The Seed

The Seed

Musings of the “Attic Dweller”

Once again, we are offered another fine piece of thinking from our resident philosopher Harrison Elings, aka The Attic Dweller.
As you remember his moniker comes from the place in old libraries and little dusty book shops where one can sometimes find those lost, obscure, taboo and abandoned books that democrats don’t burn but just place as far out of reach as possible in dark, inconvenient corners from the light of sight.

Harrison Elings, a member of the National Alliance since 1974 and instrumental supporter of NARRG is just now coming to fore with his written thoughts and we are proud to offer him an audience.

This piece is on the subject of “High Culture”. That term is reminiscent to anyone who has read Francis Parker Yockey’s monumental Imperium or the writings of Oswald Spengler.

He entitled this one simply, The Seed.

Seed of dandelion type is falling onto woman's finger

“The Seed”

“This, then, is our task. We men of the Western Culture are, with our historical sense, an exception and not a rule. World-history is our world picture and not all mankind’s (my emphasis). Indian and Classical man formed no image of a world in progress, and perhaps when in due course the civilization of the West is extinguished, there will never again be a Culture and a human type in which “world-history” is so potent a form of the waking consciousness.”

-Oswald Spengler, “The Decline of the West.”

When one tries to study the History of Civilization one runs into a tidal wave of books. With this multitude how can one leave the library with any opinion?

What is High Culture? What is the purpose of the “Ship” of Civilization? Today, the Ship has a large number of stowaways who contribute no ballast, but love to act as captains.

Most, if not all of us, remember taking our required history classes in school. The classes focused mainly on names, dates, and places. You had to regurgitate what you had learned to make a passing score, but at the end there never seemed to be a connection to your everyday life and what you had learned. I always thought that history was being presented in a negative way. It has now come to pass that only about two percent (2%) of the Universities and Colleges in the United States teach Western Civilization.

There is a simple reason for this: Race!

Oswald Spengler’s quote hits the nail on the head, and this is the same nail that all of my History teachers have missed! History is taught today in terms of victimhood, and readers of this article should know who the perpetrators of this victimhood are.

This article will deal with a rudimentary presentation of what the author feels High Culture means, and its purpose. When finished, the reader should have a better understanding of what they see when walking down the street. In this article, I will be trying to condense millions of pages of written History into about fourteen – so please bear with me. Remember, in life the eyes are not made blind, only the mind!

Before I discuss the concepts of a High Culture we must first understand the hierarchy of the Seed of race. Nature’s gift is the Seed given to each individual species, and each species has been given a means to protect and increase its Seed. Nature does not strive for instant perfection, but creates a method for gradual perfection. What this means is that we have been given allowances for mistakes, but only for a limited time.

The Seeds of Race can be boiled down to two types: the races of the earth and the race(s) of the cosmic. The distinctions between the two types give rise to the accumulative effect of the decline of past Civilizations. It has resulted in what we see today.

You can define the races of the earth as the reminiscence of past eons that have failed. They are the inhabitance, if left alone, that are on the road to extinction. They are not gifted with any superior element. They may show signs for the feeling of blood amongst themselves, but it is only used as a reference to antagonize.

Today, we call these race(s) of earth “savages,” or “mud races,” or anything in between, etc. Again, they can be look upon as the failed follies of vanished civilizations – they can never aid in the rise or maintenance of new ones. The darker the skin the further back in history their fall.

The race of the cosmic is the race of upliftment.  Their story can be told as the wing Seed of the Aryan migration throughout the river of time. The race of the cosmic has created dams along the way, but neglected its maintenance and instead preferred to bask along its own created shores.

This Aryan Seed, unfortunately, has always followed the same flight: Homogeneous oasis, (the Seed germinates), followed by heterogeneous acceptance (the Seed now accepts weeds) and ends with mongrelized decadency (all of the Seeds are considered equal). This path reflects a cocoon state which has always become overwhelmed in a short period of time by outside and inside funguses. Civilization has never truly butterflied. Even the Egyptian pyramids became smaller and smaller as time went on.

