Williams Favors SPLC with 2nd Interview

Williams Favors SPLC with 2nd Interview

ww ch1It is no surprise that Will Williams has favored the Southern Poverty Law Center with yet another interview, the 2nd one in as many months. Perhaps Williams will become a regularly appearing guest on their website, a character actor so to speak at their blog. Williams’ latest romp with the SPLC was published on 12/17/14.

Williams doesn’t seem to have any problem whatsoever freely and cavalierly speaking with an agency that actively works to seek our demise.

The NARRG team had a foresight in advance that something like this was likely upcoming, as several weeks previous the SPLC had sent an inquiry to our website e-mail asking if members of the NARRG team would grant them an interview. NARRG, of course, ignored the request.

However, knowing that the SPLC was also likely in tandem asking for an interview with the new management, we felt fairly sure that at the minimum it would be Williams grasping for the opportunity to make a spectacle of himself. And sure enough, he didn’t disappoint.

As you remember from the October 24, 2014 hearing, Williams and Gliebe were like old high school chums with the SPLC representative and cameraman there to cover their story. Our man on the scene, Brian Wilson refused to speak with the SPLC, much to his credit.

If you think that Williams was animated and silly then, you should read his latest interview with SPLC reporter Don Terry. Williams, is just too old and set in his ways to train himself to look and act the part of an executive, being too far entrenched into his time-worn comfort zone of barroom bully bravado, unprofessional language and general outlandishness.

Much can be gleaned from reading this story as the SPLC in their usual style begins by building Williams up referring to him as a smart, savvy and cunning creature pulling a fast one by his back-room dealings with Erich Gliebe.

Then mid-way, the SPLC shifts gears, getting into the comedy routine of a Williams story-time. While reading you can almost see Williams in animated guffawing and monkey-shines similar to his photo with his business partner Erich Gliebe outside the courtroom at the October ’14 hearing.

Then, finally, the SPLC lowers the boom on Williams with their usual flair in building the subject up only to knock him down by the end of the article. Williams provides the SPLC plenty of ammunition too. As just one an example, Williams admits to having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Williams actually helps you to answer for yourself that he isn’t in any way qualified for an executive position as the chairman’s position is.


Miller was born Frazier Glenn Cross, Jr

Couple this with Williams already embarrassing long-time friendship with government informer and confessed multiple murderer Frazier Glenn Miller. He’s already talking with media about his communications with his loony friend while he’s awaiting trial for three murders.

And soon we’ll see the National Alliance connected once again with this traitorous mental case, Glenn Miller, when Williams as chairman is identified as a decades old friend of the decades old government stool pigeon and apparent lunatic.

And Will is just getting started folks! Just imagine what other embarrassments lay in store for the National Alliance with such a boorish, buffoonish character seemingly straight out of a comic strip.

Since the posting of the SPLC’s interview with Will Williams, there has been a revision to the story adding some additional comments by Williams afterwards where he attempts to defend himself from published accusations made against him by a former employer, Church of the Creator founder, Ben Klassen in a book that Mr. Klassen published in 1993.

  1. I read the entire interview and one thing stuck out more than all the rest. Williams did a superb job in a few sentences defending his convicted child porn friend and associate Strom. The vigor and strength of his statements concerning the defense of his convict friend are really remarkable.
    Quoting Williams from the article: “He’s a fixture in the National Alliance” and then Williams goes on to say: “I can’t imagine the Alliance without him. All this bunk about him being a child porn enthusiast is just so much hype. That’s the movement. We get more trouble from these so-called movement people than we do from the Southern Poverty Law Center.”
    Is he saying that the so-called movement according to his words, is responsible for his convict friend’s troubles? That his convict friend’s self-admission of guilt means nothing and it should be swept under the rug?
    Is he trying to convince his audience that his convicted child porno friend is innocent of the charges with a 15 year probation hanging over his head?
    Does he think that new people wanting to join the NA would look kindly to such statements and such questionable friends and associates? The chairman himself fiercely defending a self admitted child porn convict? While Strom has never defended himself concerning the accusations and never says a word anywhere,quietly and obediently working the home front as the ADV voice and media director, Williams defends him at each opportunity he gets. How odd to defend a self admitted convicted pedophile ? I suppose people will judge the new chairman based on statements like, ” I can’t imagine the Alliance without him…”, and of course the excellent company he keeps.

