Pringle’s Tall Tales & Yahoo Mayhem

Pringle’s Tall Tales & Yahoo Mayhem

*A tall tale is a story with unbelievable elements, related as if it were true and factual.


Part 1. David Pringle’s ongoing disorder at the NA property since April 2016

Meet Will William’s new “Chief of Staff”, David Pringle . Williams has sent Pringle out to the National Alliance West Virgina property.  The picture above was used as propaganda on StormFront StormDrain to promote Pringle’s arrival to WV. Notice Pringle’s t-shirt with the acronym SIVS?


Family-friendly facade on Strom created NA website.

The acronym SIVS as seen on Pringle’s shirt stands for Sand In Vagina Syndrome. The acronym is commonly used to agitate those scared to do something dangerous. This is the type of ‘badass’ impression that Pringle wants to make to potential National Alliance recruits who have families. This is not the type of impression that Dr. William Pierce worked hard to achieve. Dr. Pierce wanted the NA to be a cut above the white nationalist movement, and appeal to both hard working blue color workers with families and white collar professionals. Note Pringle appears to fit neither of those two categories, and wants to make an entirely different type of impression as seen by his appearance in the picture above.

Question for Pringle:
The NA under Will Williams and Kevin Strom allegedly is family friendly, and is looking to recruit White families. Would you want your daughter to display such an acronym on her t-shirt? Or would you want to bring your wife or daughter to a meeting with men who display such disrespect for women?

In the case of self-admitted and convicted pedophile Strom the answer, some say would probably be yes.

Editors Note: Kevin Strom’s notarized admission of pedophilia, can be seen here:

New NA Being Associated with Informant & Murderer

Also note that the Oxford Online Dictionary defines a “yahoo” as a rude, noisy, or violent person. Some could make the case that Pringle may meet such a definition by his present unruly actions as described below by Dr. Robert DeMarais; who has lived on or immediately adjacent to the NA’s WV campus since about 1996 and has seen all types of people come and go from that facility.

An original NA officer and NA board member appointed under Dr. Pierce, Dr. DeMarais served as the Alliance business manager. Dr. DeMarais has been a personal eyewitness to various shenanigans and other acts of mischief that have been going on at the NA property since former NA member David Pringle rejoined and started living at the NA’s WV campus since April of this year.

On May 17, 2016, Dr. DeMarais publicly reported online more mayhem happening over the past week at the national office property from May 10 to the 13th. Williams’ latest dupe, David Pringle, along with some other local white trash have been causing havoc with the neighbors immediately adjacent. Incidences over the 3 days of outrageous behavior include shining bright lights at the neighbors houses, cutting off power and water to another occupied residence, verbal abuse along with threatening gestures, irresponsible discharge of firearms near dwellings, loud music playing late in the evening and finally Pringle tromping around late at night on the front porch of an occupied residence along with the theft of a security camera at that residence. Apparently, Pringle was drunk. The state police were called and although there were no arrests, he was given a warning that if the police were called again, an arrest would be made.

And while preparing this post, more mayhem:


“my tractor accidentally broke down on the only bridge into his area…not a police matter. Strictly a civil matter which could take weeks.”

It is obvious that Pringle is simply trying to be “cute”with this Facebook post in reporting his trouble-making activities with Dr. Bob DeMarais. Blocking a roadway that hinders the coming and going of people to their residences is more than a civil matter. There is also the impeding of access of public safety personal such as police, firefighters, rescue and others. Consider the possibility that one evening Pringle and his white trash friends are getting drunk and in their state of stupor, a fire is started, or someone catches a stray bullet; etc.


“These three fuck wads will lose.”

Look at this series of posts by Williams’ “Chief of Staff”. What a foul mouth! He “talks” like a Black gangster using their favorite slogan. He admits publicly that he’s trying to provoke trouble. That alcohol is a “monkey” on Pringle’s back we have no doubt.


“I cut the mother fuckers power off”

The above, of course is an admission of wrong-doing by Pringle and yet another example of the “Chief of Staff’s” ghetto style of English. Will Williams can sure pick-em can’t he?