It must be pointed out that High Culture is not destroyed by mongrelization, but by decay of its racial spiritual Seed. Mongrelization is a symptom of the effects of this spiritual rot. This spiritual decline seems to be a latent ingredient which we seem to never overcome.

An example of this spiritual decline, this loss of destiny, can be shown way back during Pontiac’s War, between the French and Indians on one side, and the British on the other. The treaty at the end of this war stipulated that the Indians return their women captives back to the British. The British found out later that a large majority of women did not want to return back to their own kind! They chose to stay under the canopy of the Indians than return to their own blood. Back then the spiritual rot was not as noticeable as it is today, but the seed was there.

In order for High Culture to aspire it must flow up-stream. The “path of least resistance” creates stagnation and rut. It is known from botany that too much nourishment can hamper the flowering of a plant. The current of the stream must shape the body public in an everlasting renewal to reach higher perfections.

So, if a crisis does occur the deep “meta-biological powers” of the race can overcome the test, and as a result the Seed’s root will become stronger. The body public should always be kept lean. As Lycurgus stated: “That (the) city (or civilization) is well fortified which has a wall of men instead of a wall of brick.”

It is important to remember that there is more to High Culture than just physique. A man who lifts barbells can look physically intimidating, but he can be laid on his back by a single “germ” of propaganda.

The one germ that our Seed cannot seem to overcome is the eyes of stealth. A perfect example of this is the endless television commercials showing the starving eyes of the hungry world.  It’s ironic that in all of these commercials they never show the parents.

This “germ” of stealth has created the evanescing of all Western Societies. It has taken away the mirror for our own self-identity. In Nature, one can see a tree full with ten different variety of birds, but each bird builds its own nest. The races of the earth look upon Western Civilization as a rainbow, but cannot comprehend the prism. They are using us only to feather their own nest. They know deep down by nesting with us will prolong their demise. They never want us to realize that we can nest without them.

The races of the earth are in the state of convulsion and will grab for any rope within reach. Notice how the rope has never been extended from the Orient?  Yes, there is a hierarchy among the races of the earth.

I realize by looking at humanity today that the definitions sited above would be laughable and not understood. This is only because humanity has lost the nourishment of the soil and the Ahriman influence of the Jew. (Editor’s note: Ahriman is an entity in the Zoroastrian religion that is the source of death, disease and disorder and darkness.)

The Jew is the Brier of High Culture. Their form of influence is always against the germination of the host Seed. Their whole religion is based on their Seed with the mission to destroy ours.

The Jew will use every means possible to achieve their end, and at the same time will be portrayed as, our saviors. They use Auschwitz as “their” eyes of stealth. Nature’s up-stream battle against our Seed will be full of tests alone the way. If we become extinct the test is over! We must not be afraid to remove ticks along the way.

I was given the opportunity to ask a United States Senator what would be his definition of America.


“I define America as a democratic republic, one predicated on the idea that all men are created equal, which has a system for self-government and an open market economy, based on incentives and potential for profit.”

This definition would give us Ferguson, Missouri, Watts, California, out of control borders, etc. As of now, America has become nothing more than a geographical area made up of incompatible races, economically tied together through the exploitation of one another.

The Senator’s definition is atypical for all representatives in “our” government. The definition is the basis of saving your own skin. It is a “grab bag” definition which embraces no destiny, no responsibility, only the exploitation of Nature. It ensures for us in becoming another punctured balloon of history. It would create a government easily conquered from within, it has no outlook for future harmony or any understanding of what Higher Culture should be. It deals strictly with the Seed planted in the sand. It speaks, as Aldous Huxley defines it, as a “self-transcendence downwards.”

