The Pupil, Part II – The Never Ending Doors

The Pupil, Part II – The Never Ending Doors

Author’s Note:

What follows is the last installment of the “Pupil.” It has been long in coming, but I believe it is better to write a few good articles than a lot of bad ones. I asked Dr. Pierce one time, what it takes to be a good writer. He answered me by saying that a good writer “feels” his words as he or she writes. I couldn’t agree more. I never forgot what he told me and I try to apply it to my writings.

As I write, I approach my articles on the terms that my arms and hands are the antennas to my mind, like an artist. My articles are conceptions only to be understood and captured by the antennas of my kind. In Nature, when two similar ants meet their antennas bend backwards signaling their kind. When meeting a foe their antennas bend forward signaling aggression. If their antennas are removed they become helpless. As of now, our Race has lost its antennas!

I tried to write this article in what is known as the Faustian way, to make the words piercing, absorbing and “everlasting.” The world is full of facts, and facts can weigh you down. They can make you lethargic, non-acting. Have you noticed that the people who spout only facts are typically obese? Our movement needs constant movement; our chairs should hardly be used.

It is a sad fact that the lower intellect, which permeates the whole of modern materialistic civilization, must be sacrificed in order to give back to the Race the ability to receive that higher knowledge which leads to the gradual transformation of the Racial Spirit into the imaginative spirit, with its capacity of directly beholding the “higher worlds.”

May this article help grow our antennas back!

Harrison Elings



The Pupil, Part II – The Never Ending Doors

When the ordinary thought of a highly cultivated people begins to regard “having children” as a question of pro’s and con’s, the great turning-point has come. For Nature knows nothing of pro and con.”

Oswald Spengler, The Decline of the West, Vol II.

Knowledge comes from space; our vision is its most perfect set. We have two eyes: the earthly and spiritual. It is recommended that it becomes one eye. Universe is alive in all manifestations, like a thinking animal.”

Nikola Tesla, A statement made in an interview in 1899.

The pretty nurse leans over the soldier in bed to take his pulse. It is a steady and strong pulse with no skips. The soldier has been in a coma for two weeks now. This particular nurse is a rare-one because she is White. By this time in history almost all the nurses in “America” are of the Filipino type.

The nurse was only twenty-two years old, and she had gone through a four-year nursing school in only two.

There was an attraction to the soldier by this nurse, a heathy attraction which has become rare. She has a deep down intuitiveness about him and she wondered about her intuitiveness, as all women do. What she did not release was that this feeling was Nature’s everlasting pulse for Life, which has not only become faint, but has become misread in our so-called modern times. For women’s intuitiveness always envisions a future. As she viewed him she did not realize that she was acting like a butterfly, because butterflies never lay their eggs on dead branches.

The Owl and Pupil continued their unpolluted discussion about topics which they could not freely discuss on planet earth without first setting a precedent for judgement. This precedent has become an autonomy of an alien will. The principle of this autonomy is this: Always choose, in such a way, to strengthen the alien subliminal will as a rule of conduct, and to present it as universal law. In any “debate” this practical “rule” is an alien imperative. Therefore, the will of every rational being is necessarily bound to this “rule” as a condition of (any) debate. This “rule,” (which is the pliancy toward alien tendencies), cannot be proven otherwise by merely analyzing the concepts contained in it, since it will always be treated as a synthetic argument! (1) Therefore, the supposition of any “debate” will be to maintain the belief rather than making it a source of knowledge.

The Pupil and Owl faced each other, the Pupil sitting cross legged on the ground while the Teacher was perched above. Before speaking, the Pupil without thinking, pulled a blade of grass out of the translucent ground and stuck it into his mouth.

Pupil: I have a question about mating…

Before the Pupil could finish his question the Owl cut him short.

Owl: Mating! Mating is a privilege towards destiny, your species has turned mating into a fault of action. It has produced a mess.

Pupil: You’re right…

  1. The proof of this statement can be clearly seen by the interview of Ernst Zundel on an old television show called Crossfire:


This interview shows the weakness of Human-Man and at the same time reveals the alien influence. Human-Man will always deny that “man” is a system of Nature.

Owl: For any natural creature on earth to form a purposively ordered whole, there first intentional arrangement would be their habitat, the ground on which they thrive, for this is the foundation of all organic life.

Habitat is not a promise for survival however, but only a possibility. In Nature, possession proves a species vitality. Possession implies, not to take something, but to produce something! This also applies in mating.

Divine-Man knows that the habitat of past Civilizations has created the inferiority of man. Human-Man’s habitat is made “fittest” for the Lowest!

Pupil: This is what we have forgotten, that we are organic. All organic life absorbs. The drawback of culture is that all art, all religion and science can become slowly intellectualized, and it can become alien to the land. The result is a kind of lifelessness. To me, the decay of society resembles the fluorescence that appears when corpses decompose.

Owl: In Human-Man’s society the mystification and superstition are constantly mingled in neo-spiritualism, they all attack the senses. All senses are the absorption mechanism for the Spirit within. The battle in Life is to become “one eye.”