“any Constitutional Militia is MORE then welcomed to train here….we do accept donations”

Here the “Chief of Staff” is conjoining the National Alliance to the right-wing, reactionary so-called “militia”, who by the way, have nothing whatsoever to do with working for the survival of the White race. In fact most are prattling conservatives whom Dr. Pierce had little regard for and more than a few are race-mixers.


Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall and surrounding grounds WV, 6/6/16. Source: Pringle via Facebook

We also see in this post Pringle’s intent for cutting down weeds and mowing the grass around the national office complex; not to start the rebuilding of organizational business at the office but to turn the property into a shooting range and gun fabricating shop that he’s mentioned elsewhere (more on this below).  In the “selfie” above we see the Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall and surrounding grounds freshly mowed.  Is this perhaps Pringle’s site for a shooting range or perhaps even an indoor range inside the hall?  Will this place soon be occupied with reactionary “militiamen”; people who have little in common with the revolutionary nature of the National Alliance?

This readers is a RED FLAG!

Such is the state of anarchy at the national office property. How could anyone ever imagine that the National Alliance would have sunk so low? It is Williams who is ultimately responsible for Pringle’s riotous drunken behavior. It appears that Pringle has continued with ongoing mayhem and such sorts up to the time of this posting. Pringle self describes his current activities at the NA WV property in a recent StormDrain post.


From the above post we gather that Pringle is now bringing his gun related business to NA and CCC property. How this will affect the nonprofit status of the NA and CCC for both state and federal tax purposes is yet to be seen. Pringle evidently wants to start running a for profit (to Pringle only) gunsmithing business out of the NA facilities. Is this good judgment on Williams’ and Pringle’s part to mix a privately owned (by Pringle) profit making business on NA Corporation land? Is this in the best interest of NA members and supporters?

In addition Pringle in another internet warrior posting on StormDrain stated:


Is this kind of public posting, coming from an official, good for an organization looking the rebuild its membership? Will it make the NA appeal to both hard working blue color workers with families and white collar professionals as Dr. William Pierce our founder intended?


Pringle poses with a Sarface movie poster and gun. (Source: David Pringle via Facebook/later posted to StromDarin by Will Williams)

The above picture of ‘Scarface’ Pringle is another good example of any lack of judgement that Pringle has. Even if someone would go to the effort to pose for such a picture, why would anyone in their right mind would want to brag about it and post it online for all the world to see, and thus risk the possibility of it coming back to haunt them for eternity? This is not smart PR nor good risk management for the NA, unless of course your goal is only to recruit ‘yahoos’. It should also be noted that according to Pringle’s social media profile, his formal higher education solely consists of completing a 14 month associate level program at a trade school in Colorado. So tongue in cheek, you could say that he is uniquely suited to take on Dr. Pierce’s former position of NA Chairman once Williams in the future gives up his position to as he says: “some young buck” who shares his same temperament and demeanor, and education level to boot!

Scarface (1983) portrays a Cuban “refugee” becoming a powerful drug kingpin in 1980 Miami. Does the movie Scarface fit the family friendly image that the NA wants to portray? Dr. Pierce wanted the image of the NA to be that of honest, law abiding professionals and hardworking blue collar worker and not the crooks and gangsters that the movie Pringle poses for portrays.

Part 2. Pringles NA past history until 2005


FBI-Seal-copy-660x375Question for Pringle: Did the FBI ever see or copy any of the sensitive NA membership information that you had in your personal possession that you took with you when you left the NA in disagreement? How many times has the FBI contacted or visited you since that initial visit in 2004? With all your ongoing revelry and hell raising that you are currently undertaking in WV, do you with your proposed gun dealing business on NA and CCC property, anticipate future visits by BATF and other federal agencies to examine your gun related business? Existing and proposed future members and supporters of the NA under Williams and Strom may want to know that sort of information before they initiate contact with you and/or your gun related business on the NA and CCC property in WV.

Part 3. Pringles past history until 2013

David Pringle posts on a white nationalist website

Source: -David Pringle

pringleLocation: Northeast Louisiana; Occupied Southern United States
10-23-2012 at 05:32 PM

David Pringle:
“Here we go again.”

