Money, Part I – My Driveway

Money, Part I – My Driveway

Here is the first of a new installment of articles about the subject of money, from our resident dialectic philosopher Harrison Elings. Almost everyone always thinks of money, mostly, if not exclusively, in economic terms. Mr. Elings will expand upon that and connect money in ways most people have never thought about money; including the spiritual.

Mr. Elings is well versed in the workings of the money system both historically and current. In past years as a member of the National Alliance since 1974, he has given talks and seminars about the history of finance and fractional reserve banking to meetings of National Alliance members. It is important to note that Harrison Elings is not in any way associated with the current management of the National Alliance.

Here is part 1 of a multi-part series; Part 2 will follow shortly. As in all cases of Mr. Elings’s writings, his complex subjects and analysis always have a simple title. The overall title of the series is simply the name of the subject; “Money”. This first installment is called “My Driveway”. Let’s begin the first leg of the journey down “Harry’s driveway”.


My Driveway

The what lies in us, the how seldom depends on us, after the wherefore we dare not ask, and on this account we are rightly referred to the quia.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,“The Autobiography of Goethe.”

This article is a short metamorphosis of the Banking System which we all now live under. World Finance has already conquered the world to the point that any so-called Revolution seen throughout the world has been approved by “them.” The belief that by replacing the World Bank, and it’s like, will not change the present course of events. The History of the world is not based on humanity, but upon “separate Cultures,” and each Culture has suffered from the same lack of understanding of money. Remember that History can only become History when it can be written. To overcome our present course of events will require a Heroism that is priceless. It will require a new Masculine Renaissance.

From the standpoint of society, the secret of High Finance or Banking is a long, and in many ways a very sad story, but again an interesting story. It is a story that people should be familiar with. I know that the technical jargon of the market-place make it appear a repellent subject, and in some ways I believe this is done on purpose. It is true that Finance can be a life study, but in order understand any “science” you must first understand the meaning of their definitions. Society has been led to preconceptions that make it believe it to be a difficult subject, and at the same time, it take(s) away their vested interests. None of the “candidates” will seriously challenge the monetary system because they have already bought into it, and by it.

To this day the understanding of money is still a mystery. We are living under an economic system with blind confidence. I’m totally convinced that our money system has already collapsed, but we have not been told yet – and never will.

The secret to understanding the world economy is by “thinking in money generates money.” This is one of those definitions which can be hard to grasp, because you are dealing with a fluctuating number, not a unit, which makes it hard to picture in your mind. If somebody said to you that I’m going to buy a gallon of milk, you can visualize the gallon. But if somebody told you that they paid $3.00 for a gallon of milk, you would think of the $3.00 only in terms of a number. Money values items only as a reference to itself. What this means is that a gallon will always equal a gallon, but the “price” will not always equal the “price.” What I have just described to you has been the paradox of money throughout the ages.

To make the concept more understandable (I hope) let’s look at this paradox another way:

When I was young I could never understand how a “dollar” could create another “dollar.” The method to lend money at interest, for gain, that is to say,” to receive money for the use of money,” was to me, like borrowing inches for the use of inches. Can you imagine an “inflationary” inch? Nothing could be created! And yet this is the type of Money system we have.

The inch is the claim to measurement, likewise money is the claim to wealth. For a people, wealth is the positive quantity to be measured and money should be used as the claim to that wealth, but now money as a claim to wealth is a debt (wealth is now thought of in negative terms, which seems odd to me). For a creative people, the quantity of wealth is the measurement in money owed to you, but we, as a people, are not the owner(s) of the money. If you think about it, money has become a penalty for creating (an idea becomes a debt)! Money is treated as transfusion, instead of interfusion.

When I design something, I will use inches to visualize the thing that I am creating, therefore I am the owner of the inch, and I have created a claim, I have made a claim. This is what has been taken away from us, we are not allowed to own the claim. We must “borrow” it.