    • “…..quietly and obediently working the home front….”hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa, you’re funny man, but like family situations in real life !
      We’ve had enough of those terrible phonies. I’m sending you a donation to help with your legal fund, I want to see some real, good people at the top for a change, and you’re it.

    • As an aside we will briefly here point out that from time to time the webmaster has received hateful commentary from admitted pedophiles in the “scene” who try to post their vile defenses of Strom on our website. We of course refuse to post such garbage.

      It is unfortunate that there are indeed at least a few of these types of people in these circles. These men need to feel the revenging hands of loving fathers laid upon them.

  2. There is something I would like to point out concerning the national office property taxes. In the interview Williams did with the SPLC on 12/17/14, they report that Williams claims that the property taxes are “paid off and current.”

    This is not true. At present the national office property taxes are in arrears to the amount of $5,802. Here at the end of the year 2014, according to Pocahontas County, WV tax records, none of this years property taxes have been paid. Additional interest charges for taxes in arrears will commence on 12/31/14.

  3. I thought you guys were bagging on Williams with this article. Sure enough I checked the SPLC website and saw the interview. What the hell is this guy doing giving interviews to them? These guys made fun of anyone who had anything to do with the Alliance before,and Williams is giving them interviews? What for?
    I have a problem with his pedo friend being in the Alliance, but this one just about done it for me. If Williams thinks he’s a leader with these kinda moves I’ve got news for him.No one is gonna come near you or the Alliance man,You might as well close up shop now.

  4. wah wah wah, all you people is cry. Is that all you are good for? Do something positive for your race and dry those tears tinkerbells. You guy’s are sorry SOBs with no lives, living off Sander Pierce’s name and making Dr. Pierce’s legacy a laughing stock.

    • Thomas James:

      We’re appalled that you think it proper that Gliebe’s surrogate Williams is doing interviews with the enemies of our race. That’s stooping pretty low we think.

      You speak to your own character here. Make no further comments to us. Send them to the SPLC in support of your leaders interview with them. They seem to work well together.

      • I too find this smooth and easy ‘working’ relationship between Williams and the SPLC appalling.
        Williams is keeping company with some very questionable people. Does this trouble Mr. James?

    • Cry? Who’s crying Thomas James?
      All I read is facts, which are pretty much on target and easily verifiable. It doesn’t bother you that the new chairman is giving interview No.2 in two months time, to those who have repeatedly mocked and branded the National Alliance into a quasi illegal organization over the years? The fact that the new chairman has helped -according to his words- the corrupt Erich Gliebe who is responsible for making Dr.Pierce’s legacy a laughing stock for over ten years doesn’t bother you? Is the truth so vile and objectionable to you ?

    • You are a bit narrow and micro-focused in your criticisms, Mr. James.
      Have you asked Herr Erich Gliebe what good he has done the Race the past few years and how HE has handled Dr. Pierce’s legacy?
      Who is the laughing stock? Who is laughing at whom?
      The Gliebster was entrusted with something of great value. Look at it now…look at what has become of it.
      And you express outrage at those who will succeed in rectifying things?

    • Funny, from what I understand you criticized Mr. Sanders Pierce over on that web forum. As for making Dr. Pierce’s legacy a laughing stock, I think that would be what self-admitted “con-man” Williams and Pee-wee Strom are in fact doing.

  5. Man I cannot wait until all this legal BS is over and we can start focusing on restoring the Alliance and making it the best Pro-White organization in the world. Don’t worry Dr. Pierce, we will not let you down. Hail Victory!

    • I am with you, Oscar. The information that will be revealed once the legal proceedings are concluded will shock and awe honest-hearted people back into the fold of the regained National Alliance. It will be a stronger, wiser and more fit organization than ever before.
      We will have passed through the fire and been hardened into tempered steel, and traitors will be exposed.


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