Williams Arrested for Battery of Female NA Employee

Williams Arrested for Battery of Female NA Employee


It has been reported that Will Williams the current National Alliance Chairman, was arrested on December 16, 2015 in Mill Point, West Virginia on charges of battery according to the Pocahontas County West Virginia Magistrate’s Office. It was stated that Williams was visiting the NA’s Headquarters in Mill Point West Virginia at the time of his arrest. He allegedly attempted to beat and strangle Garland DeCourcy (aka Gael Dempsey), a diminutive middle aged woman who has been employed as a clerk at NA headquarters since April 2015.

This article will analyze this subject in brief using several readily available published sources, with the intent to summarize both the chain of events leading up to this arrest, and available current details of the actual arrest and criminal booking itself.

Part 1: What Is Battery According To West Virginia Criminal Law ?

According to West Virginia Code §61-2-9. “Malicious or unlawful assault; assault; battery; penalties.” – the following excerpt defines what Criminal Battery is according to West Virginia law.

“(c) Battery. — Any person who unlawfully and intentionally makes physical contact with force capable of causing physical pain or injury to the person of another or unlawfully and intentionally causes physical pain or injury to another person, he or she is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, shall be confined in jail for not more than twelve months, or fined not more than $500, or both fined and confined.”

Part 2: Specific Details of Williams Alleged Battery Charge and Published Arrest Records in WV

In keeping with proper protocol this article will cite the references for the information and evidence that have been previously provided by others, and will give credit to where it is due. We will use Reference 1 to denote the SPLC website articles from December 16, 2015 and December 18, 2015 regarding: “William White Williams, Chairman of the Neo-Nazi National Alliance, Arrested for Battery” and Chaos and Cops at the Compound”. Reference 2 denotes the Magistrate Court of Pocahontas County West Virginia Charging Documents against Will Williams Case No. 15-M38M-00687, dated Dec 16, 2015. (12 pages)

The following quotes from Reference 1 and Reference 2 speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on these facts should be needed at this point in time:

  • According to the police narrative in the charging documents attached to Williams’s arrest warrant, “Ms. DeCourcy stated that on 09-30-15 she entered her office in Mill Point and William White Williams met her. Ms. DeCourcy stated that Mr. Williams lunged towards her and began choking her. Ms. DeCourcy stated that Mr. Williams force[fully] knocked her into the corner of the room away from the door.”
  • “Ms. DeCourcy stated that Michael Oljaca (aka Michael Olanich), who also worked for the National Alliance, was present during the incident and pushed Mr. Williams away and pried his hands from her neck.“

  • “This officer spoke with Michael Oljaca who stated that he was standing outside Ms. DeCourcy’s office doorway. Mr. Oljaca stated that Mr. Williams was sitting in Ms. DeCourcy’s office and began arguing with her immediately on 09-30-15.  Mr. Oljaca stated that Mr. Williams got up from his chair and lunged at Ms. DeCourcy while making a motion with his left hand to smack her. Mr. Oljaca stated that Mr. Williams then took his right hand and started choking her. Mr. Oljaca stated that as soon as the incident took place he pulled Mr. Williams off of Ms. DeCourcy and had to physically restrain him so that he would not do further damage.”

  • See attached Reference 2 file for the Magistrate Court of Pocahontas County West Virginia Charging Documents against Will Williams Case No. 15-M38M-00687, dated Dec 16, 2015. (12 pages).

    Click here to view and/or download this Reference 2 PDF file.

Part 3: Alleged Past Assault of NA Employees at the NA HQ in Hillsboro WV

The following quotes from Reference 1 speak for themselves and it appears no further elucidation on these facts should be needed at this point in time:

  • Persistent rumors of Williams’s escalating paranoia, menacing management style and confrontational behavior have circulated in the racist movement for more than a year.

  • Earlier this year, Williams’s allegedly assaulted Randolph Dilloway, his accountant on the compound. After grabbing him and allegedly threatening to throw him off the roof of the NA headquarters building last April, Dilloway, homeless and without any friends or family nearby, went to the West Virginia state police asking for help.

  • The trooper on duty filed an assault report over the April 1 incident, which reads in part, “The victim continued, Mr. Williams then grabbed him at the shoulder and at the right side waist and jerked him forward like he was going to throw him off the roof.”

  • But when Dilloway was advised by the state police that Williams would likely be charged with assault for the alleged attack, he evidently became fearful.  The report reads: “[The victim] did not want to pursue charges of any kind at this time, and believed it would only make it worse. At the writing of this report, the victim has refused to cooperate.”

Part 4: Ramifications of Williams Alleged Criminal Battery

  1. At this point, Williams can no longer walk on to the NA property in Mill Point, West Virginia. Under the terms of his release on December 17, 2015 he is effectively banned from the site. His alleged victim (DeCourcy) and a witness (Oljaca) to his alleged crime still reside on or near the group’s headquarters and both have a judge’s Order of Protection requiring Williams to stay at least 1,000 feet away from them. 
  2. It appears there are now only at most two people (if any at all?) left on the NA Headquarters in Mill Point WV.