Money can be thought of in the same way. Money is the measurement of our creative capacity to produce wealth, it is our collective claim to our collective wealth. Today, the concept of money is not thought of as a claim, but as a possession. The possession of the inch does not create my design, it cannot claim my design! Money should be used as a tool to distribute our collective creative wealth, to distribute that which lies within us, for that is where it comes from.

And what do I mean by wealth? It is the summation of the creative genetic quality of the Race, its creative mystique; it is the ability to have its own monopoly of an objectifying mind. This type of wealth is not made to be shared. It is a destiny wealth! Hitler’s success was his discovery of this principal! But we are not allowed mention this fact. All Races can produce, but it is the quality of the taste which is a racial niche.

It makes me mad (and have tears, sometimes) whenever “they” parade in front of me a “rich” black celebrity. Because I know that his “claim” to wealth is not due to his contribution. Whenever Western Man studies any primitive tribe, he will always look at it biological. Whenever a lower race is permitted to view a homogeneous White society, he will always view it with envy and awe, never biologically.

In my previous article, I stated that there are five requirements that all candidates, in all western societies, must follow before running for any elective office. To recap, those five requirements are:

  1. All candidates must believe in a progressive debt banking system.
  2. All candidates must believe in the United Nation’s Charter.
  3. All candidates must believe in the sovereignty of Israel over their own sovereign.
  4. All candidates must believe in free trade and open borders, (that also includes your daughter’s “borders” as well).
  5. All candidates must believe in the equality of the races and sexes.

Class President

Introduction: In his latest offering, philosopher Harrison Elings gives us ethereal insight into a subject that is close to home for all and considered by most to be one of the more nauseating topics we must deal with on a daily basis. Here we are once again on the every 4-year cyclical event known as our Presidential elections.

These requirements were, for the most part, erected way before any of us were born. Each item (or stage) was created in a stepwise fashion that created conditions which tended to bring about the next stage. Therefore we could say, in a sense, that each stage we committed suicide for our own survival. In all of the items above the American people, or Western society for that matter, were never permitted to bid on any of these items. Item one is the most important because it is the most elusive of all the other stages. Once you have captured the means by which a people measure their own wealth, creativity, and property those people have been conquered. They have lost the symbol of who they are. They have lost the meaning of their own wealth, their own Racial Wealth.

In Item one, what is meant by “a progressive debt banking system?” Here again is another one of those definitions that can be hard to grasp. This statement fills the library shelves with books. This phrase is dealing with the attempt of “indexing wealth” and how to monetize it. Monetization is a technique of expanding the possession of the claims to wealth without doing work. In effect, it is the creation of paper claims greater than the reserves available. To do this the financial institutions create money out of nothing. They think money into existences, instead of existences into money.

Of course, the meaning of wealth has changed over time. The ancient Egyptians apparently held the view of wealth as thus: “If thou art rich after having been needy, harden not thy heart because of thy elevation. Thou hast become a steward of the good things belonging to the gods.” The relationship to the soil and to the man of the soil has so complete vanished it is now ignored. I have always believed that “college spring break(s)” should be devoted to the farmer’s spring harvest.

Wealth is now symbolized by the farming of money, and money has become the symbol which symbolizes the confusion of life, the loss of the priority for life. It has become the end-product of the spiritual disintegration brought about by the centuries-long development of materialism in Central and Western Europe together with its American extension. It places priority on its mere existence (possession) rather than on its value of which lies in its effect. Money takes away the Faustian idea of money – “money as Function.” Banking is not a bad thing, but its Function has been misdirected.

Money will never seek Wisdom, but only shortsighted schemes! Money has become used as the “foot in the door” technique for outside racial alien domination that thrives for its survival on non-racial distinctions. It has changed Western economic physiognomy from a force to a mass. It denies the History of actualization of the Racial Soul of how to become! The understanding of my last statement will become clearer as one reads on.

Money will never treat Civilization as growth, but only as something collectively not for us. Man does not grow out of his own Civilization, he grows into it. When the other races are allowed in they will grow against it. Money denies the Racial Ideal of “what lies in us.” Money is not used as a Nutritive Process, but as an Antibiotic. The former strengths the immune system, while the latter destroys it.

