Successful Sacramento NA Chapter Rejects Gliebe’s Successors

Successful Sacramento NA Chapter Rejects Gliebe’s Successors
Sac. chapter display at mid 2012 gun show

Sacramento chapter display at mid 2012 gun show

The Sacramento chapter of the National Alliance was the only active working and thriving local organization within the Alliance for the last 5 years previous to its last convening of monthly meetings which was held on October 28th of 2012, when it officially disbanded as a working group in protest over the dismal management of Erich Gliebe over the organization.

The group, as many will recall, was famous for its public relations work, principally setting up large openly National Alliance displays at dozens of major gun shows in the region from Sacramento CA area to Reno & Carson City NV.  Additionally, the unit helped support the gun show activities of the Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix AZ groups, getting them started on conducting successful shows on their own. Members also travelled other lengthy distances to promote the Alliance message such as the popular National Vanguard Books display set up at a European Cultural festival in Pasadena CA in 2012.

Long-time members will also recall the group held two of its own successful Euro-Fest cultural events with traditional ethnic entertainment, catered dinners and keynote speakers, one of which was attended by Dr. Pierce about 6 months before he passed away. For a different twist, the group also held a Winter Fest party; a dress-up affair with catered dinner, speeches and a live pro-White band for entertainment.  Each of these gatherings had over 100 people in attendance.

Another innovative activity to promote camaraderie, sense of community and provide a family friendly atmosphere for the group was the organizing of their Western Camping Adventures each year and sometimes twice annually, held primarily in desert locations in Nevada as well as California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Indeed, it is not too much to say that this local organization was literally the National Alliance’s public face in the real world, reaching thousands of people in a very personal style over the years and doing it professionally as the group had never been asked to leave any gun show that they presented at, even when angry Jews had lodged complaints about “Nazis” or Leftists agitators tried to cause trouble.

The group helped quite a measure getting Dr. Pierce’s famous novel, The Turner Diaries out to an eager public, selling hundreds of copies over the years mostly as one would expect at the gun shows.

It is also not too much to say that the Sacramento chapter represented the only organizational life left in the National Alliance. Anyone who has access to the NA newsletters will see overwhelming evidence of this or has seen the cutting-edge web site of the Sacramento group before they took it down in October 2012.

The local group’s reaction to Gliebe’s proposed succession of the Williams / Strom duo is in no uncertain terms rejected by every member  and therefore the Sacramento chapter will remain in hiatus, continuing to support the efforts of NARRG until a successful conclusion of the lawsuit is reached. In the meantime, members continue to meet in continued friendship on an irregular basis and keep in touch.

Only then will the chapter reorganize and begin its necessary work again. Chapter members feel that they cannot in good conscious work for any management that will alienate responsible racially conscious people or be associated with people that will subject us to public ridicule and scorn.

Incensed on the one hand by statements that the succession management intends to turn the organization into some kind of restricted religious group, and on the other hand by being placed in a position of having to defend one of those leaders’ admission, conviction, registration and supervised probation to odious sex offense crimes is absolutely intolerable.

This is not what members consider proper leadership and thus will not buy into to Gliebe’s scorched earth successors.

  1. A no good crook who might be gone as chairman but I’m sure is still connected to the NA somehow, judging from the picture of him and Williams together like two peas in a pod outside the courtroom, a pedophile appearing on the Pennsylvania police website, and a loud mouth who’s banned from VNN and Stormfront both, last time I checked. How can any good people with families ever decide to join the NA with this bunch at the top?

  2. Some people have been talking about Strom lately, and the fact that he’s been railroaded by the gov.and he’s innocent.I said something in my other post, but here’s some more. If Strom had any decency, and even if he was “railroaded” by the gov,he should realize that his name is mud,whether by being framed or by his own doing, and he should just walk away and not trash the name of the Alliance anymore.By continuing to have his name mentioned with the Alliance in a top position,like Media Director,he keeps his name at the top and center.People will associate the Alliance with his name period,and I don’t want to have to defend him whether he’s innocent or not,He is a fame seeker, and he does it because he doesn’t care about the Alliance,but himself only. by the way, he’s a dad too so why did he admit to a crime like that? why did he go along to have his name close to mud, if he didn’t do it? what was he afraid of? I’m a dad too,but I would never admit to something like that,if I didn’t do it, its too much to have something like that on my plate.
    Williams himself if he wants the Alliance to prosper and start new, like he says, should not be defending him like he’s done in the past, and continues to do.I have to wonder about his judgement too,defending someone like that,whether he did it or not.Would Dr.Pierce defend a man like that?

