One Mental Case To Another: Williams & Mair

One Mental Case To Another: Williams & Mair



Will Williams in a very brief statement to the London Daily Mail on June 18 had the following to say about the murder of a Minister of Parliament at the hands of a mentally deranged, unemployed man, Thomas Mair, who has had a long history with mental illness.

Williams to the Daily Mail:
“She put a target on her back. He [Mair] is the effect.
The cause is clear to him and he’s reacting. That’s how I look at it.”

Jo-Cox_640x345_acf_croppedThe alleged murderer of the MP has in the past received psychotherapy treatment along with medications to help alleviate his mental condition. In fact, he went to a mental therapy center to get help the night before he attacked Minister of Parliament Jo Cox to get help for severe depression. He was turned away and told he must come back the following day to make an appointment. Mair never returned the next day but instead viciously attacked the Minister of Parliament.

We see from Williams’ statement to the media a callous and unprofessional response on the 18th; yet in his so-called press release on the 17th published only on the StormDrain forum, he uses a different tact by closing his statement with:

NA Press Release:
“We offer our condolences to Jo Cox’s family and loved ones and to the British people as a whole.”

Either Will Williams is a hypocrite of the crassest order or he didn’t even write his own post. More likely this “press release” was crafted by Kevin Strom.

We note that both Williams and Mair have some stark similarities to one another as follows:

  1. Both have documented mental disorders.
    1. In Williams’ case it is a severe form of PTSD. Reportedly, he is even on record of telling his fiduciary guardian that he sometimes feels like killing himself.
    2. Mair suffers from extreme depression and had been in psychotherapy and other alternative mental health treatments.
  2. Both have abysmal work histories.
    1. Williams work record is less than scanty, not having had a job in decades.
    2. Mair was chronically unemployed.
  3. Because of the above, both are receiving state assistance to make their living.
    1. Williams receives a government check each month for his 100% disability due to his mental condition. His check goes to a fiduciary guardian for overseeing as he is not responsible enough for his own financial affairs.
    2. Mair is literally on the “dole”; we generally call it welfare here in the states. He is required though to do some service work as a requirement to collect his check.
  4. Both exhibit violent behavior.
    1. Williams was convicted of criminal battery on a woman this year and the result to the victim could have been far worse had it not been for the intervention of a witness who stopped the attack. Without this intervention the injury could have been much worse. Also, there is a filed state police report of Williams’ attempt to literally throw a man off the roof of the two-story high national office administrative building. The two men were doing work on the roof and Williams had become infuriated. If that isn’t enough, one can read what Ben Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator had to say about Williams’ violent nature. In fact, in his last book, Klassen wrote an entire chapter about Will Williams and his physical abuse of his then wife. TRIALS, TRIBULATIONS AND TRIUMPHS (Ben Klassen, 1993) – Lucinda and Will Williams
    2. In the case of Mair, he is the prime suspect and alleged murderer of Jo Cox. In this case too someone tried to intervene to stop the attack but unfortunately failed.
  5. Both exhibit a “sweet” side.
    1. Williams can be disarming and likable; qualities needed for a good con man, and exhibit empathy as in the closing press release statement; that is, if he indeed even wrote it.
    2. Mair was quiet and polite. He helped people with their gardening and took in stray cats.

When you stop to consider, Williams and Mair have a lot in common…


Want to see more of Williams’ lack of professional demeanor in making public statements over sensational and shocking events.

Originally Posted by Will Williams:
Speaking of “gay hipsters,” how ’bout that queer Muslim who wasted 49 people the other day in Orlando, mostly queers, lesbians, transexuals, zoophiles, necrophiles and coprophiles. It was Queer Puerto Rican Night at that “gun free” nightclub so this nutty Jihadist’s final body count should have quite an impact on that special Puerto Rican pervert community. Atta boy, Abdul! It was reported that Abdul had a few unkind things to say about Jews. That must be why his deed is being called a hate crime

We wanted to point this out to you because although the National Alliance in no way approves of the lifestyles of those Williams describes on his Stormdrain post; nor would we accept anyone from this so-called community as members including whites; we also at the same time do not condone acts of mass-murder.

In the above, we see groups of people that Williams doesn’t approve of and neither do we. One group that is approved of in the “new” National Alliance; not mentioned above by Williams is the pedophile. Pedophiles are welcome in the “new” National Alliance. The media director and spokesperson himself, Kevin Strom, is one. So why not the rank & file? We literally receive hate mail from pedophiles who defend Kevin Strom and his disorder; we say to them in response, to go join the “new” National Alliance

New NA Being Associated with Informant & Murderer

Williams’ post at Stormdrain is very similar in vein to the triple homicide committed by the Williams’ team internet recruiter Frazier Glenn Miller, who murdered complete strangers in cold blood at a Jewish Community Center in the Kansas City area simply because he assumed that because they were there, they were Jews. As it turned out, none of the murdered people were Jews as there was a talent show going on there that day and many non-Jews were attending. Miller will no longer be doing any recruiting for Will Williams’ Alliance. Miller is awaiting his death gurney and send- off cocktail.