If one traveled through the small towns and cities of Europe and America, in the Middle Ages, the biggest buildings would be the Churches. Now, when one travels throughout Western society one will find that the Banks have now become the Churches.

The original economic organization of self-sufficient agrarian “labourer [as] the father and the earth its mother” was changed to a society organized so that its upper ranks (or should I say the “unfulfilled” ranks) – the lords, lay, and yes, even the clergy – found their desires for necessities for luxuries to become paramount. In other words, the stage was set that the transfer from building on Racial Wealth to Material Wealth had become the driving factor. The upper class eventually grew distinct from the lower, and at the same time became more and more exclusively regulative and defensive in its function.

I know of the argument that “how can we live without money,” but are we really living with it? Are we living only for the motion instead of a devotion? This may sound mystical, but money takes away the premonition of the Race. It takes away the Calendar for racial survival. It takes away the faces! If one looks at the “euro” you will notice no faces! Whether you know it or not, when you judge any currency in the world you will always look at the faces behind the currency. Think about that. Money is racial.

I also fully understand that the working man has to provide for his family, but even the working man can feel the drudgery of existence. Something deep within him (or her) saying that all is not right. He does not have to read to have this feeling of uneasiness. It permanents the air like a fog. The continuous bombardment of alien influences has resulted in his inability to explain the phenomenon of his own Civilization. His Civilization has lost “its way of the superior man,” because his Civilization “is not based upon the way of the superior man” (Confucius).

In the morning before I go to work, I like to walk out to the end of my driveway and look up into the heavens, up into the starry sky above me. I look up with ever new and increasing admiration and reverence. I realize that the vastness above me also lies within me. Sometimes I will stretch my hand out to see if I can touch the heavenly eyes looking down upon me. I know that in the past, man could only look to distance mountains, but now we can look at the “divine Pneuma” from within and without. My spirit and soul always feels young when I look up into the heavens. The universe will never march in time, but only the march in mind.

Up in the heavens, there are worlds upon worlds and systems of systems, and also boundless dimensions of time and dimensions of dimensions that we cannot even fathom in our present dimension. And yet I believe it has all been given to us, and yet again, the first question we have been taught to ask ourselves is” “how much will it cost” for us to get there? If our Race was truly in command of its destiny that question would never be asked. The question would be, “how can we get there?” Money should never be made a boundary to our imagination(s), a boundary to our “wherefore(s).” Our driveways’ should go to infinity.

Our Race, the White Race, has been made earthbound by the lower races, yes, by the lower race with all their paper anchors that we have given them. They have become our ball-and-chain. They have put up a wall at the end of my driveway.

I have never forgotten the story of the German mother with child, who was walking to the store with a basket full of German marks. She was going to the store to buy bread. In the 1920’s inflation was rampant throughout Germany following World War I. As she was walking her rambunctious child ran off. The mother set down the basket of “money” on the sidewalk so that she could fetch her child. When she returned she found the German marks were left piled on the sidewalk, but her basket was gone. The question that come to mind is: out of the three items mentioned (the basket, money or women with child) in this story which one would you believe to be true wealth?

After WWI Germany was presented with a reparations bill of 132 billion marks (about 400 million dollars at that time value). At that time $1.oo equaled about 2.5 GBP, and about 330 marks. By 1923 Germany had an inflation rate of 20 billion marks to the pound. The gimmick used in this reparation was that Germany had to pay its bill in “foreign exchange.” This meant that Germany had to export more than it imported in order to get the foreign exchange to pay its bill. But since most of the countries involved had trade embargos on German goods this made payment(s) a bit difficult. This required Germany to borrow from abroad, mostly from American banks, in order to get the foreign exchange to pay its bill. What a vicious circle this turned out to be. In the end, Germany ended up paying 40 billion marks. This War, to be honest, was totally unnecessary, but yet a predatory financial tourniquet was tightened around the whole Western World. By that time, (and now), a world moratorium was geared only toward High Finance.

