Joint Gliebe / Williams New Power Sharing Structure?

Joint Gliebe / Williams New Power Sharing Structure?

Analysis, Interpretation and Discussion by Brian Wilson – NARRG Legal Liaison


In a web posting on Mon Nov 24, 2014 at 1:18 pm, Will Williams states :

NARRGs don’t like to be corrected.  The necessary paperwork for changes of the National Alliance board members and corporate officers were properly filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Secretary of State nearly a month ago.  Maverick doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  If I produced a copy of the document NARRG would say it’s a forgery.

This subject of what does the NA governing structure look like and who really holds majority control over the NA Corporation is discussed in more detail below.

PART 1:  Analysis of Purported NA Corporation Organizational Structure and Composition in Virginia

Since that posting NARRG has indeed checked with the appropriate Virginia agency, and yes according to online records of the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), an amended Annual Report is listed.  It should be noted that The State Corporation Commission is an independent state agency established by the Constitution of Virginia, and is not part of the Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth which is a different separate agency.  Thus NARRG stands to be corrected on this one point about the recent filing, if Williams stands to be corrected on who filed what where.

According to the amended Annual report it is noted that Gliebe’s crony and partner, a Mr. Ryan Maziarka is still being listed as the recognized Registered Agent for the NA.  It should also be noted that Marziarka’s personal home address is still listed as the NA corporate address in Virginia where the NA is incorporated.  Thus all official NA legal and government business with the Commonwealth has to go through Maziarka at his home.  Maziarka thus holds the important “keeper of the Keys” position as all official documents goes through his hands first.  How very convenient for Gliebe to have his cohort Maziarka controlling the legal and official flow of documents to the corporation.

One also sees according to the amended Annual report it is noted that another Gliebe crony and partner, a Ms. Jayne Cartwright is still on the NA Board of Directors, and also importantly holds the key corporate officer position of Secretary of the corporation.  It should be noted that only the NA Secretary is the official keeper of authenticated NA records not Williams as president or Chairman.  Thus why should NARRG, the Virginia Court System, or for the matter anyone else seriously accept as official any documents that Williams produces, as by law only the Corporation Secretary Cartwright officially possesses and has legal authority over documents.   APPENDIX A at the end of this article contains some pertinent aspects of the Code of Virginia regarding Corporations.  There one can see that the secretary or any other officer as designated in the bylaws or by resolution of the board shall have responsibility for preparing and maintaining custody of minutes of the directors’ and members’ meetings and for authenticating records of the corporation.  Again how very convenient for Gliebe to have his cohort Cartwright controlling what is legally official and authentic as far as NA corporate Documents are concerned.

The question arises, is what is posted on the VA SCC at any point in time, legally the final answer as to who controls the NA corporation, and what is the exact composition and nature of the organizational structure?  According to Virginia statues, of which some pertinent aspects are listed in Appendix A at the end of this report, the following points can be made:

1) The number of directors may be increased or decreased from time to time.

2) The corporation may file an amended annual report with the Commission indicating the resignation of the director and the successor in office, if any, and also indicating the filling of a vacancy.

3) Upon the resignation or removal of an officer, the corporation may file an amended annual report with the Commission indicating the resignation or removal of the officer and the successor in office, if any.

Thus firstly, one can clearly see that the NA Board of Directors is not necessarily fixed to three members as shown on the most recent Amended Annual Report that was filed.  In fact under Dr. Pierce up to five members of the NA Board of Directors was customary, thus implying that the Bylaws allow up to five NA Board members at any one time.

Secondly, while an annual report  is to be filed once a year, amended annual report(s) that may possibly show additional Board members optionally may be filed.  The only way to accurately determine the present number and composition of the NA Board of Directors is to obtain from the NA Secretary (Jayne Cartwright) an official authenticated copy of the most recent NA Board of Directors minutes in which a change to either the number and/or composition of the NA Board was undertaken.  It should be noted that Cartwright has up to now refused to turn over ANY documents of the NA, thus keeping secret any possible change in either the number and/or composition of the NA Board of Directors.

