The Future of “The Land” & “Our Cause”

The Future of “The Land” & “Our Cause”

“The Land”

“The Land” was a term that Dr. Pierce used to describe the beloved property, the hundreds of acres of wooded mountain along with its complex of buildings that is the spiritual and administrative home of the National Alliance.

Everyone who supports our efforts is well aware and without any doubt knows what our vision for the future of The Land is. Our intention is to save and retain The Land as well as to restore the complex for the use of business and administrative purposes. That’s going to be our initial big challenge.

As one can imagine, disuse after so many years and almost complete abandonment in the most recent years, the buildings have been subjected to the general decay as one would expect. There are both electrical and water issues as well as rodent and insect invasion. Not a pretty picture but certainly not issues that are uncommon nor insurmountable.

The well known water issues at the Dr. William L. Pierce memorial hall it turns out, we were told, was caused by a mishap caused by the logging company that Gliebe contracted in 2010 to take out a large amount of timber. If this is the case, Gliebe apparently didn’t hold the logging company responsible for restitution or repair of the damage.

In any event, we are prepared to tough it out at the property as we slowly are able to make improvement to the situation. The point is that The Land is our home and the issues there can be overcome with help from people with skills and general labor. We’ve already had a number of offers of assistance with refurbishment and volunteer work parties.

In addition we have commitments for minimal full-time staffing on The Land at this beginning stage immediately after this lawsuit comes to a favorable conclusion, hopefully later this year. Relocation plans are being arranged.

NA HQ staff, 2002

NA Office Staff, 2002

Our vision for the future is to see the complex on The Land once again a place bustling with activity as it was before; the home of the National Alliance.

The current management is giving mixed signals, being unclear as to what their plans are for the operation of the organization. Perhaps this is deliberate.

Consider what Will Williams has said his initial chairman’s commentary in the NA newsletter.

We quote from it here:

“We will be refurbishing and restaffing the West Virginia property that Dr. Pierce left to us, but I will remain for the time being at my Upper East Tennessee home where I already have adequate offices set up, not to mention the makings of a world class research library.”

First we’d like to comment that doesn’t this sound like Erich Gliebe talking? Gliebe too also remained at his suburban Cleveland home instead of relocating to the property in 2002, “for the time being” and never did make the promised move at all.


Dr William L. Pierce with a portion of his large library, now moved from the NA Office, to Williams’s private home.

But more significantly, we like to point out that Williams has already claimed to have moved corporate property from the West Virgina office onto his private property in Tennessee. Among these assets are Dr. Pierce’s huge library and we see photographic evidence of items removed from the WV memorial hall to what is purportedly the new Alliance offices in Tennessee. Who knows what other assets have been removed from the national office property? We know that Gliebe and Williams were very busy working together all through 2014 on their business deal.

Are there going to be two “national offices”? One in WV and the other in TN? Under the present circumstances this would seem highly unlikely due to expense alone. For Williams certainly with little support it makes much more economic sense to work from “home”. Thus movable assets of value are moving out of the national office to Williams’ home.

Williams with his new “home” office talks of adding on new improvements. Does it makes sense to want to invest even more money into the old homestead in WV that we all know needs major work done to bring it up to snuff?  Although that is certainly our intention and goal, we doubt that it is his under these circumstances.

And considering that whatever the amount of money Williams gave Gliebe for Dr. Pierce’s library, it is probably but a trifle compared to what both Gliebe and Cartwright claim are “owed” to them from the National Alliance; between the two of them amounting to over several tens of thousands of dollars.

In our opinion, this is the principle reason Cartwright is still on the Board and an official while Gliebe stays on connected as a silent partner. They both claim to be “owed” a very large amount of money each and where is Williams expected to come up with such a large amount?

Thankfully all National Alliance assets are under the protection of court injunction against encumbrance. As Williams cannot physically move The Land and the national office complex nor can it be put up on market, Williams, Gliebe and Cartwright are stuck.

Finally consider the so-called new Alliance office in Tennessee. Is the new office building a corporate asset as the WV national office property is or is it under private ownership of Will Williams? What about the property the new office sits upon? Is that real estate a corporate asset or does it remain like the building the sole private property of Will Williams?

And Dr. Pierce’s library, does Williams consider this corporate asset now his own personal collection just because he gave Gliebe some money for it?

