“New” NA Wrought With Social Pariahs

“New” NA Wrought With Social Pariahs

Documented Psychological – Social / Behavioral Problems

Within Three Current NA Leaders and Supporters – A Case Study


If you’re reading this, perhaps you did a search for Will Williams and came across some accusations of recent ill doings and inappropriate behavior.  In fact, persistent rumors of Williams’ escalating paranoia, menacing management style and confrontational behavior have circulated online for more than a year.

This article will summarize several publicly posted descriptions of impulsive and societal unacceptable actions by three current NA Leaders and Supporters, Will Williams, Kevin Strom and Frazier Glenn Miller. Afterwards Psychological Diagnosis criteria will be listed that potentially may fit their symptoms.- You, the reader can be the judge.

It should be noted that according to a Williams online posting. Williams’ new NA member handbook purportedly will delete the sound mental health requirement for membership contrary to past NA membership’s handbooks. A comparison of both versions of the membership handbooks is shown immediately below:

A.  Current NA membership handbook [2016 in progress] per NA website description (direct Williams’s involvement in NA):

Will Williams in one of his web blogs posted on Wed. Mar 11, 2015 at 6:08 pm states the following quote:

“I’ll be putting those five pages back into the next edition of our Handbook and removing the ridiculous parts in NARRG’s favored 2005 Handbook, including the extraneous nonsense about “mental” requirements for membership… I welcome millions of eligible White Americans to apply for membership, even if they have been diagnosed with symptoms of PTSD for some reason. “

B. Past NA Member’s Handbook [2005]. It says under the subheading ‘Ineligible persons’ that and I directly quote:

‘The following categories of persons are ineligible for membership – Persons who have been admitted into any mental hospital, either voluntary or involuntarily; Any individual who receives state assistance for a mental condition or has been declared mentally unfit for duty from the military or declared mentally handicapped by any state agency.’

Question: It is now 2016, what have we learned from current events in the past decade about the importance of keeping mentally ill people out of NA leadership positions/authority?

Answer: Taking things into his own hand, as many mentally ill people do, NA Chairman Will Williams a self-admitted disabled veteran receiving government disability benefits for up to 3 decades, allegedly attacks three NA staff and violates a Judge’s protection order against two of these individuals. Is this uncommon among mentally ill abusive individuals?

The following article dwells further of this important membership criteria issue, and the consequences for not following this to the determinant of the NA and safety of NA members themselves.

I) Convicted Murderer Miller’s NA Association with Williams and Strom

In a May 7, 2015 email to an SPLC staff member, Williams stated he had been in contact the night before with his decade’s long friend, Frazier Glenn Miller (FGM) who murdered three people last year in Overland Park, Kansas. Williams had arranged for Miller to be interviewed by an SPLC writer. It should be noted that Miller, previous to his murderous rampage last year (2014) was the Williams organization’s prime spokesman and recruiter for this “new” National Alliance on the VNN forum. In addition FGM is a two-time federal informant, his most infamous being a federal witness against a dozen pro-White leaders and individuals in the 1988 Sedition Trial in Fort Smith AR.

Williams wrote:

“Glenn call [sic] me last night, oddly enough, and I informed him of your request. He said he’d talk to you and he (name withheld for confidentially/safety) will call you, but I have to wait until he calls me again to give him your numbers… We’ll see how straight you boys can shoot with a man like FGM who is so universally hated.”

Miller, who feared some sort of court gag order against him, wanted to make his statement and confession of murder and placed two in prison calls to NA media director Kevin Strom who duly recorded the event for him. Strom, who participates very little in the calls, simply lets the lunatic Miller ramble on. Interestingly though at the end of the 2nd call Miller asks Strom about getting contacts for a couple other people and Strom then tells Miller to go directly through NA Chairman Williams instead.

An independent third party commentator summarized this dangerous mentally ill individual with the following statement:

“A cursory glance at the life history of this psychopathic murderer, Frazier Glenn Miller, reveals a psychopath, a social misfit who has been in constant trouble with the law and has served as an informant for the FBI and, probably, for Mo Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center, – “

Source: http://columbiadailyherald.com/opinion/letters-editor/commentary-shootings-not-accurate

II) Kevin Strom’s Self-Admitted Pedophilia

NA media director Kevin Alfred Strom is a convicted felon, who in 2008 admitted to possession of child pornography, served 2 years in prison and is still serving 15 years of regular, supervised law enforcement observation. In an earlier 2007 trial Strom was lucky to “walk” on a technicality over the stalking of a then 9 year old girl. Nonetheless the judge in that case put in the record that in his opinion there was no doubt of Strom’s sexual interest in that child. The court record in the case is enough to make one sick.