    • Excellent post, I agree completely. I believe it’s quite likely Strom was railroaded, but anyone in his position should realize that it’s time to bow out of the public eye.

      • The fact that he wishes to remain front and center is indicative of a severe deficit in the consciousness of mind and self-sacrifice necessary for any effective leader to have. I simply cannot imagine being in his position and not recognizing the damage it does to the cause to have a registered sex offender be in a prominent position in the organization. Absolutely insane.

        • It also calls into serious question any leadership abilities on the part of Will Williams. Although a leader should be compassionate and just, he also needs to have the strength and, dare I say, ruthlessness to jettison individuals with such unhealthy baggage.
          Please accept my apologies for posting three times in a row. I’m done now.

  3. An Open Letter to NARRG:

    It is “crystal clear” that the true motivation of the NARRG group and its lawsuit was to seize control
    of the National Alliance and its assets and totally regardless of just the removal of Gliebe and new
    Chairman being appointed. This true motivation is both unjustified and is unacceptable to all other
    past members of the National Alliance that are not NARRG members. Seeking “justice” and/or just
    “proper management” is really just a “lame excuse” for power-seeking and for control over the NA
    by Jim Ring and his “Fundamentalist” Christian Identity associates like Brian Wilson and “abusing”
    Sanders Pierce by his association as a lead plaintiff in now such a useless and destructive lawsuit.

    The good money donated by others for NARRG that was spent to help remove Gliebe from power
    and control of the NA has been well spent and for that you are to be given due praise and thanks.
    However, NARRG continuing the lawsuit just because you didn’t get to be or to be able to choose
    the new Chairman is “just completely unacceptable” to all of the rest of us who are not NARRG..

    Stop wasting other people’s money now and only for your own personal and selfish ambitions.
    The NA is now in good hands with Chairman Will Williams. Make your peace with him as he is
    shown his own Aryan willingness to do so with you NARRGs, and even with Brian Wilson, your
    CI associate. True “Viking Justice” will come to those that should have “closed ranks” with Will
    Williams after the removal of Gliebe and for the benefit of the White Race and not just for any
    personal ambition of some within NARRG. You in NARRG still have a chance to make amends
    with Will Williams and the NA under him and to drop this destructive lawsuit and this infighting.

    We will all see but time and our patience is getting short for you NARRG to “do the right thing”.
    Time to “walk the talk” or only to just to be seen to being the “agents” of the “Usual Suspects”.

    • Paul,

      You make a very simple-minded assumption that just because Gliebe, whom you seem to agree should be removed, and has now abdicated, that we simply must accept his chosen successors at face value with good faith no matter who they may be; that somehow a deficient person like Erich Gliebe is magically going to remove himself and put in its place “knights in shining armor”! How do you come to such an asinine deduction sir? Neither Williams or Strom have been associated with the National Alliance for many, many years now. One of them you neglect to mention is even a registered sex offender. You can visit him at the Pennsylvania State Police website. Those on your side always seem to want to avoid this unpleasant fact. Well it can’t be avoided no matter how you try to pretend it isn’t there. Why should we acquiesce to either Gliebe’s decision or yours for that matter?

      It is we the members who have taken up this fight, worked extremely hard and have spent much money; so it seems to us naturally that it is we who have an interest in deciding how the organization will ultimately be managed. We have already established ourselves as having legal standing with the court. Having been absent for so many years, Gliebe’s successors would not even be recognized by the court had it been they initiating this legal action instead of ourselves.

