Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause

Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause

Dr. William L. Pierce – Our Cause

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His speech in video presentation

Today on July 23rd, 14 years ago in 2002, Dr. Pierce passed away, though only in mortal flesh. His message still lives with us today just as relevant, if not more so, than when he was in our presence.

His seminal lecture called Our Cause given in 1976 represents the foundation stone of the mission of the National Alliance. Many people have read and listened to the lecture. In fact, it was embedded in the National Vanguard Books catalog as well as put to audio cassette and CD and of course the internet. Uncounted thousands have read or listened to this speech. Uncounted thousands more will listen as especially more and more young people are excited by their discovery of Dr. Pierce.

Here, on this anniversary, we are proud to present to you a new video; one which represents the authors visual interpretation of the words of this great lecture.

You’ve seen his quality work previously here as well as elsewhere in cyber-space. Prepare yourself for a visually stimulating parallel to the voice of Dr. William L. Pierce in an abridged edition of Our Cause, as presented by the genius at Omniphi Media, who is an avid supporter of the mission of the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group to save our National Alliance.

  1. When I first read Dr. Pierce’s article entitled “Our Cause” the only word that came to my mind was Beauty. It gave me a feeling deep within my soul that something higher is all around us. A Cause, as Pythagoras conceive it, is the “knowledge of immaterial and eternal things:” it is to understand “the cause of the material existence of things.” The ability that one must have within himself to lift their knowledge out of their physical body and to visualize.

    Our materialistic age does not want knowledge of any other type than the kind that is restricted to this physical body. Even our so called churches base their spiritualty on materialism: they have come to except the pollution of the soul to be divine! One will never find the “Devil” whispering into the ear of the sparrow, only in “Man.” Beauty will always overcome evil. Dr. Pierce understood that evil will always lead to “fences,” whereas the good will always lead to “gates.”

  2. Great video here, also great thing to know that the fellow who produced it supports the efforts and mission of NARRG, very grateful for the support of such a talented individual.

    The message of Dr. William Pierce and an Alliance made healthy again is one that is revolutionary. Our aim is not to simply rearrange the deckchairs on a sinking ship as are the aims of all those who operate within the rotten establishment that currently rules the world. No amount of reform can cure a society such as this that is spiritually (not a reference to religion in this case) dead and buried as this one is.

    No, our aim is to construct an entirely new ship, a new society I should say, one which will ensure that our people once again have an opportunity to pursue an upward path and are never again threatened by the poisonous policies, programs, and ideas that have brought our race so close to the brink.

    • Absolutely correct Robert, all that is outdated, old, used, and raggedy is on the way out !! A new world is about to emerge, free from the negativity and corruption.

      Dr. Pierce was a visionary but most of all he was a man who dared to tell the truth and that is why his message is so powerful and that is why young people love him and still “listen” to him. His message was universal in the sense that it spoke to all White people no matter their age or geographical location.
      With his words in mind, a new ship will be rebuilt as you say, a bigger and stronger ship with healthy young individuals on it, which will steer it to new worlds of greatness, and new directions for our people.

      The old is just that..very old, and the young people want nothing to do with that, unless there’s a positive message to it, which is what Dr. Pierce represents even now, all these years after his untimely death and always will.
      As for the old outdated mentality and corruption, the writing is on the wall.

  3. The positive reception of Omniphi Media’s new video interpretation of Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause speech has been phenomenal; overwhelming in fact.

    Since it was released just this past weekend the video has over 4,500 views on YouTube as of the time of this comment’s posting, and will certainly continue its meteoric climb in the days ahead. One could say that this project has gone viral.

    We’ve had a banner weekend of visitors to our website thanks to this production.

    Our sincerest thanks to Omniphi Media for such superior artistry to complement one of Dr. Pierce’s most important talks in addition to the creator’s support for the mission of NARRG in the video.

    We look forward to Omniphi Media productions in the future to be used in the service of NARRG’s declaring a New Era for the National Alliance.

  4. Truly brilliant Man & film!!! Always great to see and/or hear Dr. Pierce! Phenomenal film and message! Fully explains in detail who we are and what we strive to be and do! The Fight Goes On!! Must take back and restore our National Alliance!! Let’s do this, Comrades!!!

  5. Fourteen years ago Dr. Pierce passed away. Fourteen years the organization he founded has been in the hands of those who have leeched off of it. And now it’s in the hands of a mental case who beats women and another mental case who’s a convicted sex offender. HOW MUCH LONGER WILL THIS NIGHTMARE GO ON???


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