VA Judge Rules Favorably on McLaughlin Legal Standing & New Updates on Other NA Matters

VA Judge Rules Favorably on McLaughlin Legal Standing & New Updates on Other NA Matters


This article will deal with new updates on several legal and other matters regarding current NA Chairman Will Williams.  The First section will focus on the Virginia Judge ruling favorably on McLaughlin Legal Standing.  The Second section will deal with the status of Williams appeal of his Criminal Assault conviction in West Virginia.  The Third section will focus on Williams and associates overall mismanagement of the NA and what others have to say about their lack of fitness for leadership.

Part 1: Virginia Judge Rules Favorably on McLaughlin Legal Standing

In review of the first hearing of the Corporate lawsuit of McLaughlin vs Williams run NA held last month in Virginia Civil Court, the Judge ruled against Williams motion to change the Venue to another Circuit Court in Virginia or alternately move it entirely to West Virginia where the majority of the NA property assets are currently located.  On the second motion heard that day regarding the legal standing of NA Vice President and Board of Director John McLaughlin to file a lawsuit against the National Alliance, a Virginia Corporation.  The Judge at the hearing postponed a final ruling for 30 days until the Judge issues a final opinion by Jan 7, 2017.  See the previous NARRG article for further details.

1st Court Hearing of McLaughlin vs Williams Run National Alliance

by Brian Wilson- NARRG Legal Liaison, with reports from others In PART 1, some pertinent brief background information is reviewed again for the new reader to refresh their memories on Will Williams’s current disposition and some say current mindset.

This article updates the previous article by reporting new information that the Judges Final Opinion has been issued with the result that the Judge ruled in favor of Mr. McLaughlin’s legal standing.  With this ruling McLaughlin’s right to pursue a lawsuit for control of the NA Corporation and its affiliated business was affirmed, and the lawsuit continues on.  The next step will be to finalize the subpoena of NARRG’s discovery documents obtained in the lawsuit of Pierce et. al. vs. Gliebe, et. al. (which included Cartwright, Williams and the NA corporation).  Further discovery of documents and commencement of oral depositions of NA Officers and others will proceed in the immediate future on the way to trial.

Part 2: Status of Williams Appeal of his West Virginia Criminal Assault Conviction

It was reported earlier that Williams appeal in West Virginia Circuit Court for appeal of his assault conviction against a NA employee was to be held on December 15, 2016 in the legal case of the State of West Virginia vs. William White Williams.  This did not occur as the Judge canceled the scheduled hearing until a new Special Prosecutor against Williams would be appointed by the State in full compliance with West Virginia Code 7-4-6, and further investigations were conducted against Williams, and potentially others. The new Special Prosecutor has now been appointed and a pretrial hearing is presently scheduled for February 1, 2017, according to a public posting online by Williams himself, and other sources.  At this point in time it is not known whether the new Special Prosecutor will also investigate other alleged charges against David M. Pringle who is currently Williams appointed Chief of Staff at the West Virginia National Alliance operations.

As mentioned in NARRGs last article, both audio tapes and transcripts of Pringle’s verbal outbursts and alleged threats against both NA employees and former NA members living adjacent to the NA property in WV have been submitted as evidence against Williams in his appeal of the WV Criminal Assault conviction.  These many hours of audio tapes and pages of transcripts cover many months of Pringles association this past year at the National Alliance West Virginia facilities, and appears to be quite damaging against Pringle and Williams to say the least.

Part 3: Williams and Associates Mismanagement of the NA and Lack of Fitness for Leadership

A. The future of the National Alliance [for whom, and at what harm to the NA?] is now secure, according to Will Williams published SF post shown below.

The main question to this proclamation by Williams, is for whom is the NA secure and at what costs to the reputation and prestige of the NA?

Some of Williams’s few remaining supporters continue to publicly defend Williams online no matter what information is presented that is contrary to their viewpoint.  Much purported incriminating evidence against Williams, Pringle and Strom is readily available online, yet these few unquestioning supporters turn a blind eye and continue to purposely ignore these allegations despite what any evidence is presented.

Both the State of West Virginia’s Criminal Case against Williams and McLaughlin’s Virginia Corporate Lawsuit against Williams’ run NA can substantiate the validity of these allegations if they are pursued all the way to completion at Trial, and if truth and justice prevails.

NARRG’s earlier article on McLaughlin’s lawsuit against Williams’ run NA Corporation dealt with many of these allegations and can be reviewed again here:

NA Director Files Lawsuit Against Williams *Updated

It has been publicly reported that NA Officer and Board of Director John McLaughlin has recently filed a Corporate Lawsuit in the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 22, 2016 against existing NA “Chairman” Will White Williams. Details are currently not publicly available as of yet, but it is NARRG’s understanding that the thrust of this lawsuit is for legal control of the NA corporation.