  3. It should also be noted that Kevin Strom, the NA Media Director under Williams, appears to be banned by the WV Dept. of Homeland Security from traveling to the NA West Virginia Headquarters because of his sex offender status having admitted and being convicted of possession of child pornography.

    Also see: Is Kevin Strom Banned From Visiting the NA Office?

Part 5: Concluding Comments

After months of allegedly threatening and physically assaulting employees, National Alliance Chairman Will Williams (age 68), is now on Bail and will be required to go to trial in West Virginia on Criminal Battery charges for allegedly assaulting and threatening DeCourcy at the NA’s office.

Exactly what precipitated Williams’s alleged attack on NA employee DeCourcy that was witnessed by fellow NA employee Oljaca this past September 2015 is unknown at this time. Now, as a result of his assault on her, Williams is no longer legally allowed to be on the NA property in West Virginia owned by the organization he currently heads.

It has been reported that Williams was issued a concealed carry permit for a handgun in his home state of Tennessee. How can this be if he is psychiatrically disabled, on medication and reportedly seeing a VA psychiatrist/psychologist? Purportedly Williams receives thousands of dollars a month in VA benefits for military service-related mental disabilities.

Stay tuned here as more information develops on this ongoing story.

Part 6: Addendum

Since this story went online, the local area newspaper in the national office area, The Pocahontas Times, published an article about the arrest in their December 23rd issue. We present a link to it for you here: http://pocahontastimes.com/national-alliance-chairman-arrested-at-mill-point/

  1. We have received word that Will Williams will be appearing in WV court for the two criminal counts against him on January 26, 2016 at 9:45 am.

    Williams was charged with battery of a woman employee on December 16th and then just 5 days later charged with violating a protective order on December 21st. In total we understand Williams has posted $3,000 in bail for these two charges.

  2. Sgt. Barry Sadler December 23, 2015, 5:29 pm

    The Ballad of White Will – Green Beret

    Freaks and weaklings from the sky
    With traitors, snitches and pedophiles
    Together they’re the “new NA”
    With Chairman Will, the Green Beret

    Rune symbol upon his chest
    Don’t mock the fool, he’s doin’ his best
    PTSD, brains MIA
    Chairman Will, the Green Beret

    Claims he fought in Vietnam
    But most his life, lived with his mom
    Got on the dole and moved away
    Mommy’s special little Green Beret

    Dr. Hoeper he went to see
    Learned how to fake PTSD
    “Startle response” will win the day
    For a weeping, sad, old Green Beret

    On the forums, he’s tough and fierce
    Claims to speak for Doctor Pierce
    His crazy checks bought the new NA
    ZOG pays White Will, their Green Beret

    Keyboard commando from the sky
    Scares his mail order bride
    She divorced him once, now back to stay
    But soon to dump her Green Beret

    Back at home, a young girl waits
    For Kevin Strom. She’s only eight.
    He wants to marry her some day
    Good job, White Will, the Green Beret

    “Our Alliance” is mostly his
    While Kevin Strom “recruits” the kids
    Outs his critics. They seldom stay.
    Good job, White Will, the Green Beret

    ZOG is glad Will plays his games
    Now Morris Dees has all our names
    He blames it all on Dilloway
    Good job, White Will, the Green Beret

    Will pins a Rune on your son’s chest
    While Strom stares at your daughter’s breasts
    One hundred members get mail today
    But less than three join the “new NA.”


    The above poem has been exchanged between users of our VK.com NA forum for a while. Strom (or his “daddy issues” girlfriend,) tried to get on our VK private group but was rejected. Strom controls the NA’s email and reads every email Williams gets. Williams complains he can’t figure out how to even get his email. So much for intellect and leadership.

    Will Williams is a freak show. Always has been. Old timers in the NA claim he has always been a creepy, “lonely heart” scumbag who used his position to try and get girlfriends. He always failed, every time, and always eventually moved back in with his Mommy.

    Williams is said to buy a Russian mail-order bride because she is basically a housekeeper and cook he is allowed to have sex with whenever he wants. Yep, a blow-up doll that can clean the kitchen. The one he is with now is threatening another divorce. Wants a baby and Will’s medication makes him basically impotent, or at least that’s what she claims. These Russian girls are manipulative and clever. Way ahead of Will.

    Would appreciate the Admin answering a simple question. Is the NA basically a lost cause? Many think so. No disrespect to NARRG, but I resigned from the Alliance when Gliebe wouldn’t help find Michael Weaver an attorney. The NA’s “Activist of the Year” was abandoned and had to use a public defender to avoid serious jail time. So much for loyalty.

    I think I met Jim Ring at a leadership conference. I respect him. The fact that Rob Ransdell and “Muscle Mike” support NARRG says volumes about your integrity and credibility..

