Money Part II – The Invisible Wall

Money Part II – The Invisible Wall

Here is Part 2 of Harrison Elings’s series on the subject of money. He titles this segment, “The Invisible Wall”.
This is an especially good read as Mr. Elings takes some complex thoughts and illustrates them
to real world examples as a comparison for easier grasping of the subject matter.  We think Dr. Pierce would have been as proud as we are to present the musings of our philosopher “Attic Dweller”.


The Invisible Wall

“… The Rothschild’s really do constitute a special species plantarum with its own characteristics. They are vulgar, ignorant Jews, outwardly presentable. In their craft they act entirely in accordance with the principles of naturalism, having no suspicion of a higher order of things; but they are gifted with a remarkable instinct which causes them always to choose the right, and of two rights, the better. Their enormous wealth is entirely the result of this instinct which the public are wont to call luck.”   -Von Friedrich Gentz (1764-1832)

My next quote is quite long, but I believe it’s relevant to our times, and something to think about when you walk into the “voting booth.”

“The motive power in lawmaking is all supplied from somewhere outside the legislative halls. …Some intellect outside the realm (my italic) of active politics first conceives an idea. It spreads to the minds of other individuals, slowly at first, but gradually gaining momentum. Presently there is an organized movement in its favor; then comes the deluge of propaganda, until the proposal becomes an issue and the politicians began to take note of it. A law is half made, and more the half made, when a large body of aggressive support has been mobilized among the voters; yet during this part of the process the legislative bodies have nothing whatever to do with it.”
-Professor William B. Munro, “The Money Power in Politics,” (1927)

This “instinct” that Gentz is referring to is the instinct of adaptability. The Jews survive by their ability of syncretism toward their host; their ability to imitate the Mind of its host.  No other Race can do that while living among us, the difference would obvious. Whether Nature uses the Jew as an obstacle toward our determinism as a Race, only time will tell.

This may be tricky to understand, but the nearer the Mind draws to itself to know its own Nature, the more secure does its knowledge become toward its own Being. Contrary to what must be logically be expected, the degree of certainty of knowledge increases with the distance separating the subject from the object.  And inversely, it decreases the more the Nature of the object participates in that of the subject. Therefore, it reaches the high point of unreliability when the subject seizes upon itself as the object of investigation. As a “species plantarum”, the Jew(s) understands this very well.

The best way to visualize what I just said can be compared with a Lion viewing a herd of Zebra, and at the same time a Zebra is standing next to the Lion and whispering in his ear. With this scenario the herd will have nothing to fear! This is the survival technique of the Jew, and it is a very interesting technique.

The Jew has never created a Money system of their own! They have always adapted themselves to the Money system of others.

It must be emphasized that the Jew did not fully developed what is known as “Fractional Reserve Banking,” or  “Usury,” techniques by themselves but as a species, they were able to change the “Function” of money, the thought of money. They gained the mystique as the shoppers of money. This is within their Nature, because by the time they arrived in Europe they viewed the European as out of pulse, or out of phase, with their world-outlook.

The Jew comes from a megalopolitan past and when they entered Europe they gravitated naturally toward the “intelligentsia of the Consensus.” They always considered themselves as being superior, even though they lived in ghettos.

Like I said, Usury was not entirely a Jewish invention. What they were able to do was to keep it within their own family. That was their invention and their strength. It was their ability to create an “exchange operations” from one country to another. This is why they are considered the global race, and believe in no borders (except for Israel). Money breaks down origins! It creates a false unity, and never a harmony. It pulls everyone down to the common. It must be remembered, when the common is of the greatest number the least care is bestowed upon it – It becomes a mass.   

As a comparison, Karl Marx, contrary to common belief, did not attempt to show that the origin(s) of wealth was human labor or human creativity, but rather that the “exchange-value or money-price” of wealth was. He would define value in the way that promotes the interest of the manual laborer, but would consider the discoverer or the organizer as valueless. The Jew will visualize money only as something that has contractible value; a typical Jewish trait, a market trait. For them money becomes their only volition.  And this Jewish volition has now been passed on to us. When it comes to money we now think Jewish, not Aryan. We are all guilty of looking at the world in terms “money-price” instead of Wisdom Price.

What I mean by Wisdom Price can be seen in the cars we all drive. The car is an interesting invention, but Wisdom shows that it should never have been mass produced.  

The names of some of these Jewish banking families are familiar to all of us and should be more so. They include the Mendelssohn, Lazard, Erlander, Warburg, Seligman, Speyer’s, Mallet, Bethmann, Muhlen, Goldschmidt, and above all the Rothschild’s. The list seems endless. We are dealing with a power that even the God’s created by Man could never imagine.