It should also be noted that Williams stating that he could voluntarily send NARRG a document is legally irrelevant, as the document (whether authentic or forged) would not be properly legally submitted such as would be the case in response to a Legal subpoena, deposition, interrogatory, under Oath as a witness in a Legal Court hearing, etc..  In fact Williams has publically stated both verbally after the second Court hearing, and in web blogs that he does not intend to turn over any documents.  In a web blog on Monday November 10, 2014 9:15 pm, Williams states:

NARRG thinks the court will somehow compel me to give up the sensitive National Alliance documents and records.  That remains to be seen, and will be accomplished only over my dead body.”

PART 2:  Deduction and Interpretation of Gliebe’s Behind the Scenes New NA Organizational Chart

Based on published quotations and commentary by others, one can reasonably deduce what the behind the scenes, current NA corporate organizational structure is, that fits the facts and makes tactical sense by both Gliebe and Williams.  In deductive reasoning, one makes a hypothesis, and then observes input data to either confirm or refine that original hypothesis.  What then are the data that one can use to formulate a likely hypothesis of the current NA corporate organizational structure?

The following are some of the known published facts:

a)  Williams Co- sharing of power with Strom in controlling the NA

1) In a web posting on Dec 28, 2013 Williams calling himself (Hypocrisy Cop) stated the following in reference to Kevin Strom:  “I can’t rebuild the Alliance without him and he can’t do it without me.  We complement each other and work well together.”

b)  Williams publically (but not privately?) against Erich Gliebe before Jan 2014

2) In a 12/28/13 web posting Williams stated: “Yes, I’ll stipulate to having a ‘vendetta’ against Gliebe for more than 10 years now.  I’m no good to the SOB whatsoever. I’ve been bird-dogging his sorry ass ever since 10 years ago.”

3) Williams web post in 2013 stated “What has Gliebe won, exactly?” in a scathing review of Gliebe’s record since the death of Pierce.  “The privilege of having to look over his shoulder the rest of his life, waiting for retribution for having hijacked the Alliance and driven it into the ground?  Some winner,  He actually believes he can convert Alliance assets for his own personal use with impunity.  That’s treason in the eyes of many.” Williams additionally said.

4) In a web posting listing in September 2012, Williams purportedly stated the following : “The Board of Directors of the NA asked me at Dr. Pierce’s memorial service who I thought should be named the next Chairman and I gave them my recommendation- but they went with the ambitious goofball Gliebe.”

5) In a web blog posted December 14, 2004 tagged ‘will williams’, Williams purportedly stated: “I have enough disappointment in Erich Gliebe and his wrecking crew…”

c)  Gliebe’s close affiliation with John McLaughlin

6) According to former NA Sources, Gliebe sold National Alliance owned personal artifacts of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell to McLaughlin for $2,000 in 2010. So certainly Gliebe knows this man pretty well. The former NA office manager confirmed the story additionally.  There appears to be no published information on Williams previously having any association at all with McLaughlin.  Thus McLaughlin as a Board of Director is most probably in Gliebe’s camp and not Williams.

d)  NA Board of Directors consisting of up to five Board Members

7) Under Dr. Pierce there were up to five Board of Director members, thus the NA Bylaws allowed that many number of Board Members.  Whether all five positions are filled at any time has been shown to not be the case, as under Gliebe’s reign there were only three filled Board of Director positions, with apparently two open unfilled positions.  Gliebe most recently as of this year had himself, Cartwright, and Maziarka as listed Board of Directors.  Presently Gliebe now may have up to two other filled Board of Director positions in his camp, yet as of now being unnamed, and not yet reported to the Virginia State Corporation Commission in an Amended Annual Report.

e) Williams claims Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) ties to Gliebe

8) In a web posting listing in September 2012, Williams purportedly stated the following “The Board of Directors of the NA asked me at Dr. Pierce’s memorial service who I thought should be named the next Chairman and I gave them my recommendation- but they went with the ambitious goofball Gliebe who had his FBI/SPLC handler Lawrence Myers, behind him, lobbying hard for him for the position.”

In summary, from the above five observations (and others not mentioned for brevity), the following tentative NA Organizational Chart shown immediately below best fits the known facts and makes tactical sense by both Gliebe and Williams.


ww na org chart

From the tentative current NA organizational chart shown above, it is a good probability that Gliebe is a silent partner as we know for certain that Ms. Cartwright is still on the NA Corporate Board of Directors and the only reason she would be retained by Williams is not because he wants her there but because Gliebe does.  In any event, not only do we know that Gliebe wants money from the Alliance property but so does Cartwright as he probably owes her thousands.  One only has to follow the time tested adage of ‘follow the money trail’ to see what in all likelihood is really going on between Gliebe and Williams, ‘behind the scenes’.

