NARRG Statement on UK MP Murder

NARRG Statement on UK MP Murder

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We’ve received a number of inquiries today from reporters in the U.S. and the U.K. about a murder of a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom by a person whose only connection to the National Alliance was vicariously through the purchase of some books through National Vanguard Books 17 years ago.

National Vanguard Books was created by Dr. Pierce and it’s mission statement was essentially the following:

  1. To provide our people with a sense of will to survive.
  2. To provide organized knowledge along with inspiration that together will strengthen and guide the will of the reader in shaping the future for our people.

The National Vanguard Books inventory included a number of wide ranging sections including:

Race, Philosophy, Ancient History, Archaeology, European and American History, World War II, Communism, Jews, Novels, Art, Children’s and young peoples books.

And yes, there was a small selection of books on Survival and Self-Defense. Most of the titles offered in this section were published by the U.S. Army and used as training manuals. The service provided by these book offerings were to offer people the education towards the means of protecting themselves and their families, individually or in groups, in the event of attack from hostile elements caused by a break-down of civil order.

The alleged murderer is known to have a history of mental problems having been a patient at a mental facility. The fact that a mentally disturbed man purchased a U.S. Army military manual from a book purveyor 17 years ago is no reflection upon that purveyor; no more so than if he had obtained that manual from the U.S. Army itself or an on-line store.

A more valid conclusion would be to establish the fact that as the leaders and principle people involved with the current National Alliance are indeed convicted criminals or some other type of social pariahs; that the “new” National Alliance is indeed perhaps morphing into a criminal organization.

Consider the following:

1. Will Williams, the chairman and “Pope” also has documented mental issues suffering from a severe form of PTSD (unable to hold down a job) and has a conviction for criminal battery on a woman. Williams admitted his mental condition in one of two freely given interviews with the SPLC.

Williams is also demonstrably a source of information for the Southern Poverty Law Center. Will’s e-mail communications with the SPLC says it all not to mention his leaking of information to the whole wide world in his forwarding of e-mails to everyone.

2. Kevin Strom, the media director and public spokesperson for the NA is an admitted, convicted pedophile; a felon having served 2 years in prison and now serving a 15 year supervised probation for possession of child pornography in 2008.

Strom was charged the previous year in 2007 for stalking and wooing a 9 year old Eskimo girl but walked on a technicality. The judge nonetheless noted for the record that Strom was undoubtedly sexually attracted to the little girl

In the year previous to that in 2006 he signs and has notarized a family agreement / contract admitting his condition and promising to get help for his perversion at the behest of his wife and mother.

3. Frazier Glenn Miller, Williams’ best friend for decades and principle NA recruiter on the VNN forum is a two-time government informant and a triple murderer, now awaiting execution. Williams had arranged and Strom recorded what in essence was Miller’s confession in the murders.

Miller is most famous for being the government’s star witness at the infamous Sedition trials of 1988 in Fort Smith AR. His false testimony was to help the government convict a dozen pro-White activists.

timothy mcveigh

Timothy McVeigh is Pringle’s hero

4. David Pringle, chief of staff, (with no staff), who plans on aligning the National Alliance with the so-called right-wing militia movement, allowing them to use Dr. Pierce’s West Virginia property for “training”. He notes his militia friend on Facebook as an “Merican on steroids”, an indication of the reactionary notions that the Williams group is infusing into the National Alliance and within these militia there will certainly be criminal elements. It is important to note that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh is Pringle’s hero. As we’ve noted earlier; this is a red flag!

In conclusion, the controlled media is stretching it to portray the unfortunate National Alliance as some kind of criminal organization because a mentally disturbed man across the Atlantic purchased some books from National Vanguard Books well over a decade ago and now viciously murders a member of Parliament on the street.

All the controlled media need do is point out the fact that the upper leadership and principle players in the current NA are overwhelmingly convicted criminals themselves or social pariahs in some fashion or other.

This is all those media vultures need to correctly portray to the public, the truth for a change; the actual criminal nature of the corrupted National Alliance; very sad to say.

We are working to change that; to reform and restore the National Alliance we knew. We do not condone terrorism of any sorts, nor do we condone government informants or agent provocateurs. We do though proffer that the current disorder and violence throughout the western world is a direct cause and effect of the one world multi-cultural globalist’s agenda.

  1. I recall Dr. Pierce, the wisest of men eschewing the “Right Wing”. How right he was as our movement is not within the petty “Right\Left Dialectic” which is a matrix of pure Judaic Talmudism.