All of these banking families were “cosmopolitan and internationalist” (just like all of our candidates); they were all devoted to secrecy and secret financial influence in all political life; their interest were almost exclusivity in “bonds” (“paper script”) and very rarely in goods; They were “fanatical devotees of deflation” (remember that inflation cheapens the value of the “loan,” it dilutes the blood).

Of course there are Gentile bankers, but the preponderance of Jews is striking. The argument that the Jews were forced into banking and excluded from other professions does not hold water. This argument goes all the way back to James Rothschild in Paris during the “pogroms” in Frankfort in 1819. He was reported as saying, “the Jewish community in Germany is not allowed to learn the various crafts, so that there is nothing left for them to do but to become dealers in money and stocks.” Today, Jews can be farmers, but try to find them.

Their proclivity will always be toward professions that can effect or control the body public. This is a very important point. They’re not the farmers, but middlemen. When we look at it in this respect, we discover that we are dealing with something more organically profound, more spiritually profound. We are witnessing an alien being at work while living among us, and yet it is rarely noticed. In History, no matter how oppressive the attitudes toward the Jews were, they would always argue to stay (this also applies to the others Race that live among us). Why? The answer is obvious; they cannot do it for themselves. If “they” could they would not be here, it is as simple as that. For the Jew to survive he must live among others.

To witness the alien being of the Jew one must visit a Synagogue. Just sit through one of their Saturday morning routines and when you leave you will gain a sense of their malevolence. You will not get this feeling in a Christian Church or even in a Mosque. It is scary, thus the created fear! It’s like discovering an insect in your bed. How did we permit a being of this nature to live among us?

It must pointed out that the Jew is an Asiatic Mongoloid, he is earth bound! And by nature, the Asiatic mind attribute to the world a reality superior to the mind for which it exists. Read that last sentence again. In other words, the mind is inferior to the realities of the world, and it need not possess more. To the Asiatic, the conception of origin as an independent form is foreign to their nature. Nowhere in their history do they claim a competence which seeks to dethrone the natural; they lack the curiosity for the stars. This is why they lack true invention. History, supposedly, claims that there were Asiatic Civilizations in the past, but today they show nothing for the future. Therefore, we must question their past!

What this all means is that in the Asiatic mind the “subject” determines their reality of his world. Therefore, the Jew looks at “money” as a prerequisite toward their reality. They look at money as a food, they can taste it in the mind. Western Man looks at money as the index to wealth, whereas the Jew looks at it as the appetite to wealth.

This may be hard to understand, because it is hard for me to convey, but Western Man views a “subject” as an arising development of consciousness for the cause behind it. What makes our Race unique, is that ability for the momentum of our thoughts to carry us beyond the conditioned existence to the unconditioned existence. That’s a lot packed in a view words. Believe it or not, money can be thought of as the transfer of our “momentum of thoughts.” The ability to think beyond behind your eyes is of the highest wealth!

The best way to look at all this it is that the Asiatic is a “wondering” Race, while the Aryan is the explorer Race. All of the other Races are death. And look at all of the death that we are now importing into our body. To do this requires that the nervous system of the body public to be severed. In the human body the blood travels parallel with the nervous system. It is not the blood (the money system) that feels the pain, it’s the nervous system (the spirit). Metaphysically, the heart houses the soul, whereas the nervous system is the feeler for the spirit. All blood vessels begin(s) at the heart, and all feelings begin(s) in the mind. Thus the saying, “the spirit is the mind of the soul”.

Isn’t ironic, but when you think about it, haven’t we all been turned into nothing more than market wanderers??

I will now state something that is very profound about the Jews as an outside species, and that’s what they are. You will need to reread the next sentence several times and think about it. When one discovers the nature of the Jew, as a species, then one begins the think above the Jew, to think beyond the Jew. Boy, is that a no-no. Our whole society now thinks below the Jew. The Jew thinks only in terms of the “mass,” not a “force.”

When one reads Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” one is witnessing the thoughts of a man thinking above the Jews. It must be remembered, that the National Socialist movement was a masculine movement, while Bolshevism is an Angra Mainyu movement. Jews are not masculine, their attack comes from the rear.  If fact, the Jews are a very fragile but aggressive Race because they live by the belief of the image of non-contagiousness. And this image is contagious because “beliefs are contagious.” In Nature this survival mode is legal.

