The “Sale” of the National Alliance

The “Sale” of the National Alliance
Erich Gliebe and Will Williams outside the courthouse of the October '14 hearing.

Erich Gliebe and Will Williams outside the courthouse of the October ’14 hearing.

The severance agreement between Erich Gliebe and Will Williams was made public today on the internet, we also present it for you below.

The agreement amounts to what in more truthful and practical terms is the “purchase” of the National Alliance corporation by Will Williams from Erich Gliebe for $25,000. This does not include the sale of Dr. Pierce’s personal library or the NA corporate library which were separate private transactions between Gliebe and Williams nor any other additional transactions.

This agreement between the two was concluded on October 24, 2014, shortly before the 2nd court hearing and Williams’ October Surprise announcement with the SPLC. We suspected but have now had recently confirmed the close working relationship Williams has with the SPLC.

It is interesting also to note that the agreement requires Williams and Gliebe to jointly defend against the lawsuit brought by the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group whether or not Gliebe remains a party to the lawsuit. It should be understood that all parties are currently the focus of this lawsuit and will remain so.

Highlights of the contract also includes Gliebe’s agreement to keep the existence of the severance agreement a secret, and to never say anything negative about the corporation or its officers.

As we suspected all along, Gliebe has an interest in the Williams Alliance and we knew he hadn’t strayed very far as Jayne Cartwright is still in the thick of things; Gliebe is in this for the duration. From reading the contract, because our lawsuit is alive and well and didn’t go away, he doesn’t have a choice.

The legality of this agreement is certainly in question. In any event, it provides us more evidence of subterfuge and shenanigans between Williams and Gliebe, they both have got a tiger by the tail.

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; we must remove dishonest men from our midst as they are the enemy within. Gliebe and Williams both have proven themselves amply perfidious and should be ostracized by all decent people.

    The task of our mission remains exactly the same as when we began it with but a single exception. When we started, our goal was to remove and bring to justice Erich Gliebe and now it includes his unscrupulous business partner and SPLC stool pigeon, the knavish Will Williams.

    These schemers against the legacy of Dr. Pierce will be removed.

  2. If Williams already has bit off more that he can chew in regards to running multiple nonprofit corporations located in WV and VA, it should be noted that Williams also runs a “non-profit church” called the “Cosmotheist Alliance Church in TN (Business Corporation # 000767900).

    It should be noted that Eric Gliebe’s sidekick Jayne Cartwright has her hand in each and every one of these non-profits as she is on all of the board of directors and also serves co-currently on multiple corporate officer positions. According to the various Secretary of State records, it appears that the names of only Williams and Cartwright appears on the latest annual reports of all of these corporations with all others names now having fallen by the wayside, either by quitting or being removed from office personally by Williams himself.

    So Williams now has the titles of Chairman, President, Treasurer, ”Pope” (yes, Williams actually calls himself this). One wonders besides spending countless hours each day posting diatribes on StormDrain, what else does Williams do except running around the East Coast on various legal hearings, trials and lawsuits, etc.


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