Discussion of New Dr. Pierce Video

Discussion of New Dr. Pierce Video

New Dr. Pierce Video to be released 7/23/16!

Tomorrow, July 23rd, a new video presentation of one of Dr. Pierce’s most important lectures will premiere here at NARRG.COM and elsewhere across cyber-space.

A 12 minute audio introduction along with discussion points is the prelude given here by the innovative creator of this dynamic new film from Omniphi Media, a supporter of the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group.

Be sure to listen to this first and then watch the video when it is released into cyber-space tomorrow, July 23, 2016, to mark the anniversary of Dr. Pierce’s passing. It is one of his very best projects yet and we are proud to have such a high caliber person on our team who will utilize his talents for the good of a properly managed National Alliance.

He titles his introduction & commentary; Conscious Evolution – Thoughts on Our Cause.

Listen tonight and visit here again tomorrow (7/23) for the premiere of this exciting new Dr. Pierce video interpretation of Our Cause.

  1. As much as I loved the visual interpretation created by Omniphi of Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause speech, I also want to commend the creator for his studied commentary here which reflects the message of Dr. Pierce’s call of “Purpose” in the cosmic realm back down into its most cellular component of consciousness — the self; with each individual among us responsible as a conscious unit for his or her own ennoblement.

    In other words, if we really want to change the world that, by ourselves, there is little we can do, we must instead not be discouraged but look to that part of the world that we can change. And that starts with ourselves as individuals. Remember, we are a part of the Whole.

    What Omniphi and Dr. Pierce are telling us, is that to change the world one must first be able to change oneself. That is the first step. The next step is for those who can make the change (and that will not be everyone) to find one another and join together as a community that we call–the National Alliance.

    What the organization has become today is a failure of that Purpose. We must therefore be the change.

  2. Thank you very much for this production.
    Dr William Pierce is a true hero of mine, and my participation in the Alliance at his personal invitation via a letter was one of the best times of my life.
    His views are timeless and vision unparalleled. So many lesser lights never got it, and certainty the new rulers of what is left of his creation soon to be liberated.

    Pierce transcends the political matrix of the Left \ Right Talmudic system ,and the base materialism of malleable politics, borders, and geography to focus on our cosmic race\soul\culture.

    Only by preserving, and advancing our people can we survive, flourish, and lead the planet to liberation from the degenerating enslavement of the eternal Jews.

    Absolutely nothing else counts in our mission.


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