As further information develops, more refinements to the tentative current NA organizational chart can perhaps be undertaken.  The skeletal framework though has been developed sufficiently to glean some revealing information about the current NA corporate organizational structure.  The most important aspect that one walks away with is that the organizational structure as shown above allows Gliebe to maintain hidden majority control of the NA Board of Directors along with several key corporate officer positions vital to officially possess and have legal authority over what constitutes authentic NA documents.

Williams on the other hand is allowed to have some limited power and authority such as being the visible public face of the NA Corporation and perhaps second tier local management control over the day to day operations, and interface with the public.   Thus the charade is kept up, as the illusion of Williams having complete total control over the NA is thus maintained and propagated for both propaganda and media related purposes.

PART 3: Discussion of Known Williams’ NA Close Associates Table

The following table has been gathered from publicly available sources and shows (tongue in cheek) the high caliber professionalism and extensive managerial experience of the current NA team under Williams’ tutelage!  Can one say with an honest face, that if one searched worldwide one could not find a more competent corporate management team for the National Alliance!  Should we thus congratulate Williams for assembling his current cadre of NA team members, or do otherwise?  That decision is left up to the reader, but the choice should be obvious to all.

Known Will Williams Team Members of the National Alliance in December 2014

ww na tm 14


1) Williams gave a summer 2014 Interview with the Kansas City Star newspaper regarding his longtime friend Frazier Glenn Miller, who is a federal informant and accused multiple murderer.  (The Kansas City Star 06/28/2014 edition)

stated that Miller from Prison continues to correspond with Williams.  The newspaper article further reports that Will Williams, a white nationalist from Tennessee who has known Miller for more than two decades, said Miller told him earlier this year that he was extremely ill.  “We had talked on the phone, and I knew he was in bad health.” – Williams said.  He said Miller told him in a recent phone call from jail that his health had deteriorated after he was arrested and placed in protective custody, which he referred to as ‘the hole’.  “The second call, he was in the infirmary, and he got his meds and was in lots better spirits.”- Williams said.

2) Glenn Miller was, until he lost his marbles and went on a murder spree, Williams mouthpiece promoting Williams version of the National Alliance on a popular pro-White forum. Miller did this for him as Williams was banned from posting there. As far as we know, being such good friends for so many years, if Miller wasn’t in prison right now awaiting trial for three murders, he would probably be at a minimum a new member of Williams’ National Alliance and perhaps just maybe a board member or some other titled position?

3) Williams was affiliated with the following organizations, none of which espouse Cosmotheism:  KKK, White Patriot Party, and Republican Party Delegation.

4) Prior to espousing  Cosmotheism, Williams was actively involved in Creativity under Ben Klassen.  Williams was editor of the Church of the Creator publication “Racial Loyalty” and held official titles of Hasta Primus and Reverend.  He was also an employee at the Church HQ under Klassen.

APPENDIX A- Some Pertinent Aspects of the Code of Virginia, Regarding Corporations

A)  Number and election of directors.

The number of directors may be increased or decreased from time to time by amendment to the bylaws, unless the articles of incorporation provide that a change in the number of directors shall be made only by amendment of the articles of incorporation.

The articles of incorporation or bylaws may establish a variable range for the size of the board of directors by fixing a minimum and maximum number of directors. If a variable range is established, the number of directors may be fixed or changed from time to time, within the minimum and maximum, by the members or the board of directors.

B)  Resignation and vacancy of directors.

The corporation may file an amended annual report with the Commission indicating the resignation of the director and the successor in office, if any, and also indicating the filling of a vacancy.

C)  Resignation and removal of officers.

Upon the resignation or removal of an officer, the corporation may file an amended annual report with the Commission indicating the resignation or removal of the officer and the successor in office, if any.

D)  Required officers.

The secretary or any other officer as designated in the bylaws or by resolution of the board shall have responsibility for preparing and maintaining custody of minutes of the directors’ and members’ meetings and for authenticating records of the corporation.

  1. Could anyone expect anything less than this grand fiasco from the man who is solely responsible for the demise of the NA? Does anyone doubt that Glieber is a total idiot and this move tops the charts of his idiocy?

