The Real Deal

The Real Deal

A recent edition of the Williams newsletter briefly mentions a purported gun show activity by someone, somewhere at sometime. There is a photograph of some books being displayed but it is just simply a picture of some books. If a “picture is worth a thousand words” this one stands mute as meaningless. Bulletins reporting gun show activities or any activity from Dr. Pierce’s time through 2012 always reported the customary and standard “who, what, when and where”. The Sacramento chapter of the National Alliance dominated the NA Bulletins with its many activities, especially gun shows, over it’s 20 year history. Each report carried full details and photographic evidence of the activity described.

Williams NA Aug 2015 Bulletin gshowpic

As a reminder, we republish the following pictures as examples of what a real National Alliance gun show display should be. The Sacramento chapter of the National Alliance did it’s first gun show in 1994 and continued on its successful recruiting path demonstrating the race saving message of Our Cause in most of the years of its existence right up until 2012. Early on the chapter quickly became known as the NA’s gun show unit.

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The Sacramento chapter had worked many dozens of two day event gun shows over the years in California, Nevada and Oregon at state and county fairgrounds, community and event centers and VFW halls. In some years, the chapter would do up to a half-dozen gun shows in a single year. In addition the chapter would provide aid and materials to Arizona members to help them with recruiting there.

It takes a lot of inventory with dedicated and courageous members to put on this kind of activity, especially doing it repeatedly every two to three months.

More impressive than that is the fact that the chapter only once in 18 years of gun show activism lost its invitation to appear at any future shows, nor was it ever kicked-out of a show, even under sometimes intense Jewish pressure. This is due to the quality of the people involved with the activity, their professionalism, demeanor and excellent people skills.

The chapter and its members have been in hiatus awaiting for a successful conclusion to the current legal struggle to obtain a professional leadership for the National Alliance. Once this is accomplished the chapter will reconvene its official monthly meetings and regular public activism. In the meantime, chapter members keep in touch and support the efforts of NARRG. The chapters inventory and literature, some of which you see here, is waiting to be put out once again at public events.


  1. Thanks Jim always!! Dereck B. is indeed a great man, as many others have been with our Sacramento Chapter, as well!! We here in this area GREATLY look forward to re-establishing our local chapter & building, uniting, & marching forward! We NEED this to happen! The true National Alliance will grow & be prolific all along the way, & I KNOW that I speak for all of us who are SO anxious to REALLY get going for our & the DOCTOR’s National Alliance! We will NOT let up, & another donation will be sent very soon, Comrades. Bob I.

  2. We offer our heartfelt thanks to chapter member Dereck B. who recently took the initiative to raise money for the NARRG legal fund.

    Taking some of the unit’s inventory on loan, Dereck volunteered a day of his time to set up a small display at a local bazaar on October 11 that specializes in antiques and items of historical interest, selling $135 worth of books during the day long event and throwing in an extra $20 of his own. The money generated will go directly to the legal fund.

    Dereck has been one of the most dedicated and energetic activists in the local chapter. He fervently wishes to see the National Alliance restored to responsible management as we all do. And closer to home, he wants to see the NA’s most dynamic working chapter once again reaching out to the public at gun shows and other venues with our race saving message. All the chapter members are ready to get back to work once the lawsuit is successfully concluded.

    Hat’s off to Dereck!

  3. A “bulletin” ? Do these people even have anyone to read it?
    I doubt it !
    I know the present NA is not interested in NS, but instead a pandering , non kosher “Conservatism”, which is not only impossible; but as the late Dr Revelo Oliver put it, “unworthy”.


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