Analysis and Commentary on Fifth Court Hearing

Analysis and Commentary on Fifth Court Hearing

By Brian Wilson, NARRG Legal Liaison


Highlights of the Fifth Court Hearing for the Legal Case of National Alliance, Pierce, et al. Plaintiffs vs. Gliebe, et al. Defendants will be briefly presented below.

The Fifth Hearing took place in Virginia on Tuesday, March 8, 2016, with four out of six of the NARRG Plaintiffs being present, including myself. Defendant Cartwright and NA Corporation representative William White Williams were present, while Defendants Gliebe, and Maziarka were not present.

The following three Attorneys attended representing their respective clients:

  • the Corporate Attorney for the Plaintiff  National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG’s ‘general’ Attorney of Record);
  • the Corporate Attorney for the Defendant National Alliance Corporation (who also acts as Williams personal Attorney);
  • the personal Attorney for Defendant Erich Gliebe.

It should be noted that Williams’ Indiana Attorney who serves a dual role as both legal financial guardian for Will Williams (due to Williams’ mental disability) and also appears to be Williams NA Corporate General Counsel, was not present at the hearing.

Motion 1 initiated by the Defendant NA Corporation, was for a “Demurrer” and “Plea in Bar” on the standing issue for the Plaintiffs (NARRG) against the Defendant NA Corporation only. The Judge ruled that the standing issue will be revisited at the next hearing (Sixth Hearing), yet to be scheduled. Note the Demurrer and Plea in Bar for the Fifth Hearing was for only the NA Corporation itself as a Defendant, and did not apply to the original three Defendants, Gliebe, Cartwright, and Maziarka, who remain unaffected by this Motion 1.

Motion 2 initiated by NARRG, was for authorization to amend the original Complaint against the Defendants filed on Jan 2, 2014 by the Plaintiffs (NARRG). One potential amendment among others would be to name Will Williams as a personal defendant. The Judge ruled that the Plaintiffs (NARRG) have until April 19, 2016 to amend the Complaint that was originally filed Jan 2, 2014.

Also initiated by NARRG immediately before the hearing started was a Subpoena for request of Corporate Documents that was personally served against Will Williams by a Process Server brought in by our attorney for that specific purpose. As a result of this served Subpoena, Williams has 21 days to personally comply with the production of Corporate Documents.

Similarly initiated by NARRG was a Subpoena for request of Corporate Documents that was served by a Process Server on another third party that may have access to NA Corporate Documents.


At the Fifth Hearing held on March 8, 2016, there was no decision made as to NARRG’s standing, but with resolution to be made at the next hearing (Sixth Hearing). The arguments heard by the attorney’s present, which included Williams’ and Gliebe’s attorney joining forces against our attorney, resulted in another hearing that will be scheduled probably within the next several months.

It should be stated that Defendant Jayne Cartwright, who now serves as NA Corporation Secretary under the current Chairman Williams, was formerly Treasurer of the NA Corporation while Gliebe was Chairman, and thus legally had direct financial responsibility for past financial mismanagement and illegal wrongdoings that is now evident as a direct result of NARRG’s ongoing continuing legal efforts. The lawsuit is just not about getting rid of Gliebe, contrary to the mantra what Williams and his few supporters keep shouting.

Per Erich Gliebe’s so-called “severance agreement” with Will Williams, a stipulated requirement is for Gliebe to help Williams defend him against our lawsuit. Thus, although Gliebe wasn’t present, his attorney was there to back up Williams’ attorney and gave oral argument to augment the Williams case. In other words, the NARRG attorney was battling two attorneys at the same time.

As Will Williams and Jayne Cartwright were the only board members present, it would appear that these two are the only remaining NA Board of Directors left.  The legality of the dropping of two other board members is in question as it is obvious there is a power struggle within the Williams group who are attempting to depose the “God Damn Pope” as Williams calls himself.

The multiple (but only annually required) Virginia SCC filings of corporate officers and directors so far this year by competing factions is evidence of the power struggle in a sort of “dueling banjos” of frequent “tug of war” filings. Williams, being involved in several legal actions in West Virginia, has seen these cases move from magistrate to circuit court due to the nature of corporate involvement with the charges.

Note that in NARRG’s opinion, the main reason for the NA Corporation in attempting to dismiss the lawsuit due to standing is a direct result of the successful Discovery of third party (Corporate Bank) subpoenaed financial documents. Gliebe, Cartwright, and Williams are scared as to what these subpoenaed financial documents have revealed as a result of the thorough forensic accounting analysis that has now been completed by NARRG, and which is ready to present as hard conclusive evidence at trial.


