Update on WV Special Prosecutor 1st Hearing Against Williams & more Critical NA Items

Update on WV Special Prosecutor 1st Hearing Against Williams & more Critical NA Items

A NARRG Investigation Report and Special News Release


This brief news article covers three news items of business.  The First is a brief synopsis of the first hearing in West Virginia of the State special prosecutor against Will White Williams.  The Second is a brief update on the particulars of the apparent illegal logging of the NA property by Williams/Pringle.  The Third is that throughout their web blogs, whether intentionally or not, Strom and Williams have exemplified a rhetorical strategy that mirrors the way extremists incite violence among their followers. This is a very serious matter that could lead to very serious consequences for the future on the NA and its members/supporters.

Part 1: First Hearing of the Special Prosecutor against Williams

On Wednesday February 1, 2017, the first hearing of the case of the State of West Virginia against Will Williams was held in West Virginia.  The special prosecutor for the State went over initial discovery findings with the Judge.

It is reported that Williams showed up by phone and said nothing.  There is a pretrial hearing scheduled for May 17, 11 am, and a trial date of Thursday June 1st, 1 pm.  In a nutshell, further investigations against Williams and perhaps other related to Williams will commence on the way to eventual trial.  

The real question then becomes whether Williams is able to become a “Teflon Don” and be able to skate on the charges, thus walking out of the Court House a free man, or by Providence will he have to spend time in the WV slammer?  Only time will tell.

Part 2: Apparent Illegal Logging of NA property update

Purportedly, the logging is being done by local contractors having firearms related charges and other arrest records. In addition, it has been alleged that the logging is not being done in accordance with WV Department of Forestry timbering requirements and other State agency environmental regulations.  An active State criminal investigation is currently underway according to informed sources.  

Part 3: Strom’s Christmas/New Year’s message causes supporters to advocate Violence against other White Americans

On the eve of the New Year’s holiday, convicted sex offender Kevin Alfred Strom’s web blog attacks White Americans who are not of his Cosmotheist nor apparently, Williams Creativity religious convictions.  Note that while Strom has only publicly identified himself with Cosmotheism, Williams on the other hand (depending on his intended audience) dances between Cosmotheism when discussing NA matters, and Creativity when discussing other matters.
United States Department of Justice National Sex Offender Public Website

Section 3A- Cosmotheism:

It should be noted that Williams runs his non-profit Cosmotheist Alliance Church (CAC) out of his private home in TN.  Evidently, he and his wife are the only paid employees.

Cosmotheist Alliance Church

Cosmotheist Alliance Church is in the Churches, Temples, and Shrines business. View competitors, revenue, employees, website and phone number.

Exactly what goes on there at his so-called “church” and where does the income come from has been questioned by others.  Maybe Williams financial guardian Attorney Tim Kalamaros can enlighten us on these matters, as purportedly Kalamaros besides setting up the church for Williams in Tennessee, also handles his legal last will and testament.

The Case Against Do-It-Yourself Wills

“As Timothy E. Kalamaros, a lawyer with his own practice in South Bend, Ind., says, using a DIY will is like “pulling your own tooth with a pair of pliers instead of going to the dentist.”

If Williams thinks so highly of Attorney Kalamaros to apparently handle most of his personal legal affairs, then tongue in check, if you want to set up your own nonprofit church and run it out of your private home then perhaps consider giving him a call.  Hey while you’re at it, have Kalamaros put in the church incorporation papers that you are given the titles: Reverend Doctor, Grand Poobah or any other title that may tickle your fancy.

On the contrary, Dr. Pierce never declared himself to be some sort of ‘G.D. Pope’ as Williams has declared himself to be in front of other NA members and Officers.

Williams besides running the NA, CAC, NVB, etc., out of his house, see


in his spare time also enjoys spending time surfing the internet for NARRG articles and posting on StormFront, and his other Web Blogs.  One wonders though if there any comingling of funds between NA, CCC, NVB and CAC and Williams own personal accounts.  Some people apparently already know the answer, while others are just dying trying to find out.

As a side note, one wonders what ever became of the IRS audit & fraud check of the NA and associated businesses? The question then becomes, did Williams settle for pennies on the dollar due, perhaps because of his past connections with the SPLC and/or Fed Gov, as some have publicly alleged that he may in fact be FBI AGENT James R. Finchley, A/K/A “John Doe Number Two”?



Section 3B- Creativity:

Williams also stays active with Creativity, as shown below by the accolades from a fellow Creator posted on their Creativity website.

So where does Williams really stand regarding Cosmotheism or Creativity is debatable.  Maybe Emily Henderson a supporter of Williams on StormFront and a self-professed Creator and Atheist who debates Cosmotheists and Deist’s on Vanguard News Network (VNN) can fill us in on where Will really stands?

If you go to VNN though, please watch for Ms. Henderson’s and Fred Streed’s profanity though regarding Cosmotheism vs Creativity, which is contrary to NARRG’s family friendly, website advocating secularism (such as defined in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Secularism)

 And while your at it, be carefull when debating Ms. Henderson. As a self proclaimed para legal she has a frequent habit of insuitating that she may consider filing a lawsuit against those she disagrees with.

