1st Court Hearing of McLaughlin vs Williams Run National Alliance

1st Court Hearing of McLaughlin vs Williams Run National Alliance

Plus Other Updates & Information on the NA Under Williams

 by Brian Wilson- NARRG Legal Liaison, with reports from others


In PART 1, some pertinent brief background information is reviewed again for the new reader to refresh their memories on Will Williams’s current disposition and some say current mindset.  In Williams latest writings he claims some in opposition to him are mentally ill, and thus the cause of his many present legal predicaments.  We will thus review his mental frame of mind and see if Williams could also be rightly accused of the same charges.

In PART 2, this brief report summarizes in layman’s terms the results of the December 7, 2016, First Court Hearing in Virginia of the Corporate Civil Lawsuit of Plaintiff- NA Director & Vice President John McLaughlin vs. Defendant- National Alliance.  The NA under Williams and Jayne Cartwright is allegedly being grossly mismanaged, to say the least, some say criminally by Will Williams.  One can go to the initial NARRG articles to see the many grievous charges filed July 22, 2016, by McLaughlin in the initial complaint against Williams run NA:

NA Director Files Lawsuit Against Williams *Updated

It has been publicly reported that NA Officer and Board of Director John McLaughlin has recently filed a Corporate Lawsuit in the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 22, 2016 against existing NA “Chairman” Will White Williams. Details are currently not publicly available as of yet, but it is NARRG’s understanding that the thrust of this lawsuit is for legal control of the NA corporation.

Passing the Legal Discovery Baton

by: Brian Wilson – NARRG Legal Liaison The eighth Legal Hearing of NARRG’s corporate civil lawsuit against past and present NA Corporate Directors and the NA Corporation itself occurred on October 7, 2016 in southeast Virginia.

In PART 3, other updates on the National Alliance currently being operated and mismanaged under Williams control are reported on.

PART 1- Williams Mindset and Frame of Mind According to Others

Williams is self-described in a friendly interview with the SPLC as having PTSD and is purportedly collecting Veterans disability checks for his severe mental illness disability. To our understanding, the severity of this condition is rated at 100%.

“New” NA Wrought With Social Pariahs

If you’re reading this, perhaps you did a search for Will Williams and came across some accusations of recent ill doings and inappropriate behavior. In fact, persistent rumors of Williams’ escalating paranoia, menacing management style and confrontational behavior have circulated online for more than a year.

We thus see that he is on the public dole for his mental disabilities that amounts to tens of thousands of dollars a year in VA benefits, as well as social security disability benefits.

Timothy Kalamaros

Timothy Kalamaros

According to previously published online sources (by others not affiliated with and in fact directly in opposition to NARRG) – Williams has a court-ordered financial guardian-  Timothy Kalamaros from Indiana who manages his financial affairs.  Kalmarous also appears to be spearheading and directing Williams many legal affairs across Virginia, West Virginia and Tennessee besides handling Williams personal fiduciary affairs.

According to this and other sources:


“Williams and his attorney, Timothy Kalamaros, regarding Williams’ mental state. One email reportedly includes Kalamaros encouraging Williams to stay on his medication and to continue seeing his therapist. Williams allegedly replied he is off his meds and not seeking any further treatment for his psychiatric disability.”

Image source: Temecula, CA Mental Health Clinic

One important ramification of Williams’s self-confessed mental illness is whether or not he should even be holding the Office of President of the NA due to his mental disability?  If Williams is really so mentally ill that he takes public assistance money from the VA for his mental disability and reportedly should be taking psychiatric medication and seeing a psychiatric therapist, is Williams really able to mentally function as President of the NA?  These are serious questions that need to be resolved by both the NA Board of Directors and also during Legal Discovery and eventual Court Trial under McLaughlin’s current lawsuit against the Williams run National Alliance. See immediately below for pertinent portions of By-Laws of the National Alliance for further information:

PART 2- McLaughlin’s Initial Victory in First Court Hearing

In attendance for the hour plus hearing was Will William’s personal Virginia Attorney acting as the Defendant National Alliance’s Corporate Attorney, but not as the Attorney of Record.  Also in attendance was Board of Director McLaughlin’s personal Virginia Attorney for the Plaintiff.  Neither Williams or McLaughlin were present due to other matters at hand among other reasons.

There were two legal issues heard at this first hearing.  The First was the Defendant- National Alliance’s Motion to change the court venue to West Virginia or alternatively to the original court location in Virginia where the previous NARRG lawsuit against the NA, Gliebe, Cartwright and Williams took place.   The Judge ruled against the Defendant-NA, and Denied this motion and thus the NA Director McLaughlin’s lawsuit will remain in the original jurisdiction in Virginia where it was originally filed.  Williams therefore lost and McLaughlin thus won on this first issue.

The Second issue was the Defendant- National Alliance’s Plea in Bar for dropping the lawsuit entirely due to the purported claim of lack of legal standing of NA Board of Director McLaughlin. Williams’ claims that his purported actions as President of the NA in attempting to unilaterally terminate McLaughlin as a NA Board of Director in March of 2016, is legal and this causes McLaughlin to no longer have any legal standing to file a lawsuit against the NA.  On the other hand, McLaughlin thru his Attorney has filed many papers with the Virginia Court proving that he was and still remains a Board of Director of the NA and thus has legal standing to file his lawsuit against the NA, which Williams claims he and only he (Williams) exclusively controls.  On this issue, the Judge did not rule in favor of Williams but instead will issue its final ruling in 30 days, thru the Judge’s opinion Letter which will be issued prior to January 7, 2017.