Let’s look at another way. When one looks at a bee hive, one looks at it as an alien, as an outsider. The more absolute a species form becomes, the stricter and more repellent it is to the outsider. To the outsider, therefore, it appears to be a slavery, but to its members it is to the contrary. Its members live with perfect harmony and have easy command of it. The “money” of the bee hive is its larva.

If I could capture and control the bee hive’s larva the destiny of the bee hive would be at my command. I would look at the bee hive as a producing kind of economy and I would be the acquisitive kind (the “good-natured” kind), which makes use of the former as an object – something to plunder! I would think of them in terms of the mass, something to which to feed on. All parasites require a continuous flow of blood to survive. Stagnation kills the parasite!

Nature evokes into the world life as life. It creates ever-sharper opposition between each species type, each genus. And along with each individual existence there is given also a definite energy of form, a self-fulfillment. But this virtue of form can only be fulfilled by the purity of form. To the outsider this is considered dull and unclear. When the alien foot is beyond the door, he will change the atmosphere within the dull society to become split into numerous varieties. The atmosphere becomes “more exciting” because of its “diversity.” Now the individual life duration of the original species loses it individual form, and in turn, leads to the senility of the species and finally to its disappearance on this earth.

What I’m trying to say is that Jew has alienated our Money system: he has malnourished the society with the diet of aliens. This alienation has changed our society to become “pseudomorphic:” A society in which everyone belongs and no one belongs. A perfect hiding place! It amazes me.

All High Cultures developed a means of exchange, because of the diversity of its creative spirit. Today, America has become the Carthaginians of the twenty-first century. It exist purely for economic advantages. It has lost the meaning of its larva (its real money!), its identity, and its self-fulfillment. Without these the end is certain!!!

We are living with an Economic Paradox which has as it’s only “defeat in the system is its perfection.” And what I mean by its perfection is its alien perfection for alien survival. When one contemplates the function of Money and how it has become to be an indebtedness to the soul, and of the cheque currency with which it is passed from hand to hand one must stand in amazement. Money has become a numen against any Racial Spiritual force.

Money has a history which hides behind a history. It is a history of the pyramid above the pyramid! All Revolutions in History had to be financed, but there has never been a Revolution against finance – who would finance against their own finance?

Out of all of the banking families mentioned above the greatest of these, of course, were the descendants of the lower race of Meyer Amschel Rothschild (1743-1812) of Frankford, (originally named Bauer, took a new name from the red shield which adored their house and thus became “Rot-schild”). His male descendants for at least two generations, married first cousins or even nieces.

As a side note, many people have been told that Meyer Amschel Rothschild had five sons that developed a banking empire. What is not so known is that Meyer Rothschild actually had ten children five boys and five girls. The couple’s first child was a girl. The girls also helped in the business affairs of their father and were eventually married off into other Jewish families.

Another fallacy was that Nathan Rothschild (while living in England) gained his wealth by “carrier pigeons” during the Waterloo fiasco. He actually gained his information of its outcome by one of his “agents,” whose name was Rothworth, who was waiting at Ostend for the news of its result. He was able to get the news of Napoleon’s defeat to Nathan by boat on the June 20, 1815, while the news did not reach the rest of the world until the June 21-22, 1815.

What amazes me about these Jewish banking houses is that at the beginning of all of them they lived under extreme opposition with their host population. They were forced into an area of their own, but what is not realized is that this only strengthen their resolve. The “Jewish ghettos” became a base of operation(s), it became a hive of their own. Within these ghettos (I call them pus-pockets) the Jews developed, understandably, a “metaphysical defensive reaction” to the host population. Their ghettos became a self-contained world. The shortsighted nature of Western Man accepted this world and now we are paying the “price” for it.

What our ignorant leaders, then and now, don’t understand is that being “different” is more powerful, and with this the breed becomes more individualistic.  It would have been better for Western Man to have driven the Jews out of his territory. Remember, that their presents only reflects our weakness, and we have been weak minded for far too long. The Jews are a unique predatory race with their eyes on the side of the head. This is a very unusual aspect of the Jew as a species, an aspect that our Race has not learned.

If we had true Statesman we would understand the fundamental feeling of the Apollonian, the Faustian Civilization of feeling. This means the ability for the Statesman to mentally project the life-condition of his Polis. He would realize that Western Man is of the Cosmic Soil, whereas for the Jew, the peoples of the earth is his soil. The guiding principle for all Statesman should be: How ignorant we are when we believe our thoughts are new.