I will now focus my attention not on the Federal Reserve System (FRS), but on the Bank of England. It is the Bank of England that give birth to the FRS. Their stories are so parallel that it is uncanny.

The Bank of England was created under the threat of war, just as the FRS. The Bank of England is a corporation, just as the FRS. The Bank of England created money out of nothing, just like the FRS. And most destructive of all, the Bank of England created a boundary toward any path only through them, just as the FRS.

During the reign of Charles II (1630-1685) a “new mode of paying and receiving money had come into fashion” among the merchants of London. A new class of agents arose, whose office was to keep the cash of the commercial houses. This new branch of business naturally fell into the hands of the “goldsmiths.” At that time they were known as the “Lombard Street Men,” since they were located on Lombard Street. Just as they are today.

These Usurers, it was said, “played at hazard with what had been earned by the industry and hoarded by the thrift of other men.”

(A Usurer was the practice in trade of keeping the cash of commercial houses with the ability to create “notes” based on the fraction that they had on reserves. They were able to charge an “interest” on a loan, when the “interest” of the loan is not in circulation. More about this later)

Of course when one is dealing with the banking system, in any country, the first question that is usually asked is: “where are the Jews?” There is some dispute as to when the Jews were permitted back into Britain. They were expelled by Edward I in 1290 (because of their economic shenanigans). The date of their return shows to be around 1660, but it is not certain. My concern with the Jews will come later, but by the time Nathan Rothschild (1777 – 1836) had arrived on the scene the coffins of dirt had been well established in Britain.

It must be remembered that Cromwell (1599-1658) “invited” the Jews back to Britain, while Charles II establish them back into Britain.

Believe it or not, but there was a Charles Lindbergh in Britain at the time when the Bank of England was being established. His name was Sir Dudley North. He was one of the last to hold out against the “new” Banking scheme. He found that he could not go to Lombard Street without being followed around the piazza by Lombard men, who, with low bows, begged to have the honor of serving him. He was one of those rare men that distinguished himself from all the other merchants of his time by the “largeness of his views, and by his superiority to prejudices that believed, or adhered to, the ancient mode of doing business.”

Before the Bank of England was established, there were two public banks that had long been renowned throughout Europe: the Bank of Saint George at Genoa, and the Bank of Amsterdam. Of the two the Bank of Saint George was the oldest. It had begun to receive deposits and to make loans before Columbus had crossed the Atlantic. The question that most Englanders were asking was “why should not the Bank of England be as great and durable as the Bank of Genoa and of Amsterdam?” The question became academic because eventually, the Bank of England would become the model bank for all banks.

The Bank of England was chartered in April of 1694, and was founded by William Paterson (a Gentile) and his “friends.” At that time, King William’s (1650-1702) expenditures were enormous. The King purposed to add to the regular army, already the greatest regular army that England had ever supported, four regiments of dragoons, eight of horses, and twenty-five of infantry. The number of men, officers included, was also increased to a whopping ninety-four thousand. By comparison, Cromwell had only two-thirds of the military force which now William thought necessary. The naval requirements were also addressed and again added to the expenditures.

William Paterson was an ingenious, though not always a judicious, speculator. Of his early life, little is known except that he was a native of Scotland, and that he had been in the West Indies. In what character he had visited the West Indies was a matter about which his contemporaries differed. His friends said that he had been a “missionary;” while his enemies said that he had been a “buccaneer.” In any event, he had been gifted with “fertile invention, an ardent temperament, and great powers of persuasion.”

When the Bill for the Bank of England was finally passed (they did have their problems) the power of the purse, the one great security for all the rights of Englishmen, was transferred from the House of Commons to the Governor and Directors of the “new Company.” The future of England’s boundary was now captured and controlled forever. People do not realize, but the founding of the Bank of England is one of the great (or sad) dates in world history.

There is one interesting clause, which I found interesting, that was inserted into the Bill. During the times of the Medici and Fugger banking houses (in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries) the Lords or Princes of Europe had the power, and used it considerably, to cancel any debt that they incurred. This of course, did not go well with the bankers, but they learned from it.

