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Class President
In his latest offering, philosopher Harrison Elings gives us ethereal insight into a subject that is close to home for all and considered by most to be one of the more nauseating topics we must deal with on a daily basis. Here we are once again on the every 4-year cyclical event known as our Presidential elections. In these elections most people vote not so much for a candidate but against another one by voting for an alternative to what they really want. What we would want; what we really need, would never be allowed into this political process to begin with. In voting for the lesser of the evils, we still nonetheless always vote for evil. In democracy,  the only candidates on the ballot are always some form of evil.
Relax and ponder the following thoughts of Harrison Elings as we go full swing into yet another cycle of “The Four-Year Pestilence”. Once again, Mr. Elings gives us an article worthy of the National Vanguard magazine…

Politician at podium with American flag


“…Look, Vladimir, such a tiny wee kernel, and yet if you plant it in the ground, it grows into a majestic cedar. Not an oak, not a maple, not a rose, but only a cedar. The cedar in turn gives birth to a kernel just like this, and it will contain, just as the very first one did, all the information about its pristine origins. And if millions of years ago or millions of years from now a kernel like this makes contact with the earth, still, only a cedar will sprout out of the ground. In it (in every kernel of God’s perfect creation), all possible information has been fully implanted by the Creator. Millions of years may go by, but the Creator’s information will never be erased. And Man, the apex of creation, has been given everything by the Creator at the moment of co-creation. All truths and all future achievements have been inculcated by the Father, inspired by a grand dream, in His beloved child.”

Vladimir Megre’, Anastasia, Co-Creation, Vol. IV

As I scan my eyes over the drone presidential candidates all I can do is look away with disgust. It saddens me extremely when I think that this is the best we have – what a travesty. I just keep reminding myself that these candidates are nothing more than manufactured items, and their actions are related to nothing, but the use for which each is made. These manufactured items, to me, reveal the weakness of its maker(s).

All of the candidates reminded me of winged drone bees which Nature has made stingless. And the stingless ones will continue as beggars into old age, while those with stings become what we call evildoers. None of the presidential candidates have any concept of the creative idea of the Polis and the decisive step(s) required by Western Man toward a higher level of Civilization. This is why I call all of the presidential candidates “cookie” candidates, because all of their promises will only fatten, but not to nourish the Polis.

For those who don’t know, the Polis is the embodiment of an idea which is extraneous to Nature, and the Will that created it bore no resemblance to the impulsive forces of Nature’s Laws. This Polis is outside the schemes of Nature, it is an a priori, it is a trait, a grace, but it must flow under the umbrella of Nature’s Laws for it to survive. It is the creative force of the soul within, within the “kernel.” What I am trying to say, is that any Racial Spiritual Ideal, which today means “hate,” requires a Freedom toward a Cause.

The drive toward any Cause requires skilled hands and the purity of tradition. This Cause toward tradition is unique in Nature, because it is a polarity toward a family-group of likeness. The Cause seen in Nature is Wisdom manifested, whereas the Cause seen in “Man”, is Wisdom learned. A Cause, can only be grasped as a monopoly and heritage of the Race or Species that possesses it. A Cause is a self-sacrifice, toward a new comprehension of tomorrow. The Cause is a must, it is a divinity for the Racial Soul. It determines which characteristics a civilization will recognize in its own right. A Cause, is not only a mode of existence, but also an attitude of existence: it is a Racial Spiritual Endosmosis. All life governments will be organic, and will be driven by spiritual boldness.

This understanding of life will appeal only to those deep and refined ones, who constitute the few and the select, and who already know, in their innermost hearts, that all is not above-board with mankind. None of the candidates have any recognition with these types of thoughts. Their thoughts are strictly geared toward an un-Cause, toward an un-likeness! They all have the insatiable desire to define what is good, but at the same time their good will destroy. They are the products of the end, a preordained end, that History and Nature always eliminates.