      Sanders Pierce, who knows better than anyone who would be best to represent his brother’s mission, could have freely decided to announce that it is time to drop the lawsuit now that Gliebe has given the chair to Will Williams. He didn’t. He feels strongly that the lawsuit must continue for the obvious reason that he knows the Williams / Strom duo would be a disaster for the National Alliance. Just the Strom factor alone is enough to sink the National Alliance. Imagine having to attempt to try and explain away the record of an admitted, convicted pedophile. Are you serious or are you yourself one of the “Usual Suspects” you mention?

      The money that people have given to this struggle is clearly earmarked as to what it is for and how that money is spent. The NARRG team has made great personal sacrifices to carry this struggle to the present. We have offered to negotiate over the principles of management change. The Williams / Strom duo is not a result of any dialog and in any event not acceptable to us. So, as you say, “the good money… spent to help remove Gliebe from power….has been well spent…”. We can agree with you to that point. From there on is where we separate paths. The people who continue to help us disagree with you also in that the money they help us with is still good money. The money would have only been wasted if we had decided to drop the lawsuit. Then sir, the effort certainly would have been a waste and a cheat to good people.

      It is our contention that the NA is not in good hands as you say; no more now than when it was Gliebe’s. It has changed hands from one bad apple with more of its kind. We have reiterated over and again that the National Alliance must remove itself from the characters we’ve associated over the years with the so-called pro-White scene; a virtual wasteland. These include also certain people who have had association with the National Alliance in years pasts. The fact that you think that the “NA is now in good hands” under these circumstances makes you suspect sir or otherwise a person that we certainly would want no association with.

      Our course is to continue to “do the right thing” as you put it which is the opposite of what you want us to do. Neither your personal opinion nor your patience is a factor in our course. As to your allusion that we are “agents” of someone; we point out that Mr. Wilson is not in the SPLC photo with Williams and Gliebe posturing for their cameraman and giving them interviews. Mr. Wilson had rebuffed these enemies of our people and NARRG will continue to do so. Dr. Pierce would have been appalled by all of this.

      • Would Dr. Pierce not also be appalled that NARRG supports the removal of Christianity as an “Opposed Ideology” from the Membership Handbook? How can the leadership of NARRG honestly sell the notion to those who were admirers of Dr. Pierce that Cosmotheism had little or no influence on building the National Alliance? Come on, that is really disingenuous. While the National Alliance did not go out of its way to offend Christians and still accept them as members, neither did it ever compromise on its own Worldview which Gliebe/Walker did in 2005. The NA’s stance on Christianity was something that made it stand apart from other groups. You’re right, Williams and Strom had nothing to do with the Alliance during the last decade, they broke away from Gliebe’s leadership soon after he took over, yet the NARRG leadership stood by Gliebe all the way up until 2012. That says a lot.

        Also, you keep saying that it’s the Williams / Strom duo that now lead the Alliance. Last I checked only Williams was named Chairman, Strom currently does not have any leadership position within the organization, other than producing ADV every week again (of which he’s been doing a great job). You keep throwing the ‘sex offender’ and ‘pedophile’ accusation. While it is technically true he is on a sex offender list — a consequence of a totally corrupt judicial system — he is in no way a pedophile however. Never did he commit such a horrific crime upon any child. He plea-bargained(hardly an admission of guilt) over inadvertent possession of 3 or 4 thumbnail images that were meticulously recovered by the FBI from his hard drive and did his time in prison. Anyone who bothers to look into his case will conclude he was railroaded and is in fact innocent of any wrongdoing. Yet NARRG sees it fit to blindly accept the ruling of the vastly corrupt Federal Government.

        Strom is still our kinsman who worked with Dr, Pierce for 20 years until his death. We should not abandon those who were maliciously targeted by this anti-white system. I leave it to every individual to make up their own mind regarding his case, something which NARRG does not want its followers to do. You must remember that independent thinking has always been a keystone and encouraged heavily to all members who made up the National Alliance under Dr. Pierce. That’s all I have to say, Thank you.