Editor’s note: Here Pringle first describes the home page of one of the then inactive NA web sites. This occurred shortly after many NARRG team members resigned in written protest, after several negotiations with then NA Chairman Gliebe and NA Board member Jayne Cartwright broke down after they refused to reform the NA.

Pringle then posts a screenshot of one of the NA’s websites:

“[NA] Website Disabled

This [NA] site has been disabled by its creator [NARRG], who resigned from the National Alliance in demonstration of disgust in the organization’s chairman, Erich Gliebe for:
*Dereliction of Duty;*Gross Incompetence;*Fiscal Malfeasance with members & intent to use National Alliance funding in an unethical manner.”

Pringle then blogs the following:

“The above is nothing new. All that’s happened this time is Jim Ring and the other [NARRG] unit coordinators with integrity have stopped believing Erich Gliebe’s lies and stopped making excuses for his incompetence.

The single biggest obstacle standing in our way is Erich Gliebe and those who support him on the board of directors [Jayne Cartwright, Ryan Maziarka]. That’s it.

To the board members who still support Erich Gliebe we all want to know why you would assume all of us over the years are “agents” or “traitors” when every person has come to the same conclusion, “Gliebe has to go.”

This has gone on long enough.

David Pringle “

Editors note: another commenter then posts the following response to Pringle.

FL Patriot – 10-27-2012 01:33 PM :
“Furthermore, there needs to be an audit of the [NA] books to see if any maleficence has been committed. This guy [Gliebe] could end up in jail if he did anything illegal.”

Editor’s Note: NARRG as of Spring 2016 has completed its Forensic Accounting of subpoenaed bank records of NA, NVB, CCC . Without divulging the exact findings, let us say that in the opinion of some, much of what the FL Patriot stated above could be substantiated to various degrees. Let us also note that current Williams run, NA Board member Jayne Cartwright was also Gliebe’s NA corporate Treasurer during this time period and thus had corporate fiduciary responsibility. Also note that in 2012 Pringle is not publicly critical of any of the NARRG team members, but is critical of Gliebe and his Board of Directors, (Cartwright, etc.). This all changes in 2016 when Pringle is sympathetic towards, and makes excuses for Gliebe, and acts like Cartwright does not exist [yet the one carryover from the Gliebe NA administration is Jayne Cartwright who still is an Officer and Board of Director under Williams]. Pringle in 2016 has changed his tone and now actively and aggressively attacks NARRG.

Part 4A. Current 2016 false accusations of Pringle against NARRG and others

Lately wannabe ‘Scarface’ David Pringle has been espousing the same old mantra that Williams and Strom have been doing for over two years since they bought out Erich Gleibe and started controlling the NA.


Editor’s note: Some of Pringle’s baseless charges both from his above post on April 18, 2016, and others previously, basically boil down to the following:

1) NARRG is working with the SPLC; 2) NARRG allowed the NA to collapse; 3) NARRG wants to sell the NA land in WV and keep the profit for themselves.

First off let it be noted that Pringle is following in the footsteps of Williams and Strom in using the fallacy of logic called ‘Tu Quoque’. Tu Quoque is a very common fallacy in which one attempts to defend oneself or another from criticism by turning the critique back against the accuser. This is a classic Red Herring since whether the accuser is guilty of the same, or a similar, wrong is irrelevant to the truth of the original charge. However, as a diversionary tactic, Tu Quoque can be very effective, since the accuser is put on the defensive, and frequently feels compelled to defend against the accusation. We will now dissect these libelous statements by Pringle point by point.

Rebuttal to 1)

Several e-mail exchanges between Don Terry of the SPLC and Will Williams going back to the summer/fall 2014, before Williams became chairman, definitively show that it is Williams who is in communication with the SPLC. Williams’, Strom’s and Pringle’s charges of the same against NARRG are completely unsubstantiated and completely false. For proofs of Williams cavorting with the SPLC see previous NARRG documentation in the NARRG article entitled: ‘Williams’ Relationship with the SPLC & Erich Gliebe’

Williams’ Relationship with the SPLC & Erich Gliebe

Rebuttal to 2)

NA board member under Gliebe and currently under Williams.

Cartwright, NA board member under Gliebe and currently under Williams.