    Don’t waste too much legal money on these mutts. Kalamoros is just about to throw up his hands in disgust. Internal feuds are what are going to separate Williams from the chairman seat. Strom and McLaughlin are attempting to remove Will from the Alliance, completely. Jan Cartwright is the deciding vote and is leaning toward…well, whatever Gliebe tells her do.

    Wouldn’t it just be great to have Kevin Strom, a registered pedophile and John McLaughlin, a farmer with a Rockwell fetish running things?

    Keep going after these losers.

    Keep up the good work, NARRG. I’ll put in a good word for you over on VK, where the old timers hang out with us young bucks and mock “Watt Wheel, Grain Bray” as the POS he has always been.

    Will try to move you a little money at the end of the month.

    • Sgt. Sadler,

      First of all, the poem is more than amusing as it is so “on target”. We’re sure the readership will enjoy.

      To briefly answer the question you ask: Absolutely not. The NA is not a lost cause. We have many, many supporters, both real NA members and people who would like to support a properly run NA who are funding this legal action against the Williams / Gliebe duo. We have members who go all the way back to the 1970’s & ’80’s and lots of young people who want to promote a properly managed National Alliance. There is no question that NARRG has more support than does Williams and we will certainly be able to take this lawsuit all the way to a successful conclusion.

      There are plenty of people who are anxiously awaiting to have a New Era for the National Alliance. Some of them have pledged to give whatever it takes to remove this regime of filth foisted upon us by Erich Gliebe. There are an abundance of people waiting to be able to start recruiting for the National Alliance once Williams and Strom are swept out. This is “Our Cause” after all.

  3. Over on Stormfront there’s a thread about the National Alliance, and sometimes it’s hard to expose Will Williams for the violent psychopath he is without certain of his sycophants trying to influence moderators to ban you. As it stands, I’ve long opposed anyone who’s violent towards women, as he is. April Gaede long ago warned people of Will William’s violent streak, and now, with this second woman coming forth, there’s no doubt at all. Had I been there when he attacked Garland DeCourcy and been armed, I would’ve shot that sucker down. He and that child-porn freak need to go, and it looks like that’s exactly what’s going to happen. Get rid of ’em!

    • We also feel outrage over male violence toward women and we hope that if Williams is found guilty that he will get the fullest punishment allowed by the law for his crime. It would serve him right to serve time behind bars.

    • Concerning the Stormfront forum: We have received complaints from others noting as you have that Stormfront is virtually censoring posts from most people who are critical of Will Williams. This being the case, Stormfront is certainly not an open forum for a variety of ideas and opinions as it pretends to be.

      Stormfront is a strange place in that the owner of Stormfront has been critical of Williams yet there are moderators there in the Williams camp, who for the most part only allow the few who slavishly support him to come through.

      Stranger still is our understanding that Stormfront does not like Kevin Strom and that posts that include his name or quote him in them, have in the past anyway, been taken down. We assume they abhor the pedophile image that comes with the name of Kevin Strom as we do.

      Therefore, it’s all quite an amusing scene with Williams incessantly blowing hot air and having dialog with a poster who goes by the name, Ovid, who appears to be some sort of fawning groupie. In actuality, credible sources have informed us that Ovid is actually Kevin Strom. Our own elementary check indicates that this is quite likely to be the case.

      Previously on Facebook, earlier this year, we confirmed that Kevin Strom was posting under the name Dean Argent.

      Such is the silly scene of Stormfront.

      • Regarding Stormfront, I think it is indeed a moderator there that is a Will Williams fan that is allowing Will to post his version of the events that recently transpired. I believe that moderator is Jack Boot. In my opinion, Don Black should ban Will from Stormfront. Why in the world would you allow a woman beater to have a platform on your message forum? Clearly the Mods don’t allow Kevin Strom to have a platform on Stormfront, so why not add Will Williams to that list of undesirables? Will’s crimes are only a notch above Kevin’s. You’re telling me that Stormfront draws the line at pedophiles but allows well known women beaters to post on that forum? That makes no sense. I think Don isn’t personally overseeing Will’s posts or making the decisions for allowing him to post, but if he is, it’s probably because Will is making a laughing stock out of the NA and Don is revelling in the fact that Will is doing a good job of detracting people from having anything to do with the National Alliance.

  4. Once again I state that back in the 90’s and early 2000’s I recall visiting various websites prior to and after I joined the National Alliance and constantly seeing this guy’s comments thrashing other racial activists. How on God’s Green Earth is this guy not put in a straight jacket behind padded walls and steel bars! What a disgrace he is! We need rid of this lunatic!

    May we win our beloved National Alliance back and put it where it righteously belongs. NARRG represents the National Alliance. Keep up the worthy effort.

  5. Extremely interesting and hopefully this will help the NARRG team to get rid of this clown the sooner the better. Will Williams is obviously a very dangerous person and the remaining members of the National Alliance should be aware of this for their own safety.

  6. It’s already falling apart, hahahahahahaha. Who would have thought these clowns would self destruct so fast….Oh yeah that’s right, WE DID! Stay strong boys the NA will again be ours!


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