Pupil: But, everything in Nature works according to laws, doesn’t it?

Owl: True, but the derivation of actions from laws require reason, the will is nothing but practical reason – a good! Good is a privilege only for the few. The Good will always think forward.

Pupil: So, to have good-will or bad-will requires inclination, right?

Owl: No, independent of inclination. The will is the ability of choosing only that which reason recognizes as being necessary. The will of the lion cannot live with the will of the antelope, but the strength of both wills are increased because of this.

Pupil: I’d like to get back to the question about mating, but first I would like to say this:

When I look at our “modern” society, what I see is that it is so thoroughly and deeply saturated with predatory feminist prejudices and ideas, and that the sentiments which most promote feminine power and tastes are so universally popular, both in the “captured” Press and in modern literature generally, that anyone who speaks on the sex question with an honest regard for reality, and with a non-romantic understanding of its fundamental features, is not only “foredoomed” to a cold and even hostile reception, but every year finds it more and more difficult to obtain a fair and exhaustive hearing.

I also see this saturation of alien predatory ideas also applies in any discussion with regards to Race as well, and to the concept of the pattern we use in the judgement of what the masculinity of “man” and “woman” should be. This pattern has also developed a lost state mind which was once favorable toward the propensity of loving something without any intention of using it, e.g., finding a disinterested delight in beautiful crystallizations or in the indescribable beauty of the plant kingdom.

I hate to be long winded, but we have permitted a predator to live amongst us, even though we are predators ourselves, and this predator is never allowed to be named.

Owl: The fault of your species has been in permitting what you call pattern, to flower.

You are using the word pattern to describe a corruption. Remember that any contemplation of a being that is estimable and divine is less available from the start, and that the corruptible will always out number and consider itself divine on their own account, and they will have many followers. The weeds stifle the noble and useful plants, their actions also exhaust the nourishment of the weeds, but they also produce flowers in victory.

You must remember, corruption and the divine can have a charm, therefore one must not express disgust at the examination of the less estimable animals or plants, for there is something wonderful in all natural things.

So the question I will ask you is, what charm do you use in the judgment between corruption and the divine?

Pupil: That’s an interesting question. The best way I can answer it would be which of the two would create an everlasting.

I do not see any “feminist” today who can compare to past women like, for example, Emma of Normandy who had successfully passed through the ordeal of walking barefoot unscathed over nine red-hot ploughshares in Winchester cathedral, in order to clear herself of the charges brought against her by her foes.

Even Edward the Confessor himself fell at her feet imploring her pardon with tears. And this is just one example of the greatness that our women can offer, but is never patterned. I’m not saying that all women must go through what Emma did, but the principals of her actions I admire.

To me, a woman who has an understanding of her own nature would love her nature. When I see women marching in front of “male” Academe(s) and carrying placards saying “keep women out” would prove to me that they have a belief in their own nature.

This episode of Emma does reveal that there is a masculinity within the character of women, but this masculinity is of a defensive Nature – and this defensiveness can be very fierce! I have come to believe that this type of female masculinity is more uniformed throughout their sex.

The masculinity of man is more variant, thus man’s creation of “schools” for the honor of it. I believe that today the masculinity of women is above that of man’s. Whereas in the past it was the reverse.

Owl: Your answer is forthright! But, be observant that “everlasting” is a recognition. A recognition is the most beautiful, when it comes to be understood at the same time as stages. Recognition of stages will have either misfortune or good fortune and there must be a recognition of both in order have truth. Think of the life of a butterfly: what you see before you came to be before you!

We creatures have an assuredness of instinct, not necessarily a masculinity. We do not have to look at the stars above to know that we have already become an imperativeness for the will of Nature. Divine-Man will always look into the eyes of all creatures and view them as he would view the stars in the heavens – they are one and the same.

Divine-Man will view both the flowers and gore of Nature and proclaim it as beautiful! The ichneumon fly lays its eggs inside the skin of an unsuspecting caterpillar which is afterwards devoured by the hatched brood. Every butterfly seen was subjected to this same fate.

Divine-Man knows that Eternity and Mortality are equal. Destiny is the battle of Life over Death, because Death can result in a loss of memory. The Eternity of species is the only way for the Eternity for Spirit within – Life is beyond.

Pupil: “Imperativeness,” that’s an interesting word to use. It reminds me of a thought I’ve always had: If the imperativeness (purpose) of our race (our species) is to give imperativeness (purpose) to the other races (or other species), what then is their imperativeness (purpose)? This is the question I’ve always asked, but is never answered.

Owl: A kind is the kind of a species, and vice versa. Nature does not produce descendants, but ascendants. The lower caste species, which lives amongst your species, know that they are out gifted, and they will come to flock and to yearn amongst you, for they are untrainable, and they know their end is already set. The low can become high only if the high thinks low.

Divine-Man must think like a Mother Lynx which is trained in the ultimate law of limit, because only this limit enables her form to rise to perfection. In Nature absolute good and absolute evil are myths!