Previous to the two sex crime trials, Strom had signed what amounted to an admission of child sexual interest in a family agreement promising to seek help for his perversion. To make the agreement legally recognizable the signed document was even notarized.
Note: Kevin Strom’s notarized admission of pedophilia, can be seen here:

also read convict to convict


An OccidentalDissent.com – Commentator stated in this online web journal on October 25, 2014 at 4:15 pm regarding the topic ‘Erich-Gliebe-Era-Over-In National Alliance’, the following:

“About Strom, his pedo behavior was more than just fapping to photos of the Gaede twins, he had also tried to pursue an 11 yr. old little girl in his area, to the point where I believe the little girl’s parents had to pick up the family and move out of the area because the courts would not protect their daughter from him. He was sending her poetry and gifts and her parents wanted none of his attentions on her. The court in that case claimed they could not do anything. But, I think it is ample proof that Strom has a thing for prepubescent little girls. There was also a time when he was pushing April [Gaede] to let him take photos of the twins in bikinis when they were only about 12 yrs. old as well. You really want to stand up for this guy?”

III) Will Williams Psychological – Social / Behavioral Problems, Part A

So, here’s what others have to say about Will Williams

News Source A – WV Gazette Mail:

“Williams was arrested on Monday for violating a personal safety order prohibiting him from contacting or being near Oljaca or Oljaca’s residence, according to Pocahontas County Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Dave Walton. Personal safety orders protect victims of harassment, sexual assault or stalking.” “Walton said the order was issued because Williams threatened Oljaca. He would not give more details” “Walton also said that … the criminal charge against Williams still stands.”

Source: http://www.wvgazettemail.com/article/20151222/GZ01/151229852

News Source B – Pocahontas Times:

“William White Williams, II, 68, of Mountain City, Tennessee, was arrested December 16 at National Alliance headquarters in Mill Point on a charge of battery, a misdemeanor.
The warrant for his arrest stated that probable cause had been found that Williams committed the offense in Pocahontas County September 30, 2015.”

“He was remanded to the Tygart Valley Regional Jail that day, and was released on bond December 17, under the following terms: “To have no direct or indirect physical or verbal contact by email, social media, phone, text or by any third party by methods listed, with Garland DeCourcy and Michael Oljaca…”

Source: http://pocahontastimes.com/national-alliance-chairman-arrested-at-mill-point/

Government Source C – Magistrate Court of Pocahontas County West Virginia:

From the Charging Documents against Will Williams Case No. 15-M38M-00687, dated Dec 16, 2015. (12 pages), the Criminal Complaint states that Pocahontas County Sheriff’s Deputy B. L. Kelly, along with Sheriff [David] Jones, spoke with Garland E. DeCourcy about the incident December 2, 2015, and recorded the following information:

“Ms. DeCourcy stated that Mr. Williams lunged toward her and began choking her, and that Mr. Williams’ force knocked her into the corner of the room, away from the door.”

“According to DeCourcy, Michael Oljaca, who also worked for the National Alliance was present during the incident and pried Williams’ hands from her neck and pushed him away.”

“Oljaca stated that he saw Williams get up from his chair and lunge toward DeCourcy while making a motion with his left hand to “smack her.” Oljaca stated that Williams began choking DeCourcy with his right hand. Oljaca said he pulled Williams off of DeCourcy and had to physically restrain him to prevent him from doing further damage.”

For further information, Williams’s charges against him can be seen here at hyperlink:

Note: It is our understanding that as a result of the pre-trial criminal hearings against Will Williams in the Magistrate Court of Pocahontas County WV in Marlinton held February 3, 2016; that Williams will proceed to two trials on two separate criminal counts.

The first trial is scheduled for March 28, 2016 on the charge of battery against a female employee. Williams will face the 2nd trial on April 25, 2016 on the charge of violating a court issued protective order for another employee that Williams had threatened.

We understand in addition that there is an ongoing investigation of grand larceny also pending against Williams concerning private property of the battered female employee that was removed from the national office property.

Organization Source D -SPLC Website articles from December 16, 2015 and December 18, 2015:

The SPLC also reported Williams’ Dec. 16, 2015 arrest on its website. They also reported that:

“Williams has a history of stalking and assaulting women (and men alike).”

Several examples were cited including:

1 . “In July 2012, Williams proudly circulated threatening email exchange he had with a 57-year-old Georgia woman that Williams claimed owed him $200. According to the widely-circulated email exchange that followed, Williams began to aggressively cyber-stalk the woman.”

2 . “Williams obsessively engage in his coarse and cruel online battle with former fellow NA member, April Gaede. For more than a decade, he has cyber-stalked the middle-aged mother of three across multiple forums.”