During the Gliebe/Cartwright/Maziarka era of the NA, the only Officers and Board of Directors were these three individuals. Gliebe drove off all of Dr. Pierce’s appointed original Officers and Directors and appointed his own two cronies and patsies Cartwright and Maziarka, running it like a family business. NARRG did what they could keeping the NA going on a local level where they were in control and tried to repeatedly convince Gliebe to reform and improve on the Corporate level. Gliebe kept the real financial truth about the NA to himself, the same as Williams is now doing. If it were not for the NARRG team members working to keep the NA going on the local level, the NA at the Corporate level would have collapsed soon after Dr. Pierce died, with the result of Gliebe and his appointed cronies, Cartwright and Maziarka splitting up the proceeds of the sale of the remaining assets among themselves. Remember, neither Williams, Strom, or Pringle were members after 2005, thus any statement that they make is secondhand hearsay that they get straight from the horses mouth (Gliebe’s). It should be pointed out that Williams, Strom and Pringle were all antagonists against the NA, badmouthing and doing all they can to dissuade people from joining the NA from 2005 onward. Thus they can also be directly blamed as an agent for causing the membership numbers to fall from 2005 onward and thus the corresponding loss of revenue due to the decreasing number of members donating to the NA.

Rebuttal to 3)

The only one proven to want to sell the NA land is Gliebe himself, which Pringle makes excuses for in his 2016 post above. Gliebe put the land up for sale which was then on the real estate market for over one year starting in 2013 [after most of NARRG resigned in late 2012 in protest and tried to negotiate a mediated settlement during 2013]. The for sale signs stayed up after NARRG filed the lawsuit on Jan 2, 2014 against Gliebe, and only went down after NARRG filed a Lis Pendens in April 2014 which put a lien on the NA property. See image below for some relevant portions of the recorded Lis Pedens in Pocahontas County WV.



The real question is why Williams has stripped the NA property of most of its belongings and either sold them outright or moved them to his personal property in Tennessee [such as Dr. Pierces personal belongings, the NA Corporate Library Books, etc.]? Williams was in a big hurry moving some items almost immediately after he took control in Oct 2014, with the bulk of the remainder of the items moved before July 2015. Note, that per a Feb 2016 publically available online article by other sources, it was reported that: “purportedly in late August 2014, Williams traveled to the WV campus and allegedly drilled out the locks inside the National Alliance main office and began removing truckloads of property from the building”. If this was indeed the case, then this was all done before he took over control in Oct 2014, and could be construed as illegal.

Ask Williams what was the big hurry to move these items? Were you hoping that NARRG would stop its lawsuit and drop its Lis Pendens ASAP so you then could put the land up for sale yourself, and run the NA, NVB, CCC, etc., out of your personal home in Tennessee?
[Note that Williams is physically located in Tennessee, has stated that he will not move to WV, and all NA email, mail, bills, etc. are all done from his private Tennessee home since late 2014. How convenient for Williams.]

AFP Sept 2015 Article

American Free Press, Sept 2015 NARRG Promo

Pringle in another post states that: “Willis Carto was a foe of NARRG”. If that is so, why over the course of almost two years did Carto have his American Free Press staff write favorable articles about NARRG and its lawsuit against Gliebe and the NA Corporation?

Part 4B. Additional current false accusations of Pringle against NARRG and others

In another article written by Pringle and posted in Strom’s online blog, Pringle states:

David Pringle: Rebuilding The Land
by David Pringle

“I AM CURRENTLY in West Virginia, working to rebuild the National Alliance facilities there. I see that the squatters have gone to one of the trashier anonymous “pro-White” forums and started the Internet cycle of ad hominem attacks, baseless accusations, and libel. Good for them.

Gliebe, Walker, Ring, and Dr. Bob need to be held accountable, via tar and feathers at the very least. The looting, the selling-off of Alliance property, and the lack of care that has taken place is shocking.

Luckily it can all be rebuilt and repaired — which is what I intend to do… personally.
The best way to describe the property is through an analogy to the TV series Walking Dead. The buildings and property look like Darrell and the crew came through searching for anything they could use, leaving what they couldn’t use on the floor.

I’ve taken videos and pictures to document these crimes against our people. We’re talking about hundreds of thousands in damage, neglect, and theft.