What was inserted into the Bill was a clause that inhibited the Bank of England of advancing money to the Crown without authority from Parliament. This is because Parliament had the power to tax, whereas the King did not, thus guaranteeing the loan. (This clause is similar to the connection between the FRS to the IRS.) Every infraction of this salutary rule was to be punished by forfeiture of three times the sum advanced, and it was provided that the King should not have power to remit any part of the penalty.

This is an interesting clause because it shows an ingrained hatred for “Royalty” by the bankers. Royalty represented sovereignty and independence. It should also to noted, that after World War I all Monarchs were destroyed and left with only Hollywood Monarchs. The Hollywood Monarch one sees in England today is a perfect example.

The Bank of England changed the destiny of the willed to the unwilled. Money becomes the “parent” of wisdom, not the other way around. With the old saying that “the fates lead the willing, and drag the unwilling” was abandon. It has now changed to “the hand that gives is above the hand that takes. Money has no motherland” (Napoleon).

The Bank of England would drive the world toward to what we see today: a gimmick society. A Society full with the bazaars of junk. A society of blind ants all pursuing, and that is it.

Remember, that the economic man will only want, and with this all racial traits are abandoned, all of Nature is abandoned, and all spiritual visions are abandoned. Money will only reveal the outside of Man, never the inside. Money becomes his only mode of thought, because everything else has been sold away. Money is used for the purpose of divide and conquer not only the physical but also the spiritual. It will turn Men into Earth Gods (the elixir’s of life), and all Earth Gods fear both death and life!

The Bank of England created an organizational structure for the creating means of payment out of nothing. Today we call this “credit.” England did not invent this technique, but was developed by her to become one of her chief weapons in the victory over Napoleon in 1815.

Poor Napoleon, when he marched off to do battle with Russia, he marched off with fifty-five cartloads of French currency, drawn by four horses apiece, and seventy-eight clerks. Upon his return, there was only one cart left, and of the clerks no one knows. Napoleon was one of the last emperor’s to believe in “sound money” and to avoid the creation of credit money (the means of creating credit payments out of nothing) to finance wars.

Napoleon believed by fighting a war without the use of credit money would ultimately win him victory and bankrupt England (England was supporting the alliance against Napoleon). He was wrong, although the lesson has had to be relearned by “modern financiers.” What Napoleon did not realize was that “credit money” was like receiving an apple before planting the tree. It is an irony of history that shows that Wellington (Arthur Wellesley) ended up paying his army with French currency.

As I stated at the beginning of this essay, it will take priceless Heroism to overcome our present and coming difficulties. Heroism today has been Hollywoodized: it’s portrayed as “historyless.” Remember, that Heroism can be defined as, the action taken when the spirit houses the body, not the other way around. Woman’s child labor and birth is a perfect example of this, whereas for Man, the battle of being true to one’s self is another. When you think about it, hasn’t money taken both of these Heroisms away?

In Part 2 we’ll focus on the topic of money that we are not (allowed) to notice: the Jewish banking families, and the influence they have had at the end of my driveway.

Harrison Elings (The Attic Dweller)

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  1. The Attic Dweller November 24, 2016, 4:52 pm

    Last weekend when I was rummaging through my “attic” I ran across a letter that my grandfather (mother side) wrote to his children. It is a letter that reflects the times when it was written. April 23, 1923, but at the same time it shows that times have not changed.


    “To my dearest and beloved children:

    The most important message that I can possibly leave you is to remember at all times in all situations and under all circumstances bar none that your mother is your best friend. Do not think because she is older than you and that things have changed, that she does not know what she is talking about. I missed a mother tremendously and so has your mother as we both were raised without our real mothers.”