Pupil: So what you are saying is that a species is the species of a kind! And if you see that a creature that possesses a certain advantage over a lower species that lower species will always seek faults that afflict the higher species elsewhere. Therefore, in Nature there is no High or Low, each creature discharges its own strength for survival! Does this seem right to you?

Owl: Yes! Without it there would be no beauty for the eyes.

It must be made clear that what one knows “is not a sun and an earth, but only an eye that sees a sun, and a hand that feels an earth.” One that lives in darkness stays away from light, and yet in Nature both darkness and light can be divine.

Pupil: That makes sense. So the strength of any species is to recognize its own faults and weaknesses, and to be on its guard, to understand its balance.

When I was younger I had an old doctor friend who had a large extended banned book library in his “attic.” One of the book’s he showed me was a collection of cartoon satires written in the mid 1800’s. One particular cartoon he showed me caught my eye; it showed two Rabbis standing on a street corner in Stockholm, Sweden. They were observing all of the “blond” and “blue” eyed pedestrians as they walked to and fro. One Rabbi whispers to the other “we must change this.” The doctor pointed out to me that the Jews, as an alien, have done just that! They have discharged their own will upon us. They have convinced us that their presence is our strength!

I am convinced that the Jews, as an alien species, have fostered the concept of circumcision onto the Christian religion so that they may hide amongst the gentiles!

When I raised falcons, I learned that if a devouring species ever adopted the system of valuing the current species it devours, it would thereby achieve its own extinction.

I have also come to believe that the Jew is a species expert, but not for our benefit! He knows that his power comes by deepening the mosquito hypo into the veins of its host. The serum of the hypo is to persuade the victim (or flock) that he (or they) can never understand that a thing is possible only as a purpose. The Jew, as a species, can only live amongst the un-purposed – for that is their purpose!

Therefore, all species of animals, must value differently, otherwise they cannot guard against each other. They will lose their balance.

Owl: This species you call a Jew is similar to mites, which I must remove from my body in order to fly, and if they are not removed from your body is a sign of denial that your body is a living form.

In Nature dead bodies will always be nourishment for others. The variety of buzzards only favor certain parts of the carcass. There are some animals that will prepare the living body before consuming. This species you speak of seems to prepare and then consume, but this is not a law against Nature, but a law that your species has not recognized, but better recognize.

Nature’s process is to increase function.

This may be hard to grasp, but what I mean by function is the unity of the act of arranging various presentations under one common presentation. The body and the spirit must operate harmoniously!

If your environment is based strictly on spiritual principles only then the tolerance toward bodily defects will become manifested. The body can ultimately become the image of its spirit within!

Pupil: I agree! I believe that the “Industrial Religions” could not have come about without having contempt for the body. Our whole material industrialism has been geared toward the concealment of defects! I believe that the health of any individual body can be diagnosed by the maps within their eyes, than by the drawing of blood.

The races of this planet have become an anomalous (filthy) bunch, and it distresses me to see what we have done to our only home in this universe. What is to be done?

Owl: We creatures believe that the changing weather is the plow horse for the earth. The seasonal cycles have a cleansing and life giving purpose. The first winter will always weed out the weak. The races of the earth require a lot of winters to solve their problems. The question is: Do you as a Divine-Man have the strength to be the weatherman?

Divine-Man knows that great individuals often destroy more than they built up.

The truth of Nature can be like looking into the sun, your eyes are not ready yet. It can be compared to what happens to bats’ eyes when they meet the daylight: they are temporally blinded. This can also happen to the intellect in your Spirit: it can be blinded when it meets things that are naturally most evident of all. A Truth requires an object!

Divine-Man understands that the continuous process of inter-species and intra-species struggle for power and supremacy, with no principle, except the one of more life in the species, requires the governing of the whole. Divine-Man will always seek greater gains, because easy gains have been left behind. “He who seeks the Way, leaves the Way.”

Remember, every species behaves as if it alone had the right to exist on earth, irrespective of all other claims. If your species prefers to embrace, pamper, and feed outside your own, Nature will oblige you in your suicide.

Pupil: We are nothing more than selfish embryo’s!

How would you define species? Amongst Human-Man there is no such thing.

Owl: The question you should ask is what the reason for species is. Species, in regards to your limited mind, can be thought of as a geometric symbol found marked in the sand on a deserted island.

Species is Nature’s way of telling you its last thoughts first.

Another way of perceiving it is the way that your ancient species, or ancestors, investigated the lines of geometry. They had the curiosity instilled within them, (a Cosmic Spiritual ingrained curiosity), which narrow minds of their times would consider useless knowledge. The narrow minded did not realize that this curiosity of useless knowledge, would lead to the understanding of terrestrial gravitation and the trajectory of heavily bodies. The Cosmic Spirit has set in motion the geometric shape within each species, as a curiosity of its own achievements. Man is only a curiosity of the Cosmic!