3 . “Earlier this year, when Williams’ allegedly assaulted Randolph Dilloway, his accountant on the compound. After grabbing him and allegedly threatening to throw him off the roof of the NA headquarters building last April, Dilloway, homeless and without any friends or family nearby, went to the West Virginia state police asking for help.”

“The trooper on duty filed an assault report over the April 1 incident, which reads in part, ‘The victim continued, Mr. Williams then grabbed him at the shoulder and at the right side waist and jerked him forward like he was going to throw him off the roof.’”

“But when Dilloway was advised by the state police that Williams would likely be charged with assault for the alleged attack, he evidently became fearful.  The report reads: ‘[The victim] did not want to pursue charges of any kind at this time, and believed it would only make it worse. At the writing of this report, the victim has refused to cooperate.’”

“And, according to former NA accountant, Randolph Dilloway, when Williams did occasionally show up on the property he was mostly noted for his disruptive, tyrannical outbursts and incoherent rants.”

Online Published Book Source E – Creativity Movement website:

Ben Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator and former employer of Williams, testifies in one of his many books that Williams was a cruel and savage spouse abuser, whom he lived with on the COTC property in 1988. In fact, Klassen devoted an entire chapter of his book lamenting his association with Williams. In his 10th and last book, Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs, self-published shortly before his suicide in 1993, Klassen devoted chapter 35 to the turbulent time he spent with Lucinda and Will Williams. He recalls repeatedly witnessing Williams kicking and beating Lucinda Williams. Later, in the same chapter, Klassen recalled an even more violent attack by Williams that left his wife, Lucinda, with bruises and broken bones:

Klassen is quoted as writing that it was clear that:

“Williams had not recovered from the psychological scars of Vietnam”. There were times, Klassen wrote, “when he [Williams] talked about it he would be on the verge of crying, and it affected his moral attitudes in general.” Soon after the wedding, Klassen wrote “he [Klassen] received a telephone call from the new bride. She was sobbing and pleaded with Klassen to rush over to the apartment and ‘protect her from Will’.” “They were apparently having one hell of a fight and Will was beating up on her,” Klassen wrote.

Source: http://creativitymovement.net/creator_library/english/ttt-35.html

IV) Will Williams Psychological- Social/Behavioral Problems, Part B

So, here’s what Williams has to say about himself

A. VNN thread posting by Will Williams

williamsvnn“This is not to say that when pushed by an adversary that I don’t have the capacity to be absolutely brutal toward him, to separate his head from his body, if necessary — just like the chivalrous knights of old, eh? That is what makes a good, balanced extremist.”

Source: http://vnnforum.com/showpost.php?p=44846&postcount=126

C. Voluntary Interview of Williams by SPLC

The SPLC interview of Williams posted on 12/17/14 reported that Williams insisted he has been using his savings, social security and military disability benefits. They further quote Williams (referring to his combat experience) as stating:

“Of course, it had an effect on the rest of your life… I also got PTSD from it.”

C. SF Thread Posting by Will Williams

williamssfpost“Psychatric disability?” Pffft! I haven’t talked since 2001 — 15 years ago –to the only “therapist” the VA paid for me to see quarterly as part of the Veterans Administration claim process. He was a civilian doctor I chose myself who specialized in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), had written several papers on the subject, so was fully qualified to diagnose post traumatic stress, a requirement in evaluating a claim. When I’d see him he’d ask me how I was sleeping, then we’d talk politics the rest of our session because he was fascinated with what I’d been up to as Regional Membership Coordinator for the National Alliance. I have never taken any medication for PTSD, though it had been offered. The only medication I have taken and take to this day is an 81mm child’s aspirin, which is recommended for people over 50, and a multivitamin pill.”

V) Mental Disorders Comorbidity of Three Current NA Leaders and Supporters?

As shown above, three of the Current NA leaders and supporters (Williams, Strom, Miller) have self-acknowledged as well as documented Psychological- Social/Behavioral Problems. In addition these three individuals may or may not have other (comorbidity) mentally related illnesses that have not been disclosed except perhaps to their health care professionals. That being said an analysis as to potentially related other applicable diagnostic criteria may be in order for further discussion here.

In psychiatry, psychology and mental health counseling, comorbidity refers to the presence of more than one diagnosis occurring in an individual at the same time. The J Clin Psychiatry. 2000; 61 Suppl 7:22-32 ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10795606# ) furthermore states as a diagnostic conclusion: “comorbidity in PTSD is the rule rather than the exception.” You, the reader, on the other hand may be debating in your own mind, whether there are other comorbidity criteria that coincide with the abnormal behavior of these three current leaders and supporters of the NA.

Many experts use the criteria in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association (2013), to diagnose mental conditions. This manual is also used by insurance companies to reimburse for treatment.

