Notice of Cessation of Monetary Gifts to NARRG

Notice of Cessation of Monetary Gifts to NARRG

A heartfelt thank you for all that have participated in the past with the financing of the NARRG legal

efforts. For those of you that have given a monetary gift, we appreciate your efforts to reform and

restore the National Alliance.

Again, we reiterate that 100% of the gifts that we received were used in paying the legal costs to

execute exclusively this single lawsuit by NARRG. Our team members have worked completely on a

volunteer basis. Every dollar collected thus went exclusively to saving our National Alliance.

At this time (3/3/2017) we are not requesting any more monetary gifts as our past legal bills are now

paid up in full due to your generosity. If the need arrives again in the future for further additional legal

battles to reform and restore the National Alliance we will notify you.

We on the NARRG team will continue updating you on the several current legal activities by others not

associated with NARRG, including NA Board of Director John McLaughlin and the West Virginia State

Special Prosecutor, etc.. If you have any information regarding the National Alliance, or have recent

current copies of the National Alliance Bulletin that you would like to submit, please email or mail these

items to us.

  1. Will Williams has totally completely mentally lost it. He has finally fully imploded on StromFront. Seems he and Strom have been keeping the mods active 24/7 for 2 weeks crying like cowards to have many new pages in thread deleted. Perhaps the Mods and Black got sick of them and struck back hard. Williams then publicly “demanded” they lock the thread since in the last few weeks many people have been telling truths about what Williams and his gang of reprobates, criminals, perverts, and crooks are, and have been doing.

    One thinks more like StromFront finally told off Williams and Strom. They had to be sick of their continual puerile behavior and were going to lock the thread to stop them from filling up their forum with more sewage. They both for years have been running like spoilt children to the mods, can not stand up on their own and try to defend their indefensible actions like real men. Williams can not debate, nor even answer simple questions, since everything about him and his gang is nothing but violence, perversions, theft and lies. In truth Williams can barely speak publicly, nor string a coherent thought together.

    IF StromFront wanted any credibility is would ban Williams, Strom and Pringle and delete every post ever made by them and any repeated.

    In the last 2 weeks StromFront has had many pages worth of posts deleted, and even some posts by others edited to such a degree to be a obvious “set up” for one of Williams’ sock-puppets to use it in some obviously insane Williams written lie filled response. Strom in his slimy sheath of “Ovid” was quite narcissistic, puerile and active.

    Today Williams wrote a big lie on StromFront which is left up there. “NARRG was forced to take down solicitations for money with which to fight the National Alliance in courts“. NO such thing! One would think such a lie implying falsely a court action is a punishable crime chargeable against Williams. As well witness intimidation. Everyone knows NARRG like honorable responsible Aryan men properly manage their funds, have been upfront and transparent, and pay their debts. Something Williams and his gang are incapable of doing. NARRG had almost fully paid off their attorney prior, and many knew you only had a few more payments to go. Williams is using your very honorable deeds, and noble statement you made to the public as some sort of ruse, in which I have no doubt he is using as a solicitation for funds for himself personally.

    There was a post today that was up briefly but I recall it was something like – Will is quivering in fear from all the truth that is being posted, and is in the fetal position. – Indeed.

    The utter physical disgust one feels from reading the continual mentally disturbed madness and lies Williams, Strom and Pringle put out is why all good men, and women of our kin must understand what is going on, and why so many good folk have tried to warn others. We thank NARRG for the work you do.

    • Stormfront is literally just a retirement home for white nationalist has-beens and failures. A very suitable home for Will Williams and his lackies.


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