I was the one who published Demand an Audit. I was the one who warned that this exact situation would happen. Now that what I warned would happen has happened, I have a plan to begin the repair and rebuilding.”

Source: David Pringle, Chief of Staff at the National Alliance West Virginia campus.

Editor’s note: These additional further accusations from the above article of Pringle against NARRG will henceforth be summarily refuted below.

1) Pringle:. “ad hominem attacks, baseless accusations, and libel. Good for them.”

NARRG Rebuttal : Pringle’s gunsmith courses at a trade school evidently did not have freshman college English courses nor Logic courses as a requirement.

a) If Pringle would have taken one he would be aware that Ad hominem reasoning is not always fallacious, for example, when it relates to the credibility of statements of fact or when used in certain kinds of moral and practical reasoning.

b) His charge of baseless accusations (having no basis or foundation in fact; unfounded) is false, as NARRG and others that cite Williams and his supporters own published postings on the internet does not make these statements baseless.

c) In making a prima facie case for Libel first, the plaintiff needs to prove that the statement was false.  This can be difficult to prove, especially if the plaintiff’s [e.g. hypothetically Williams and his cronies] own publicly posted words are re-posted again by the defendant [ hypothetically NARGG and others].

2) Pringle: “[NARRG’s Plaintiff Jim Ring] needs to be held accountable, via tar and feathers at the very least.”

NARRG Rebuttal: Exactly and specifically what has Jim Ring, local Sacramento unit coordinator, personally done or allowed others to do to under his control, to warrant this bogus claim by Pringle? As Jane Cartwright was a member of the National Alliance Board of Directors, and held the officer position of NA Treasurer under Gliebe from 2006 to 2014, and continues on today as NA Board Member and NA Corporate Secretary officer under Williams, why does Pringle not hold Cartwright for being accountable and subject to tarring and feathering?

3) Pringle: “The looting, the selling-off of Alliance property, and the lack of care that has taken place is shocking.”

NARRG Rebuttal: NARRG did not loot or sell off any NA property. NARRG, while they were NA members were only allowed on the property by Gliebe once or twice a year at the leadership conference meetings, with each visit being of duration no more than 6 hours at most. The rest of the time the gates and buildings were locked under the control of Gliebe and Patrick Martin, as any other time would be a security risk according to Gliebe. Since NARRG initiated the lawsuit against Gliebe and the NA Corporation, NARRG’s further legal actions caused a court injunction to be set in place in April 2014 which prohibits the removal or liquidation of National Alliance assets [Which Williams and Gliebe have violated].

In running the National Alliance,Williams has done no different than Gliebe. On the contrary Pringle, why don’t you ask your boss Williams, for a detailed inventory of all the NA, NVB books, equipment etc. that has either been sold by Williams or personally relocated to William’s private Church in Tennessee?

Question: Why doesn’t Pringle demand an audit of Williams?

Answer: Pringle kisses Williams’ behind, and like a good soldier obeys all of Williams’ orders.

Note, that per a Feb 3, 2016 publicly available online article by other sources, it was reported that:

“Although the assets, land and physical property of the National Alliance were supposedly frozen by a court injunction in April 2014, pending settlement or adjudication of the civil case, purportedly Williams and his associates have allegedly “looted” the compound of anything of value, even making off with William Pierce’s hand-written manuscripts, his office furniture, personal files, his guns and even his passport and ashes, which Williams keeps at the top of the stairs in a barn on his property as some sort of makeshift shrine to the Alliance founder.”

If this is true then it appears that Williams himself would be the ‘Commander in Thief ’ that looted the NA of its belongings for his own personal gain.

