual that is within us is vulnerable. It may be hard to conceive, but I believe that it is true, that the reincarnation of spirit can only happen by the evolutionary incarnation of the body. If the spirit reincarnates into a lower being, from its previous life, it becomes a sensual being for that life – he will not be able to elevate mentally. I have always believed that the last reincarnation of a man is when he becomes a philosopher, whereas for a woman when she loves the philosopher.


I know that the question will be after all I have said is: what’s all this got to do with the money? And yet that is what I have been trying to explain. What I have been trying to show is that money is, and always will be, the distractor. It will always be the separator. All thinking leads toward it; it is an opiate with the world full of drug dealers.  Money makes Man into a product!  Its drive is strictly rational. The banker-mentality regards human beings as a “cost of production.” It has changed the society from something that has life into something that has become phantasmagoric (having the appearance of an optical illusion). Wisdom is Nature’s book to you, without fee, it has been given all to thee. To understand what I have just said, go and talk with any financial adviser and you will be witness to a paper individual. The “money” will never produce that ennoble sentence which could change the fate of Man.


I write these articles without being paid because I know that the imagination alone shall subtract from the principle of evil: Evil will always be a primitive imperfection. We live in a time where the flame of truth is smoldering, but the day will come when the fire will roar by the fuel of money we burn!


The best way for me to summarize my thesis throughout this essay is a fairy tale, entitled: “The Egg in the Bottle.”


There was once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a wise King by the name of Tree. The people throughout his realm loved their King. He bestowed upon his people the gift of prosperity, security, and the most important of all the freedom to life. The King believed that true liberty consists in not being forced to be regulated by the independent whims of another. His realm was not easy to come by, he had fought many battles and the years marked his face. His people named him the Tree of Wisdom because he was a seeker of knowledge, and had learned to draw his motives from the Eternal by the act of his inner being. He believed a person who does not do this and acts according to other causes and influences, would result in the loss of will.  He believed one cannot become free if the sovereign will be permitted to annihilate itself through the effects of misdeeds. The King lived by the motto: Evil always requires to be paid, but the truth needs the brave.


The King had a loving Queen who had just passed away. The King was in mourning, for he loved his Queen very much. His people also liked her, because she gave the King the feeling of feelings! She was the nightingale to the King because she understood the difficulties of the decisions the King had to make in his day to day affairs. When troubled, he would ask her advice about things of the heart. One time the King was at war, and he was losing, and he was at a loss of what to do. When talking with his Queen about his problem, she suggested that the wives of the soldiers should be permitted to visit the battle field to nurse the wounded. The effect was instant because the soldiers realized what they were fighting for, and with this won the war. From this, the King learned that a soldier fought best when protecting the soil for the seed.


The Queen gave the King the birth of three sons.  The oldest was named Straw, the second eldest was named Bean, and the youngest was called Leaf. The King and Queen were proud of all their sons. Each had their individual character which made each of them unique.


Straw was the soldier in the family. When he was young, he always showed interest in the strategy of every game. As he grew up, he treated life in terms of a strict sunder of rank and occupation, he believed in gut decisions. When he competed, he competed with the attitude of victory at all cost. He was a sore loser, but the best swordsmen in the kingdom. To Straw, duty was the victory over the law of appetite, to have discipline toward taste. Straw lived by the motto for duty as: “Where one loves what one commands oneself to do.”


Bean, the second eldest son, was the bookworm in the family. He has read almost every book in the King’s library. He believed that the object created the knowledge to be the terms needed in comprehending the universe. When he read, he was always thinking of the next book. It made him the best chess player in the kingdom. To Bean, the idea was a motion toward an end, a process toward a condition. Bean lived by the motto for the idea as: “An intelligible object, as far as intelligible and known by the mind.”


Leaf, the youngest son, was the man of progress in the family. He viewed life as the ensemble of the total but under the laws of a constant correction. His father found him one day studying a colony of ants. He would sit and study them for hours. He even had names for certain insects and their functions. To Leaf, physical life is second to the secrets of Nature. Leaf lived by the motto for life as: “Everything which frees our spirit without giving mastery ourselves is harmful.”


