Gliebe Is Gone (or Is He?); So Why Do We Continue the Lawsuit?

Gliebe Is Gone (or Is He?); So Why Do We Continue the Lawsuit?

This article is for newer people just recently becoming aware of the current lawsuit to save the National Alliance and not in the know about all the details for this case which was filed in January of 2014.


Erich Gliebe

We’re going to start with the October 2014 announcement of resignation by Gliebe and go from there. Most people know about the fight with Gliebe but are confused now that Gliebe has abdicated yet the lawsuit continues.

After the 2nd court hearing last October 2014, Erich Gliebe made the surprise announcement he was resigning and had selected a new successor, Will Williams and along with Williams comes Kevin Strom.

Everyone agrees that the name of Erich Gliebe is synonymous with mud but what of this Will Williams fellow and his sidekick whom he says he can’t run the organization without?

Will Williams

Williams claims that the simple act of transition by Gliebe, in the middle of the lawsuit, satisfied the goals of the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group (NARRG). He was very much mistaken as it wasn’t enough that Gliebe resign and make way for just anyone to step into his place. Whoever was to fill the role of chairman of the NA had to meet the approval of the NARRG team, who had gone to the trouble of taking Gliebe to task by filing the court action. This was clearly understood by Gliebe. The reason why NARRG maintains this right is because NARRG is recognized by the Virginia court as having legal standing.

Anyhow, no reasonable person would expect our team to accept without question anyone that a rogue chairman like Gliebe would select. There is a reason why Gliebe selected Williams and it isn’t because he thought Williams was the best person for the job.

Gliebe Selected Williams for Two Reasons:

1. Gliebe knew Williams had long wanted the NA and had some money to buy his way into owning it. Gliebe, knowing the NA had been drained of its “life blood” was then looking to sell off the rights and what physical items were left.


Kevin Strom

Gliebe started by selling off corporately owned property as Williams had already started up his own copy-cat NA like Kevin Strom had done in 2005. Strom’s venture as we know ended in failure with split-offs from his splinter group and finally ran aground when he was charged with stalking a little 9-year old girl.

Eventually, the wheeling & dealing of Gliebe and Williams culminated in Gliebe giving the reins to Williams. Now Williams & Strom didn’t have to run a “pirate” Alliance anymore, they could run the real thing.

2. Gliebe told a long ago associate in so many words that selecting Williams was his way of telling NARRG to “go take a hike”, using more polite terms than Gliebe used.

Williams has been working closely with Gliebe from at least 2013, if not previous and has been coaching Gliebe to represent himself pro se, and not very successfully we might add. Recently, Gliebe has been forced to hire an attorney to represent him.  In 2014, deals were going on between these two, such as the sale of Dr. Pierce’s and the organizational libraries, etc. and concluded in their biggest deal yet that was agreed to in a cozy motel room meeting just before the October 2014 2nd hearing. This “October surprise” saw the open appearance of Williams acting the role of a thief attempting to capitalize on all of NARRG’s hard work and “steal the show” for himself.

Erich Gliebe and Will Williams outside the courthouse.

Erich Gliebe and Will Williams outside the courthouse. (October 2014, 2nd hearing)

The scheme didn’t work. Gliebe and Williams thought for certain that NARRG would be forced to drop the lawsuit. Both mistakenly believed that each would be off their respective “hooks” and NARRG would no longer have a case.

Also they believed that this “October surprise” would so demoralize the supporters of NARRG that we’d lose our funding and be forced to drop the lawsuit. Again, they were dead wrong.

It is certain that there is a continuing understanding and relationship between Gliebe and Williams as evidenced by the continued presence of one Jayne Cartwright, a Gliebe stalwart and former “Treasurer” of the NA who is still on the Williams Board of Directors but now instead serves as Secretary. There is a reason she is there. It is because Gliebe wants her there, not that Williams does. There is a reason why this unusual arrangement has been made. The “cat was let out of the bag” during deposition. Explanation will have to wait for the time being due to litigation. Also too, consider that another Gliebe associate, John McLaughlin, was also added to the Williams Board of Directors. McLaughlin had purchased National Alliance owned historical artifacts of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell sold by Gliebe for $2,000.

So, What Do We Find Objectionable About
Will Williams? (and Kevin Strom?)

Will Williams and Kevin Strom

Will Williams and Kevin Strom.

They number as the hairs on one’s head but we’ll start with a few here.

1.  Gliebe turned the organization over to a person who has not been a member or in any way associated with the NA for 13 years.

2. Williams who had been involved with the NA from around 1992 to 2002, resigned before Dr. Pierce’s death. Williams tenure with the NA was checkered at best, mixing his personal quarrels with Alliance business and alienating members with his brash and boorish behavior.

Many people remember the comical cyberspace dueling between Williams and Harold Covington. It was difficult to determine which one was out jackassing himself or which one had the most marbles missing. This put the NA into a very bad light.

3. Williams gave a shocking and embarrassing interview to the SPLC in December 2014 where he admitted he has a mental instability known as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This has represented a disability to him as he receives for many years now a government check each month in lieu of working for his own daily bread. This is certainly not something we can have in the chairman of the NA.

