Conditioning for Death

Conditioning for Death

omniphimediaOmniphi Media, a producer of high-quality video presentations to accompany some of Dr. Pierce’s most popular weekly American Dissident Voices broadcasts has just released a new production.

Utilizing Dr. Pierce’s broadcast of December 9, 2000 entitled, “Conditioning for Death”, Omniphi Media has produced another stellar work that Dr.Pierce would be proud of.

As the producer supports the work of the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG) to restore responsible management to Our Cause, the NARRG website address is boldly displayed both at the beginning and the end of the 14 minute program.

We graciously thank Omniphi Media for this promotion that will certainly bring many former members and racially conscious people who care about the future of the National Alliance to our website as it travels through cyberspace.

Sit back and enjoy yet another of Dr. Pierce’s demonstrations of Iron Logic synchronized to the high quality professionalism of stimulating and stirring visual artistry.

For newcomers to our website, explore around to learn of the dire circumstances the National Alliance is up against unless we prevail. Be sure to read our Pledge of Intent giving an outline of our vision of professional management for our National Alliance.


  1. Another great video. Dr. Pierce’s analysis and commentary is here (as always) characteristically compelling. The more that WLP’s words are spread to the great masses of our White brothers and sisters, the closer our race is to achieving its liberation.
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Absolute genius, he was so ahead of his time, there will never be another. Everyone should aspire to be such a man, though we won’t be able to come close, even trying will make us a force to be reckoned with. Dr. Pierce you are missed and your deed’s will never be forgotten. Hail NAARG!! Let’s get to work!


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