As for example, the Asiatic Races, as a family-group, tend to move within a given frame. They live on preconditions that shapes and improves their existing conditions. In other words, give the Asiatic a Civilization and they will maintain it, unchanged, forever. Change will only come from without. Their Cause is stagnant until something else comes along, which they pick and choose only those parts which will not overthrow their established framework. They, as a Race, are not needed within our territory, and we would do well without them.

In comparison, Western institutions point beyond itself to something new or to what is considered new. When Alexander and his successors dotted the Orient with their Hellenistic cities, they did it within their own conscious form, for they could not imagine any other form of political Polis. A Cause can only be viewed within a Cause.

As for the Black Races, we still have not learned that their “seed” is worthless (this also applies to the “tainted” Races as well). Give them a Civilization and it will turn into Haiti. The Black Race will always be Receivers. The Cause for the Black Race will always have to be defined by others! And let’s face it, they will only be a short paragraph in world History – and not a polite one at that. As a Race they must be kept away as far as possible, and be forcibly removed from our presence. “When (a negro) is freed, he is to be removed beyond the reach of mixture,” (Jefferson). This is their paragraph for History!

The Jews, as a family-group, are the anarchist to all aims. Their Cause is to take away the “sight” of the rifle of others, but at the same time keep theirs. Give the Jews a Civilization and it would end up looking like New York, for they are a Race of the behind. Their mode of existence will always be apathetic. Their presence creates the inversion of thought and sentiment. Their tentacles have become so enlaced into our nervous system that it will require deep surgery to remove them, and we could even die during this surgery! With their power of enlacement they can make you cry, for that is their venom. As a species, their ability to tantalize can be very euphoric. They will be our biggest challenge if our Race is to endure, they too must be removed.

Western Man is a unique family-group compared to other species mentioned above. It is a fact in Nature that animals (and we are animals) of superior type are usually, comparatively speaking, develop slower in reaching maturity than inferior types. It is also an obvious fact that the superior species are lower in number then the inferior. Even with all this, Nature maintains a balance so that no one species overwhelms another. When you mix the like with the unlike an increase of waste products results. The planet becomes more polluted.

As for one example, a Red Tail hawk must wait five years before it obtains its red tail, and at that time it is then allowed to breed – it has proven its worth. By that time nearly ninety percent of all Red Tail hawks born at the same time have died. Nature’s wisdom has developed this method of life to produce the ultimate happiness. But we must understand that this happiness can only come with unpleasant decisions. Wisdom is strengthened by the understanding of this unpleasantness. Nature’s happiness will lead to value the recognition that such superiority in breed is a possible achievement, and that there is no shame in this achievement.

The fact that I use the words inferior and superior to describe what happens when you mix the unlike with the like, would be considered hate by all of the candidates. They will bring us only unhappiness for they do not possess an upward position, but only a downward position. What they fail to realize is that, that which arises in sensation within your being, can only happen when the mind notices the organic impressions – when you view Nature you view it organically. In other words, in a democracy all words that are directed toward the organic are forbidden, because this could simulate favoritism, it could stimulate being. What must be understood, now read this carefully, is that whatever alterations are made away from the organic body-public, and if they do not reach the mind organically, then there can be no perception, no future. This is the main downfall of all Democracy. In any Polis the words inferior or superior are an organic perception, which leads to an organic future. Therefore, in a democracy it is not allowed.

The candidates fail to realize that the application of racial maturity, or organic maturity, applies in the structure of any society. The fact that a society mixed with the inferior and superior races will reach a point where the inferior will outnumber the superior, and the problems created will be proportional. The broad fact then is that Nature’s modes of treatment inside the family-group and outside the family-group will always be diametrically opposed to one another, and would be destructive either immediately or remotely. What is being said here is not hate, but simple biological truth. We see this process all around us, and the destruction that it has created is undeniable. Nature’s plan for happiness will be repeated to us, over and over again, generation after generation, until finally one day we will learn. But I believe Nature’s patience is wearing thin. We are killing too many of her plants and creatures.