It would appear that perhaps the future of the Alliance assets may be incrementally removed from the corporate domain to a sole proprietorship. Just as Gliebe headed a legally bound corporation but used it as his own private club to do as he pleased and got into trouble for it; Will Williams seems to be moving in the direction of consolidating all power to his own and to remove impediments that would keep him from absolute total control.

There was good reason that Dr. Pierce incorporated the National Alliance from the beginning. He was even then thinking of the future beyond his lifetime. There are other examples of these sole proprietorships in the so-called “scene”, and for their owners provide a convenient way to avoid responsibility from and to answer to that crowd of support they all depend on called………the members.

How ironic this is in lieu of the information we’ve just received from a former member who knew Dr. Pierce very well and Will Williams who confided to us in no uncertain terms that Dr. Pierce did indeed tell Will Williams to leave his service. (Even Williams has admitted to leaving the NA before the death of Dr. Pierce.) A major part of the reason for the good Doctor’s insistence that Williams leave was the same as expressed by Williams’ former employer, Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen.

Indeed, perhaps this is the perfectly valid reason that the latest edition of the Membership Handbook had added as additional verbiage under the topic of Ineligible persons to prohibit membership to anyone who receives government assistance for a mental condition.

That the attempted consolidation of power of the corporation is going to the control of such a person as this indeed makes one shudder.

We pledge to do all that is within our power to prevent this from happening.

  1. Dear Sirs: This comment is in regards to the subject matter of ‘The Wisdom of NAARG: vs. the financial motives of Erich Gliebe’. If one does an internet search for “Nashville hotel cancels reservations for hate group CCC, cited by Dylann Roof” one can see what can happen to any non Politically Correct group that does not own and control their “own land.”

    Remember when Erich Gliebe planned to sell the National Alliance property, because he said that it served no purpose? According to Gliebe’s propaganda, the National Alliance allegedly could get a hotel anywhere for a conference or convention, so it was best to sell the land. By way of contrast, NAARG pointed out that it would be a huge error to sell the National Alliance property, because it is the only place where their meetings and conferences could be held without cancellations or interruptions.

    Well, Lo and Behold, we can now see how false Gliebe’s claim really was, and how wise NAARG’s counter claim really is. The Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) had their conference canceled by Guesthouse Inn, a Nashville,Tennessee hotel, because the rightist organization has been classified as a “hate group.”

    If the CCC has a difficult time finding a hotel for their conferences, then it would be next to impossible for the National Alliance to do the same. Ergo, just as NAARG predicted, the West Virginia property is necessary for the National Alliance’s survival, and for future uninterrupted conferences and conventions.

    This ultimately raises the question–what was the ulterior agenda behind Gliebe’s attempt to sell the National Alliance property? Apparently, Gliebe and his entourage wanted to liquidate the organization’s assets and then walk away with hefty amounts of money in their pockets.

  2. I was personally invited by Dr William Pierce to join NA,and loved it. He understood,what true NS was. It is not LEFT/RIGHT/Conservative/Liberal,but supports high culture,and the welfare of our people against the International Jewish Threat. His death turned the Alliance, over to those who either ,did not understand,or care. Pierce understood the power of knowledge. First the new ‘leaders’ altered the ideology, to sound ‘kosher Conservative’,than they dismantled the magnificent book selections NA offered ,for everyone to learn. Dr Pierce was a man of books. To sell collection is a crime. He built it to learn,and for others to have ,as a resource . Gleibe and company are either total fools,or enemies of what Dr Pierce stood for. I suspect both.

    • Dante,

      Concerning the book selections of National Vanguard Books; the selection over the years since Dr. Pierce wasn’t deliberately dismantled but left to dwindle due to inattention to the business and poor customer service.

      With poor customer service the business suffered. Without the needed income to invest in more new book titles what stock was there became depleted and sold out.

      Dr. Pierce had selected about 125 titles of the hundreds offered as his recommendation list that all members read and learn from. However, due to the poor management of the business, many of these titles couldn’t be purchased from National Vanguard Books any longer.

      Sadly, members were going to other organizations and companies to get the books that National Vanguard Books should have had in stock.

      As a matter of fact, things got so dismal that it was a common complaint of members and customers alike that the company would have in stock only a quarter of the titles it offered in its catalog which was last printed in 2005! Additionally, the web store was also not kept up properly  and the National Vanguard Books telephone line was never answered.

      National Vanguard Books sorely needed an updated catalog and new offerings but nothing was ever produced. It was a source of embarrassment that at public events in 2012 the Alliance was still offering a catalog from 2005. Certainly that was a red flag to some people as to the overall health of the organization.