An example of the alien predatory nature of the Jew can be seen when Paul Warburg, (Warburg wrote a book entitled: “Federal Reserve System: Its Origin and Growth: 1930, Volumes 1 & 2. The book is over 1700 pages. It should be required reading to all future Statesman because it gives the nature of the mind of the Jew. A book of this size also reveals concealed ideas that the general public would never know about, especially when dealing with financial matters), was setting up the Federal Reserve Banking system in America, his brother Max was the banking power in Germany.

These two countries would come to war with each other and butcher the cream of their manhood which we have never recovered from. Twenty years later we would do it all over again. This is a perfect example of the predatory technique of the Jew, the whispering in the ear technique. Jewish survival of their herd is their only concern, and he will permit the slaughter of the host population under which he lives to do just that. Like I said, it is a very usual situation that few people realize, and those that do are afraid to talk about it – the Synagogue of fear.

And this example is not unique, it is shown throughout History. In September of 1810, during the rising star of Napoleon, a new deed of partnership was drawn up between the father Rothschild and his five sons. When one reads the document one is struck by the fact that Nathan Rothschild, who living in England, is not mentioned in the partnership deed. Since France and England were not on good terms at that time, the relationship to Nathan had to be kept secret.

It should also be mentioned that Meyer Amschel Rothschild last will and testament excluded all five daughters. The legend of Rothschild gathering his five sons around his deathbed is false. His illness had come on quite suddenly and developed so rapidly that the idea of recalling the sons who were abroad could never have been considered.  

Father Rothschild is described as a tall impressive-looking man. “His expression, if rather sly, was of good-natured.” Rothschild’s first bank was a room only nine feet square. Its most important article of furniture was a large iron chest with an enormous padlock. But what one saw in the room was allusion (how typical)! The lock on the chest was so contrived that the chest could not be opened on the side where the lock was, but only by lifting the lid from the back. There was also secret shelves cleverly concealed in the walls.  “By way of deception” is apropos for Jewish survival. When an alien being can make a host population think like them they no longer need to hide.

If you fill your society with different races that have never developed a medium of exchange for themselves and they are permitted into a society that does, eventually that society will lose the understanding for the purpose for money. The economy of all “third world” countries never print their own money, but only copy the idea of money from a higher culture. Racial determination does not mean racial creation. It means that a strict correspondence exists between certain fundamental forms of racial perceptions and their worlds. Zimbabwe is a perfect example of this. Money is a concept that the lower races (and this includes the Jews) cannot visualize, they only demand it.

True wealth can only be achieved through the freedom to elevate the organic mechanism and spiritual refinement of the Race, to become a “force.” With this elevation, our thoughts in consciousness will also elevate our mission. Our present day Money system reverses this trend. It creates an “inner extinction,” a feeling of being lost within the surrounding technology. Money takes away true well-being. It turns it into a picture of and for desire(s).

When I speak about well-being I am not talking about how many shopping malls there are, but about the pursuit for excellence. There is no question that the pursuit for a good life requires a supply of external goods, but these goods are in less degree when men are at a higher level, and are in a larger degree when they are in a lower level.

Today, as one looks around one sees (if he or she can think) an economic orgy of unbridled thought and destruction, and on a tragic scale. The scale of Nature has been abandoned to the lower scale of Man. One knows what one wants, but that knowledge has been taught, it has been conditioned. Economics teaches in the direction of outward objects and particularly toward utility and self-satisfaction. It teaches only to be a “self-unit,” an economic unit. It makes one a robot against all upward thoughts.

All of this has resulted in what is known as “Financial Capitalism.” Financial Capitalism also began in “stages,” and it last stage will be Communism. The Russian revolution actually revealed Capitalism in its final stage. This is why it failed, it failed because the injection of Capitalism was at its extreme potency which created a social convulsion. A dope dealer captures his clients by a reduced drug potency technique. Now the fleeing Bolshevists are calling themselves “Capitalist.” And any honest researcher on the Bolshevik Revolution (and French Revolution) knows that it was totally financed by “Capitalists.”

From a more outward point of view this is confirmed by Lenin’s having spent the greater part of his conscious life outside the border of Russia, wandering about in various European countries (who paid him to do this is not known, hmmm!), and also by the fact the three of the most important and in many ways decisive Bolshevik congresses took place in London (in 1903, 1905, and 1907).

It is also well known that the Jews of Russia had a determined hatred toward the Tsar, the Romanovs, but I believe that their hatred goes further back to Empress Elizabeth (daughter of Peter the Great) who began her reign around 1755. At that time copper and silver roubles were used as money, but copper was overpriced (it cost less to mind). At the same time counterfeiting was rampant both inside and outside of Russia. The copper coins eventually became only a means to purchase the silver coins. As a result, the silver coins disappeared from Russia. Empress Elizabeth blamed the Jews and with this expelled them from Russia. The Jews have never forgotten this, since they are a Race that lives on the nostalgia of hate.