Human-Man does not consider Nature, or the Cosmic as intelligent, but at the same time Nature does not consider Human-Man as expendable.

Your species has been given the “highest” of all; one addition line of geometry, and that line is the ability to command wonder, the ability to visualize the embracement of all of Nature. It is this emblem, this extra line, which takes the individual up out of himself and makes him the center of a universe of action.

No other species, with your form, has this gift, but even this gift is limited only to a few. To wonder is to stand above the wonder. Human-Man can only live under the wonder, because to wonder requires the connection to another wonder.

But remember, to wonder can make you prey to the Dark Forces in Human-Man.

Pupil: I see, in some ways, what you mean. Bach and Mozart, two great composers, “commanded” the musical means of their times. They created the lines of music for future higher music, but this requires a higher state of mind (of self) which has not developed.

I always believed classical music to be masculine, whereas “popular” music, which we have in my time, as feminine.

What do you mean by “connection to another wonder?”

Owl: The foot print of species, like all species, has a beginning, middle and an end, as a whole.

A beginning is whatever in itself is not of necessity after something else, but after which another has a nature to be or to become.”

And a middle is that which both in itself [is] after something else and after which there is another.”

But an end, on the contrary, is whatever in itself has a nature to be after something else, but after it nothing else.”

The “connection to another wonder” is only a Renaissance within the one species. Wonder requires the ability of transvaluation!

Pupil: I can also see that wonder can be a jealousy. It can create a material ego which does not know the difference between the understanding and the understood. College graduates are a perfect example!

It has become obvious that the compass of man is broken. When I point out to people that the Hindu civilization, for just one example, was originally a white civilization they look at me like a deer does when trapped in my car head lights.

Sometimes I wish I could take these people and transport them in a time machine to the future to show them the results of their beliefs. But then I realize it would be a waste of time. Since history already shows what their beliefs will lead to.

One of these beliefs, I see, is in the idea of the harmlessness of miscegenation – in the mixing of the species. Over time the Hindu’s also believed in the same harmlessness. All civilizations of the past eventually did.

When I question this, the response I get is this: Since the breeding between two “human beings” produces “fertile” offspring the union is therefore sanctioned. The cumulative result from this union is never thought of. This is a good example of what you said about the “loss of memory” after death.

There is a saying that “the child cannot choose its parents,” but what they fail to notice is that the “parents” can choose the child.

I know that in terms of the universe my life span is considered only as a blink of an eye, but the actions we take within this blink can have a tremendous result. For a lie can travel faster than the truth. And if a lie is engraved in stone it takes time to weather away.

Owl: The extremes of the denial only belongs to Human-Man, the unnatural, the hogs of life. Blundering is the fundamental character of Human-Mans’ actions and thoughts.

The desirability of the Low will always be the desire to copy the silhouette of the High. The silhouette, reveals at a glance, the flesh, the look, and the play of the features of the soul of the race portrayed. The judgement of beauty by the Low is inspired by Nature’s bestowed proclamation in the geometry of the High, which is lacking, as a weakness in the Low.

Divine-Man only needs to look at the compass of Nature for an (any) answer. Divine-Man knows that the fear(s) created by Human-Man, are the result of errors.

Natures’ purpose will always be in the continuation of its reflection. Imitation is the fear of reflection!

A leopard’s coat is a reflection of two forms, white spotted or all black. Mating produces the reflection of one or the other – there is no mixture of the reflections. The canvas of Nature remains the same: a Leopard remains a Leopard.

When Human-Man mates outside “his” species, his kind, the reflection now turns into imitation. This results in a lifelong battle within the imitation, because the imitation has now lost its reflection, its recognition! Imitations can only live among other imitations, their own inner reflection becomes their enemy. They will always argue that their imitation is your reflection!

Imitations will always subdue that “part” which is not reflective of the “host.” An imitation can never have a home.

Pupil: So what you are saying is that Nature has already defined for us our reflection. You also seem to be saying that imitation can never present the highest geometry, if the highest takes the form of a reflection on the imperfection(s) of the best.

What I am trying to say is that when the reflections of one species are transferred to another, the latter will become an imitation. A wigger is a perfect example of a loss of reflection.

People, no matter what time in history, always seem to ask the same question of why! Why is it that we are here? What is the reason?

Owl: By asking such a question proves the un-enjoyment for Life. The sparrow does not fly away from you for fear of Life, but for its enjoyment. Creatures can sense purity!

Your mind at this time is very simple, but I will try to explain to you what the clouds of the cosmic horizon have in store for your species fulfillment:

The universe that you now reside in, is but one room in the hallway of universal doors that lead toward higher universes, and higher worlds. Your Spiritual Higher-Self is larger than the present universe in which your species now resides. Your Spiritual Higher-Self not only resides in the present, but also simultaneously resides in the past.

Your Higher-Self has knowledge that the physical body lacks. The evolution of the body requires space and time to develop. The deeds of your spiritual incarnation, within your species, requires recyclability, reincarnations to develop. The life of the spirit never dies, only the body. Reincarnation is used to increase your deeds for the understanding between the dark and light forces in which at this time you cannot fully comprehend.