There is no politeness in my remarks above. Western Man is in a struggle for survival and he is losing. The world has produced a bumper crop of degenerates. We live under a spiritual self-disarmament, (whether you go to church or not), following on the physical, which has come to an unfruitfulness. The world needs a new White barbarism!

I see this as our only hope, and you will not find White barbarism in any “chat” rooms, only wishful laziness. I see some hopes in Russia, but that’s another story.

When I was in first grade ever week we would vote for a new class president (within our own class) for that week. The winner would get perks, like being first in line for lunch, or be responsible for collecting class papers, etc. The irony of all this was that eventually everyone in class would be elected one time or another. When I was elected I was amazed to find out that the people that voted for me never really liked me, it was just my turn. I can remember that I would do the same thing toward other students. Even with all this, I never forgot that the teacher was always in charge! This process, I believe, has never changed into my adult life. The question is, who now is the teacher? I believe that the people who are reading this paper have an understanding of who they are.

All presidential candidates have teachers, and all the teachers speak with one voice, thus the commonality of all candidates. All candidates (and when I speak of candidates it does not matter which branch they represent) promise in giving without interfering. For example, they will promise “jobs,” but do not understand that in order to create “jobs” you must first be able to create. Each candidate is merely a different manifestation of the same sentiment and must bear a constant ratio to each other. They all have been taught well.

All candidates will claim the tendency to repudiate the will of the government on the individual, they will claim sovereignty, but at the same time will “teach” you to embrace the “new world (Race) order.” Some or most people believe that the new Race order is coming, but it is already here; it’s right in front of us. All present day candidates (and this includes leaders in Europe) are all mind-set products of the internationalist mongrel, they all lack sagacity. They are the front for the agenda set! When you look at any of the candidates, think to yourself, would you follow any of these candidates to be founders of a new “world?” When you hear people say that they do not like any of the candidates running for office, ask them to define what they would consider to be a true “Statesman.” And be ready to laugh… Without knowing it, you will notice that their answer(s) will always be directed by money, not wisdom.

A simple meaning between a Politician and Statesman is that the Politician can only grasp the present, which is already the past, while the Statesman can foresee the future and plan accordingly. A true Statesman will always be the teacher. Not every man can stand atop a pyramid, there is only one path to the top. You will recognize him by his doctrine of Might. Within him there will be a voice of duty which will be incomprehensible for the low, but source of new freedom for the high. He will be a beam toward the holy, he will point mankind in a direction were one’s end is in itself a duty of every man. He will be a grownup! He will understand the Aristotelianism, Zoroastrianism, Platonism, Faustian(ism), and more. He will be the Cultural elite, one that will engage in the kind of mature contemplation required to produce great art – you feel him when he’s not there. He will be spiritually organic! He will believe in the disciplined life and love: “…One must live, and love! Life and love come to an end! If only, O Fate, you cut both threads together.” And finally, he will believe in the “duties of virtue.”

The life for a Racially Spirited person living today can be one that is very frustrating and lonely. We see before us the downward course into the pit of ruin and oblivion. Sometimes it seems that it would be easier just to throw in the towel and go to an Oakland Raider football game. But one must stop and think, and reflect, that we have actually been given an extra eye, given a deeper insight. With this eye we see and recognize the instant divine, the ability to recognize the Statesman. We will first see, that which, no one else will see. We would be like the farmer which understands the sprout before it blooms. So do not lose faith, for Nature is not a mistake!