Section 3C:-  Repercussion of violent postings from Strom’s supporters due to Strom’s hard uncompromising religious stance

In Kevin Alfred Strom’s · December 31, 2016 weblog article entitled – ‘Radical, Rational Racial-Nationalism: Needed Now More Than Ever’,  Strom states:

“There is a profound need for radical reprogramming among millions of our folk. There is a profound need to reach out and save those who can be saved, and teach them about real morality, real theology, their real identity, and the real world situation we face as a people. There is a profound need for the National Alliance message to be heard by every single member of our race.  And that profound need takes us back to American Dissident Voices. By supporting our program you will be facilitating the awakening — and the hard, uncompromising line that alone can bring us to victory.”

His supporters almost immediately knee-jerk replied almost as if by some form of Pavlov’s dogs classical conditioning response to their Puppet masters- Strom and Williams, with violence promoting comments, such as the following posting that is antagonistic to say the least.

By their public comments, these persons may be either agent provocateurs or deranged violence prone Stromophiles!  One month later as of Feb 3, 2017, Strom had let this post remain on his privately controlled web blog that he runs.  Strom thus is complicit with this point of view even though his web blog may claim otherwise: “Slander, crude language, incivility, off-topic drift, or remarks that might harm National Vanguard or its users may be edited or deleted, even if unintentional. Comments may be edited for clarity or usage.”  One could say that Strom agrees wholeheartedly with this post and does not think it is uncivil or are remarks that might harm National Vanguard, otherwise he would never have allowed it to be posted in the first place !

Folks, this public display of genocidal violence is one sure way to get on the Federal Government watch list or worse.  

Report Suspicious Activity | Homeland Security

Prompt and detailed reporting of suspicious activities can help prevent violent crimes or terrorist attacks. If you see suspicious activity, please report it to your local police department.


Submit a Crime Tip

Another avid supporter of Williams, Wade Hampton III on Wed Jan 25, 2017 10:00 PM posted on one of Williams controlled web blogs the following:

” If nothing else, I could offer my services as a suicide bomber and take out as many Jews as I possibly could! “


Previously Hampton on Thu Jan 26, 2017 12:05 AM on this same site posted:

“Perhaps there will be a North American version of “Night Of The Long Knives!” My own opinion is that it cannot arrive soon enough! There is a nest of them on the other side of the Continent. May Lady Justice arrive and render her wrath!”

Hampton also posts an image containing the subheading Death to Sellouts, wrath.jpg

To Mr. Hampton and other of his ilk who post such rhetorical violence, others in the past have said the following “Wrath… in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds…”

In summary, Williams and Strom have to realize that the context of words matters, and their writings and actions may result in them getting more closer attention from Government authorities, and in fact may result in the NA being shut down as a terrorist organization under perhaps RICO or other laws. Something that may seem innocuous to them can actually result in their supporters acting out their aggression toward others who could be on the receiving end of their supporter’s violence and harassment.  Case in point is David M Pringle’s documented threats of violence against NA employees and former members who live adjacent to Pringle’s current domicile at the NA West Virginia facilities.  Note that these violent threats by Pringle have been audiotaped and transcripts written, with copies of both being given to the West Virginia Special Prosecutor against Will Williams.  

For further background on David M Pringle, see the following

David Pringle | Resistance Records | ZoomInfo.com

View David Pringle’s business profile as Agent at Resistance Records and see work history, affiliations and more.

Opinions and Conclusions

Williams is self-described in a friendly interview with the SPLC as having PTSD and is purportedly collecting Veterans disability checks for his severe mental illness disability. To our understanding, the severity of this condition is rated at 100%.  A web based biography of Williams states that “Williams dropped out of the workforce as a taxpayer in 1985, becoming a ‘starving artist’ and a full-time political activist.”  In describing some people who are on Social Security disability for mental illness, Rep. Mike Thompson, D-Calif., said: “These are not people just having a bad day. These are not people simply suffering from depression or anxiety or agoraphobia. These are people with a severe mental illness who can’t hold any kind of job or make any decisions about their affairs. So the law says very clearly they shouldn’t have a firearm.”  Based on the above information, many can conclude that Will Williams is one of those people, yet one wonders, how in the world can he serve as both President and Treasurer of the National Alliance, a Virginia Corporation, also serve as the Reverend Doctor Will Williams of a Church, and is ‘carrying a concealed weapon’ (CCW) permit holder in the State of Tennessee?

Commentator BrentMcKaskell in a December 23, 2015, 12:26 PM post, states:

“Over on Stormfront there’s a thread about the National Alliance, and sometimes it’s hard to expose Will Williams for the violent psychopath he is without certain of his sycophants trying to influence moderators to ban you. As it stands, I’ve long opposed anyone who’s violent towards women, as he is. April Gaede long ago warned people of Will William’s violent streak, and now, with this second woman coming forth, there’s no doubt at all. He and that child-porn freak need to go, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Get rid of ’em!”