So to help facilitate resolving these comorbidity criteria, a table has been provided below using DSM-5 professional guidelines to assist in making your own conclusion. The ultimate question thus becomes using the DSM-5, what other potential diagnostic criteria may possibly apply to these three NA leaders and supporters (Will Williams, Kevin Strom, Frazier Glenn Miller)?

To respect these individuals health care privacy, this article does not want to publically pre judge or diagnose their potential mental competency. Therefore it is left up to you the reader to determine for yourself privately what conclusions can be formed (If any). Note: There may be one or more possible solutions and None of the below may also be possible. Use your own bias opinion as a layman to the best of your ability as most if not all of you are not medical or health care professionals.

AN APPEAL TO REASON – Plausibility of Mental Disorder Comorbidity

Among Three Current NA Leaders and Supporters

phsychology profile.3

VI) References:

1) ICD10Data.com is a free reference website designed for the fast lookup of the new American ICD-10-CM (diagnosis) and ICD-10-PCS (procedure) medical billing codes. http://www.icd10data.com/

2) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), published by the American Psychiatric Association, Fifth Edition (2013).

3) The mission of the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery and cure. http://www.nimh.nih.gov/index.shtml

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VII) Conclusions

  • This article appeals to reason to you the readers who are of sound mind about three individuals in the NA who’s mentally competency purportedly is in question. Williams self admits that he is afflicted by the mental disease of PTSD, Strom self admits that he is Pedophilia afflicted, and Miller is a tried and convicted Murderous Sociopath; along with other probable comorbidity mental illnesses.
  • Currently, mental health problems are conceptualized as patterns of behavior or thought that are associated with significant disability, distress, loss of individual freedom, or adverse events such as death; and which arise from dysfunction within the individual These problems can encompass a wide range of behaviors including substance use, mood disturbances, anxiety, and disturbances in thought and perception.
  • Williams collects a psychiatric disability check from the federal government for military service-related mental disabilities amounting to tens of thousands of dollars a year in VA benefits, as well as social security benefits. Senior NA supporters and board members on the other hand have also recently demanded Williams explain how he was issued a concealed carry permit for a handgun in his home state of Tennessee if he is psychiatrically disabled, on medication and reportedly seeing a VA psychologist, for treatment for PTSD.
  • Purportedly, anxiety disorders, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and social phobia may often also co-occur among individuals who are mentally volatile and unstable. Examples of this volatility/instability in Williams and Miller case include bullying, predator, vengeful, antisocial, paranoia, uncontrolled anger and domestic violence etc.
  • We should embrace documented history, medical science and known facts about William White Williams, Kevin Alfred Strom, and Frazier Glenn Miller. We should not be persuaded by rhetoric from these three narcissistic demagogues.
  • In our society of today with all of the threats to harm us and our heirs, do we want individuals of this type of character controlling our conquest for the future of civilization? NARRG is pleading to all of our readers to help us in our destiny to restore Dr. Pierce’s vision for this organization. This is your opportunity as an individual to join us in this noble task in achieving the future of Our Cause. We cannot thank you enough for your continued heartfelt commitment to this vision. Any monetary donations are going to be put to the NARRG legal fund. Our hearts and thoughts on a daily basis will continue with you to achieve our common goals. Thank you.


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  1. Let us be clear about the Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) issue.

    Williams claims that millions of Americans are affected by PTSD; however the truth is that most of those may have been “touched” by the disorder due to various circumstances in varying degrees, but have nonetheless lived and are living productive lives, having successful careers and families.

    In the minority of this population there are cases of the extremes, Williams is an example of such, manifesting a severe condition, so much so that he is totally mentally disabled. Will is not able to hold down a job and receives his total sustenance from society; he has been in a state of public dependency for many years now.

    Williams has a proven track record over the years of not being able to maintain successful human relationships of any kind, in personal, social or business matters; a key manifestation of how severely his aggressive form of PTSD has affected him.

    Will’s failures in relationships are caused by bullying, violence, paranoia, anti-social behavior, anger management issues and more.

    As Williams is unable to hold down a regular job and make his own livelihood; it is absolutely ludicrous for anyone to think he could successfully work at and manage a multi-faceted corporation such as the National Alliance and its entities.

    To believe otherwise, only categorizes such a person to being in a state deficient reasoning.

  2. Maxfield Parrish February 29, 2016, 7:44 pm

    Interesting article.

  3. Very excellent article on these three evil vermin! Very important and pertinent info for all to clearly see and to understand what kind of weasels have infected our National Alliance! We must win and rebuild our NA back to the respectability of our founder! Dr. Pierce would be disgusted and FUMING over what these snakes have done! Thank you for this info, Comrades! I will continue to support NARRG!


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