I believe that all elected representatives should work a minimum of five years of manual labor before running for any elective office, they should receive no pension. No elective representative should be over fifty or under thirty years of age, unless under unusual or unique circumstances. All representatives should prove their loyalty by a scar of pain. The reverence and spiritual advancement of the Seed should be of the highest order!  They should be the conveyors for the Intensification – “a state of ever-striving ascent.”

To me a more apt definition of America would or could be:


“… The highest purpose of a State (High Culture) is concern for the preservation of those original racial elements which bestow culture and create the beauty and dignity of a higher mankind. We, as Aryans, can conceive of the state only as the living organism of a nationality which not only assures the preservation of this nationality, but by the development of its spiritual and ideal abilities and leads it to the highest freedom.” (Adolf Hitler)

This definition encompasses spiritual and eternal life – the Seed is planted in fertile soil. Today, the word freedom has been replaced with the word free-for-all. Higher freedom requires higher reason.

When you see the races of the earth marching in the streets and screaming for “freedom”, their freedom is based on revenge. When you speak to the races of the earth about freedom, with racial separation watch them complain, because now they will lose their ability to have revenge.

When two conflicting tribes meet, each group instinctively asserts its own existence and withdraws as it is into itself, a walk through any large city will verify this truth. One question which is never asked in race related discussions is:  how can two (or more) antagonistic forms of consciousness coexist as one and the same mind?

In other words, how can the concept of racial perfection of one group be assimilated by another? No two Seeds are alike within the race or without.

Adolf Hitler’s definition of what the State should be speaks of a “self-transcendence upwards;” an uplifting of spiritual consciousness – to create a greater potency of the Seed! This type of spiritual “incentive” has a longevity which would be immensely profitable. The definition of High Culture has already been defined for us, but it has been ignored.

The world of Nature can be thought of as High Culture. Nature’s soil is blood, and it does not fear the grave!  The basis for any High Culture begins with racial mutual repugnancy; the survival of our Seed depends on it. The Seed is the encapsulation of the Spirit of the individual race. The body does not have a destiny, only the Seed within the body. The library of the Universe is already within our Seed!

The most natural of all functions for a living being, if it is not defective, is to produce another being of the same sort as itself. The continuation of the perfection of the body is the means of the continuation of the perfection of the Seed. The body is only the means for a spiritual destiny, because at the end, the spirit will be the only thing left. The body is the envelope that protects the development of the flower.

All civilizations have been created by force, which inherently rebels against the inner and outer forces of Natures spirit that says no. Nature says no we cannot fly, but we do. Nature says no we cannot harness the lightning bolt, but we do.  Nature’s no is Nature’s trick in directing us to ever higher perfections. Nature’s goal is always toward shape. The Seed of High Culture is in the belief that something is true.

Therefore, if someone’s spirit has a fine and beautiful character and the body is in harmony with it, so that both share in the same pattern the Seed will ascend. This is the most powerful gift of the race of the cosmic – The ability of its Seed to exponentially increase in splendor and blossom to “higher freedom(s)”, this is our ultimate goal. This is the battle we are losing.

When the Seed of the race of the cosmic is tainted with the Seed of the races of the earth, the earth Seed becomes the enemy of the cosmic Seed. Nature’s creative process is always pure, never tainted.

The mission for the race of the cosmic has always been to take wing. High Culture has always been our platform. The race of the cosmic has been given the gift of Neoplatonism! That means that all existence consists of emanation (the following out) from the One with whom the spirit may be reunited. It can be thought of as, the mind of man is larger than Nature’s Universe, but has been captured within the confines of the Seed.

The Universe is always expanding, so too must expand the Seed of the race of the cosmic. Man’s head is a microcosmic reflection of the starry cosmos, that is, of the highest spiritual realms, while the heart is the only organ that fully lives on the earth.

Herman Melville’s book “Moby-Dick” speaks of these wonderers with this statement: “I’m tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote, I love to sail forbidden seas.” This statement holds the living inertia of our whole Western racial spiritual Seed. Without it there would be no High Culture or anything approaching it, but we must be careful with our gift, because within it could be our demise.

