Williams Found Guilty in Assault & Battery of Woman (Updated: 4/25/16)

Williams Found Guilty in Assault & Battery of Woman (Updated: 4/25/16)


On March 28, 2016 Will Williams was found GUILTY at trial in the Pocahontas County WV Magistrate Court in Marlinton on the charge of Criminal Battery of a former female National Alliance employee last year. This will come as no surprise to readers of this website.

It will be remembered that Williams was charged with and arrested for the assault and choking of a female National Alliance employee, who was rescued by a male employee pulling Williams off her.

Sentencing for Williams will happen at a hearing on April 25. This same day Williams is scheduled to stand trial for a second time in the same court for the violation of a court issued Personal Safety Order taken out against him by the former male employee who witnessed and intervened to rescue the woman Williams attacked.

Sentencing for the Criminal Battery could potentially involve up to a 1 year prison sentence and / or fine. One can only assume that his penalty will be increased if he should be found guilty for the violation of court protection orders in just a few weeks. Check back with this website for information as it develops.

It is our understanding that Williams was also processed served at the courthouse with paperwork for yet another lawsuit taken out against him for both personal and corporate damages by the parties involved in the two cases referred to here.

And if that weren’t enough, Will Williams, Jayne Cartwright and their business partner Erich Gliebe and their respective attorneys will be seeing NARRG plaintiffs and attorney yet again at a hearing that will probably be scheduled for early summer.

With our amended complaint and argumentation of it as the judge has allowed, we hope to overcome the oppositions demurrer which will then provide the gateway to bring Gliebe, Cartwright and Williams to trial for the damage they have done to the corporation.

With the evidence we have amassed through subpoenaed financial documents and the thorough forensic accounting analysis that is now complete; we have more than enough to show the court that the present and prior management are guilty of crippling the corporation through malfeasance and misfeasance.

We know more about the financial picture of the corporation than the prior and present management does. We fully expect their removal and hopefully more.

4/25/16 Update:

bailA sentencing hearing was held today in West Virginia for Will Williams for his March 28th conviction of assault & battery of a woman employee.

A published on-line report from Dr. Bob DeMarais indicates that Will Williams was handed down a sentence of 6 months of jail time. Williams is reported to plan an appeal of the case. Williams had to post a $2,000 bond for release and has to file an appeal within 20 days.

Dr. DeMarais relates that Williams came prepared, scoffing at the amount of the bond, bragging to the Magistrate that he had $4,000 in his pocket.

DeMarais also reports that Williams is banned from the state of West Virginia until the case is settled.

In other news of note another trial was held for Williams today for violating a protective safety order for another former employee. Williams was able to walk away from that one.

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  1. Told you so. He’ll appeal it until the cows come home and by the time his lawyers are through the jail time will vanish. Sorry, wish I’d been wrong.

    • The most important thing about all of this is that he has a criminal conviction and at sentencing he got a 6 month jail term to serve. Whether or not he can reverse it on appeal still remains to be seen. 

      That he can afford to do this is evident as he still had a cool $2,000 left in his pocket that he could give to his attorney. It would seem that Williams has plenty of money, (his own and/or somebody else’s) to pay attorneys including two criminal attorneys in WV, his own personal financial attorney, his attorney on the NARRG case and even Erich Gliebe’s NARRG case attorney. That’s 5 attorneys! Being on the government dole collecting “crazy checks” sure pays.

      It also seems that he has many conditions on his bond that need to be fulfilled including removing references of his victim from various internet sites or bond will be revoked and jail time begins. One slip up and his victim will be on him like white on rice.

  2. Don’t expect you to post this, just want to throw in my two cents’ worth. He’s going to skate. Oh, a fine and some community service or whatever, but I’d be willing to bet the farm he never does a day inside. The man is immune from the law and has been since he first appeared in Glenn Miller’s outfit back in the 1980s. He has skated on far worse than this, and I am convinced his immunity will hold. He knows where too many bodies are buried.

    • We’ll just have to see. Williams’ next trial date is coming up on April 25. If he’s convicted again, his sentence will be bundled with his first conviction from March 2016.

      Glenn Miller went many years too long with “immunity” he “purchased” by being a government stool-pigeon. What you’re pointing out is that Williams hasn’t pressed his luck far enough yet. Depending on what you get involved in, “immunity” can only take a scoundrel so far. Miller, with Williams’ encouragement took the NA’s name into a senseless, murderous rampage. His luck ran out. He’s going to the death chamber.

      Even with the worst possible sentencing, Williams isn’t in Miller’s league. Miller kills unarmed, unsuspecting people while Williams simply chokes women.