Jayne Cartwright

It is interesting to note that Gliebe’s hand-picked NA Board of Director- Jayne Cartwright has apparently publically remained silent on this now for over one year or more.  One can ask the legitimate question whether or not is She criminally fully complicit in this & many acts by Gliebe and Williams?  One can only conjecture an answer at this point in time until McLaughlin’s lawsuit continues on to trial. One also wonders what she is thinking and what if anything is she hiding or not?  Maybe Mr. Williams or perhaps even silent Jayne can answer that question for us before the trial date?

PART 3- Other Mishappenings at National Alliance Under Williams Direction

  • a) Williams’ Appeal in West Virginia Circuit Court for reversal of a lower WV Court Conviction for Assault against a female NA employee will be held on December 15, 2016, in a West Virginia Criminal Court. For background information on this see:

Will Williams Arrested Twice in WV in One Week!

Here’s the rest of the story Will Williams didn’t tell us about: As if stupidity were a virtue, Will Williams was arrested once again in Pocahontas County, WV this time on December 21 according to the December 22 issue of the Charleston (WV) Gazette-Mail, the state’s largest circulation newspaper.

Williams Found Guilty in Assault & Battery of Woman (Updated: 4/25/16)

On March 28, 2016 Will Williams was found GUILTY at trial in the Pocahontas County WV Magistrate Court in Marlinton on the charge of Criminal Battery of a former female National Alliance employee last year. This will come as no surprise to readers of this website.

  • b) Meanwhile, it has been alleged publicly that David Pringle, who is Williams’s hand-picked Chief of Staff of the NA West Virginia campus, has been disputing claims on who controls the NA and who owns the NA property in WV. Upon information and belief there are Court Submitted audio tape recordings and transcripts of Pringle telling local residents of the Pocahontas County area that: 1) HE/Pringle is the NEW Chairman & head of the NA. 2) As well as telling many HE personally owns all 360 acres there. 3) And that HE is taking over ADV’s away from Kevin Strom.

For background related information on this see:

Pringle’s Tall Tales & Yahoo Mayhem

Meet Will William’s new “Chief of Staff”, David Pringle . Williams has sent Pringle out to the National Alliance West Virgina property. The picture above was used as propaganda on StormFront / StormDrain to promote Pringle’s arrival to WV. Notice Pringle’s t-shirt with the acronym SIVS?

Pringle: Have Guns…Will Intimidate

A recent media article released by the Guardian in the U.K. this weekend on June 19 presented a story concerning the National Alliance and the Mill Point WV national office property. It was the usual type of story one gets used to seeing these days from the controlled media.

  • c) Williams, Pringle, & Strom all formally acknowledge in writing that they are clearing/stripping the forest at the WV Campus & selling the NA owned timber to loggers.
  • d) Williams and Pringle all formally acknowledge in writing that non-NA members are paying to actively hunt for Deer and other animals on the NA’s owned property in West Virginia.


Thru their lack of following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and other accounting industry standard financial practices, Williams, Cartwright, and Gliebe, purportedly have all miserably failed to work in the best interests of the Corporation and instead appear to use the NA Corporation assets for their own personal gain and/or personal philosophical interests contrary to Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause.

The present mismanagement of the NA under the control of Williams and Cartwright appears to be running it into the ground and destroying its reputation and harming Dr. Pierce’s legacy. Some say that Williams has turned the NA et al into a cult, and purportedly others say it is all an affinity scam.  Dr. Pierce would abhor the thought that both timbering and hunting are occurring on precious Land that he personally bought and wanted to remain in perpetuity as a wildlife sanctuary and nature retreat.

Williams appears to have filed these two recent motions against McLaughlin as a delaying tactic to avoid the inevitability of his losing the Virginia lawsuit filed by McLaughlin against Williams controlled National Alliance. It is the opinion of some that Williams knows he will lose this case hard and may be found legally liable for huge sums, and for criminal acts. It also appears that Williams has NO defense for his actions/in actions. Virginia Corporate code is clear, and recovery of assets no matter their location, as well as debt, injury & liabilities cause to the Corporate entities allegedly by Williams are fully recoverable and have long arm acts across state lines to both West Virginia and Tennessee, and possibly Indiana.

John McLaughlin’s case, on the other hand, is very honorable and necessary to do the right things in all these matters. That, together with his business plan for correcting matters, will begin the long process of making the NA et. al. LEGAL, viable & self-supporting again.

  1. As an outsider looking at this whole Williams NA organization debacle, I am amazed how Williams gets away with a so called Dr. Jekyll/ Mr. Hyde split personality. On the one hand to get maximum full VA disability benefits he claims and then the Fed Gov ascertains that he is 100 percent disabled. Which by my understanding of the VA definitions and requirements means that he is unable to function socially, and also by law is required to have a fiduciary guardian handle all his financial affairs. On the other hand he is photographed hob knobbing with other white nationalists leaders at the StormFront Smoky Mountain Summit, and holds the NA Officer positions of both Treasurer and President. In military terms this is FUBAR to the max, as Phu Bai 68 could be envisioned to say. What a disconnect between truth and reality. Either the VA is asleep on their watch, or some could possibly wonder if Williams may be duped by the Fed Gov and therefore perhaps unbeknownst to him serves in some sort of useful idiot function to the advantage of the Feds in causing chaos to the NA?


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