Rather than supporting Strom and Williams currently in control of NA assets, a better use of one’s money would be to support Jürgen Graf who just published a new book thru The Barnes Review (TBR) entitled: “White World Awake! Stopping the Planned Extermination of Our Volk”.  

In reference to this new book, a commenter states: ”Those who seek the truth will find the truth in the pages of this book, and those looking for a practical plan of action will find that as well.”  Note that Graf and others at TBR promote that it is equally necessary for each nation and ethnic group to preserve its distinctive language and culture, unlike some Strom’s supporters and perhaps deep down Strom(?) himself who publicly advocate Genocide of White Christians and perhaps others with whom they disagree?


In an article written for a periodical, a law professor describes a term that could be attributed to Williams and Strom that is known as “stochastic terrorism”.  This academic term refers to the act of using suggestive language to inspire radicals to carry out violent acts. In this scenario, a lone wolf terrorist wouldn’t be explicitly instructed to commit their crimes, but they would be encouraged by rhetoric that appears to normalize that type of activity.  Predicting any one particular individual following their call to use violence against others is statistically impossible. But we can predict that there could be a presently unknown lone wolf who hears their call and takes action in the future.  Both Williams and Strom’s comment fits into this larger pattern of implicit communication — and a subsequent response from their supporters — that tracks with the definition of stochastic terrorism.

Williams, Strom, and Pringle have a propensity of attracting potentially violent individuals who publicly brag about their intentions on publicly accessible web sites.  Whether they get their jollies off doing this or whether they truly intend to carry out their fantasies remains to be seen.  This is of course all depends on whether Federal and or/local law enforcement agencies intervene beforehand.  For further information, see such articles as

Rhetoric, Violence, and Redemption

When it comes to talking about responses to the election, it is easy to say, “Stay on point. Talk about the substantive issues that won Trump enough electoral votes to become the presumptive president-elect.” But the spin put on the issues (e.g.

In this April 13 file image taken from video provided by KCTV-5, Frazier Glenn Cross is arrested in an elementary school parking lot in Overland Park, Kan. He later was charged with killing three people at two Jewish-affiliated facilities. AP/KCTV-5, File         (Note that Frazier Glenn Miller is a long time close friend and supporter of Will Williams.)

  1. Strom on his web blog of Feb 11 2017 states that the only hope for white Americans is for a million deputized empowered (white American) citizens to be backed up by the full authority of the state. Earlier he states that the only choice is for white Americans to have firearms and grenade launchers and quote: ”know how to aim them”. According to the Justice Department, the grenade launcher is considered a “destructive device” and therefore falls under the National Firearm Act and requires transfer approval from the administration. Does Strom thus want his supporters to all go out and buy grenade launchers and thus be on the Fed Gov registration list? As I currently understand it Strom is on another sort of Fed Gov registration list- that being listed on http://www.nsopw.gov. What a company of criminals of all persuasions!

  2. I wish to play the devil’s advocate.
    I liked your description given to those inciting hate – deranged Stromophiles, but how do you reconcile it with what Dr. Pierce often spoke about (in his broadcasts) and wrote about? Here I am referring to the ‘Turner Diaries” and “Hunter.” Let us be clear – both books encourage violence. Is this a case of the kettle calling the pot black?

    • Gwen,
      The deteriorating political situation in this country is far worse than when Dr. Pierce was doing his broadcasts as we see free expression being eroded away by the communistic term, “political correctness”, which originated with Josef Stalin. Decades ago, Dr. Pierce got away sometimes saying things that would nowadays be considered legally actionable. In one instance in the 1970’s he almost pushed the envelope too far and was investigated by the FBI over what potentially would have been a call to potentially violent action against a corrupt public figure; something that certainly would be prosecuted today.

      The novels he wrote were not “blueprints” to revolution nor a call to action as the enemy media have convinced so many people including pro-Whites, but works of fiction to express revolutionary political ideas. Dr. Pierce knew full well that we are in no position to realize that kind of reality described in his works of fiction. We are no closer to that now than when Dr. Pierce warned us against such thinking and premature action. As an example, Dr. Pierce tried in vain to dissuade Robert Mathews from embarking on his campaign in the formation of The Order as he knew that without having built media we would have no chance to motivate mass support to carry through such an ambitious scheme.

      The immediate goal of the National Alliance is to express ideas; to educate and motivate our community as well as to provide hope for the future. Revolutionary times such as those described in Dr. Pierce’s novels may come along but acting irrationally now in times when we are weak and have no organization is pure fantasy and out of touch with the political reality.

      Without the building of infrastructure and a more realistic goal of first building our own media to reach people with our program and world view; such boisterous passing of gas by an effeminate loud-mouth posing as spokesperson for a revolutionary idea is either simply laughable or something of a more nefarious nature which more people are beginning to suspect.

  3. uproot the that vine. they should have no place with Pierce’s legacy


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