In conclusion, we simply must get rid of these criminal elements. We have no chance to recruit decent people as long as we are “represented” by violent criminals, sex criminals, the mentally disabled and even murderers. This is what the “new” National Alliance has become. We must fight for a New Era for the National Alliance. Millions of professionals and working class family people are depending on it. It is Ideas that we need to fight with to recruit and build a community of our own; not bullets and militias.

We at NARRG are working hard to accomplish this goal. Join us in this historic endeavor.

  1. Why no updates on Lyin’ Will and his bucket of swill?

    • Updates are posted as newsworthy items occur or discussion and commentary is generated. Plenty of information has already been provided to alert unsuspecting people as to the NA having been morphed by Williams into a criminal organization. 

      Our efforts have already saved a number of people from falling victim to his con game. The evidence that people are wary of this new NA is the fact that there is virtually little or no effort anywhere around the country to promote it. The only evidence of the new NA’s existence is their website and Williams, Strom & Pringle “passing gas” over at the “Stormdrain” forum.

    • We would also like to note that NARRG, unlike the Williams group, has two full Alliance local groups that will be chapters of the NA upon the successful conclusion of this lawsuit. They are waiting to hit the ground running. 

      Additionally, there are dozens of NARRG supporters who will be activists promoting the NA message around the country. Some of these are former members and others are new people excited about the prospects for a professionally run National Alliance organization, operating under good corporate governance.

  2. Atomic Wildflower June 22, 2016, 11:53 am

    Over on Stormdrain the mods continue to ban anyone who speaks the truth about Will Williams, his violent past, his “Media Director” and his lust for little girls (boys too?) and the murderous maniac who slaughtered three innocent people in Kansas City. Nothing but scum is involved with Will William’s operation, and as one poster on Stormdrain pointedly asked: “If William’s NA is such a promising rebirth, why haven’t many more of the original leadership come forward, other than Williams, Pringle, and Strom?” I know why: because they don’t like the smell of rotten cheese, and those three rats nibbling away at it. Well, not only has Will William’s turned up in the UK Daily Mail, he and his minion Strom also turn up in a cameo appearance in Ward Kendall’s newest novel, “Eternity Beach”, his 750 page blockbuster. I just read it and a number of WN’s turn up, with Williams and Strom doing what they do best – which is making fools of themselves and the WN movement. Can’t wait until they’re finally gone, with Williams off to jail for woman beating and Strom back to prison on a parole violation. Now, wouldn’t that be sweet?

    • Scholarly Observer June 28, 2016, 12:49 am

      A synopsis of the deviant duo would be entertaining here or a link to it. There should be other non-fiction, scholarly, and peer reviewed works out there, as well as Fed training or analysis presentations on Williams and Miller. Williams at one point was trying to sell access to Miller to Academics, Researchers, and Fed Analysts and trainers. They were all very interested in Williams equally, as he is such a basket full of many disorders on full display. One can imagine Williams would be getting Miller to participate and keeping this pay-to-play fee himself as seems most characteristic. Perhaps the longer the terminal emphysema or the death by lethal injection sentence are delayed the longer Williams can continue to milk his cow Miller. All those still promoting and enabling Williams at present are a most disgusting degenerate collective who all have very interesting profiles to say the least.

  3. Thank you so very much for the statements. They express our eternal mission perfectly.It truly made me proud.
    Nobility is what the true National Alliance is about.
    We do not stand for ” hate ” ,violence, malicious intent, or perversion of any sort.

    NA is the positive affirmation of all that is good.
    Greatness, beauty intellectual advance, and cultural achievement.

    Expressing sympathy is not condoning anything, or anyone we find unhealthy.
    However, it does display we are advanced human beings, and not the monsters our enemies portray our high us as.

    We cannot uplift our people by becoming the brutes and degenerates we oppose!

    Strength, body, spirit honor, nobility, culture, intellectual inquiry is was the National Alliance of Dr. William Pierce envisioned.
    I am convinced the Herculean task of cleansing the ” Augean stables ” of the ersatz NA will soon be achieved.

  4. Fantastic updated article, Comrades!
    I couldn’t agree more with every word and all comments NARRG made here!It has occurred more and more with me lately just how dastardly dishonest these waywards are in this “New” National Alliance! Head cases they are! Unconscionable! Truly “seared” consciences galore! We must win back our TRUE National Alliance and rebuild and vastly improve us back to respectability and beyond, Brethren/Comrades!If we cannot win it back (due to the Zogites) then we must build a new! Hail NARRG! And on to the REAL NA!!


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