But Nature has given you lessons to follow, and a will to decide.

Pupil: I’ve always thought that the body was the mechanism of the spirit in physical form. It is the gateway between Mortal and External Life. In order for the Spirit to achieve higher physical accomplishments requires a higher body mechanization.

Today, people think that they have only one life. They have been lead to believe in only one spiritual life.

Owl: Body development increases spiritual development. The sparrow dies, but the sparrows “group” spirit reincarnates.

To proceed down the hallway to higher doors requires that in each proceeding door the purity of Body (Species) and Spirit has reached its ultimate, but remember that this ultimate is like taking half-steps toward a wall.

The Spirit within the Lion can only reside in the Body of the Lion. This is the prerequisite required for higher worlds. When the Body is tainted your Higher Spiritual-Self cannot be fully absorbed within the Body. This is a regressive act for both Body and Spiritual evolution. There are Dark Forces which promote regression. The Divine is not a given.

Pupil: So if you taint the Body you taint the Spirit, and Body and Spirit becomes half, right?

Owl: No, you actually eliminate both. For every mixture is a defeat for the divine.

When your kind becomes tainted your Spiritual Higher-Self can no longer occupy the universe in which you now occupy, the door is shut forever! Your Higher Spiritual-Self becomes unfulfilled.

There are dark entities that your species must content with as you pass through each door to new worlds. Each door leads to universes that strengthen the truth of Spirit and Body – there is be no “stooping” aloud. As you proceed though each door the truth becomes more magnificent and the darkness more shadowed.

Each door leads to larger and ever larger universes and each universe leads to new experiences for the Spirit.

Pupil: This is interesting. This answers a question I have always had within me, but never expressed to anyone. When I see a black man with a white woman, (or something similar), I have a feeling of revolution, a feeling of defeat. Something inside me is telling me that this is wrong.

Owl: The compass has already been set within you, but like I said before you have been given the will to question the direction. This freedom is unprecedented. And with this freedom, you have been given the power to devastate, but only to a point.

So remember, to achieve the divine you must pass through all of the doors untainted to reach your Higher Spiritual-Self. This is all I can reveal to you for now, but I may add that your Higher Spiritual-Self does have rank. Your past experiences are a “reflection” of your present deeds and thinking – thus the divisions within in your species.

Now the question I’d like ask you is this. If you were a Spiritual Being how would you, or what would you do, to achieve higher worlds?

Pupil: Well, I would need to produce a connection from one world to another. I would create the female!

Owl: Correct!

Procreation is the highest form of the Cosmic Spiritual invention! The female is the cell creator, the spiritual vehicle, she is the point of the funnel for the beginning of form, while the male is the handle. Male’s participation toward Life with the female is only momentary (like the male bee), whereas for the female it is Lifelong.

Pupil: Throughout my life I have seen that the roles between men and women have been equalized to the point that the sexes do not know which sex they are. If the sexes and races were truly equal, as preached, then Nature would have created only one sex and one race.

It has come to the point, I believe, that women have lost their sexual taste and that man has lost his sexual tradition.

I have even run across the idea that says women are nothing more than “soldier factories”, and to defeat any army you must destroy the factories!

Owl: There is truth in your last statement.

Nature has given the female the allowance to be unscrupulous in her promotion and preservation of Life. Even though she does not understand it (at this time) her most inner being will do anything to achieve this end. If your females cannot find worthy males within her species she will venture outwards. Let this be a warning to your males!

The ovum of your females accepts indifferently anyone’s “seed.” Her body industriously fabricates anyone’s child. It is the male of your species that must learn the lessons of Nature, which teaches that the noble and virtuous are to sacrifice the less for the greater, the rubbish for the precious.

Your females will always embrace Life, whereas Man will judge Life.

Pupil: I see! So the vindication of our women will not be by transforming the women against her nature, but in the transformation of man from what he’s become!

Owl: The things you call Virtues, Morals, Honor, etc. are only romantic inventions of the male. Nature’s one cry is “Life!” and evermore “Life!” and whether the success of the struggle falls to what you call the “noble” species, or the “inferior,” is a matter of utter indifference to Nature.

Pupil: I like that last statement. In Nature the she-wolf must present her young to the male. The young receives two opinions for its Life. Also, it is the lioness which chooses which lioness will join the pride.

To find men with any nobility of thought is almost impossible to find in today’s world. The men I see today are only “market” men. Nothing more than “Shopping Soldiers.” It is a pitiful sight!

One of my favorite questions I always like to ask feminists is this: Do you believe that the “freedoms” that women are enjoying today will increase the “freedoms” for women of tomorrow? They always answer me with an emphatic “yes.” I then ask them how this would be possible if our women are not having children today.

Owl: Nature did not make your females to be creators and pro-creators at the same time. The life of the nest will be their only fulfillment, all others will be made illusions.