As to the few NA supporters unwavering blind allegiance to Williams despite the evidence to the contrary, some say this could be considered a form of denial of reality, or else others consider that they may be collaborators in facilitating the advance of Williams et. al. misguided agenda against opposition.  This refusal to accept reality due to inherit bias can be explained by some Mindset Theories of how the mind works.

The diagram above shows that beliefs control human action, beliefs can be wrong when the beliefs contradict facts.  Some people whether intentional or not possess a “I want it to be true” barrier that keeps a person away from accepting the facts due to inherit bias.  The specific example shown above for illustration purposes only is for the case of lack of availably water supply vs. land development pressure, but the same process can be applied to any set of (true) facts vs (false) beliefs.

B. Revealing published quotes by others about current NA “Leaders” that if true damages the reputation and prestige of the NA

Several insightful examples of how current NA “Leaders” are damaging the reputation and prestige of the NA are alleged below:

  • I) Quote 1- Regarding the fitness of Pringle, Strom and Williams as NA Leaders:


Chips-Ahoy posts as comment #62 in June 2016:

“Likely source of note is one known provocateur and scum David Martin Pringle, who oddly now has evidently taken over the WV property and posted on SF honeypot that he has all the keys and Williams doesn’t. Pringle worked with known Fed informant Lawrence Meyers, some of their handy work is also still all over the web, and on VNN as Pringle’s Lucky Jack tag teaming w/ his partner to destroy the NA and the legacy of Dr. Pierce. Do some searches on him.”

“Kevin Alfred Strom did the same thing when he left and started that copycat National Vanguard. Again, odd that he is involved in the NA once again due to what he is and that Williams is a mentally incompetent no talented loser and crook. Currently Strom is on fully monitored Federal probation and all communications and all his webpages, emails, phone etc. are all monitored. He is a registered sex offender child molester. See his mandated PA Megan’s list public warning page.”

“Will Williams – also a major security breach, you can read online how several times in 2015 he had all his computers in TN fully remotely controlled and copied by hackers, and old people scammers and even repeatedly PAID them to do it all year. This also evidently was at the same time he allowed all NA accounts to be compromised and $thousands of $$ were made off with. “

“You have to put in a little research, and step back, and stop falling for such pathetic propaganda by Williams. Marginalize this filth and move on to taking on the enemies and stop being distracted by the games these defectives and conmen who can do nothing even for earning their own legitimate daily bread than to abuse, con, and scam, play pathetic games, lie and degrade a vitally needed movements momentum for our survival.”

  • II) Quote 2- Then on top of it all, one only wonders what to make of this older posting by others (before NARRG even existed) alleging that Williams left Dr. Pierce’s NA in 1998 and for what purpose:

FBI AGENT James R. Finchley A/K/A “Will White Williams”

JB Campbell wrote: AKA: “Will White Williams” of the National Alliance. Complete with US Army Special Forces fake ID. Explosion of Hate The Growing Danger of the National Alliance North Carolina Five local units, with about 20 followers each, meet around North Carolina.

“Will Williams, who had been the NA’s national membership coordinator, served as state regional coordinator until the spring of 1998 when he reportedly left the NA.”

[Editor’s Note] Why Williams would reportedly leave the NA in 1998, and under what terms his relationship was with Dr. Pierce at that time can best be answered by Williams himself.  As to the rest of the allegations voiced by others in 2005 (before NARRG even existed) in the hyperlinked reference article above, NARRG has no comments or opinions to share. The readers can decide for themselves the validity or lack thereof for the other alleged issues about Williams raised by this reference article for Quote 2.

  • III) Quote 3- Another commentator stated April 5th, 2016 on Vanguard News Network (VNN):

“Will Williams own paranormal beliefs go far beyond conventional religion. Williams and his wife pay three separate psychics (Eurasian witch doctors), to forecast the future. Williams said one is “hot” and another has forecast the White race is doomed to be destroyed by interbreeding. Did Williams’ psychics’ ability to predict the future aid Williams’ flawless decision making and his sound hiring of employees? “

  • IV) Quote 4- A different commentator stated November 15th, 2014 on VNN:

“Will Williams must understand that Kevin Strom cannot be the face or the voice of the NA; even if all the charges against him are false, he has been branded by the courts as being involved in child pornography. The people I know will never accept an NA that has Strom on the air every week as the voice of the NA. Strom, as a purely practical matter, should step back from the microphone, permanently.”

[Editor’s Note] Thus, these and others (not shown) that are publicly published and available on line can in the opinion of some paint a very bad picture of the current leaders of the N.A., all to the detriment of the prestige and reputation of the NA and Dr. Pierce’s legacy.

Opinions and Conclusions:

1) Vice President and Board of Director John McLaughlin has legal standing to pursue a lawsuit against Williams controlled NA, a Virginia Corporation

2) Williams criminal appeal case in West Virginia had been postponed until the newly State appointed Special Prosecutor finishes their investigation and the legal discovery process has ended.