When one encounters, for example, a black engineer we must realize that we are dealing with an imposter. Their historical background is not of the inspiring force of motion of some hidden or suppressed art. The black race, as well as for women, are not the tinkerers of curiosity. The down fall of our race is in the belief in the transference of this “everlasting itch.”

I do not mean when referring to women, who have been given engineering degrees that they are insipid or lack understanding, but they do lack the inquisitiveness for “things remote.” I know that the Feminist (which is an alien movement) would consider this statement as heartless. But we must realize that we live in a world in which the females of one species will attack females of another species. It is not just a male versus male situation. If you kill the Queen the hive will die.

Our women have been conditioned by these aliens to believe that it is more desirable to carry a briefcase, than it is to carry a child. This form of attack has been very devastating – and it is an attack. It always amazes me how this attack is portrayed as an advancement.

Today, our Culture provides the world with soft down “pillows.” We have permitted the races of the earth to flock into “our” once higher educational system, with an attitude of superiority. We have been led to believe that we have stolen “their imaginations,” and now we are only paying for that theft.

Our schools award diplomas to the races of the earth who are educated on the self-uplifting discoveries of our Seed. Giving them diplomas is only a sign of appeasement; it is also a sign of our own self-hate.

The elevation of the races of the earth can only be achieved by the fertilization by the race(s) of the cosmic, and this fertilization is only finite and produces ugliness. Have you ever noticed whenever you see a mulatto black with any form of intellect the “establishment” will always attribute that intellect to the black side of his inheritance. To do so otherwise would bring down the house of cards of the egalitarians!

I am no fan of the rock star Madonna, but she made a statement in which I am forced to agree: “Man should be slapped until he becomes masculine.” The masculinity of our Race has become vulgar. Masculinity requires Honor, Honor requires Discipline and Discipline requires Principle. Masculinity today is thought of only in terms of being a male. Superiority, manners, taste, and every description of inward spiritual rank is considered racist. I do not blame our women today when they prefer to live with the races of the earth.

A society that is racially homogeneous would be an indicator that true masculine men are running (your) society. A lions pride is only made-up of lions, and the males make sure of that. The races of the earth would consider all of this as being selfish. Believe it or not, this is only natural. Just like hyenas at the base of a tree looking up and envying the kill of a leopard, the hyenas can only look up and salivate, just like the races of the earth do amongst us.

Our world has become obsessed with gadgetry, and therefore all problems focus on the mechanical, instead of the biological for solutions. When there is a biological decay there is also an instinctive decay. The weaker the Racial Seed becomes biologically, the more byproduct or garbage it produces. Biological infection takes away role and replaces it with favor.

It must be emphasized that the creative force of our Seed took millenniums of homogenous thinking to achieve. Our creative path is littered with abandoned perceptions. It must be understood, that a perception (an inner Idea) is an attainment of a state of mind, other than an intellectual act. A perception is an inner drive to define.

The higher we ascend the scale of insight, the more that state of consciousness rebels (to find new ways) and merges with a means to define an expression of knowledge. Knowledge always comes after perception. Colleges and universities are our institutions which pass on the knowledge defined by past perceptions. This is what separates our Seed from the other Seeds. When we observe a phenomena that phenomena lives within us – think of the lightning bolt.

We, the race of the cosmic, are in a very precarious position. There is no more fertile soil for our wing Seed to cultivate on this planet. We have the power and imagination to cultivate the Universe, but this will not be permitted. We must make our stand now. The weeds and the Brier are all around us and they are relentless. When one looks at the progression and the uninterrupted activity as a whole, we have to admit that our quest for being the inspirers for something higher has failed. The races of the earth can only see the fruits of the tree, whereas the race of the cosmic sees the Seed of the tree. These differences make us incompatible.