    The noble natural ideals of our soul-culture-race must reject all limited political “wings” and espouse only what is natural, effective, and good.

    The dark side is not us, nor is the violent and illegal.

    When our people break the matrix then only the best will come, and should come to us.

    I recall the speech made by Adolf Hitler in Triumph Of The Will, in 1934, “In the beginning our enemies persecuted us, in doing the they removed our worst elements for us”.
    “What is bad ,does not belong to us”.

    National Socialism is about the best.. mobilizing the culture bearing, and healthy of our people and not the worst.
    Unless we live by our own exclusive ideals, that the minority of any group is always the best then the lowest will hold us down.

    NS stands for the very best, and must reject all association with the inferior, violent, and stupid.
    Only by attracting and mobilizing the best can we survive, thrive, and win.

    • An excellent comment!  Indeed, what is bad does not belong to us.

      In regard to the invitation for the ultra-rightist / conservative “Merican on steroids” & “Constitutional” militias that Pringle is getting the Alliance involved with; his announcement for the Williams group runs 180 degrees contrary to the mission of the National Alliance as Dr. Pierce envisioned it.

      Williams has moved the National Alliance backwards into the melange of the so-called “movement”; for the most part a potpourri of right-wing reactionary losers and criminals, of which, in reality, there is no “movement”. That is in addition to populating the NA with convicted criminals of which he has now joined their ranks.

      • Thank you so very much NARRG Administrator.. I am eternally in debt to the late great Dr.William Pierce for sending me a personal letter inviting me to join the original NA .
        He was so kind and complimentary to me in responding to a letter I sent approving of his appearance on 60 Minutes.

        His book catalog was a treasure go behold. A gift to the mind and soul for anyone with the understanding to grasp it’s vast erudition.
        Now that book catalog is gone, along with the everything else they turned into dust.

        Dr. Pierce understood our race is our nation, and this movement is about eternal ideals, and not transient nations, borders, and petty bourgeois politics.
        It’s revolutionary not reactionary.

        Maybe this bona fide white trash should hear the lyrics to the Horst Wessel song, “We march against the Reds, and REACTION (Conservatism)”.
        Or they should read Dr. Revilo Oliver’s, THE EDUCATION OF A CONSERVATIVE.
        As Dr.Pierce put it in one of his timeless reviews.
        “A movement that not only cannot win,but is unworthy to do so”.
        But I doubt they care, because they are not the human material to understand or care.

        Today’s ersatz “National Alliance” has zero understanding of this, nor wants to.
        It turned away the high ideals of our founder ,and recreated his precious inheritance into a repository of warmed over “conservatism” “Tea Party” bunkum without Jews… well one cannot be within the Matrix or “wings” without being fundamentally Judaic.
        All to appeal to the lowest of intellects and gutter characters.
        I for one came to this movement to fight this type of degeneracy not associate with, or endorse it.

        I pray we can win this restoration, and make the National Alliance the purest, and noblest form of revolutionary National Socialism again!

        Again thank you for all that you do.
        It gives us all hope.

      • Speaking of “180 degrees”, I am just horrified to read Pringle stating he has bulldozed and cleared the very sacred point on Dr. Pierce’s mountain that is (or rather was before Pringle and Williams desecrated it) his beautiful peaceful final resting place where his ashes were scattered, into a 180 degree gun range to be used by such freaks and the lowest of vile filth that would ever even have anything to do with such known despicable creatures as David Martin Pringle or Will Williams. Further Pringle has written he has turned Dr. Pierce’s home, where many of us shared many meals, laughs and wonderful memorable conversations; the place he died into a “shoot house” to be used to train for urban warfare. I do not think I am fully capable to even begin to express my profound anger, horror and down right physical pain in finding out about what Williams and Pringle have done. This is out and out desecration and an abomination. I can honestly tell you i have lost sleep over this horror. I am not ashamed to say I have wept over my dear friend. When I found this out I can tell you despite my age my first instinct was to by what ever means get there and give them a good strapping, or much worse. I am all for a “Day of the Rope” and I have a lot of rope for this whole disgusting gang of criminals.

        • Brent McKaskell June 23, 2016, 12:18 pm

          I agree with every word you said, WM. As I posted on a different article, you should read Ward Kendall’s latest novel, “Eternity Beach”, whereby Will Williams and Kevin Strom have a cameo scene, all true to their characters, of course. That said, I hope NARRG gets control soon.


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