Some New Graphics

Some New Graphics

From an Enterprising NARRG Supporter

With this post, we’d like to share with you a couple of attractive graphic designs by one of our supporters, Vincent Snyder. (Credit given here with the designers permission.)

Vincent was looking for something professional to support like the National Alliance and he initially got into a brief association with the Williams / Strom group.

Fortunately for Vincent, he came across our NARRG website and started reading. Then he contacted us directly and we started a dialog. Vincent dropped his association with Williams and is now a committed supporter for the reformation and restoration of Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance.

Not only is he giving regularly to our legal fund to fight the Gliebe / Williams team but he also is a talented designer as well.

Vincent’s example is not an anomaly. We have encountered a number of people who initially associated themselves with the Williams / Strom duo and then, upon discovering what was really going on through our website, dropped out and are current supporters of the NARRG effort.

Vincent is unique however, among the innocent people who mistakenly got associated with the corrupt people who are in control of the NA thanks to Erich Gliebe; in that he has a talent as you see displayed here.

Here we see an artistic imagery with Dr. William Pierce in the foreground and behind him images that evoke the representation of history and philosophy along with the spirit of resistance. This image is appearing on our Facebook page.

In this image we see a juxtaposition of the forces of Light and Darkness. On one side the image is the brother of the National Alliance’s founder, Sanders Pierce who is the lead plaintiff for NARRG in the legal battle of Sanders Pierce vs. Erich Gliebe which now includes Will Williams teaming up with Gliebe. Mr. Pierce as well as the other 5 NARRG plaintiffs are long-time members and 3 of them long-time chapter coordinators.

In the center is the front facade of the national office administrative building which has been emptied out by Williams and is the site of drunken parties by local area white trash.

The side opposite we see Will Williams and Kevin Strom, both convicted criminals; Williams of criminal battery of a woman, receiving a 6 month sentence and Strom an admitted and subsequently convicted pedophile, having served 2 years in prison and still serving out a 15 year supervised probation.

We also see behind Williams & Strom the “scales of justice” used by the SPLC. The designer is conveying the fact that Will Williams is a close associate of the SPLC, having regular, intimate communication with them.

Please do examine some examples of Williams’ chummy correspondence with an SPLC investigative reporter here:


Presented here are a collection of email examples that have been published elsewhere demonstrating the close relationship that Will Williams has with both the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Erich Gliebe.

It was Williams who invited the SPLC to come to report on the October 2014 court hearing where he became an interloper in the lawsuit against Gliebe and Cartwright on Gliebe’s side. Williams has reiterated that he must protect Gliebe.

(Do not forget for one minute that it was Jayne Cartwright, Treasurer of the NA under Gliebe from 2006 to 2014 who was complicit in the malfeasance of Erich Gliebe, indeed his enabler and now she is serving with Will Williams as the NA’s Secretary. This fact speaks volumes. )

After the October 2014 hearing was over, Gliebe, Cartwright, Williams and Don Terry (SPLC) engaged in lengthy congenial conversations, and left the Courthouse as a single group .

After the October 2014 hearing was over, Gliebe, Cartwright, Williams and Don Terry (SPLC) engaged in lengthy congenial conversations, and left the Courthouse as a single group .

This is a reminder that Williams and the SPLC have an odd but symbiotic relationship with one another. This may not seem rational to the reasonably minded however we must remember that Williams is classified as being mentally disabled, having a severe form of PTSD. He receives a regular government check for this mental disability as he’s unable to work for his own bread. This disqualifies him in being associated with the National Alliance let alone be it’s chairman.

Kevin Strom, as Williams’ “media director” and public spokesperson is also disqualified as the National Alliance does not allow pedophiles among its membership.

Many thanks and acknowledgements again to Vincent Snyder for his contribution of these stimulating and meaningful graphic art pieces.


  1. Vincent Snyder June 6, 2016, 2:23 am

    It’s great to be onboard. I will continue to do more work to promote and support the legacy of Dr. Pierce and continue our on going struggle for the National Alliance and the white race.

  2. Vincent is example of the eternal: led more by the inside than outside. We must remember, the attainment of our goal lies in the far distance, and the seeker of knowledge must have the Will to recognize clearly this road. This is his Will to freedom, for freedom is action out of one’s inner being. Only he may act out of his inner being who draws his motives from the eternal. A being who does not do this, acts according to other motives than those implanted in things. Such a person opposes the cosmic order, and the cosmic order, in the end, must then prevail against him. That is to say, what he plans to carry through by his will cannot in the last resort take place. He cannot become free. This loss of freedom can be seen all around us today. Remember, freedom is an impulse that make others produce something.

  3. Very excellent indeed! Welcome, Vincent! You are much needed for Our Cause, Comrade, Brother, & Friend! You instill even more Aryan Pride in us! We need you! I’ve been a long time member w/NA -now NARRG- for nearly all this century! Our Cause is truly just, and we will continue to support NARRG by our efforts and money! Let’s win this battle and march on towards Victory!

  4. Excellent graphics .Art \ image is the absolute expression and foundation of our soul race.

    To think that ” white trash ” is now using Dr Pierce headquarters is very upsetting to me .
    The discovery of NA book catalogue help liberae my mind fully from all Judaic constructs .

    • Under Gliebe the national office property had become all but forgotten in the local area because nothing of note was going on there, being almost abandoned, except when Patrick Martin would traipse in once in a blue moon to process a book order or two.

      Now, under Williams, the property has a lone step-in-fetch-it named David Pringle who along with the local white trash have caused the property now to be the scourge of the county what with local law enforcement having to come out and baby-sit him when he gets drunk and begins causing riotous bedlam.

      Williams though had previously designated the property as being the black mark of the neighborhood from all the other crimes and mayhem he caused himself including but not limited to his conviction in attacking and choking a woman employee. Such is consistent with his mental disposition.

      Local cops could probably find their way to the Mill Point property blindfolded as they have had to come out there so many times since Williams took over.

      The national office property should be neither a dead zone of abandonment nor a watering hole for local white trash drunks and drug users. Instead Dr. Pierce’s property needs to be a place where dedicated, decent people work to run a successful organization in a quiet country setting as it once was and not have activity that would be more the norm in an urban ghetto or barrio.

      Dr. Pierce left the chaos of the city in the Washington D.C. area because it was poison to his soul and he found it difficult to think and work. Thus he came to WV and acquired the Mill Point property so that he could work and build community in a quiet setting. The NA property is anything but now.

      It is quite upsetting to think of night time drunken goings on in front of the abandoned and stripped out national office building. We must continue our work to change that.

  5. All excellent news. GO NARRG GO !!


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