  3. It certainly peels away the naked cynicism of these two jokers Williams and Strom. Look how Dr. Bob DeMarais, once a respected member of Dr. Pierce’s staff, is being trashed. Same goes for Garland Corse and several others. If they were all so bad, then why did Pierce keep them around? Could it be because they weren’t? Look too how Williams heroes are degenerate losers like murderer Glenn Miller. How a bug-eyed child porn choke artist by the name of Kevin Alfred Strom is elevated to the height of “public spokesman” for the National Alliance, when many other talented candidates exist. Criminals and perverts are in charge, and it’s sickening. What’s needed is a flamethrower!

    • It is unfortunate that Dr. DeMarais, Garland DeCourcy and Michael Oljaca too supported and helped Will Williams in the first place. After all, Williams has a very long, well established history as being volatile and mentally unstable going back decades.

      Then there is Kevin Strom, with his odious admission and conviction as a sex criminal – a pedophile – in fact represents a “train wreck” for the National Alliance.

      Williams and Strom are the reason that NARRG refused to end the lawsuit after Erich Gliebe abdicated in October 2014 and made his business deal with Williams. We also know that Gliebe is still engaged with Williams to sell off The Land (as Dr. Pierce called it) and the national office. Let’s not forget Jayne Cartwright also. Just as she is letting Williams rape the national office now, she was Gliebe’s enabler in his crimes against the NA in the past. The fact that she works for them both is most telling.

      Williams has been systematically emptying the buildings ever since he got control, moving corporate property to his home in Tennessee. So now, in court we are fighting all three of them.

      We acted upon the obvious; that with the involvement of Will Williams and Kevin Strom the National Alliance was doomed to failure and destruction and we were not going to let that happen without a fight.

      In the case of Michael Oljaca at least, we tried in vain before he moved to West Virginia to get him to see that supporting Williams and Strom was going to be catastrophic to the organization. However, it was of no avail as he opposed our lawsuit, thought Williams was a wonderful person despite all the evidence to the contrary and that Kevin Strom wasn’t a pedophile despite all the evidence to the contrary.

      You can lead a horse to water but getting him to take a drink can be quite another.

      Alas, it was through the personal hardships that Dr. DeMarais, Ms. DeCourcy and Mr. Oljaca went through and are still going through that they recognize we were right in the first place. Their safety and perhaps even their very lives are in jeopardy and we can only hope that no more harm will come to them.

      • Paul Parnitzke May 3, 2016, 9:48 am

        Sometimes it takes actual personal experience verses second-hand advice to determine the facts of such matters, as I can attest. Even intelligent people can be fooled with a “bait and switch” by listening to words verses the actual behavior and actions of such “leaders” of any organization.

        Michael and myself originally opposed your lawsuit because you never gave Will Williams any opportunity to prove himself with his actions and his words resonated with Dr. Pierce’s legacy.
        Unfortunately, and subsequently and belatedly, many of us that had originally supported this
        new Chairman have come to recognize their mistake and have been disappointed to say the

        I do wish you the best of luck in your lawsuit if it is determined that you actually do have standing
        and that you do bring all of those personally responsible for all of the looting of the NA’s assets to justice. However, and from my own religious perspective, I would not be able to support your NA
        which does not put Cosmotheism as the spiritual heart of the organization as it was under Dr. P.

        • We knew many years ago what sort of character Will Williams was. That is why we felt we had to continue the lawsuit. The result of Gliebe’s sale of the NA to Williams was that the organization went from the frying pan into the fire so to speak.

          Why on earth would any reasonable National Alliance member want a man who has a severe mental disability to be their chairman? One who is declared so severely disabled that he can’t work to make his own living. A person of this sort has no business being a member let alone the leader.

          And with Williams comes Kevin Strom as they are a set; one not being able to do without the other, so Williams says. Again, why on earth would any reasonable National Alliance member want an admitted and convicted pedophile as the leading spokesperson of the organization? How could the NA ever expect to recruit family people?

          Concerning Cosmotheism; it is our intention to make sure that Dr. Pierce’s writings are fully available. This wasn’t done during the Gliebe years as Gliebe didn’t care about anything. We will do more to bring these writings to light than even the good Doctor ever did.

          However having said that, we will not bar good people from the National Alliance because they are not declared Cosmotheists. It wasn’t that way when Dr. Pierce was alive and it won’t be under our management either.

          Thank you for your kind wishes for our success. We will do our very best we assure you. A trial will expose and record the shenanigans of both Gliebe and Williams for the world to see.

  4. Maxfield Parrish March 29, 2016, 8:53 pm

    Craig Cobb better give Willie some fast advice on how to handle shower time ‘cuz he’s bound to drop that bar of soap sooner or later.

  5. This guy couldn’t go down any faster if he was thrown in the East River with concrete shoes. Hopefully there’s 3 more pars available for his 3 friends. LOL


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