Before the March 8, 2016 hearing started that morning, Williams was heard by this writer to verbally utter the following audible comment out loud:

“ I hope that this lawsuit ends today .”

Contrary to Williams’s audible wish that morning, his hope did not come to fruition. To confirm that for all to see, a March 11, 2016 online record search of the Virginia Courts Case Information website shows that the case status is still active, and has not been dismissed nor otherwise settled as shown in the screenshot below.


Sorry to disappoint Strom and Williams, however their false reporting of our “death” is highly exaggerated. The lawsuit is in fact alive and well with another hearing coming up in the near future, hopefully the last one before setting a trial date.

Unlike Williams who is actively and aggressively advertising for donors to his legal defense fund to cover the multiple concurrent civil and criminal lawsuits against him personally in West Virginia, NARRG is strictly focused on one lawsuit against the Gliebe/Williams run NA., in our valiant effort to rid the NA of corrupt self-serving officials and then restore good corporate governance for the National Alliance.

NARRG is pleading to all of our readers to help us in our destiny to restore Dr. Pierce’s vision for this organization. This is your opportunity as an individual to join us in this noble task in achieving the future of Our Cause. We cannot thank you enough for your continued heartfelt commitment to this vision. Any monetary donations given by you are going to be put 100% to the NARRG legal fund exclusively for legal bills only, as we at NARRG donate all of our own time and expenses free of charge. Our hearts and thoughts on a daily basis will continue with you to achieve our common goals. Thank you.

  1. I want to let our supporters and other readers know that pursuant to the judge’s directive given us on March 8 that NARRG has filed the required amended complaint today, April 19, incorporating the necessary issues and making the facts of the case contemporary since the advent of Will Williams joining the case on the side of Erich Gliebe.

    The result of this filing will result in another scheduled hearing to be held probably sometime this summer where our attorney will once again face up to the combined Gliebe / Williams legal team. Actually, with Williams’ behind the scenes personal private attorney we are actually fighting a team of three.

    This should put to rest the misinformation, fantasy or deliberate lies of our opponents that the lawsuit ended this past March 8. With a successful outcome of the next hearing, our next step is to finally move this on to trial.

    To our supporters:
    We are deeply thankful for the wonderful support of all the people who have shown their caring for the future of the National Alliance. Without this herculean support, we could not have possibly carried this fight for so long. This is all the evidence needed to show where support and spirit for the National Alliance resides.

    You have not failed us nor will you. Therefore we are confident that we’ll be able to take this case all the way through trial.

  2. For everyone’s benefit, I’d like to make a very important point as follows:

    Will Williams simply does not know what he’s talking about and this includes the regurgitation of the same misstatement of the facts by Kevin Strom.

    The lawsuit is certainly not over; not by a long shot. The fact is that there will be another hearing in a few months time and the Williams corporate entity is indeed still solidly engaged to this lawsuit. The judge has given us ample time to amend our complaint to override the demurrer of our opponents. A final disposition was not handed down by the judge at this hearing and thus another hearing is upcoming. This lawsuit is still well in play.

    This case is still on track for going to trial. Keep posted for further developments.

  3. One wonders with amazement how anyone (except perhaps a few Williams die hard supporters) can trust Williams with their money, as after all Williams is the self-proclaimed infallible “G.D. Pope”, and therefore can do no wrong. Who would want to trust Williams as the NA Corporate Treasurer, when by Court order Williams cannot even handle his own financial affairs but must instead rely on a legal financial guardian (An Attorney from Indiana) to handle his own money.

  4. Isn’t is also illegal to have Williams paying for Gliebe’s attorney? Combined with the fact that Kalamaros made that illegal contract between Williams and Gliebe, that Gliebe thinks binds him to protect & defend Williams. There was no required NA attorney involved so NA was NOT represented.

    Seems to me Gliebe should use HIS attorney to instead removed that illegal contract and protect his client Gliebe, not Williams.

    I believe THAT contract and all transfers of anything between Gliebe & Williams is void & illegal. All deals going back to 2013.

    No one is fooled to believe Kalamaros is an NA attorney, he is Williams’ attorney, fiduciary many times over.

    The VA attorney Williams and Kalamaros hired to protect Williams then is proven NOT to be the NA attorney. You previously pointed out he was only an attorney hired (w/ NA money) for a limited action to defend Williams from sanctions & not complying w/ Court orders, then to file this Demurrer & Plea in Bar. He is then NOT the Corporations attorney of record. It is illegal for the Corporation to NOT have an attorney of record representing and protecting all IT”S interests.

    So in all this i see alot of crooks represented, & NA not represented at all. How has the Court allowed this? Does that need to be presented in a notice or motion before they can act?

