Is Kevin Strom Banned From Visiting the NA Office?

Is Kevin Strom Banned From Visiting the NA Office?


Persona Non Grata

Will Williams in one of his online web postings dated 05-23-15 at 4:22 PM states:

“ [ Heidi claims that ] … Garland actually told Dilloway that she hopes Kevin will be barred from coming to our WV offices, even for a working visit? ”

Williams then states that:

“ Kevin’s request, a month in advance of his planned trip for some paid work for me, was denied by WV Homeland Security [WV DHSEM] officials without cause.” Later on Williams states: ” Of course it’s the JTTF [ thru the WV Intelligence Fusion Center perhaps? ], the agency that set up, prosecuted and jailed Kevin that knew of this denied travel request, not Dilloway, and it was they who helped Heidi with that detail of her report. “

At this point it is interesting to note that Will Williams refers to an outsider Heidi Beirich of the SPLC on a first name basis for someone who is the Director of Research for an organization which is antagonist to the NA. Williams in just the same matter refers to his personal NA staff Kevin Strom and Ms. Garland DeCourcy also on a first name basis, while he refers to his former longtime friend and former employee Randolph Dilloway on a last name basis only. Is this because he has had so many personal conversations and friendly email exchanges with Ms. Beirich that in his mind considers Ms. Beirich also as a friend of sort, rather than as an adversary?

It should also be pointed out that if WV DHSEM denied Strom this visit to the NA Office in WV due to his sex offender status, this will likely continue to do so for many years to come as he’s still serving under a 15 year supervised probation at his long term rent free house in Pennsylvania provided for him by a benefactor in New Jersey. Thus Williams claim this past year in the NA Members Bulletin that he is renovating the top floor of the NA main office building in WV into an apartment for Strom age 59 and his youthful girlfriend to live in, is highly doubtful.

Definitions and Legislative Code Excerpts

wvdhsemIt should be noted for the record that within the WV Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management [WV DHSEM] is the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center. By definition: “A fusion center is a collaborative effort of two or more agencies that provide resources, expertise, and information to the center with the goal of maximizing their ability to detect, prevent, investigate, and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.  Intelligence processes-through which information is collected, integrated, evaluated, analyzed, and disseminated-are a primary focus.

fusioncenterFurthermore, the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center’s mission is “to anticipate, identify, prevent, and monitor criminal activity and all other hazards and to responsibly distribute that intelligence to its stakeholders while both protecting the rights of its citizens and guarding the rights and integrity of law enforcement and private industry.

You can find the current NA media director Kevin Strom on the PA Megan's Law website.

You can find the current NA media director Kevin Strom on the PA Megan’s Law website.

Even though Kevin Strom is a registered Sex Offender in the State of Pennsylvania where he lives, the West Virginia Division of Homeland Security has local jurisdiction for his visits to the National Alliance Headquarters in Mill Point, WV per the State of West Virginia Code: CHAPTER 15. PUBLIC SAFETY. ARTICLE 12. SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION ACT.

This Act in section §15-12-9 which covers Registration of Out-of-State Offenders, states:

“(b) Any person: (1) Who resides in another state or federal or military jurisdiction; (2) Who is employed, carries on a vocation, is a student in this state, is a visitor to this state for a period of more than fifteen continuous days or owns or leases habitable real property in this state that he or she regularly visits; and (3) Who is required by the state, federal or military jurisdiction in which he or she resides to register in that state, federal or military jurisdiction as a sex offender, or has been convicted of a violation in that state, federal or military jurisdiction that is similar to a violation in this article requiring registration as a sex offender in this state, shall register in this state and otherwise comply with the provisions of this article.”

Implications and Ramifications for the National Alliance

That being said, if what Williams says is correct then could it be that the WV Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (WV DHSEM) may quite possibly be of the same overall opinion as what another commentator on this same online web blog on 06/13/2015 at 10:56 AM said in response to Williams earlier posting. Here that commentator in opposition to Williams states :

“ Former NA member here. Kevin Strom is a weirdo. I’ve met the guy a few times at various meetings and gatherings, always came across as a phony creepy guy. I’m not alone in my views of Strom either. I know many who feel similar as to the way I do. I’m not attacking the guy. I’m stating my true feelings. The NA needs to purge itself of that guy once and for all.“

Due to the apparent denial by the WV DHSEM of Kevin Strom’s request for visitation rights to the NA Office in West Virginia, is this a contributing reason for Will Williams continued exclusion of Strom from any Corporate Officer or Corporate Board of Director position with the NA Corporation?

A check of the NA Corporation filings with the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) on October 31, 2015 shows that Strom is still left out of any real position of power within the NA Corporation, as he is not listed anywhere on the Corporations Directors and Principal Officers 2015 Annual Report nor amended report documents, yet Jayne Cartwright a holdover from the former Gliebe administration is still listed as a Corporate Board of Director and also holds the Corporate Secretary Officer position.

So is it true that Jayne Cartwright and not Kevin Strom, who figuratively speaking wears the real pants in the Williams administration? If this is the case, then this may explain why Williams in the recent past has publically stated that he is looking for an eventual replacement for himself in the NA, and nowhere does he ever list Kevin Strom as a possible candidate for his replacement.

Also, it is important to point out the fact that now that it seems unlikely that Strom will ever be on staff at Mill Point, West Virginia, and Williams is on record in his first chairman’s commentary as saying that he has no intention of moving there; we now have a situation where the two top men in the organization who supposedly are full-time staffers will not be living or working at Mill Point…..very similar to Gliebe. This is but another indication that all the talk of development of Mill Point is “smoke & mirrors“.

Epilogue- Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Erich Gliebe soon after he took over the reign of the NA in 2003, was purported to be under Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) investigations for allegations of theft and fraud. In addition, Gliebe’s 2014 tax preparer for the NA was Thomas Padget who was previously sent to prison for eight years for US IRS tax fraud. Will Williams on the other hand continues to communicate with self-confessed, convicted murderer and government informer Frazier Glenn Miller.

Williams states in a July 15, 2015 6:00 pm online web posting that:

“ Miller called me from jail a week or so ago and told me the court has allowed him to have a researcher that will be paid $60 per hour. “

Also it would be well to point out that Miller & Williams have been close friends since the 1980’s and that Miller, a government informer was the U.S. Government’s star witness in the 1988 Sedition Trial in Fort Smith, Arkansas where he testified for the feds who were prosecuting a dozen pro-White activists including Robert Miles, Louis Beam, members of the Order and others. This same government creep was Williams’ prime recruiter for his National Alliance on the VNN forum.

Contrarily, NARRG on the other hand intends to disassociate from these people of ill repute, opposite to what Williams in the past had done and continues to do so to this very day all to the detriment to the honor and integrity of the National Alliance, and all of its current and former members. After all it is a pretty heavy burden to bear when explaining to potential future recruits of the NA, that the Chairman has severe PTSD, it’s chief media official is an admitted, convicted pedophile, and that a convicted murderer and government informant is one of the Chairman’s best friends and NA recruiter. Is this the type of organization that Dr. Pierce wanted for the future of the Alliance? Absolutely NOT!

We at NARRG propose the formation of professional management and invite you to be with us on our vitally important mission to reform and restore the National Alliance to a level of quality that it once had.

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