        • Michael,

          Thank you for writing to express your thoughts. I appreciate the tone of your message. You make your points, even though contra to ours, in a reasoned way and thus judging you an intelligent person I would like to address some of your points in this very personal way; a dialog of sort. I do not attempt to change your position. Just as you want us to have a clearer picture of how you see things, I would like to give you some of my opinions and insights. So, please consider this as a personal answer to your mail. As such it is a little lengthy but I’ve tried to be concise.

          Your question about the removal of Christianity from the handbook is problematic in that the removal happened in a revision after the death and I am to understand from several sources that Dr. Pierce had left notes to the effect of some changes he wanted to see in a new revision of the handbook but he didn’t live to see it completed. A member I know who knew Dr. Pierce well swears that the good Doctor had written notes concerning certain changes to the handbook at a future date and had even at one time anyway possessed these notes. I know that some would scoff at this and therefore I’ve never mentioned it previously anywhere because I am not at liberty to name the person who related the story and more importantly that the physical evidence has never been produced. I have never known this person to lie so I have no reason to doubt their claim. Still however, Michael, without evidence; it is just words and I wouldn’t expect people to take up the story on someone’s word they don’t even know of. I only mention it here as to explain what has been related to me on this subject.

          Looking at things on a broader scale however, if we look at Dr. Pierce’s virtual abandoning of Cosmotheism by the mid 1980’s and the exclusive promotion of the National Alliance organization thereafter (devoid of Cosmothesism other than its mention in a few places.), it does fit that it is possible that Dr. Pierce, wanting to concentrate on the growth of the National Alliance, wanted to make some changes in the handbook. Dr. Pierce wasn’t a static person (he had an evolving process as all thinking people do and sometimes we make big moves and later think the better of it after-all) and we can see that Cosmotheism took very much a back-seat from the mid-’80’s going forward. I have stated this fact from my personal experience from 1990 onward and Williams agrees also as you see in his affidavit from his two years on staff in the early ’90’s.

          Dr. Pierce and I knew each other very well and as such he knew that I wasn’t a Christian. If he was interested in promoting Cosmotheism, (which is not an original idea by the way) from the time I joined in 1990 till his death, he never broached the subject once with either I nor his brother Sanders after he had joined also in the 1990’s. Sanders Pierce isn’t a Christian either. Not meaning to repeat myself but I had never at all come across any member from 1990 until Dr. Pierce died who called Cosmotheism their religion; not one! I really feel confident that Dr. Pierce did not intend for the National Alliance to be a “little tent”. For Cosmotheism, perhaps, but not for the National Alliance. Even then, the little tent of Cosmotheism was taken down by the mid-’80’s.

          Someone was making a big deal that I admitted to not being a Cosmotheist. That’s true. I don’t call myself such. I am a National Socialist; that is my spiritual and temporal life value. That there are certain Christians who are National Socialists isn’t a bother to me either. There were millions of them in the Third Reich. They are with us today as well. Hitler carefully explains in Mein Kampf that one must never tamper with a people’s faith or traditions. The best one can do in this regard is to show a different path. One can say that Cosmotheism is a different path. One can show the path; one can encourage the path but one can never demand the path. Independent thinkers must come to the alternative on their own. In the end, there is a rule of mankind that is unmovable and that is: People believe what they want to believe. In this searching, in this thinking, is how, in my case, I gave up the Christian faith and found something I felt comfortable with in my life; the philosophy of National Socialism. And it was the way Dr. Pierce expressed these National Socialist ideas in a contemporary way in the literature of the National Alliance that I felt could successfully be conveyed to my fellow men and women is what attracted me to the National Alliance.

          I believe that the tracts and writings Dr. Pierce did on Cosmothesism in the ’70’s though mid ’80’s need to be republished and offered to people. They represent a path that some may take. One can be both a Cosmotheist and a National Alliance member. But one doesn’t have to be a Cosmotheist in order to be a National Alliance member. The history of our movement doesn’t support the notion that the National Alliance is the secular arm of Cosmothesism. Otherwise, Dr. Pierce would have been over the last 17 years of his life, promoting one along in tandem with the other. Only for a brief period was Cosmotheism the spiritual arm of the National Alliance in actual form. Of course, there are ideas of Cosmotheism embedded in our program and worldview as much of this dovetails into National Socialist thought being in sync with the Laws of Nature. Again, I reiterate that Dr. Pierce was an evolving man, not a static one.