Your females have lost comfort within their own being – they have lost their own self-identity. They have been taught by Human-Man to relinquish and to lower their own self-measurement of themselves. Human-Man will always be an enemy of womanhood, he will always favor prostitutes!

Females’ nature is to sway and never to slay. Males will always seek duties, whereas to be female is duty. Duty is that action to which a being is bound; a matter of obligation. Human-Man has lost the respect of duty and have thus been signed by the sport of women.

Divine-Man understands that man is the tendril for women! Women are the nursery for the Cosmic. The Divine-Man will save women from their bodies.

Divine-Man will teach his females to mate so as to strengthen and enhance the branches for the Spirit within her Species.

If an eye is taken from the leaf of one tree and set into the branch of a different tree, it produces in the alien stock plant of its own species. This is what Human-Man has created: a tree with alien branches.

It is Human-Man that has dammed female’s inner stream and it has become dry. A females’ most inner being first wish will always be: “is my young strong!”

Human-Man has created an enormous amount of unpleasantness in the process of childbearing, and this unpleasantness comes from degeneration and disease.

A female cat purrs even while the kittens are being born. Divine-Man will give back the purr.

Pupil: Hmm… What did you mean by “save women from their bodies?”

Owl: Human-man does not realize that the Spirit of the female being is made-up of colors that correspond to her being; and that this being has an essence that consists in what we must do. The jellyfish loses its iridescent colors when removed from water, when it is removed from its own environment, its own habitat.

The female being is made-up of both Spirit and Matter, but they do not work in unity. When the body wins over the Spirit, the body becomes an intoxication and will be abused by Human-Man. Only when her inner Spirit forms a league with the instincts of her body will her purring be complete. She will then recognize the un-savoriness of Human-Man and will rebel.

This intoxication also applies to males as well, but is more devastating to the female because of her Life impulses.

The problem that Divine-Man will have will be in convincing her that the “leaders” in her rebellion will be Human-Man! What they do not realize is that Human-Man has tamed their instincts, they have been made males of Life.

They’ve come to believe that freedom from causality can be replaced by emulation. If you remove the leaves from the tree the trunk will die. If you graft alien branches to your tree, the leaves of your tree become less. The female produces the leaves for the metamorphoses of the Trunk.

The female will always view the world as a maternity, whereas males will view it as a battle.

Pupil: Hmm… What would you say would be the right age for a man to mate, as well as for a woman?

Owl: The male should mate at one-half his life sun-earth orbits plus seven orbits. Females the reverse.

Pupil: That would be a women of twenty-two for me.

With all that we have said, what would you say is the best formula for finding a reliable and stable mate in “my” times?

Owl: The competition for your females has been made the pleasure pursuit for all species of alien male types – they have been lowered. The choice of mating has been so alienated that your species extinction is at hand. There is not one male amongst your species who has the honor to be truly male. The female can only see honor and will love the strong male who has it.

With this, first be of the same plumage, second that she values the odor of the nest and its duties above the one’s that glamor of the male field of pursuits. And third, be a male that has the odor of “I will.”

Pupil: All of the creatures that I have seen thus far have been magnificent to look at, but my species is nowhere in sight. I have also not seen any Orientals or Africans. In fact, I haven’t seen any “human” form anywhere. Where are they?

Owl: They are located at what is called the “Attempts of Nature.”

It is similar to your mythical belief of the graveyard of the elephants, but in this case it is the graveyard of the failed attempts. Even though the population of earth is astronomically large (and ugly) and the quality of the population is extremely organically weak, life on earth cannot be maintained. The mutual dependence between the preservation of one part and that of the other is being eroded.

Time is short for my fellow creatures, for they have a purity you haven’t learned yet.

Pupil: Can you take me to this place?

Owl: Yes, but it is not a pleasant site.

Pupil: All of a sudden I feel very tired.

Owl: We must hurry then, for your “body” is calling you back.

The Pupil followed the winged flight of the Owl. Even though fatigue was overcoming him he was determined to carry-on. As he walked he noticed that the beauty which he first experienced began to fade. The earth in the sky was gone. The ground was no longer translucent. The air was dusty and it became hard to breath, it had the stench of death. The plants and trees became more unfamiliar looking. Their limbs were covered with what appeared to be “plant lice.” They had a grotesqueness about them. They looked to be suffocating.

Then animals of the past started to appear. Their remains were littered in all directions. It looked as though Nature had more failures than successes. All of the remains of the animals I saw had creatures crawling inside and outside of them. They looked like maggots worming and feeding on what was left of them, even though there were only bones left.

The Owl was perched on a dead branch, and told the Pupil that what he saw were creatures that fed on the spirit or soul of the created species. These creatures are apostate of the Dark Forces and they feed on the spiritual remains of extinct creatures for all eternity. This was the method used by the Dark Force(s) to prevent the Cosmic of placing this particular species into another realm, of giving it another chance.