4) Pringle: ”The buildings and property look like Darrell and the crew came through searching for anything they could use, leaving what they couldn’t use on the floor.”

williams-dilloway email buisness office 02112015NARRG Rebuttal: Williams states in an email: “I (Williams) will shield Gliebe [and also apparently Cartwright].” Williams and his hand-picked agents have performed one or more inventories/audits since he took over control in Oct 2014. By comparing notes he should know exactly which items were still present in Oct 2014, vs. what Pringle now observes in 2016 since he has been on site since April 2016. Can Pringle produce pictures that he can post publically online for all to see, exactly what condition the NA facilities in WV are at present and report back to us what Williams claims was there in Oct 2014? Pringle’s friend and comrade in arms Gliebe can also assist Pringle here as to ascertain exactly under who’s watch what was taken and what was left in place. We await Pringle’s answers to these questions with baited breath. By the way Pringle, if you and Williams are shy about publicly posting these before and after pictures online for all to see, why won’t you at least post them in your NA members bulletin so your NA “members” can at least see the purported conditions you claim exists. Better yet why not invite all of your NA “members” to come onsite and visit the NA facilities in WV. Maybe some of them may even pitch in and give Pringle a hand instead of using local area white-trash.

5) Pringle:“ I was the one who published Demand an Audit. I was the one who warned that this exact situation would happen.”

NARRG Rebuttal: Pringle demanded an Audit. Gliebe and Cartwright were officers and Board of Directors, none of the NARRG plaintiffs were, and thus before the lawsuit, did not have corporate control, fiduciary ability nor the legal power to stop them. Since NARRG started the lawsuit, NARRG’s Attorney and Accountant have obtained copies of the Bank records, which Gliebe, Cartwright and Williams have attempted to block. NARRG through an accountant has completed a comprehensive financial audit and has determined that purportedly malfeasance, etc. has occurred. NARRG continues on with the lawsuit which Williams has attempted to stop. The pair of current NA Treasurer Williams and former NA President Gliebe has access to the bank records. In fact while Cartwright was the Treasurer under Gliebe and still continues on with Williams holding the Corporate Officer as NA Secretary, she also had legal access to the bank records yet did nothing and remained silent. Yet the team of Williams and Cartwright still does nothing to prosecute Gliebe. In fact Williams says he will protect Gliebe, and posted emails to show that he even pays for Gliebe’s attorney fees.

Also from that same Feb 3, 2016 publicly available online article by other sources, it was reported that: “Williams has allegedly taken out credit card loans against the NA’s assets for more than $50,000 in the past 16 months. And leaked email discussions between Attorney Kalamoros and Williams suggest Williams is now essentially broke and intends to eventually bail out of the organization and declare bankruptcy after taking out a mortgage on the 300-acre compound to recover what he has personally spent on the NA over the past two years. It remains unclear why banks are reportedly issuing lines of credit to Williams based on the disputed property as collateral. His alleged use of the compound property for collateralizing loans and the converting or liquidating of National Alliance assets appear to be in violation of the NARGG lawsuit court injunction.”

Part 5. What others have said about David Pringle in the past

timothy mcveigh

Timothy McVeigh

It should be made clear that just as NARRG rejects Williams’ good friend Frazier Glenn Miller, we also reject Pringle’s “hero” Timothy McVeigh. [Note for alternative technical viewpoints which differs sharply and dramatically from the official conclusions of the federal government suggest seeing the works both of Brigadier General Benton K. Partin, USAF (Ret.), and also the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation Committee, headed up by former Oklahoma state representative Charles Key.]

Where’s there’s smoke there’s fire. Some truths and insights into Pringle character may be gleaned from previously posted published comments from former NA members about Pringle:

Reference material: CAH ARCHIVE

1) Pringle must be a source of embarrassment for the other leaders who are trying to deceive the white world into believing that they only have the best interest of the white race at heart. Pringle’s words on Timothy McVeigh might very well be one source of that embarrassment:

1a) McVeigh “was trying to reach out to us,” Pringle said, referring to a message McVeigh left a few weeks before the bombing, at an Arizona phone number used by the National Alliance in Albuquerque. “McVeigh’s message inadvertently went unanswered,” Pringle said.

1b) On June 11, when McVeigh was executed for the bombing that killed 168 people, Pringle posted this message, pulled off an Internet forum:

“Tim McVeigh was 32, so am I. I was in the US Army Infantry for 4 years, 88 — 92, so was he. I served in the Middle East, so did he. I read The Turner Diaries, so did he. I used to distribute fliers with the Ft. Mojave, Arizona message number on them, he called it. Tim’s middle name was James, my son’s first name is James. Will I remember Timothy James McVeigh? As long as I live. Did he do wrong? No.”
“OKC death toll 169 and rising,”

2) Pringle is neither erudite nor prolific. He is more of a rough-hewn, beer-bellied guy with a definite axe to grind. He is quick to take issue with anyone who fails to see or comply with his belief.