  2. Will Williams in his latest SPLC interview spills his guts out on some of his own personal information. One of these pieces of personal information is that he admits that he receives military disability benefits, and that he “also got PTSD from it” in reference to his combat experience. According to the United States Department of Veterans Affairs : “Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health problem that can occur after a traumatic event like war. Ben Klassen’s last published book stated that it was clear that Williams “had not recovered from the psychological scars” of Vietnam. Holding the position as a former NA membership coordinator, Williams should know better what the requirements are for obtaining and retaining membership in the NA. As a former NA member myself, I have with me a copy of the NA Member’s Handbook. It says under the subheading ‘Ineligible persons’ that, and I directly quote: “The following categories of persons are ineligible for membership – Persons who have been admitted into any mental hospital, either voluntary or involuntarily; Any individual who receives state assistance for a mental condition or has been declared mentally unfit for duty from the military or declared mentally handicapped by any state agency.” So the real question is, whether or not Will Williams meets the minimum membership requirements of the National Alliance? And if not, then he should immediately resign, and if he refuses, then the Board of Directors of the NA should then immediately expel Williams from the National Alliance, and appoint a new chairman, president and treasurer, all posts held by Williams.

    • I wanted to point out the same thing but you beat me to it “Mark Denton”. How could Gliebe make the statement that Williams is the best man for the job, I don’t know. You would think that before he picked a successor he would want to investigate and know all about the person he is handing the organization to. During the interview with the jews of the splc Williams says he and Gliebe made the deal in a motel the night before the hearing.What in hells name is this deal all about? In a motel room? like some sort of a deal with a “woman” for an hour or so?

      • You have to understand how this stratum of sub-humanity operates and what meaning their speech actually conveys.

        The ‘best man for the job’ in Gliebster parlance refers not to individual competency or moral character or experience and so on, according to the common understanding of this oft used phrase, but refers instead to what is best for Gliebe personally. It is what is most expedient, profitable, comfortable, rewarding and timely for this Traitor and Thief. In other words, looks like Williams and Strom made Gliebe an offer he just couldn’t turn down.

        Opportunists….material men…not men of ideals or principle…just can’t turn a good deal down when tempted, regardless of the consequences. Gliebsters are weak and corruptible men who can be bought…and bought-off.

        You weren’t really thinking Gliebe selected Williams after a thorough and comprehensive search for a replacement according to what was best for the Alliance, did you?
        Never forget who and what we are dealing with here!

  3. Nearly two months have passed without any recent developments (as it appears to the casual observer) announced from Chairman Williams. This clearly indicates that he is as incompetent as Gliebe was when he was Chairman of the National Alliance.
    Also revealing is the fact that no content has been added to their NA website for a similar period of time as well, in addition to the fact that Mr. Williams no longer refutes any of the factual claims made by NARRG against him, nor do his supporters. This is something that a capable and trustworthy leader must do if they expect unsuspecting people to join them.
    However, this makes no difference to me nor should it to anyone else due to the fact that the National Alliance is now managed by sketchy and dishonest individuals. Unlike Williams, NARRG is honest and has an untainted record, combined with talented individuals with proven leadership abilities. Just the fact alone that Mr. Strom is under 15 YEARS of SUPERVISED PROBATION should be more than enough to deter any prospective members.

    • Maverick,

      Actually, it has been a year now since Williams and Strom announced their new copy-cat version of the National Alliance on 12/28/13 and we’ve seen nothing of substance. Perhaps this is an explanation as to why the situation has evolved the way it has to the present with their back-room deal with Gliebe announced 10/24/14.

      Apparently, they were getting no traction and teamed up with Erich Gliebe to inherit something to start off with. But as we’ve seen, most of the members want nothing whatsoever to do with either of them. The support we have for our work is ample evidence this is the case.

      We think that Williams has “shot himself in the foot” with his outrageous 12/17/14 interview with the SPLC. What respectable White representative would give the SPLC an interview? And what an interview.! Just read it for yourselves folks! Look at the things this man admits to and the zany things he says. You’ll be shaking your head once you read it.

      To think that Gliebe sold Dr. Pierce’s huge private library to Williams and it’s been moved to Williams’ private residence in Tennessee was very sad indeed.

      We found the quotes of Church of the Creator founder, Ben Klassen also very illuminating concerning Will Williams in Klassen’s last book, Trials, Tribulations and Triumphs, as quoted by the SPLC from Klassen’s book.