The Dark Forces are against all species of Life, and they would use any method for its elimination. Their power is manifested in all realms, even the physical. They are recognizable by the hesitation one feels when he or she is doing harm to their body’s self-essences. And the “sellers” of this harm now rule earth! These Dark Forces orgasm for Life’s destruction. If permitted, they would mongrelize all Life forms!

The Pupil, still walking, now came upon creatures which were not fully extinct yet, but the sight of them was more horrible than the ones that were.

The maggots he saw digesting the already extinct were piled up around the dying creatures ready to devour them. All of the dying creatures were flopping about like a fish out of water. And these were the creatures that Human-Man had extinguished through his own greed. It didn’t matter to the Dark Forces that they would use Human-Man to achieve their goals, for “they would use any method” available.

Then the Pupil saw them! Both male and female laying there with maggots ready to pounce. He noticed that certain parts of their bodies looked to be more infectious than others parts. The woman’s areas around the breast and ovum, whereas for the man’s it was around his larynx and javelin arm – these where areas of lack of use. The Pupil asked the Owl how long before the final end. One hundred years, your time, the Owl replied. The one thing that the Pupil will remember most was their eyes. They could not talk, but the eyes were saying don’t “fail” like all the others.

Owl: Have you seen enough?

Pupil: Yes… I’m feeling extra tired. I can almost fall asleep right here.

Owl: We must leave quickly. You do not want to lay down here.

The Owl lead the way and the Pupil struggled to keep-up. It seemed to take forever, but they were both back to where they had started.

Pupil: I must lay down, my eye lids feel so heavy.

Owl: Our class is over, your body needs you back. I will visit you in other dreams if your path is right.

Do not be fearful in what you saw. There are still individuals who are rooted in terra firma. They are unknown people who shun the spotlight of “modern” popularity and “modern” culture. They live on spiritual heights; they do not belong to this world. They will come forth to be your lieutenants, your “ijma.”

Pupil: I found all of this to be very enlightening, but before re-awakening back into my body is there any last advice you would like to tell me that I will remember.

Owl:perfice te ut finem; perfice te ut medium” (“Perfect yourself as an end; perfect yourself as a means.”)

The Pupil fell into a deep sleep and felt like he was in warm deep water. Then he saw what looked like light, but the light had a waviness appearance. It was like looking at under water coral reefs on a sunny day. As he approached the surface his eyes remained opened as he broke through. Then the light became eclipsed by a silhouetted figure. The soldier started blinking his eyes to remove the excess water and his vision became clearer. He now realized that he was in a room with LED lighting and the silhouetted figure was the nurse bending over him.

Nurse: Welcome back!

Soldier: (As he looked around he asked) Where am I?

Nurse: You are in a hospital in Ramstein, Germany.

Soldier: How long was I out?

Nurse: Two and half weeks…

Soldier: Would it be possible to get a notebook, or something similar. Today begins my diary.

Nurse: There will be time for that, but first you must have your rest. I’ll go and get the doctor…

As the nurse started walking toward the door…

Soldier: Today starts the un-locking of the doors!

The nurse turned her head and looked at the soldier with her greenish-blue eyes and then said softly, “what…?”

Timeline to year 2689:

As a falcon flew over the landscape, picture yourself attached to his back and taking in the wonders of what he saw below. The earth was green again and its oxygen content had increased by twenty percent. The colors of the plants and animals had become more healthy luminescent.

Man had also changed and had learned that there is nothing without us that is not also within us. The eyes and mind had become one to a higher spiritual nature. There was a Civilization below as the falcon flew, but it was invisible!

There was only one thing visible and the falcon caught site of it by a flash of light that pierced his eyes. What the falcon didn’t know was that this flash of light was a reflection of light off a structure that was immense in size.

This structure was built by the Race of the Civilization and they called it the “Loss of Memory” Beacon (or Beacon for short). It was used as a source to evoke knowledge and memory of the past and to look forward to the future. This Beacon traveled throughout the whole Civilization, it was designed to be transportable.

The people always looked forward to its coming. It was a means of studying and experiencing hardships. It was believed that over time the true hardships and struggles of the “pioneers,” “explores,” “warriors,” etc. became only “soft opinions” It was also believed that this “Loss of Memory” brought downfall to the Race and culture. The Beacon was used as a reminder, and to show examples of the struggle and the fight that truth requires. The experiences of the hardships of past times were meant to be honored. The struggle for truth never ends, they believed, and memory must be refreshed from time to time.

The Beacon was also used to reinforce the understanding of the Dark Forces throughout time and kept the people vigilant.

The Beacon was a marvel of engineering ingenuity and genius. It was also used as an Ambassadorship to foreign states. The Race designed it on the same principles as the Egyptians did to avert war(s). If the Egyptians had to go to war they would first invite the adviser’s leaders to Cairo. When the leaders arrived they would marvel at what they saw. They would see the over powering structures and think to themselves that this is what they would be fighting. Many wars were avoided by this technique.

The Race did believe in expansion, like any creature of Nature. And they were not afraid to exercise their power. The area that this Race now occupied was very large, formidable and growing both on land and outer space.