3) [Fellow NA members] characterize Pringle as a “fun guy to hang-out with, but has dismal work ethics.”

4) Pringles lackadaisical performance and it appeared that all “Big Dave” liked to do, was drive around from Unit to Unit every few months, shake a few hands and give a dull, pointless speech, which have always consisted of what Mr. Pringle did that week. Instead of working long hours and building up an organization, Mr. Pringle seems to only enjoy the fruit of others’ labor. He isn’t an effective member, but rather more just hot air.

5) [Fellow former NA members] accuse Pringle of harassment and character defamation.

6) The recent resignation of David Pringle has resulted in the storm around this leadership gaining new life. Pringle, who had served the group as the National Membership Chairman, since the ousting of Billy Roper, not only left his position but, according to Gliebe and Walker, promised to hurt them and the Alliance. Allegedly, he also threatened them with the FBI. He is carrying out that threat via the message boards on the internet.

Concluding Commentary:

Pringle is following in the footsteps of Williams and Strom in using the fallacy of logic called ‘Tu Quoque’. Tu Quoque is a very common fallacy in which one attempts to defend oneself or another from criticism by turning the critique back against the accuser. Convicted criminal Will Williams also likes to espouse the Latin phrase “Falsus in uno, falsus in omnibus” which is a Latin phrase meaning “false in one thing, false in everything.” Does ‘Tall Tales Yahoo’ Pringle fit that description, as some say?

The characteristics demonstrated by Will Willams, Kevin Strom, David Pringle and Frazier Glenn Miller are not the kind of people that the National Alliance needs if it is seriously committed to recruiting blue-collar working class family people and white collar professionals. The four listed here are neither family oriented nor working people. And of course, neither are any of them professionals with not a single one with a university degree to their credit. It is only with decent, responsible working class family people and professional classes that we can build community and movement. It cannot be built with the volatile and mentally unstable; nor with the pedophiles and other sex criminals, nor with the drunkards and substance abusers; nor with murderers. This is what the so-called “new” National Alliance that Williams offers us and it is being rejected.


Dr. William Pierce outside the NA Office

Dr. Pierce left the chaos of the city in the Washington D.C. area because it was poison to his soul and he found it difficult to think and work. Thus he came to WV and acquired the Mill Point property so that he could work and build community in a quiet setting. The NA property is now anything but that. The national office property should be neither a dead zone of abandonment nor a watering hole for local white trash drunks and drug users. Instead Dr. Pierce’s property needs to be a place where dedicated, decent people work to run a successful organization in a quiet country setting as it once was and not have activity that would be more the norm in an urban ghetto or barrio.

David Pringle who along with the local white trash have caused the NA property now to be the scourge of the county what with local law enforcement having to come out and baby-sit him when he gets drunk and begins causing riotous bedlam. It is quite upsetting to think of night time drunken goings on in front of the abandoned and stripped out national office building. We must continue our work to change that. To that end, the national office needs to be a good neighbor in the county and establish at a minimum good business relationships as well as personal ones. Many people may not like us personally but we don’t need to provide them with valid reasons to hate us. Befriending some of the worst of the county’s low-brow elements only will make better citizens perceptions of us all the worst.

Pringle goes to lengths comparing himself, in the most trivial ways, to McVeigh. Perhaps he forgot something that is more significant; that probably McVeigh was a “patsy” for nefarious agents in the Oklahoma City bombing just as Pringle serves as Williams’ patsy. Regarding Pringle praise for McVeigh it should be noted the following:

  • Timothy McVeigh was not a White Nationalist but a radical anti-government activist.
  • McVeigh, like many conservative people of his mind-set was not opposed to racial mixing having himself had an Asian girlfriend.
  • McVeigh’s interest in the Turner Diaries was for its anti-government theme not its racial values.
  • Timothy McVeigh was never an NA member.