Democracies require no rules, which is why they are so easy to conquer from within. All political systems differ with each species in that some preceded in time while others come after in time. A democracy is a “deviant system” which comes after in time, which results in a different type of citizen which was not there earlier in time. A democracy believes in the “supermarket of constitutions:” pick out whatever pleases you, and establish that. Democracies hate history – they homogenize it. Democracies value only hand to mouth and disregard mind to mouth. Democracies lack understanding of the necessary and prefer the unnecessary. Democracies are governed like vendors at a carnival. Democracies become more destructive against Nature by taking the Polis away from Nature – in fact, democracy makes a fence around Nature. The only gate through Nature, is, a thorough knowledge of it. The main victims in all democracies are the future children and the old.

Every great Civilization starts with a decisive move of the awakening mind, it begins right as a racial family-group that grows up around a literature that express the spiritual values that experience had proved of supreme worth. This literature is a building block of knowledge of how to live. There is in these writings nothing of speculation, no questioning, only the practical “reflection” on life, as it had been experienced. It conveys to the younger generation a wise and practical way to live the best life. It builds character, and the word character signifies “to shape, to form, or to build.” This literature, our literature, conveys the wish of a good life.

The children of democracies have been made into a slave to his or her jaw, and victims to their bellies, and taught to mutilate their minds and bodies. It takes away the curiosity within the child – it deadens the child’s spiritual energy. It takes away the energy required for future tasks. They are taught only to be tools for the present. Thus their sad faces!

What is not thought of, is that a Civilization is an energy stream, and that this energy stream courses through ever changing events and challenges of successive periods. These successive periods require a much sturdier people, and that they do not utterly exhaust themselves in the effort to perform an impossible task. Democracies eventually run the risk of losing this unity and inner connection with the past, thereby emptying its structure principle of a living significance. Democracies fail to hand over the reins of its children and instill in them, a reign.

At the other extreme, democracies treat their old like old shoes. The children should be taught to rise from their chair if an elder is present. They must be made to understand the chain of the Race. In a democracy, the elders are never permitted the dignity of their worth, to see the children who will be their predecessors, their inheritors. (I don’t mean by just seeing them on any street corner.) The children should give them a sense of warmth that the future has a continuance. This continuance should be felt not only within their family circle, but throughout the entire Racial-Family. The meeting between the old and the young should be lifelong. This meeting will bring happiness to both, because the spirit within both is the same. It affords to the elders that the decisions made in their life time were correct, healthy and of sound manner. The children should feel and love their imprint. What is not understood by the young is that as you become older you do not feel older, because the spirit within never grows old only the body. Thus the meaning of the quote: “young in spirit.”

The main harm of a democracy is the abdication of the once White World. The White World has lost the feeling of its command of power, and it is not even aware that they have lost it. The power that the White World has today is only a residue of the power it once had. The magnificence of this power transcends consciousness; it is a phenomenon which no other race can match. It took two suicidal world wars to dismantle it. Even with this, the power of its image can still be felt by the lower races today. This is why they swarm to live amongst us!

All of the “races of the earth” see our weakness, and they also see that as a Race, we are not doing anything about it. They once feared us, but now they despise us. The colored races will never be “pacifists.” They know, if we were to ever recover our Racial Spiritual Truth they would be finished. They see in us a Race of the absolute, we have “won from the void and formless infinite”, and we have come into being to be. What a wonderful gift! And now we are throwing this all away. If you were an alien Race and fell upon another Race with that potential what would you do? I would be their maids or gardeners, if they let me!

In a democracy, the alien races will always push for us to have sympathy toward any “family-group” (or any racial-group) and that it is proper that we the original family-group, (in Western Society), should be lessened in force or intensity. And there will be many of our people who will help them with this process – just look at our candidates. The method of attack being pushed today is that all family-groups share history together, and that no one family group has more history than any other. Never forget, territory creates memories, and once gone so too are the memories.