The Beacon was the size of a football stadium seen in the twentieth century. The surrounding outside wall of the stadium, which stood over two hundred feet tall, was made from the skulls of vanquished foes, as a memorial and warning.

There was only one entrance, double doors at eighty feet tall and forty feet wide. The doors were adorned with the boned fingers of trespassers into their territory. If a trespasser was caught within the territory one finger without local anesthetic, would be removed and the trespasser released. If caught again he or she would be executed. This civilization had a territory that required no “walls.”

The double doors were well arched, but with no center stone or visible hinges. At the lower portion of each door was a mirror which revealed the “reflection” of the visitor. If the reflection was of the Race of the Civilization the doors would open automatically. The mirror could read their DNA. If an alien race was the reflection the doors would not open.

Over the door, in large letters, was a statement written in Latin, because Latin had become their universal language, which read:

Praeter haec intra tuas a reidet

Praevidentia guia fores,

Euis proelium clamor.”

(“Beyond these gates a Race resides:

Foresight for doors,

Its battle cry.”)

When the doors opened the mirror on each door became a reflection unto each other. Thus giving the impression of endless doors.

Once inside the marvel of the Race ingenuity was revealed. The walls were made of polished marble and the etching was inscribed in a three-dimensional scrolling. When the scrolling stopped one could actually feel the depth of the etching, the inscriptions seen were not a projection.

Pictures of the Renewer’s life were displayed in three-dimensional form behind the scrolling letters. The inscriptions displayed the diary of the “soldier” and the diaries of his “lieutenants.”

The stadium was made up with hundreds of “charm” rooms which were used as remembrance rooms for the lives of past peoples.

One could experience a Rolling Stone concert of the mid 1960s or what it was like at Valley Forge during the night of the American Revolution. You could even experience an opium den. The number of experiences that one could experience was almost unlimited. You could also study a wide verity of subjects and participate in honest “debates.” It was a gathering of the “seeds” libraries!

There were only two living statues which took center stage, the first represented and was labeled The Ka of Motherhood. This statue symbolized maternity of Time and Future, her never ending body of language. Through the Motherhood of Time the body of man is made into an individual member of this world, in which thereupon his destiny depends.

The Ka statue stood eighty feet tall. She was dressed in a long flowing dress of the Greek type. Her bow arm was bare. She stood straight and tall with long wavy hair and her eyes were made from what appeared to be blue Safire. Her body was made from material unknown in our present time. But whatever the material was, it gave her features a living glow and a movement of realism. It was as if she could bend down and touch you. There was even a sense of small about her.

In her left arm she carried a little girl, while at her side clinging to her leg was a small boy. Her right hand was resting upon his head. Laying in front of her was a Mother Lynx with her offspring. The Mother Lynx was pictured as licking one of her offspring, while the others were crawling all over her. The Lynx and her kittens also had movement which gave the impression of realism. You could study this statue for hours, which was meant to be.

This statue symbolized the Time and Future for the destiny of the Race within, it symbolized the true root-feeling of the cosmic doors. It elevated the beauty of creation that no other race on this planet could compare with. “Time may be looked at in the light of eternity, or in the light of the instant: and the drama of begetting, or the drama of the nursing mother with her child has now been chosen as the symbol of Life,” and the enjoyment in its struggle.

The principal Statue that made the above possible stood the tallest at hundred-fifty-feet. His features have already been described.

He gave back to his Race the respective fear of the Cosmic, but at the same time the will and the courage to conquer it. He resurrected the hearts to be one common beat, one common flow that no dam could stop. No other race could infiltrate now, because he had given them the idea of survival by detachment.

The living statue was mounted upon a large turntable that represented the Compass of the Cosmic. By that time, the understanding and the application of the electromagnetic forces of the earth had been conquered, and they were used as the controlling mechanism of the Compass. The statue’s weight was fifty tons and it could rotate 360º when the electromagnet field was turned off. The rotation of the statue could be done by the push of one finger.

The figure was dressed in the old falconry garb of European decent. With corduroy knicker pants and coat. He also wore a Scottish hat with a small quail feather sticking out. Sitting beside him was his trusted hunting dog named “Khan.” Around his shoulder hung a falconer’s bag. The stripe of the bag was embroidered with swastikas and the bag itself was marked with the symbol of the Race: The Life Rune encircled with oak leafs.

His pose was tall and muscular and his right hand was pointing toward the heavens. His left hand was gloved and what sat upon it was not a falcon, but a Great Horned Owl. The Owl was looking in the same direction as the point.

At the base of the statue, there was an engraving that marked the “name” of the posed figure standing. The letters of the engraving were made from the ashes of the redeemer, and it read: Kalki, The Avenger, with the Wisdom of the Owl.

Harrison Elings (The Attic Dweller)

The Pupil, Part I

Once again we take great delight in sharing with you the latest writings of the National Alliance’s resident philosopher Harrison Elings, a member since 1974 and now a principle supporter of NARRG’s mission to save the National Alliance from its dire plight of plunder and mismanagement.

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