      Those words of Ben Klassen are certainly in the same vein as the what we see in this interview.

      Williams himself certainly has proved to be our best advocate. Gliebe sure knows how to pick ’em!

      • Thanks for pointing that out, I completely forgot. So it has now been 1 YEAR since they have attempted to rebuild the Alliance and all they have accomplished is the creation of their WB forum and NV website, which incidentally, was created before that date. That’s pathetic. They don’t even have a membership registration process, let alone any members.
        Not only that, Williams is trying to discredit NARRG once again. Today he writes: “NARRGs, you need to start your own organization along the lines Jim Ring described in those long comments of his.” Well, isn’t that exactly what he and Strom did on 12/28/13? They’ve achieved absolutely nothing. Their all talk and no game, just like Gliebe.

        • Maverick,

          Thank you in turn for letting us know what Williams is talking about. I don’t visit his blog but since you have pointed out something he’s said concerning myself, I’ll make a brief statement for I fear from his comment that I may have strained his attention span.

          It is Williams who stuck his nose into our business. It is we who are associated with the National Alliance, not him. Williams, an on again, off again member in the past was last a member a dozen years ago. His participation and those who surround him are now antiquities. It is we who have recognition of the court to challenge the corporate structure and management and we will continue to pursue our goal of restoration and renewal for the National Alliance.

          It is Williams who must find a new avenue for himself with his friend Strom as he claims he can’t do anything without the man. These kind of people have no place with us. The National Alliance is going to leave the wasteland behind and these people are a part of that wasteland. That has been clearly demonstrated by their own persons, by their own deeds.

          Just because Gliebe has appointed Williams as chairman means nothing to us. Some accuse Williams of being a con man, in fact Williams alludes to being such himself in his SPLC interview, but I wonder at this point if it wasn’t he who was conned by Gliebe. Seems to me Williams has sure got himself into a mess. Well, he’s a big boy, even though he may not act the part at times; he can extract himself any time he’s of a mind to.

          NARRG is a fellowship created but for a single purpose and we mean to pursue our mission to the conclusion. If Williams wants to create more problems for himself, that is his affair. If he wants to conspire and make deals with Gliebe, let him. It only goes to show his own character.

          Finally I would say, “Don’t tell us what to do. We already have charted the path before you stuck your nose into it. The addition of your persona is of little consequence to our mission other than that it is a further demonstration that we are right and that we must move onward with our path.”

    • When Glieber was around we had nothing going on and the splc was always connecting some acts of individuals who did some bad things in a sort of blanket blame to anyone who had anything to do with the Allaince, and that no good Glieber never did anything to defend the Alliance.
      Now we have the same kinda guy at the top saying that Strom who’s under 15 years of supervised probation is a fixture of the Alliance and they go together, in the latest interview with the jews of the splc.
      You can imagine the fun the splc will have with that,connecting the Alliance with the pedo friend of williams, and will make any member who joins into a peodo too.
      Instead of progress we’re back to square one again with this bunch picked by corrupt Glieber. I think it’s better that Dr.Pierce is not alive anymore to see this mess,and to think that Bob Mathews gave his life for peoplel like that.

  4. I do not have the skills to be anybody’s “webmaster.” You need to construct your fantasy without my name in it.

    • Will Williams says otherwise. We quote him here from the September 2014 issue of the not so monthly National Alliance Bulletin, the organization’s newsletter that contains Williams’ very first chairman’s commentary since Erich Gliebe handed the position over to him:

      The commentary is on the last two pages, ( 11 & 12). The quote below referring to you is on page 12.

      Will Williams says,

      “I am not very adept at using computers and the Internet, but with the help of former Alliance staffer Hadding Scott, who is adept, we launched a blog in June 2011 that is dedicated to transcribing older, pre-Internet articles by Dr. William Pierce so they can be shared electronically or printed out.”…….Williams goes on to say, “I believe it is that WLP Legacy blog and our ADV shows that convinced Erich Gliebe that the Alliance would be in good hands going forward with me at the helm.”

    • Hadding my friend, you should’ve checked with the boss before you posted. I’m looking at the same thing too on page 12.You must have some skills at least or else the big boss wouldn’t have mentioned you,unless he’s imagining things and running his mouth as always.


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