Williams’ Relationship with the SPLC & Erich Gliebe

Williams’ Relationship with the SPLC & Erich Gliebe

Presented here are a collection of email examples that have been published elsewhere demonstrating the close relationship that Will Williams has with both the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Erich Gliebe.

After the October 2014 hearing was over, Gliebe, Cartwright, Williams and Don Terry (SPLC) engaged in lengthy congenial conversations, and left the Courthouse as a single group .


Williams seems to have an especially close working relationship with SPLC reporter Don Terry. You will remember that it was Terry who appeared at the October 2014 hearing where Gliebe announced his abdication and was succeeding himself with Williams. With such a business-like and friendly dialog presented here, it would certainly be reasonable to think that Terry’s coverage of the event was done in cooperation with Williams. Shortly after that hearing Williams granted the SPLC a full blown interview.

NARRG was also invited by Don Terry to an impromptu interview outside the courthouse but was spurned by the NARRG representative. Our policy is not to talk or communicate in any way with the SPLC.

You’ll also note that the example of an e-mail from Erich Gliebe to Will Williams just last year helps to confirm what we’ve been saying all along. Gliebe is not gone; he’s just on the periphery. Gliebe’s long-time friend and Board of Director member, former Treasurer, Jayne Cartwright continues to remain as a Board member as Secretary of the NA with Williams.

The dots are connecting and the picture is becoming clearer.

  1. The soap opera continues… Williams and Don Terry of SPLC fame, good friends, oozing with niceties for each other, exchanging emails like old buddies, photos, good wishes, phone calls, etc, with the ex-chairman Erich, a nobody now chiming in, as if he still has some authority. No shame at all, no remorse, no guilt? Is this what Dr. Pierce fought for?

    I have no words for this, only sadness comes to my mind, for all the wasted time over the years, and I can’t help but think how the NA could by now have been a great organization truly devoted to our people and their interests and rights here in North America. Instead we have a soap opera with a pedophile, and a lunatic ego filled old man letting the jews of the SPLC get the better of them. Let’s see how the famous pedophile Kevin will spin that one on his ADV?

  2. These communications are very revealing. However, they do not surprise me in the least.

    I am struck by the remarkable similarities between Will Williams and his friend Frazier Glenn Miller. Both are cozy with the enemy, mentally unstable, and violent. At least in Miller’s case he will never do harm again.


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