      The library books you mention are corporate property and the sale of them is a crime. We will do all within our power in the course of this case to restore them to the national office property.

      • Thank you ,for telling me this. I loved the catalog. There was nothing like it,because Dr. Pierce selected,and reviewed each one. This made one trust there high value. I looked forward ,with great anticipation to each of my selections,and loved every one. He chose with care;from Philosophy,history,opinion, instruction,and enduring fiction. My very last purchase,and right before his untimely demise ,was THE CROWD ;by Gustave La Bon. A wonderful classic,that I still draw insight from. I will always be grateful, to the late great Doctor,for helping to confirm my instincts ,with knowledge and wisdom. I ended purchases out of fear,that my orders ,would not be filled,in a timely fashion,or not at all. Veteran Activists,some with “A” numbers ,told me it had happened to them . I do thank you,for being in this fight to restore NA. It is most hopeful. I must repeat,my true disgust at going after the books. I liken it to the destruction,of the library of Alexandria ,by the early Christians ! On the optimistic side: People all over the globe are awaking to the threat of the International Jew. Never ,did we have the power of the Internet,like this. A true NA,must be there as a resource of sincere action. All of the best to you!

  3. If there is a group of intelligent, creative, innovative , resourceful…and DEDICATED…people who can restore the now defunct National Alliance to its former glory as the pre-eminent white rights organization in the world…it is the people of NARRG, the National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group. Even now as these lines are being written there is a cadre of dedicated activists working tirelessly to breathe new life into the organization. Since its inception in the early 1970s until the untimely death of its founder, Dr. William L. Pierce, in July, 2002, the Alliance was a force to be reckoned with…a cohesive and highly effective force comprised of highly motivated white nationalists, both men and women. This disciplined unit was the bane of unwashed leftists, JEWS, self-loathing whites and other misguided ethno-masochists. After the passing of Dr. Pierce, though, the erstwhile vigorously active body of activists decayed into a moribund body…almost a corpse. This was the result of the mismanagement, and neglect, of Pierce’s successor, Erich Gliebe, and his two ineffectual henchmen. This trio of self-serving posers knocked the Alliance to its knees and made it the laughing stock of communists organizations such as the Southern :Poverty” Law Center ( SPLC ) headed by Morris “Sleaze” Dees and the behind-the-scenes JEW, Richard Cohen. The SPLC is allegedly sponsored and financed by the world-infamous JEWISH hate group the Anti-Defamation League ( ADL ), headed by the JEWISH supremacist Abe Foxman. The communist anti-white hate group, One People’s Project ( OPP ), headed by the rotund negro, Darryl L. Jenkins, also snickered at the Alliance’s near demise. But these toxic groups need not laugh yet, for the National Alliance will rise again. Long live the National Alliance!!

  4. Gliebe is selling to Williams,Williams keeps some of the books in Tennessee, he then sells some of them to a RESPONSIBLE BOOK COLLECTOR, e.t.c. The books were there for years and they were fine. Now all of a sudden they’re not safe over in Hillsboro, and they have to be moved or sold to responsible book collectors for safekeeping. I thought that the chairman is the one responsible for the job of safekeeping, but he feels fit to sell them to collectors for money. All the vultures and I mean ALL the vultures sure flew in to Hillsboro and they’re feeding real good.

  5. Shame on those sob’s for doing this to Dr. Pierce and his legacy.The whole thing is turning out to be like a garage sale. You all come attitude, everything’s on sale for a buck.Gliebe should feel some remorse for doing this but I doubt it.To hell with all of them.

  6. The Unknown Novelist January 11, 2015, 11:50 am

    I’m a former member of the NA. I left shortly after Dr. Pierce died. That said, I have made an arrangement with Mr. Will Williams to purchase certain books of Pierce’s vast collection, for around $500. Pierce is gone, and since I am a responsible book collector, feel this is better than to risk the entire collection to outside purchasers. By no means did I get them all, just those that had special value to me. It will probably come out sooner or later who I am, and, frankly, I do not care. I’m a successful WN novelist (not HAC) and feel someone responsible must salvage these historical documents. I hope that when my name becomes known, as it almost certainly will, that I am not lumped in with the vultures who ravaged Hillsboro for all eternity.


    Once A Loyal NA Member

    • Thank you for alerting us. By your sending us your message via posting in our comment section of the website rather than our e-mail address, we assume you want this information to be publicly known.