Pringle idolizes McVeigh. NARRG wants nothing to do with anyone who promotes characters like McVeigh, nor would NARRG put up with agent provocateurs. These types will be summarily dismissed and immediately expelled from our ranks. Pringle should ask Strom and Williams what their position is on McVeigh and others of his kind.

“New” NA Wrought With Social Pariahs


Williams removed Dr. Pierce’s urn from NA property and now has it on display along with Dr. Pierce’s library in his personal residence in TN.

A review of Williams’ personally owned property and facilities in Tennessee, clearly show that this is entirely owned by Williams, not by the NA Corp. or even co owned with Williams {ex?} wife Lana. So Pringle, you may ask Williams what does his Last Will and Testament say regarding how the Tennessee property is going to be handled by Williams’ future executor of estate. Dr. Pierce’s Will and Last Testament clearly left all of the NA property and facilities in control of the NA Corp. What can we say about Williams situation? Is Pringle hoping to financially benefit from Williams future estate? One can only imagine; maybe Pringle can ask Williams’ financial guardian Attorney Timothy Kalamaros from Indiana.

One wonders with amazement how anyone (except perhaps a few Williams die hard supporters) can trust Williams with their money, as after all Williams is the self-proclaimed infallible “G.D. Pope”, and therefore can do no wrong. Who would want to trust Williams as the NA Corporate Treasurer, when by Court order Williams cannot even handle his own financial affairs but must instead rely on a legal financial guardian (Kalamaros) to handle his own money. How can one trust Pringle with the NA land in WV given his propensity to chop down trees, hunt animals and conduct drunken revelry on The Land; activities that Dr. Pierce would never put up with?

One writer aptly may have summed up the entire matter of Williams run NA leaders in the following article-



One of his “selfies” Kevin Strom has posted or emailed over the years.

It appears that “Tall Tales” Kevin Strom is spinning the big lie about his ex-girlfriend Meredith Keller aka Ms. Vanessa Neubarer who left him and the NA for good last Dec. 2015.

TRUTH: It has been publicly reported that on Dec. 16, 2015, there was something to be concerned about at Strom’s residence when police responded to a report that a 26-year-old woman was being held at that home by Strom against her will. Meredith Keller, the young woman Will Williams introduced to Strom, told the responding officers she wanted to leave but Strom would not let her go.

Three Richland Township patrol units then responded to the call and escorted Keller from the home. Strom, who will be 60 years old in August 2016, is several years older than his “girlfriend’s” father.  See Police Incident Report immediately below:


FICTION: In his web blog on June 3, 2016, Strom put up an article about her implying that she is still an active worker for the NA. Note the picture of Vanessa used in Strom’s post is old, and was seen in the NA Member’s bulletin in early 2015.


Source: NV- Kevin Strom’s personally owned blog.

Editor’s note: To keep up the facade, Strom’s run web blog even includes a purported posting by Ms. Neubauer in response to one of Strom’s fawning admirers “Lucky” see below:


Source: NV- Kevin Strom’s Personally owned blog.

  1. On Facebook, Pringle likes to brag about killing defenseless woodland creatures for the fun of it on Dr. Pierce’s property; a definite sign of a sick and cowardly temperament.

    I’d wager he’d drop a big dump in his britches should he have to man up against more equal odds. The way things are going we many see that happen. Hopefully, county officials will do something before someone gets hurt or killed in one of Pringle’s drunken outrages.

  2. Tongue in cheek I say: – Hey Kevin, please ‘fess up’ and tell good ol’ boy Walt Hampton not to get his hopes up too high any time soon for any of his pie in the sky schemes. It is true that those pesky SPLC reports are a complete fabrication about Ms. Neubauer being escorted out of your house by Richland Township Police Officers and moving back with her parents. Unfortunately though for him it is also true that she was alien abducted in the middle of the night and transported on UFO spaceships to waiting U-Boat submarines in the Artic. Thus much to his chagrin, she will not be available in the future to return his telephone calls to the NA anymore, at least for the time being, until Elvis returns back from his latest extended European concert tour. And Walt by the way, while you’re at it, Kevin says please keep those $500 per month Cash donations to the NA coming, but send it directly to Kevin’s home address in Pennsylvania and not to Will’s home address in Tennessee.


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