The unquestionable harm done with this type of sympathy does not take into account any regard to its ultimate results – the future of the original family-group will be overruled and extinguished. We, as a family-group, must understand and learn the word Provenance; for this is what sovereignty is meant to embrace. Sovereignty can be viewed as a collective provenance of one family-group. Taken as a whole, the power of application within this family-group must develop an intellect that will qualify it for a new task for survival. It must learn to gain the ability to sacrifice a small gratification for a future great one. We must understand that by faithful and truthful observations, and by continued occupations, that something will be gained, and that nothing is impossible to achieve.

All of my remarks stated above would be believed, by many, to be metaphysically impossible, but once again Nature comes to my rescue. A beehive is an example of all of Nature manifested! It is a perfect example of the spiritual drive of Nature – it is a millennia in mature. It is a perfect government! There’s no voting required, within each is the drop of the whole. This spiritual finite drop of each is the spiritual infinite of the whole. This is Nature’s true happiness, but this happiness, or understanding, of Cause stay’s within the beehive only, it is a bee-Cause itself. But Nature’s happiness of Cause resides within each family-group and is just as meaningful. This is what makes Nature so beautiful! When one observes the activities within the hive, one is captured by the flame of activity. All of the bees have smiles on the faces. What was hated most of Nationalist Socialist Germany were smiles on the people’s faces.

With this said, now look at what “our” government has produced. Where is the happiness? Where is the Cause? Where is the Be-Cause? Where is the connection to the Spirit of Nature?

There are five (5) requirements needed to be elected to any high office. These requirements apply to all western countries, and that they are all alien requirements. They are:

  1. All candidates must believe in a progressive debt banking system.
  2. All candidates must believe in the United Nation’s Charter.
  3. All candidates must believe in the sovereignty of Israel over their own sovereign.
  4. All candidates must believe in free-trade and open borders,
    (that also includes your daughter’s “borders” as well).
  5. All candidates must believe in the equality of the races and sexes.

If any of the candidates does not believe in any of these items they will not be covered by the controlled media, because the controlled media believes in all five. None of these items will create empires, or provenance – and that’s the point. I will discuss these five items in more detail in a future article.

America has been captured a long time ago. The original “Founders” of this country were “men” captured: the Declaration of Independence is the regurgitation of Jean Jacques Rousseau (1712-1768). Rousseau was skeptical of both democracy and monarchy. Rousseau, as well as the “Founders”, believed in the elective aristocratic principles – a Republic. (The word “democracy” cannot be found anywhere in the Constitution.) They supported the idea that the government administration should be in the hands of the “subset of the population,” elected by them according to “merit” (example, the Electoral College). This principle, today, is being viciously attacked.

Another influential personality that the “Founders” admired was Baron de Montesquieu (1689-1755). Montesquieu believed that democracies can be corrupted in two ways: one way he called “the spirit of inequality”, and the other “the spirit of extreme equality.”

What he meant by both was: “The spirit of inequality arises when citizens no longer identify their interest with the interest of the country, and therefore seek both to advance their own private interest at the expense of their fellow citizens, and to acquire political power over them. The spirit of extreme equality arises when the people are no longer content to be equal as citizens, but to be equal in every respect.” Both of these definitions are plainly visible in our society today.

Remember that the Constitution was not written to define a Cause, but written as an administrative legal “lawyer’s document.” The Constitution was written in the same era as the French Revolution. At that time the survival of the White World was not imperial, either here or Europe. Now the Constitution is being used against us. The idea that “all men (and women) are created equal” is in full swing. The results of all this are simple to imagine, if things continue as they are we will become a dead Race and a dead Civilization. It is as simple as that!

The “Founders” did understand the difference between the abstract and reality, between select and reject. They understood “manly excellence.” To grant every one the “right” to his or her opinions, must in a large number of cases, involve not only anarchy but also national suicide. The best way to understand this last statement is by a question: In a democracy, why should people be permitted to “vote” on legislation which would benefit them directly? This of course would result in a society of grab bags, a society with mediocre vitality. And when you mix the society with different animals, and proclaim them all to be “equal,” the results will be cataclysmic. Democracies will never believe in the precipice of men, and that all great peoples will desire an elite. “As the great are, after all, men, the citizen deems them his equals when he wishes to love them,” (Goethe). The point being is that it is easier to stab the point of a pyramid into sand than its base. Leadership only declines when leadership becomes so decadent as to undermine itself.