PTSD has a wide range of severity. Many people diagnosed with PTSD live nearly normal and successful lives. In the case of Williams however, his condition, whether real or faked, was determined to be serious enough to earn him a full disability check each month from the taxpayers.

You can get the flavor of how severe his PTSD may be by reading about his association and work with Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen. Mr. Klassen devoted an entire chapter about Williams and his antics in his last book before he died, and is available to read at the Church of the Creator’s online library.

4. Williams has had a decades long and continuing friendship and association with recent multiple murderer and long time well known and documented government informant Frazier Glenn Miller.

Miller now awaits trial for three murders he committed and had admitted to in 2014. However he has recently put in a not guilty plea. The death penalty is being sought.


Frazier Glenn Miller, accused of killing three people is seen in police custody, Overland Park, Kan. April 13, 2014.

Williams continues to be in touch with his friend while he’s in the jailhouse and even has given interviews with the newspapers. The NA cannot be associated with creeps like this, either one.

5.  Williams insists on keeping the NA reduced to what he refers to as his “Little Tent”  with his virulent and obsessive religious hatred. If you’re even a nominal Christian you are dirt in Williams’ eyes. However to be fair, he will accept you as a 2nd class member as he needs your money.

6. Williams is tending toward absolute consolidation of power thus turning the National Alliance into his own personal club instead of a true organization as represented by the corporation.

He is Chairman, Treasurer, President, Trustee and God knows what other titles.

The land and building in Tennessee he has supposedly furnished to the NA does not belong to the NA but is his private building and real estate.

The Mill Point WV National Alliance property and assets have been protected by court injunction from encumbrance since April 16 of 2014.


“The Land” was a term that Dr. Pierce used to describe the beloved property, the hundreds of acres of wooded mountain along with its complex of buildings that is the spiritual and administrative home of the National Alliance. (Mill Point WV)

Dr. Pierce’s library and the organizational library consisting of thousands of volumes was purchased by Williams through an illegal sale by Erich Gliebe. The libraries currently, he thinks, are his private property when in actuality they belong to the NA corporation. We seek to remedy this through legal action and have the libraries returned to their home at Mill Point WV.

Williams has even admitted that the libraries will not revert back to National Alliance ownership until his death. He claims that this is in his will. This is an admission that the books, in his opinion belong solely to him.

7. Williams chummy relationship with Erich Gliebe in itself speaks volumes as to why we cannot trust such a person. The relationship between Williams and Gliebe started even before we filed the lawsuit. Since that time he has admitted to advising Gliebe and has made purchases of NA property from him.

And that brings us to #8 which is mentioned last but by no means the least of our concerns…

Kevin Strom

8. Williams has brought in his sidekick Kevin Strom and calls him his media director. Strom now does the weekly broadcast for the NA. He represents the “voice of the Alliance” and that is quite an embarrassment for the following reason:

Strom has an odious record, an admitted and convicted pedophile, having served a 2 year prison sentence and is currently a registered sex offender under authority of the Pennsylvania State Police. Strom is currently serving a 15 year supervised probation. You can see his bio under the Megan’s Law list at the PA State Police website.


Kevin Strom is a registered sex offender under authority of the Pennsylvania State Police.

This high-profile Alliance media spokesman is subject to be under constant scrutiny and authorities may come and search or take his computer at any time making Strom a high security risk.

As we already have mentioned, Strom was first charged in 2007 with the stalking of a little 9-year old girl. On a technicality under Virginia law at that time, Strom “walked”; however the judge noted that there was in his own words:

overwhelming evidence that he was sexually drawn to this child.

In 2007, the Virginia law stated that for the enticement charges to be applied that there had to be evidence of the perpetrator having initiated sexual contact. Strom had not as yet advanced this far although he was stalking the child, sending her gifts and writing love poems to her.

Consider a sample of a love sonnet that Strom wrote to the little girl:

“my love for her is not a sin … I will be showered with the kisses of [the girl] … I will marry [the girl] … my heart ne’er takes a beat without a thought of the beautiful [girl] … till the days I can embrace you … this life or the next one.”

Strom didn’t “walk” far however, as the following year in 2008 Strom was charged with possession of child pornography; his computer festooned with hundreds of child porn images. Strom plead guilty and was convicted as described above.


Strom’s notaized “family contract” promising to seek help for his issues.

And consider as well, that previous to any of these charges being leveled, Strom was having domestic and family issues over his sexual issues, signing in 2006 what in effect was a notarized “family contract” or agreement promising to seek help for his issues which he did.

However, he was not treated by a licensed professional therapist but visited with a Christian family guidance counsellor whose testimony could not be recognized by the court as an expert witness in the case.

Like Williams, Strom has not been associated with the NA for a very long time, 10 years and he has other issues as well. But there is no need to speak further for anything else compared to the above would pale in comparison. This reputation in itself will sink the National Alliance.

Williams says he cannot run the NA without Strom. Heaven help the National Alliance!

  1. OK Williams, time to step aside. You had your chance and you were not up to the task. I have never seen anyone anywhere make such a mess of things in such short a time. Time for NARRG to take over and make things right. Oh, and while you’re at it, bring back everything you have stolen from the National Alliance.

  2. Please Understand the Principle:

    We all have to respect a blind person and we must support such a person, but we cannot turn emotional and allow a blind person to fly an aircraft.


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