The King had good reason to be proud of all his sons, but he was in a dilemma. When the Queen died, he became concerned for his kingdom, since he was getting on in years. He had to choose which of his sons would become the next King after his death. He laid awake nights thinking of what to do. He wanted to be sure that he made the right choice.


The time came when the King called his three sons to the King’s Chamber.  When the boys walked in, they saw three separate tables. On each table, there was a glass bottle that laid on its side, and within in each cylinder, there was a fertilized nightingale egg. The sons looked at the egg in each bottle and noticed that the neck opening of the bottle was smaller in diameter than the living egg inside. The King told his sons that his life was coming to an end and he had to decide which one of them would be the new King. He told them that he was proud of all of them, but he had devised a test to see which one could remove the living egg from the bottle alive. He gave them one week to come up with a solution. Before he let them go, he asked if there were any questions. There was only one from Leaf, and that was, “Father, how did you get the egg into the bottle in the first place.” The King replied, “that is not your concern, your task is to get the living egg out alive.” All three sons pledged to the King that the one he chose the other two would honor and devote their lives to the new King.


A week past and the King went to the King’s Chamber to see what his son’s solutions to the problem would be. He first approached the table of Straw’s, and when he looked at the bottle, he noticed a large open crack along the side of the bottle. The opening seemed to have been done by a deliberate blow of the grip handle of his sword.  Straw handed the egg to the King and said, “look, father, I have fulfilled your task.” When the King looked at the egg, he noticed that the egg was broken. The King said, “I’m sorry my son, but the egg is cracked, and the life within has died. Therefore, you were not successful. Our kingdom will always need a soldier like you to be the point of the arrow to protect our realm, but I cannot allow you to be King. Remember my son; a soldier will always fight best by the truth of others.” He then kissed him on the forehead.


The King then went to the table of Bean(s). He noticed that the bottle was empty, but at the same time, he also saw that the bottle looked warped in its appearance. The opening of the bottle had been heated to deform the glass to make the opening big enough so that the egg could pass through. Bean handed the egg to his father and said, “look, father, I was successful.” When the King looked at the egg, he noticed scorch marks on its surface. The King replied, “no, my son you were not successful because the egg shell is burned, and the life inside has died. Our kingdom will always need a soldier with the tongue of the quill, but I cannot allow you to be King. Remember my son; books can create boundaries to the imagination because real imagination must be free.” He then kissed him on the forehead.


The King, feeling a little concerned, went to the table of Leaf’s and what he saw struck him as odd. The bottle laid on its side on the table, but the bottle was not empty. When he looked closer, he could not see the egg inside the bottle, because the bottle was filled with fresh cut grass from the royal garden. When he touched the bottle, it felt warm. The King said, “where is the egg, my son.” Leaf replied to the King, “it is still in the cylinder, father.” Leaf then told the King to put his ear near the opening of the bottle and to listen. The King did and heard scratching sounds coming from within the cylinder. The King then pulled his head away suddenly, and a baby bird popped through the opening of the bottle and landed feet first on the table. The bird started to sing! The King was amazed. Leaf then asked the King if he wanted the egg shell, and the King replied, “no, that will not be necessary.” The King then told his son, “My son, you have proved a balance of thought, because your thought(s) went beyond the shell. Therefore, my kingdom is yours.” He then kissed him on the forehead.

Harrison Elings (The Attic Dweller)

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  1. Lawrence Connelly June 10, 2017, 2:37 am

    Great piece of work!

  2. Magnificent. This is the truest of NS, and it’s genuine inheritor: Dr. William Pierce original National Alliance. Deep links to the Classical world , which was the foundation of our soul race on this planet. NA is to develop an elite of understanding,as all great things rise from the few ,and grow from there. Nothing great, comes from the mob. Mind, body, spirit. Thank you for this beauty of true National Alliance!


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