Passing the Legal Discovery Baton

Passing the Legal Discovery Baton


by: Brian Wilson – NARRG Legal Liaison

The eighth Legal Hearing of NARRG’s corporate civil lawsuit against past and present NA Corporate Directors and the NA Corporation itself occurred on October 7, 2016 in southeast Virginia. The sole issue at the Hearing that day was the Plaintiff’s (NARRG) Motion for Relief for Protective Order against the Defendants (NA Corporation including Will Williams Board of Director).

Present in the Courtroom was NARRG’s Attorney and Williams’s Attorney who was also representing the NA Corporation. The Attorney for past NA Director Erich Gliebe was not present; who it appears was not contesting this Legal Motion. Besides the Judge and other Court Officials, no others were present in the courtroom. The Hearing was quick, lasting less than 30 minutes and involved only brief pleadings by both Attorneys.

NARRG’s Attorney argued that the Legal Subpoena for Documents requested by the NA Board of Director John McLaughlin (Plaintiff) in his new separate corporate lawsuit filed in central Virginia against both the NA Corporation and Will Williams (both Defendants) must be complied with. Thus, this Discovery material (obtained during NARRG’s Legal Discovery process) must be handed over to NA Director McLaughlin’s Attorney as part of their Legal Discovery process for Plaintiff McLaughlin’s use in his own separate lawsuit which is in another Court jurisdiction than NARRG’s lawsuit.

Williams’s Attorney short response was that McLaughlin’s Subpoena for Documents (of NARRG’s Discovery material of NA financial documents, etc.) should not go public, and should only proceed if the central Virginia Court where McLaughlin’s’ Lawsuit is filed; issue their own separate Protective Order.

The Judge ruled in favor of NARRG by granting NARRG’s Motion for Relief for Protective Order (from the SE Virginia Court), but conditioned upon a Protective Order being in effect in McLaughlin’s Legal case in central Virginia. Thus NARRG’s hard fought Legal Discovery material will be released to NA Board of Director John McLaughlin’s Attorney where it can then be put to good use in their own Legal battle for corporate control over the National Alliance Corporation and all its affiliates and subsidiaries.

The wheels of justice may sometimes move slowly, such as may be the case in that NARRG’s own legal efforts now appears to have been concluded. But, it should be noted here that the end of the NARRG case came only due to the issue of legal standing and not that Williams or Gliebe & Cartwright for that matter, are innocent of the charges put against them. That is yet to be determined at trial, which is the objective of NA Director McLaughlin.

NA Director Files Lawsuit Against Williams *Updated

It has been publicly reported that NA Officer and Board of Director John McLaughlin has recently filed a Corporate Lawsuit in the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 22, 2016 against existing NA “Chairman” Will White Williams. Details are currently not publicly available as of yet, but it is NARRG’s understanding that the thrust of this lawsuit is for legal control of the NA corporation.

However, NARRG remains firm in its intent for the operation and management of the National Alliance to be done in a professional manner and to grow the organization and its related businesses through accepted Good Corporate Business Practices and in conformance with laws relating to its incorporation.

NARRG’s Pledge of Intent

At this point in our mission to restore the National Alliance, it is time for NARRG to share some thoughts about our vision of the necessary changes needed for the eventual governance of the NA corporate structure, and the overwhelming need to overhaul its membership criteria.


Their previous predecessors, Erich Gliebe and Jayne Cartwright (the subject of NARRG’s initial stage of their lawsuit) are in many ways much alike the current NA Officers Will Williams and Jayne Cartwright (the subject of NARRG’ final stage and now McLaughlin’s continuing lawsuit). Thru their lack of following Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and other accounting industry standard financial practices, all three purportedly have miserably failed to work in the best interests of the Corporation and instead appear to use the NA Corporation assets for their own personal gain and/or personal philosophical interests contrary to Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause.


The old business paradigm of Gliebe & Williams must go, and instead, new management for the NA must be guided by a new business paradigm of honesty and integrity. Thus, NARRG’s Lawsuit, among many accomplishments, has allowed the “Legal Discovery Baton” to be successfully passed on to NA Board of Director John McLaughlin for use in his current ongoing Lawsuit against Williams and Cartwright and the NA Corporation.

NARRG wishes McLaughlin well in his legal endeavors in the overall quest for Justice to prevail, against the current perpetrators of alleged malfeasance and misfeasance against the NA, and who’s current misguided efforts are contrary to all that the founder of the National Alliance – Dr. William Pierce (brother of NARRG Plaintiff Sanders Pierce) worked so hard for and dedicated his life to.


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