Williams, Stormfront & the “Movement”

Williams, Stormfront & the “Movement”


Stormfront_header_logoWill Williams does his best to fill up cyberspace at Stormfront and elsewhere; he always has, no news there. With a mental instability that gives Williams motivation to ramble and rant on anything and everything, and with the support he receives from Stormfront moderators (it’s reasonable to assume with the management as well), the forum has become his comfort zone; not just to vent for himself, but to speak in the name of the National Alliance.

It is obvious to all that something is terribly amiss with the man and has been for years, as evidenced by his embarrassing online battles with another “movement” gadfly, Harold Covington. That episode was one of several reasons Williams got his walking papers from the NA during Dr. Pierce’s time.

Those who know what the National Alliance stands for certainly are aware that Dr. Pierce’s policy toward the “movement” (which includes the forums) was of a standoffish nature.

A prime example were the invitations by former coordinator Chester Doles to various “movement leaders” in 2002, to come to a meeting of the National Alliance being hosted by himself in Georgia. Dr. Pierce flat out told Doles to dis-invite all the “movement” people from his Alliance meeting.

We understand that Doles had briefly joined the Williams Alliance last year but quickly dropped out and is now working with another “movement” group in Georgia.

The first portion of Dr. Pierce’s Last Public Speech touches on this subject:

The National Alliance is not part of what is popularly termed the “white nationalist movement” or “the scene” as others term it and furthermore wants no part of it and that includes Stormfront. 

The “movement” may have in common with us only a general goal but they are nonetheless not us, as they are not imbued with the revolutionary nature and message of the National Alliance. Dr. Pierce kept an arms length distance, however civil with the “movement” people; he knew that he was dealing mostly with reactionaries.

Can you imagine Dr. Pierce posting on Stormfront? No way.

Williams being banned from the VNN forum, used his close personal friend, Frazier Glenn Miller to recruit for him there up to the time of his arrest for his murders. Certainly we all know what Miller is about; an admitted & convicted triple murderer now facing the death chamber whom Kevin Alfred Strom (an admitted/convicted pedophile) recorded his confession under Will Williams’ instruction.

NA recruiter Miller also has the odious distinction of being a known government informant and star witness against pro-White defendants in the infamous 1988 Sedition Trial in Fort Smith AR. Yet various “movement” personalities have lauded this alcoholic creature as some kind of hero.

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Can you imagine Dr. Pierce being chums with a Frazier Glenn Miller or associating with Kevin Strom after his pedophile nature was conclusively exposed? No way.

So much a part of the “movement” is Williams that he seeks to involve the Alliance in “movement” activities like the Stormfront conferences in addition to chasing after interviews with the SPLC. Williams has a very friendly relationship with SPLC writer Don Terry; that’s why Terry was on hand to report about Williams’ ascendancy to taking over the NA from Gliebe back in October of ’14.

Let’s return to Stormfront for a moment; while Williams and his several cronies including Kevin Strom (KAS posts using the screen name Ovid) post just about anything they want there; his critics have to tread more carefully. In some cases Stormfront entirely deletes a post that it or Williams doesn’t like and in others the posts are censored in some manner. Williams has also revealed in one of his Stormfront posts that the moderators there hand over to him IP addresses of those posting against him. That speaks negatively toward Stormfront of course, but remember that this forum is also a part of the so-called “movement”.

Recently, Williams has been heavily taken to task on Stormfront by Dr. Bob DeMarais. For those unaware, Dr. DeMarais lives at an adjacent property to the national office at West Virginia. Also he is a former national office staff worker, former NA Board of Director, NA Treasurer and knew Dr. Pierce quite well, much better than Will Williams did.

Although DeMarais at first was supportive of and cooperative with Williams, that has all changed now and he has his own bone to pick with Williams.

It’s remarkable how Williams’ relationships with everyone always turns sour. Does Williams’ just attract bad people or is there something fundamentally wrong with Williams? Statistical analysis is solidly against Williams on that question.

Dr. DeMarais has been posting some points that are on target as well as exposing Williams as a fraud and giving us more information concerning the criminal cases stacking up against Williams.

Some posts of Dr. DeMarais’ on Stormfront have been censored, others have been deleted completely. There is one post in particular by Dr. DeMarais that he submitted that we want preserved here in case it gets swept down Stromfront’s black hole. The following report by Dr. DeMarais gives a concise report of the conditions of disrepair of the various buildings on the NA property; this is an important statement as it is directly related to our lawsuit.

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Default Re: The new National Alliance endures a soap opera

State of the National Alliance Headquarters

Overall condition of the physical infrastructure of the West Virginia headquarter is like taxpayer-funded “projects” in the ghettos and barrios of major U.S. cities.

Residence No. 1 – Gatehouse
Overall: Acceptable.
Water: Yes.
Electric: Yes.
Comments: Rehabilitated in 2015 due to a generosity of one man, who has since quit the National Alliance after hearing of Williams’ attack of DeCourcy and after hearing Williams threaten to track down and kill Harold Covington and Randolph Dilloway.

Residence No. 2 – Farmhouse
Overall: Unlivable but can be repaired with major rehabilitation. Bad floor. Infested with mold, rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and other vermin. Extreme mold in bathroom area.
Water: Well no longer works. Williams’ volunteer “experts” have only made it worse.
Electric: Yes. Needs safety changes.
Comments: Continuing to deteriorate.