Marxism, as the theoretical, ideological foundation of Jewish Bolshevism, was itself the purest product of Western materialism and the highest point of its centuries-long development. Bolshevism and Capitalism is an align manifestation which keeps us in cages that blocks out the stars. Bolshevism was maintained only by the “transfusion” of Western capital – money.

There has been a growing uncertainty in Western Man’s mirror of himself. His determinism has changed, it now comes from without. This type of determinism is the characteristic of weak men. It is the Racial Wealth within Man that determines the background of his consciousness. This background has now been directed toward sentimentalism and economic interest only.  The economic man will take leisure over responsibility, and those who cannot face danger like men will become slaves of any invader.

So what kind of a money system should we have? How should it be based?

I believe Plato was right when he side: “… For these purposes, we agree, they (the Greek people) must possess coinage, legal tender among themselves, but valueless to the rest of mankind.” (My italics)

Plato’s remark remains me of the Aesop’s Fable entitle, “The Eagle (The bald Eagle?) and the Arrow.” It goes like this:

“An Eagle was soaring through the air when suddenly it heard the whizz of an Arrow, and felt itself wounded to death. Slowly it fluttered down to the earth, with its life-blood pouring out of it. Looking down upon the Arrow with which it had been pierced, it found that the shaft of the Arrow had been feathered with one of its own plumes. Alas! It cried, as it died.” The moral: “We often give our enemies the means for our own destruction.”

Today the shaft of the Arrow is feathered with money. On September 29, 1822 all of the Rothschild brothers, and their legitimate descendants of either sex, were raised to the rank of “Baron.” On their original Coat of Arms there is pictured a hand that is grasping five arrows, which symbolizes the five brothers.

Their rise in rank did not come by the sword, but by “the war of lending,” by whispering. The information they give and the opinions they express, they were able to sway the judgements of their host to abandon their exclusiveness. In the course of time, the Jew became the acknowledged source for theory of money. (Remember, a theory possesses only duration, never a beginning or an end.) This results in the host becoming a theory toward his own self-autonomy, and now the impressions made upon him now come from without. The Jew give the host the appearance of being invisible, (since they never had a true culture of their own their origin can never be recognized by the host), but actually their presence become an invisible wall. And walls will also kill the explorer!  The Jew is a creature that overcomes the spirit in order to nourish on the soul. It’s incredible!

To give you a hint, my future article in this series about Money will have as its basis the thesis from this quote:

“You must never turn aside from your path for the sake of security for me, or even for the sake of security for our children. Your first responsibility is to that universal human family to which we also belong. Your chief gift to us as to mankind is your own true self. Without your integrity you are worth nothing to anybody, not even to me. The chief meaning of my presence by your side is to enable you to go farther than would be possible to you without me. To this high end I have dedicated myself. And for this we will risk everything in the faith that all we need will come to us. What does not come thus, we will go without.”

Harrison Elings (The Attic Dweller)

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  1. Thank you for this most brilliant essay. It captures the eternal Jew to perfection. It explains them a one the false choice of left\right, and “liberal conservative”, as the Jews esoteric Hermitism understands the only “differences” are degree, and every reality begins with mind. Jews see Ideological divide is the reality to work with… The obtuse Gentile is them divided, and exploited by this dialectic.
    round and around the dialectic goes and the world stands trapped in the Jews matrix. The Jews God, exclusive to them alone, despite the protestations of bought off “Judaic Christianity”, promised them as his “chosen people” and adopted by millions of Christian, and Muslims as their “one God”, is the foundation that their nefarious power operates from… offers them this world materially. This is cosmic, metaphysical, and spiritual; pure war on all Gentile cultural foundations, and races. European humanity, target number one of Yahweh, Al Shaddei, El, Baal.
    “From the stars we come, and from the stars we shall return” -Plato. The Jews are not from the stars, but of this earth… the Demeruige\Yahweh ,and here to exploit this until final victory …Messiahs “return”, and “every knee shall bend”.

    The eternal battle ? Yahweh v Olympus \ Hellenes . ” Thou shall have no other God( s) but Yahweh v Hellenes , Nordic ,Celts , Hindus ,and New Covenant Trinity …..The Sun v Saturn . Swastikas v Saturnalia…..grasp this and you will see a true ” star wars “. See. Yahweh God Of The NWO & Synagogue of Saturn ,You Tube .



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