    “It is my dearest hope and desire always that you love her better than anybody else and respect her wishes. Do not do anything rash or impulsive without talking to her about it first. A child who loves his mother and tells the truth cannot go far wrong. Talk to her about anything; she will always in her counsel have more than your interest at heart and you cannot do better than follow her advice for it has your welfare and love combined. She should always be first before everything else in your hearts until you marry then she must be a very close second to your wife or husband. Never forget the long years of toil, worry, sacrifices and unselfish giving on her part to bring you up and the very least you can do is to try to help her by love and respect as long as she is with you.”

    “A man or a women is mostly judged by their love for their mother.”

    “It is utterly impossible for me to control your destinies and the things I have done in my will from the experience of my age seem to me to be the best things for your welfare and protection.”

    “Experience has taught that the greatest fault with most people who suddenly become possessed with money they have not earned, is to think that they know as much or can do as much as older people who have, through long years of experience, striving, working, and who have benefited by their experience, to accomplish things; and even they very often fail. So please try to be very conservative and get advice from true and trusted friends before acting on all money matters. I hope you enjoy life with all the fruits there are in it for you and these as well as all things with dignity and charm always giving everyone a square deal such as you would like to have done to you and if anything give the other fellow a little the best of it and be known for square dealing; with this as your motto in life your popularity will know no bounds. Dad”
    End quote.

    There are many forms of warriors, but the most important ones are the ones already born to be.

  2. The Attic Dweller November 14, 2016, 7:38 am

    The election of last week did not uplift my spirit. It only revealed a new puppet (or should I say puppy) in the White House. Donald Trump is being portrayed as “The Little Dutch Boy” with his finger in the dyke. But it must be remembered that Donald Trump is a money man, not a cultured man. He probably does not even know of the story. His beliefs are only toward the hierarchies of “gold and work,” and not toward “cause and life.” He will not being forward any awakening of the spiritual organic (this will require the spilling of blood), but will only push toward the reign of quantity. All he will do will be to add a small hole in the bottom of the Cup which is filled with degeneration – the overflow will be contained economically, if that?
    Of course there was a reaction to Trump’s victory. But it should have been noticed, that the protest rabble are not protesting against the economic, but against the biological potential of a host self-reawakening. Because it is the biological that made America “great.” The belief that “all men are bothers” is nothing more than an anti-biological battle cry. These crowds actually divulge a sense of fear of their own uselessness! A uselessness that “they” do not want us to notice.
    The only thing that Donald Trump’s presidency will “change” will be that the present evils will go from one form into another! All of the “wall(s)” that he is purposing to erect will all have large unlocked gates. So don’t be fooled by what comes forth from his os.

  3. Brilliant article that must be read, and contemplated by all. It is true NS which breaks existing artificial forms of Left/Right of the Talmudic matrix which binds humanity since vicious Sumerian Volcano/Mountain/Lighting God named Yahweh created his exclusive “chosen people” to make their eternal march on the world on his nefarious behalf. The final goal; One Jewish “God” banking/money system/government/culture with the money of the planet in the “Chosen Peoples of Yahweh” in their hands alone…
    “Make no graven image of me.” “By deception thou shall do war.” “Have no other God(s) but Yahweh.” All of these instructions are the basis of the Jews march on Cultures, Nations, Races.
    Every knee shall bend to this “God” material over the transcendent. The Jewish “Messiah” after pushing aside all Gentile power on the guise of “one God” will force, “every knee to bend” from Greater Israel.
    Money is the weapon… “blessing, and tributes” for the Jews God whom everyone is compelled to defacto worship, to serve.
    All that is natural, healthy, racial, ordered, beautiful must fall as “ungodly” to what the Platonic thinkers (Gentile) told us was Demeruige (Yahweh).
    Christ said, “My kingdom is not of this world”. Plato instructed, “From the stars we came, and from the stats we shall return”.
    Only by breaking the Jews matrix of the material focus which entwines all of the unnatural ideologies ,and theologies they impose can we win this eternal conflict of Jew v world…
    Yahweh V Olympis / Nordic/ Natural free Gentile transcendence.
    Adolf Hitler the Avatar as Savitri Devi referred to him did so . “I am a man of the Hellenes”; he told Leon Degrelle. Take heed, and become one too!


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