      Realize however that your comment remains unsubstantiated until such time as it can be shown to be fact when you indicate that your identity will become known. If your comment is indeed the truth, we agree that it is in the best interest overall that it be made known. However, we cannot either confirm or deny your comments validity.

      We here continue response on the premise that what you say is fact.

      Certainly, all former Alliance members will be interested in this news and it will be of particular interest to our attorney and will go into file.

      It was sad enough news that Erich Gliebe had sold Dr. Pierce’s library to Will Williams who says it has now been removed from the national office to his residence in Tennessee. But now, we receive a claim that Williams is now reselling a portion(s) of the library. If this would be the case, there is no reason not to think that Williams has others customers besides yourself.

      You should be aware that Dr. Pierce’s library is the property of the National Alliance and therefore being a corporate asset, that library is subject to the lawsuit we have filed against the management; not just the previous management but one in which the present management in which you are dealing with will certainly be involved. Both parties, Gliebe and Williams, represent the same management in reality.

      Just as a former member and neighbor of the national office property pulled out of a real estate deal with Erich Gliebe when he found out about the lawsuit, we think it would be prudent that you consider the same with your purported deal with Will Williams in purchasing a portion of Dr. Pierce’s library. We think that would be consistent with being a “responsible book collector” as you identify yourself to be. The library after all is part of the litigation. To make a business transaction on property subject to litigation in our opinion is irresponsible.

      Our intention is to keep all National Alliance assets within the National Alliance; real estate, inventory, equipment, etc., and yes, certainly Dr. Pierce’s library.

      You speak of “vultures who ravaged Hillsboro for all eternity”. Certainly you refer to Gliebe. But where one vulture has landed others certainly follow. Don’t you think you are playing a part in providing “carrion” for the present “vultures”? 

      If you really care about the National Alliance, or Dr. Pierce’s legacy, or for your own personal reputation, we ask that you reconsider and put off this offer of sale by Will Williams.

    • If true, just more evidence that the legacy of the Alliance is being disrespected by all those currently associated with it. Why is the library being sold and who is getting the money? For 30 years Pierce built up this treasured library and now it can’t seem to be sold off quickly enough.

  7. Gliebe and Williams are truly a disgusting embarrassment to Our Cause. 

    The first time I met and heard Gliebe I believe I recognized a “snake in the grass”. And back in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, I recall Williams thrashing other people.

    Now that Williams has again shown up, I say, “Bull crap”. And Strom too! I say away with these lewd fellows.

    We must fight to bring Dr. Pierce’s National Alliance back to respectability. Great work that the NARRG team is doing. We need you and I’ll help.

  8. An informative article. We learn more of the despicable character of Thieves and Traitors than one can believe was possible. To think that at one time we called such men comrades, brothers in the Cause. But I say let’s keep the details private until the trial.

    The information learned in this article is but a foretaste of what is to be revealed in the months to come. Justice in this country is agonizingly slow….but it remorselessly proceeds.

    The crimes of Eric Gliebe will come to full light. The character of the man will be clearly defined. His reputation, deplorable as it now is, will cause one to spit upon hearing his name. Vileness will be newly defined through personification – the persona of Erich Gliebe!

    As a true and complete understanding of the Tragedy of the National Alliance is gained this year, an unshakable resolve will take hold in the hearts and souls of the Honest and Worthy that such misdeeds never again come to be identified with the National Alliance. A new Alliance will emerge stronger than ever before filled with people of character, dependability and trustworthiness. It will radiate truth, virtue and guide members in the development of individual character. Many lessons will have been learned from all this, but one already learned is that organizations are only as good as the quality of the individual.

    When a pure and rarefied National Alliance emerges tomorrow from today’s rubble….it will attract the best from our people. The New National Alliance won’t except anything less.

  9. What the hell is going on at that place? I thought you guys were making stuff up out of thin air, but now with this it’s crystal clear. Williams and Glieber made a deal for sure to sell everything under the sun and more, like a couple of jews who can’t wait to feel the dollars touch their filthy hands,selling Dr. Pierce’s belongings which he left for the National Alliance. Is this legal? Who agreed to this? No wonder we don’t see any action with the new NA. Williams is following in Gliebsters footsteps. all talk and no action. Mental rejects, sex convicts, bums, no gooders and all around loosers….is this all the National Alliance has to offer these days? I sure hope for a quick end to this mess. When’s the trial?

