NA Director Files Lawsuit Against Williams *Updated

NA Director Files Lawsuit Against Williams *Updated


It has been publicly reported that NA Officer and Board of Director John McLaughlin has recently filed a Corporate Lawsuit in the Commonwealth of Virginia on July 22, 2016 against existing NA “Chairman” Will White Williams.

Details are currently not publicly available as of yet, but it is NARRG’s understanding that the thrust of this lawsuit is for legal control of the NA corporation. NARRG supports McLaughlin in his quest to depose Williams of both his NA Officer and NA Board of Director positions.

It should be known that McLaughlin became both Vice President Officer and Board of Director of the NA in October 2014, as part of the transition of power from Gliebe to Williams. Gliebe appointed McLaughlin just before Gliebe resigned and stepped down, and Williams knowingly and willing accepted this appointment of McLaughlin as part of the arrangement for Williams to also become an Officer and Board of Director.

McLaughlin is a long time NA member having joined and continuously kept his membership since 1988. It is also believed that McLaughlin was not personally familiar with Williams before they became joint Officers and Board of Directors in 2014.

McLaughlin’s continuous association with the NA is directly opposite to that, some say, of the trio of ne’er-do-wells: Williams, Strom, Pringle; who after first joining the NA circa 1990/2000, left the NA for over a decade, before recently joining again in 2014/2015 as self-serving opportunists.

McLaughlin’s steadfastness in continuously trying to improve the NA selflessly, in spite of which bad actor currently holds the Chairmanship, is directly opposite of that of Williams and his current cadre of so called leaders. They on the other hand quit when the going gets tough and only come back, some say, when it appears they can collect the assets of the NA for themselves and move it to their private domiciles, whether it be in Tennessee in the case of Williams, or Pennsylvania in the case of Strom.

It should be noted that NARRG continues its ongoing Corporate lawsuit in Virginia against Gliebe, Cartwright, Williams and the NA Corporation, and is firmly determined and resolute in its intent of keeping its own separate lawsuit active all the way to trial.

Other Civil and Criminal lawsuits against Will Williams are also ongoing by others in the State of West Virginia at his time. NARRG wishes all of them success in their various concurrent legal endeavors to bring Williams to Justice for his various purported criminal activities which he in several cases has been accused of, and in one case has already been successfully proven to be found guilty as charged. It should be noted that Williams is now only released temporarily out of his six month jail sentence, being released on bond waiting upon appeal.

With this new Virginia Corporate lawsuit against Williams by McLaughlin, it appears there are now at least three if not more active legal actions against Williams by current or former NA members with apparently one to three others in various stages of legal development against Williams. Williams in the past used to brag of his legal prowess in initiating various legal activities whether they be actually filed legal lawsuits or only bullying intimidating threats of lawsuits. The tide has turned and now that Williams is a defendant in these various lawsuits against him, we will soon see how well he likes being on the receiving end for once, as it appears, some say, he may soon reap what he has sown.

So to all who will listen, we thus say to Williams and Strom (based upon their criminal convictions): “Quod malum et quis est reus, est non ut exsisto instituo inter nos.” (“That which is bad, and who was found guilty of, it is not to be found among us.”)

The following is a brief (laymen terms) synopsis of the charges against Will Williams filed by Board of Director member John McLaughlin in his newly filed corporate lawsuit on July 22, 2016:

1. Is exercising power of dictatorship in management of the National Alliance.

2. Has misapplied and wasted corporate assets.

3. Has assaulted employees and threatened others with bodily harm.

4. Has refused to allow access of financial records and documents to directors.

5. Has attempted to alter corporate minutes.

6. Claims that the National Alliance and its entities belong solely to himself.

7. Has removed assets of the National Alliance and its entities from the WV office to his home in TN.

8. Used National Alliance funds to hire personal attorneys for himself.

9. Has failed and refused to deal with the tax consequences for the National Alliance and it’s entities.

10. Has written large checks to “cash” without reconciliation.

11. Has co-mingled corporate assets to his personal assets.

12. Has repeatedly ignored compliance with laws and regulations for proper corporate governance.

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