So, do you love your candidates? Do they really have a concern about living and lasting as a people? All candidates would like to eliminate the Electoral College. Mention the names of Rousseau or Montesquieu to any of the candidates and they will look at you with blank faces. How can one lead, if one does not understand the leaders of the past?

This “Who” circus for the “race” to the White House reminds me of the Ambrose Bierce fable, entitled, “The Politicians.” For those who are not familiar with the story it goes, paraphrasing, like this: There are two Politicians, one Young, and the other Old, and both are travelling (walking) through a beautiful country side. They are on a dusty highway which leads to the “City of Prosperous Obscurity (being unknown!).” While they are walking the Young Politician is taken in, or “lured,” by all the flowers and the shade and charmed by the songs of the birds which are enticing him toward the “woodland path(s).” In the distance he sees the “golden domes” and “glittering palaces” of the “City of Prosperous Obscurity.”

With his imagination fired-up by what he sees all around him and that the path he is on, with the Old Politician, is not his path. The Young Politician turns to the Old Politician and tries to convince him that we should “turn our backs upon our duty and abandon ourselves to the delights and advantages which beckon from ever grove.” Let us follow this beautiful path into the woodlands, exclaims the Young Politician. The Young Politician notices that the “paths” into the woodlands all have “guide-board(s) (sign posts)” saying, “Turn in here all ye who seek the Palace of Political Distinction (to recognize a difference).”

The Old Politician, “without either slacking his pace or turning his head,” says to the Young Politician that the woodland path is a “beautiful path and it leadeth among pleasant scenes. But the search for the Palace of Political Distinction is beset with one mighty peril.”

What is that?” said the Young Politician.

The peril of finding it, said the Old Politician, pushing on.”

Now, look at our candidates and think! Do they all represent “Obscurity” or “Distinction?”

The five requirements mentioned above, that the candidates must all follow, all lead to the path of “Prosperous Obscurity.” They all take away the ideal of a society based on the “Distinction” of racial resemblance. The woodland path leads to Nature’s Laws, not Mans!

One final thought, all Civilizations on this planet have fallen because they all traveled outside of Nature’s polarity, Nature’s pulse, and America is no exception to its refusal of Nature’s polarity. They all failed to realize that Nature will always produce a counter-move to test the strength of any outside polarity, to test its polarity of vitality, of thought in any creative action. All past Civilizations considered themselves immune to Nature’s polarity, immune to Nature’s magnet tide, and that no one could ever touch them, but yet none of these Civilizations are left. Nature’s polarity has never changed over time and never will, and this is the lesson “Man” has not learned. The “distinctions” made between past Civilizations, is the “distinction” between that which is changeable in us, and that which is unchangeable. These “distinctions” are never brought up. Now, re-read the quote at the beginning of this article, and think about what we are involved in.

Harrison Elings (The Attic Dweller)

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  1. Thank you Mr. Elings for yet another superb article. Keep them coming. This is the kind of writing that represents the word-view of the National Alliance; expressing its revolutionary nature and long-range vision.

    Dr. Pierce would have been proud to see your articles within the covers of the National Vanguard magazine. We are happy to be able to share them with others here until one day when they can be presented within its pages and in an on-line edition.

    Also, many thanks for your wonderful and continuing support for the mission of the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group. We are proud that as one of the earliest members of the National Alliance from 1974, you recognize that what we are doing represents the proper path for Our Cause.

    The path we must take first requires the offloading of the usurpers of the NA and its more recent interlopers who as we see are clearly working hand and glove with one another for its total destruction through their mutual greed.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful essay ! Very enlightening .


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