Williams Attacks Dr. Pierce’s “Our Cause”

Williams Attacks Dr. Pierce’s “Our Cause”

ourcauseytbanOn August 5, the so-called “chairman” of the National Alliance attacked a new and totally professional video interpretation of Dr. Pierce’s “Our Cause” lecture which debuted on July 23rd, the 14th anniversary of the good Doctor’s passing.

The video was initially launched at Omniphi Media’s YouTube channel and then spread well into cyber-space including this website. If you haven’t yet seen it, we invite you to do so.

Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause

Today on July 23rd, 14 years ago in 2002, Dr. Pierce passed away, though only in mortal flesh. His message still lives with us today just as relevant, if not more so, than when he was in our presence. His seminal lecture called Our Cause given in 1976 represents the foundation stone of the mission of the National Alliance.

Apparently, Williams, announced in a post at the StormDrain forum, that he put in some sort of complaint due to his vitriol over Omniphi Media’s objection to the alleged corruption of the National Alliance and support for NARRG. This has been pointed out in the NARRG complaint against he and Erich Gliebe and as well as the current new lawsuit taken out against him by current NA Vice-President John McLaughlin.

omniphi fb response our cause ban

Quote from Omniphi’s Facebook Page post on 8/5/16

(It should be noted here that the end of the NARRG case came only due to the issue of standing and not that Williams or Gliebe & Cartwright for that matter, are innocent of the charges put against them. That is yet to be determined at trial, which is the objective of NA Director McLaughlin.)

Up until the time the video was forced off Omniphi Media’s YouTube channel, this wonderful presentation had over 8,000 views.


Image from Omniphi’s Facebook Page post on 8/5/16

Fortunately this video was viral, and has been uploaded to other YouTube channels and elsewhere in cyber-space. People will still nonetheless, be able to witness what is undoubtedly the finest video interpretation of any of Dr. Pierce’s speeches produced thus far by anyone.

What an odd position the so-called leader of the NA finds himself in attempting to get Dr. Pierce’s speech expunged from the public.


Quote from Williams’s post on Stormdrain 8/5/16

Williams doesn’t comprehend that a new generation of young people are discovering Dr. Pierce and his message. These young people, much more so than the previous generation, really understand the revolutionary nature of Dr. Pierce’s message and the National Alliance. They are wholeheartedly rejecting the worn-out fossilized, right-wing, reactionary relics that shouldn’t have been associated with the National Alliance to begin with.

Dr. Pierce has the young people’s attention now and they want to see his message spread in the form of a revolutionary, professional Movement. Williams has failed miserably and it is thus with sour grapes that he attacks the innovation of the young and revolutionary spirit demonstrated at Omniphi Media.

As an old man, Williams is stuck in the past, relishing being part and parcel of a so-called “white nationalist movement” that never was; unable to grasp that the National Alliance stands alone and speaks alone. A real National Alliance doesn’t need or want a hobby-forum nor any other but its own media from which to speak.

In closing, we again want to thank Omniphi Media for an outstanding, artistic & technically superb presentation of Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause lecture.

Despite Williams’s spiteful action, he has nonetheless failed in quashing this artwork. Thousands more and mostly young people will continue to view and share this inspiring message.

This is evidence that the future of Our Cause belongs to the young. They are the future of a National Alliance. The old need to stand aside and if not; death will in the short term take them away from being a roadblock to destiny.


  1. William’s jealousy is very obvious, Oscar has a way of making a Pierce audio clip look damn near like a Hollywood quality product, perfect for connecting with the youth.

    It’s funny how he claims copyright for Oscar’s work, when Pierce’s message shouldn’t have a price tag on it at all. Williams is selling CDs of Dr. Pierce’s broadcasts (with a horrible filter covering Pierce’s face for the album cover I might add) for money, when anyone can go to Archive.org and download every broadcast Pierce has ever put out for free and burn it to a CD.

    The man wants his shekels, and ripping people off while silencing real creativity is all he’s good for.

  2. Will Williams and his “tea party patriot, right wing all American Neoconservative” type will of course not appreciate, or care about a brilliant matrix breaking, culture bearing visionary speech by Dr. William Pierce!

    He and his ilk care about “Murika” booze, violence, uncouth manners and anything ignorant”.


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