3) The Court can now rule on moving forward for the appointment of a Corporate Custodian to initiate fully the process of dissolution and restructuring with assets accountability and recovery. That is why the filing for dissolution of the Corporation to remove all the liabilities of the Corporation due to all of Williams’ crimes, illegalities, fraud, and embezzlement etc. is required.

4) The VA code/Act is clear and is a long arm code where it orders all law enforcement, and courts in jurisdictions wherever Corporate Property is to be found must assist fully in the recovery of all those assets and property to the full possession and control of the Court appointed Custodian, and his appointed team. The NA will go on and Williams will be sued personally for fraud and theft of corporate assets.

5) One last commentator February 2nd, 2016 on VNN summarizes it all quite succinctly:

“Would the late Dr. Pierce behave with such lying hypocrisy and censorship and get arrested twice in one week for being such a clown or posting pathetic excuses for all of his ignorant bullying at StormFront?”  “If WWW had any sense of Aryan dignity and honor he would not behave this way and would have resigned the Chairmanship and held himself accountable for all of these snafus. Don’t hold your breath, though, Jimmy. Not before his recouping his investment!”











  1. The Attic Dweller January 29, 2017, 4:47 pm

    Since “Black Accomplishment” mouth is just around the corner I thought I’d relate to you all an experience I had while attending college. This was an event that I have not told many people about. My core study while in school was Mechanical Engineering, but sometimes I was required to take other core courses which were not part of the engineering curricula. In this case I decided to take a class in Sociology. When I walked in I noticed that my instructor was Black. As the course dragged on I must admit I did find some of the material interesting. But one day the Black professor started preaching about the contribution(s) that the Black Race had made to the Egyptian Civilization. It was quite a spiel. When he had finished talking I raised my hand and asked him this question: If the Black Race created the Egyptian Civilization and designed and built the Pyramids of Gaza why and how were they made slaves in all prior and proceeding Civilizations? I’m still looking for an answer, he did not have one.

    • The answer is he is lying pure and simple which seems to be a characteristic of just about all Negros. The only contributions they made during that time and place was staying out of the way and not being there which is the only way they will ever contribute to something.

  2. Good Judge O. Character January 13, 2017, 6:29 pm

    Thank you for the update, and for all those who are dedicated to stand up for Dr. Pierce and the National Alliance. I’m glad to see many people willing to put in the work, personal sacrifice, risk varying harm, to expose and stop Williams and his tiny greedy band of fellow traitors, perverts, defectives and thieves. Insiders report he only has 23 “members” in his personal cult club he’s been running out of his home in Tennessee since 2013 with Strom.

    I take umbrage with just 1 thing “West Virginia where the majority of the NA property assets are currently located”. I believe it has clearly been established that what ever Williams hasn’t already sold for his sole benefit after his thefts, he has stolen and looted most everything else from the NA and the ill gotten gains are in Williams’ greedy lair in Tennessee where he hides and bars their return to the Board of the National Alliance.

    I always liked John McLaughlin. I’ve known of him for decades and had the pleasure to meet up with him a few times, in different actions or events. What becomes very clear is he is personally dedicated, and he sacrifices to put the Cause first, and never thinks of himself. He is a giver, who has helped out so many people and causes through the years. He never makes things about him, but always wants the focus on the goals, and what can be done and how we can all work towards them. I’m please to see to see he has continued to dedicate himself to Dr. Pierce’s legacy, and know that this is a man who will never turn the NA into a cult, nor make anything about himself ever. To him the goals, real goals, real action, real advancement and people those are what matter to him. Kudos and a Hurrah! for Director John McLaughlin.

  3. The National Alliance built by Dr. William Pierce was true National Socialism and upheld all that is the legacy of white Western Civilization. It ran above all man-made philosophy, theology, ideology to the truth of all that is natural and great for our people on this planet. Our preservation, and growth as a vital cosmic necessity. How could this precious legacy fall to such low depths? The present usurpers of the NA stand for not an ounce of what the NA foundation was. This catastrophic fall is the result of the limited minds of those who never understood the cause, and mission. Unless the true NA is restored to those steeped in the legacy of Dr. Pierce, who was a conduit of the universal, indeed mystical understandings, and vision of our eternal foundations; our precious mission in this time of world white crises we will not have a concentrated chance to be reversed.
    I’m positive that slowly, but surely the National Alliance Restoration project will emerge victorious in this vital battle. In victory, we must never again allow people of such low quality, and depth take the mission. Never must this organization become just another “Right Wing”, (or any wing) fringe group; a “tea party on steroids” nonsense. It’s not about Left\Right, party politics, religion, flag waving, or anything else but maintaining, and lifting our blood, traditions, and cultural legacy through study, contemplating, and positive noble action.


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