    I am very encouraged in the progression in your case, Especially seeing Williams being added as a defendant, because quite frankly no one has harmed the NA more than he & Strom. That says alot as we all know what Gliebe, Walker, and Martin did.

    I heard there was some monkey business by all defendants (not Maziarka as I don;t think he ever paid attention to anything, too negligent certainly) in their depositions, and production of documents. After all all of them lied and said the settlement agreement didn’t exist. If you have that now, can’t you just file and let the court know that these scum lied to the court and committed perjury? As that surely needs to be looked into going forward, and shows as we all know that they are liars, crooks, and have no credibility. As to Williams, I think that needs to be moved on quickly w/ Court Civil violations, then criminal charges, this can prevent him from continuing to ruin the NA completely.

    I am very glad you are standing up to these people for such a righteous cause. Those who don’t speak out and just let things happen are how we got where we are today. I too was shocked by that announcement in Oct 2014. Of all people those that know what Williams is,& has always been, & then the baggage of Strom he drags with him it is stunning Gliebe did that. From what I can put together Gliebe also got played through him always looking out for himself via money & protections and fell for Williams and Kalamaros’ con. Best of luck, keep everyone posted, this battle has gone on way to long. Onward to Victory!

  5. This lawsuit is kind of similar to the boxing ring! Round 3 of 3 goes to: NARRG!
    Erich and his team drag there feet back to there corner looking very tired and very nervous…
    I am sending NARRG another donation.

    • Maxfield Parrish March 16, 2016, 9:24 am

      I don’t know if Will Williams is armed, but I suspect he is – many times over. My concern is that he could conceivably go “Glenn Miller” on any number of people if he loses the National Alliance property in the upcoming lawsuit. Think about it: he’s around 70, with his glory days (such as they were) pretty much over. Coupled with his bad temper, demonstrated on his original ex-wife, then later on with April Gaede, Randolph Dilloway, Garland DeCourcy, and Dr. Bob DeMarais, to name but a few, Williams is the kind of unstable character who could go “full-retard” and waste a bunch of people. This is not to say the lawsuit should not go forward. On the contrary – proceed full steam ahead. Just be ever watchful, ever vigilant. We’re dealing with a bonafied nutcase here, elsewise William’s would not be getting a monthly nut check from the US government. Just be prepared at all times is my advice. And once the NA is NARRG’s again, William’s can be permanently consigned to the dustbin of history.

  6. A Former NA Member March 11, 2016, 9:08 pm

    So the issue of standing does remain in question. Several months ago I had posed this question to you folks at NARRG, but didn’t quite receive a direct answer to the question of standing. It troubles me that the truth has to be dragged out in court instead of here where us former members can decide amongst ourselves rather than than in that very public forum. NARRG has a lot of credibility riding on this lawsuit, credibility amongst intelligent and concerned Whites that is. Best wishes, folks.

    • Yes, that is correct at present.

      Some background:
      The judge in the 1st hearing of April 2014 had ruled in our favor as to standing with the only other opportunity to challenge from the defendants to come at trial. This was upheld again at a subsequent hearing. However, at that time, the defendants were Gliebe, Cartwright and Maziarka.

      Then after October 2014, Will Williams enters the lawsuit of his own accord after making his business deal with Gliebe and becoming chairman. As a new party, Williams had the procedural right to challenge standing which he did March 8th. Our original complaint needed revision and updating to reflect the changing circumstances and argumentation of Williams’attorney since it was first entered and now with the judge’s permission will be amended, resubmitted and orally presented at a future hearing. Keep in mind also that there can be and have been different judge’s to appear before. This judge is not the judge from the initial hearing.

      With the results of the subpoenaed financial documents and corporate bank records having undergone a comprehensive forensic accounting analysis, Williams and Gliebe are desperate to have the case shut down so as not to be exposed at trial. The March 8th hearing failed to accomplish that for them as we’ll be returning to court in a few months to battle them once again. Then, after that… its trial time!

      You did indeed receive a direct answer from us last year when you questioned our standing. Our standing had been confirmed by a judge. Here’s a link to your comment and our reply to refresh your memory:

      We have always been happy to answer questions sent to us either publicly in the comments section of our posts and privately by email.

      Thanks for your good wishes. Indeed, we have the better quality of people behind us as no one with any intelligence or character could support such people as Williams, Strom, Gliebe & Cartwright.

  7. Thanks Brian, Jim, and all other NARRG members and supporters. We are getting closer; we must keep our heads and hopes up! I will continue to do my best in supporting our vital and necessary Cause; it is important for our Race’s benefit and survival. Bob I.


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