Residence No. 3 – Dr. Pierce’s home. A mobile home with built-ons in the front and back.
Overall: Unlivable. Can be repaired with major rehabilitation. Infested with mold, rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and other vermin.
Water: No longer works. Well system no longer works.
Electric: No long works. Part of the underground system failure and some unique problems.
Comments: Continuing to rapidly deteriorate. For example, squirrels are chewing through the walls in several places; exterior walls rotting.

Residence No. 4 – Guesthouse. A mobile home.
Overall: Unlivable, unrepairable. Floor and roof rotten with large holes. Infested with mold, rats, hedge hogs, mice, cockroaches, ants and other vermin.
Water: No longer works. Well system no longer works.
Electric: No. Part of the underground system failure.
Comments: Building is a safety hazard and should be removed (cost $2,000 -$5,000.)

Utility Building: A two-bay auto repair shop.
Overall: Reeks from rodent urine and probably always will. But useable if water and electric restored. Infested with mold, rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and other vermin. Needs a new overhead door.
Water: No. Well system no longer works.
Electric: No. Part of the underground system failure.
Comments: Continuing to deteriorate.

Main Building: The two-story office building.
Overall: Useable as is, but has mold and some rats, mice, cockroaches, ants and other vermin. The employees that Williams’ abused spent many hours getting it as clean as it is. Building is now abandoned.
Water: Worked recently. Pipes may have frozen this winter. Williams did is best to drive his employees off and give them “no trespassing” legal notices. Local courts have forbidden Williams to be on the property by both personal safety orders and by his bond restrictions (Williams is out of jail on two cash bonds). Williams has also had a “no trespassing” legal notice served on me. If a tree fell on any of the buildings, no one would know it.
Electric: Yes. I can still see the night lights burn.
Comments: Continuing to deteriorate.

William L. Pierce Leadership Building. Two-story meeting hall with 300-seat capacity. New in 2002, but only used about a half dozen times.
Overall: Unusable as is. Can be restored. Considerable mold and some mice, cockroaches, ants and other vermin.
Water: No longer works.
Electric: No longer works. Part of the underground system failure.
Comments: Without electricity, the dehumidifier and heaters have stopped. Damage from mold and from water in the walls undoubtedly is rapidly increasing.

Warehouse: A purpose-built building for storing and distributing books and other materials. New in about 2000.
Overall: Building itself probably useable if electric restored. Probably will always have a mold problem.
Book Damage: Mold grows even between the pages of stored books. Some problems existed before Williams took control. About that time, the electric system failed and hence it has been damp and totally dark in there. The huge inventory of previously saleable news book is deteriorating rapidly.
Electric: No longer works. Part of the underground system failure.

Since May 2015, Williams has spent his time fighting with all three employees and spent zero time on maintaining and restoring physical infrastructure.

Williams has faced tough decisions: Whether to spend funds on maintaining and restoring buildings in West Virginia, or whether to pay Kevin Alfred Strom and to pay lawyers.

Williams has interfered. Just one example: about ten months ago, I was within two days and about $200 of having electricity restored to two buildings. Williams insulted my work and suggested that Kevin Alfred Strom could quickly fix it. So I stopped that project. I’m still waiting for Strom to show up and so are his sex offender registry officials and the JTTF.

Williams focuses his efforts and funds on his Tennessee compound.

The West Virginia property is completely abandoned.

Before Dr. Pierce died, this place (I live on an adjacent tract) had great promise. Since then, it has been like Zimbabwe. Some folks are not incapable of building a civilization and can’t even maintain one.

Screenshot of the above post available here.

Dr. DeMarais would know of what he is talking about as he is very familiar with the national office property having worked in the buildings and lives immediately adjacent to those buildings. His report demonstrates the dire neglect of the property during the Gliebe years as well as showing there is nothing of any substance that Williams has done or was doing to make improvements on Gliebe’s & Cartwright’s failure. On the contrary, Williams has been removing anything not nailed down and taking it to his own private property in Tennessee.

A video leaked in April 2014, of Williams revealing a small portion of what he has already removed from National Alliance property:

On that note be aware that the so-called Tennessee NA office is solely the private property of Will Williams, not the corporate property of the National Alliance. Williams is making the NA a sole proprietorship and his co-board member Jayne Cartwright is allowing  him to do it, just like she let Gliebe get away with his crimes.

We know that Gliebe had logged the national office property and gleaned over $200,000, then put the national office property up for sale until he was stopped by our lawsuit. What’s Will Williams’ plan for the property? Follow the money.

We’ve heard that Williams also planned to have the property re-logged but the deal never materialized, probably due to our lawsuit. But the fact remains that he has stripped the property of movable assets, moved it to his Tennessee home, leaving mostly a collection of empty buildings behind.

  1. One sits back and wonders in amazement, what makes this guy Williams tick? His online posts constantly trash other people, all the while the heavily censored “Stormdrain” apparently whitewashes and cover-ups Williams’ shenanigans to say the least!
    One only wonders what all his neighbors down in rural Tennessee think of him and his escapades up in West Virginia?. One commentary may have summed up the general consensus there by posting the following summary statement: “We hope you will please stay in control, esp. since you have property on Raccoon Ravine Rd. in the section of Johnson County called Laurel Bloomery. That is our hope. But our prayer is, you will get the hell out of our area.”


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