    • Well, it appears that the national office buildings are being emptied out doesn’t it? Yes, indeed, Williams and Gliebe have got quite a business deal going don’t they? That’s why the lawsuit must continue and we must work to proceed to trial, hopefully later this year. All the dirty doings will come out.

  10. Dr.Pierce’s library moved to Tennessee. Williams saying he’s staying at home and not moving to WV. Pedo Strom along. The WV headquarters falling apart. Yep, it sure sounds like another Gliebe part 2 in the making. You know over on VNN alot of people say you guys are doing it for the money. But it sure looks like those two are really after the dough. Gliebe trying to sell the land for 700,000, now selling Dr.Pierce’s books, taking anything that can be moved out of WV.The whole thing stinks, it’s rotten to the max, boy does it stink.And why is the Cartwright woman still around? You say that Gliebe says he’s owed money? That guy never did anything in his life,why does he wanna get paid? For running the whole thing to pieces? Or is it that he didn’t get to sell the land and take the 700,000 for himself and he wants something now? Piece of work, that piece of shit is.

    • Actually, this lawsuit is costing us a lot of money. Fortunately, we have a wonderfully generous network of supporters and former National Alliance members who share our vision of a restored and reformed National Alliance. This mission is so important that we’ll do whatever it takes to get the job done. The National Alliance means everything to us and we will not allow the likes of Gliebe, Williams or Strom to further sully and embarrass the name of the organization nor the legacy of Dr. Pierce. If you want to investigate money deals, one needs to look specifically at the business arrangements between Gliebe and Williams. To eventually discover the answers stick with us as the lawsuit will tell all as it unfolds. 

      The detractors at VNN do not understand what is going on. Hopefully this story will help to clear things up for some of them. Our goal is to preserve Dr. Pierce’s property and to once again reopen the national office to business and activity; not to empty it out and move it Williams’ private property in Tennessee, nor to sell any portion of The Land.

      It was Gliebe who put the lion’s share of the acreage up for sale for a whopping $700,000. It is NARRG who stopped this sale through a court injunction and the entire national office property is only protected still because of our efforts.  Our belief is that Gliebe is still a hanger on with Williams as is Jayne Cartwright hoping still to collect the tens of thousands of dollars they claim is “owed” to them. Owed to them for what? Again it is only through the NARRG injunction that keeps them at bay from being able to put the whole or a portion of the property back on the market. Gliebe and Cartwright have told us they wanted lots of money previous to the announcement of Williams’ involvement. Cartwright is one of Williams’ board members and an official also. There is a reason for that. Cartwright is Gliebe’s partner not Williams’. It is Gliebe who wants her where she is. How is Williams expected to pay off Gliebe and Cartwright? What guarantee is in place to prevent double-cross? Is there “honor among thieves”? We think not, especially in this case. Church of the Creator founder Ben Klassen related in his last book that Williams explained to him that you can’t con the con-man, Williams admitting his expertise in such matters to Mr. Klassen. Well, Gliebe is no chump either when it comes to the con. Should be an interesting match up as the case progresses forward. 

      The interview Williams gave to the SPLC turned out to be a treasure trove of information and character analysis of this most conniving personality. “Enough rope to hang himself”, you might say. And in a minor way, similar to his federal informant friend Glenn Miller spilling his guts. Great entertainment for the SPLC audience. A new victim to slap around. Gliebe was getting old hat to them anyway.

      Funny, it was Gliebe at the first court hearing in April of last year who tried unsuccessfully to compare NARRG to Glenn Miller and just a few months later, Gliebe turns over the Alliance to Williams, Miller’s good friend. Odd isn’t it?

  11. The whole thing is a sham ! Williams and Gliebe pulled a fast one with this deal.While you guys are trying to get things squared away in the courts, those two spineless bugs are working in the background like cockroaches,like termites chewing on wood.I sure hope you guys win the lawsuit, so hurry up and do it or else these two will be crowing with their spoils.

  12. Whether Williams left of his own volition or was told to leave by Dr. Pierce as the former member describes helps to explain why in 2002 after the death of Dr.Pierce, Williams was not on the list of 5 men selected by the Board of Directors as candidates for the chairman position. Kevin Strom however was on that list.

    • I am curious to know if what Williams and Gliebe pulled off holds water as it relates to the ongoing court proceedings. To a layman as myself it appears to directly contravene any and all injunctions. Thoughts?

      • We certainly don’t think the interactions between Gliebe and Williams “holds water” as you say. That is why we continue to pursue the case. We feel confident that we are correct.


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