We have not learned the lesson of Nature’s idea of the rival.  We have filled our Culture with hyenas! High Culture is the only means we have to protect our “want of race”- it is its only purpose! The history courses I took in school were never taught with this perspective. Our attempt to bring upliftment to the world will only be considered as a scourge, and will be used against us. We must remember that we, the race of the cosmic, are on our own, and companionship and understanding can only be found within the Seeds from our own tree, and that this tree should be considered as one giant leaf.

Harrison Elings

(The Attic Dweller)

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  1. Mr. Elings, you are truly a gifted man! Your gift is the clarity of your thoughts, ideas, and the precision with which you explain something so complex in words that everyone can understand. Thank you for another article brimming with thought provoking statements. It all rings true to those of us who see all right in front of us, but even those who don’t see things as clearly, this article will help to make the picture less fuzzier.

  2. Dear Mr. Elings,

    Once more I enjoyed so very much your thoughts being captured in your article above. I have read it several times. I thank you!

    Without a doubt, unity, honor and loyalty, Christianity being supported as the moral basis of the German people, the preservation and protection of the family unit, the protection and support of the Bauerntum and the worker as well as the rest of the German people with equal emphasis on the education of the German youth, were what made Germany rise again. One only has to listen to the speech by Adolf Hitler, “Appeal to the German People” (January 31, 1933). I have a copy of the original speech in the German tongue and yes, all is quite clear to what it takes for a people to be united in race, faith and honor.

    After some mediation upon your thought provoking text there were many quotes by Adolf Hitler which came to mind. As a Christian and National Socialist, a wife, mother and grandmother being born and raised in Germany by parents and grandparents who lived before, during and after the Third Reich many would not leave my thoughts. Although the Führer’s quotes do not extend to the “race” as a whole, but to the German people alone, I think you and perhaps others still will enjoy them, and more importantly perhaps even learn from them. Here just a few:

    “And as you stand here gathered together before me, may you one and all forget what life has made out of you as individuals, may you remember that in spite of all these barriers you are members of the one nation, and that you are so not by human will. It was He who made us members of this nation. He who gave us our mother tongue, He who implanted in us that being with which we are filled, which we must obey if we are to be more on earth than mere worthless chaff.” Adolf Hitler, May 1, 1935.

    “I do not measure the success of our work by the growth of our streets, by our new factories, by the new bridges which we are building, by the divisions which we are setting up, but –and above all — by the German children, by German youth. If they are on the increase, then I know that our nation will not perish and that our work will not have been in vain.”
    Adolf Hitler, 1936.

    As to the role of the man and woman in a healthy racially pure nation…a quick translation “…being created by the laws of nature both have no enmity against each other. On the contrary they compliment and complete each other, they belong together as a woman and a man. …with each child, she brings into the world, she has won a battle for herself as well as her Volk. ….Emanzipation is a word which originated in the mind of the Jewish intellect. …The feelings and the disposition of the woman have always been complimentary to the soul and mind of the man.” Adolf Hitler, Reden an die Deutsche Frau 1934.

    The Führer in his speech on October 1, 1933, as well as on April 4, 1933, speaks about the peasantry. Just two quotes from these speeches: “Finally, however, people will admit that the rescue of the German peasantry was necessary for the rescue of the whole nation.” And “The German nation has therefore to thank the German peasant for the renewal, the resurgence, and thus for the change which will lead to the general restoration of healthy conditions in Germany.” Lastly, a quote from May 10, 1933, finalizes the previous two quotes “Nothing in life could make me prouder than to be able to say when the end comes (speaking about the end of his life), I have won over the German worker for the German Reich.” [Sources: “Hitler Speeches and Quotes; Speeches by Adolf Hitler”]


    Gertrud J.

  3. Harrison Elings always gives simple titles to writings of complex thinking. Here is yet another great article, this one on the subject of “High Culture”. Everyone enjoy! Keep them coming Mr. Elings.


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