Sanders Pierce Speaks For His Brother

Sanders Pierce Speaks For His Brother


The National Alliance was founded by my brother, Dr. William Pierce, in 1973. Under his leadership the National Alliance grew to be the premier organization advocating for White people, with a full time staff of 17 and an annual budget of one million dollars. The Southern Poverty Law Center recognized the National Alliance as the number one group of its kind in America. Dr. Pierce was frequently interviewed by the media and appeared several times on national television. Semiannual conferences were attended by an overflow of members from over the entire country and frequently members from Europe. Sadly, all of this changed after his untimely death in 2002.

The National Alliance fell under the control of an individual who behaved like a thug and considered the National Alliance to simply be a source of easy income with no work required or performed. This individual began stripping the National Alliance of all of the assets my brother had acquired and built over his lifetime. This is the reason why NARRG (National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group) filed suit and have spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to remove this individual and his hand picked successor. This successor is mentally unstable and has in a short period managed to get himself arrested several times, including physically assaulting his own employees and continues the stripping of assets from the national office.

We will restore the National Alliance to its original objective and with the continuing help of our many supporters, begin to rebuild the Alliance and put everything on a sound legal and financial footing.

Sanders Pierce

  1. All of us on the NARRG plaintiff & support team are proud to have the venerable Mr. Pierce taking a leading role in this fight to save the National Alliance. He more than anyone else would have known what his brother would have wanted.

    It is due to Sanders Pierce that we know that our team is doing the right thing. The adage, “Do Right & Fear No One” is certainly applicable to this case.

    One thing all of us know in any event is that Dr. Pierce would not have wanted the national office property timbered as Gliebe did nor sold off as Gliebe was attempting to do before we stopped him.

    And we are just as certain that Dr. Pierce would not have wanted all the movable physical assets to be taken to a private home in Tennessee. The national office property has been systematically “stripped” as Sanders Pierce refers to it.

    Dr. Pierce would have given nothing up that belonged to or resided on our property he called, “The Land”.

    The struggle now with Williams is essentially the same as when the lawsuit began with Gliebe. Gliebe isn’t gone but is in the periphery. He’s still very much a part of this lawsuit as is Williams. And let’s not forget, Jayne Cartwright, the Board Member and defendant who served Gliebe and now serves Williams.

  2. Thank you Mr. Pierce for making this fight… Dr. Pierce was a personal hero of mine.
    He sent me a kind letter asking me to join NA.
    “I perceive you to be a man of intellect, and curious mind “, he wrote to me.
    This I consider a great honor.
    Due to him, I was able to meet my hero from age 15 Historian David Irving.

    For years before as a very young men, I built a library around his inspiring catalog.
    He was truly National Socialist… a revolutionary, and visionary who went beyond the trap of the Left/Right Matrix.

    If he where alive today, the NA would be thriving, and expanding… its message of hope, meeting the crises of our times… As the power, and schemes of International Jewry are coming to a head.

    May you be successful… you will be successful in taking back the precious NA from this madness.

  3. The portrait that Sanders Pierce stands beside has until recently resided for many years in the Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall in West Virginia. That portrait along with many more items and assets of much more substantial value have been spirited away by Will Williams to his personal residence in Tennessee.

    In the December 2015 issue of Williams’ newsletter to his few members, he was attempting to sell this portrait, which is NA property for $2,500. Doing such represents an encumbrance of corporate property.

    Sanders Pierce is not only Dr. Pierce’s brother but also has been a long standing member of the National Alliance. He currently represents his brother through his participation as a plaintiff in the lawsuit to save his brother’s legacy from its current path to towards destruction.


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