          Even Dr. Pierce mentioned in a 1997 ADV broadcast, that he expected no push-back from his Christian friends when he railed against the churches. Certainly we must do so as the church as a whole, with very minor exceptions has turned against our people. That it may be shown that this picture was much different in the middle ages or even as late as the German National Socialist era, the fact remains that as a social unit the Christian churches are our enemy. However, having said that, the Christians who belong to the NA certainly understand that fact. They must understand this or not belong to the National Alliance if their faith dictates against the race. However a racially conscious Christian forms his or her faith to commingle with his or her belief in his race is that persons business not mine. That he or she can do this successfully puts that person into the service of the race. In National Socialist Germany’s glory days, these people believed in what the NSDAP called Positive Christianity which was addressed in the Party program. Why would I push such a person away? We in modern times seem less free than the days of our ancestors concerning these matters. I think perhaps some of the non-Christians today have taken up the attitudes of the church of the early days; convert or die or at least be shunned.

          Dr. Pierce was as I have mentioned first and foremost a National Socialist and it is this ideology that forms the basis of the National Alliance worldview. His history shows that conclusively as well as his development of the NA program. A poster at our website postulates well the opinion that Cosmotheism was perhaps a philosophers spiritual elevation of the National Socialist world view. Certainly in recruitment of adherents and activists over the years we never required a new member to be a National Socialist, nor a Cosmotheist, no more than we ever said that the new prospect mustn’t be a Christian. What we did require was that those who joined did so on the basis (as our business cards say) of common blood. It is from there the new member had to begin his or her own evolution and examine and understand alternative history, looking at recent and current events through revolutionary eyes and being exposed to other paths. This is the nature of the independent thinking you mention. Through National Vanguard Books we offered the educational background needed for members to critically examine and judge the world they live in, by understanding the world before them, to make the necessary mental adjustments about the status of the world today and form a clear path on their own personal participation in this greatest of all causes. Armed so, the developing member had a vision of the world of the future we would struggle to create; a waking dream.

          In recruiting on this basis and forming what would be a true national alliance, a movement needed to be formed that would attract the best of our people irrespective of their background. That was one of the grandest things about the National Alliance in my opinion Michael is that we had people from all walks of life; blue collar and white collar, wealthy and mediocre, high school graduates to Ph. D.’s and too, people from varies spiritual backgrounds; even atheists. I’ve said over and over, the people we must attract need to be the best people from the professional classes and the working class families!

          What made the National Alliance stand apart from the other pro-White efforts was that fact that representing the Idea of National Socialism without the 1930’s era visual stimuli/pageantry and being NS in ideology thus set itself apart from all the other efforts which in reality were nothing but crass reactionary causes; the failure of right-wing thinking that Dr. Pierce explained so well. The National Alliance is not just another one of the dozens of pro-White groups out there. We are much more than that. And Cosmotheism is certainly an element of that but not the whole of what the National Alliance is. It is an alternative path for some certainly if they want it but it is not principally what the mission of the National Alliance is. The mission statement of the National Alliance is defined in the Articles of Incorporation of 1974. (Cosmotheism is not mentioned in that founding document.) The National Alliance is truly NS in spirit and especially so compared to other so-called NS groups in North America which only promote the usual reactionary pabulum.

          You should understand also that those of us who remained all these years with the National Alliance did so not for love of Erich Gliebe but for love and loyalty to Our Cause and the legacy of Dr. Pierce. Many of us knew, some earlier than others, that Gliebe was severely lacking in most respects and thus rightly or wrongly, tried to overcome Gliebe’s lack of leadership through individual and local group work. This was a doomed view as one cannot build successful local organization in the long run when that local group depends on a strong national office infrastructure to bolster its regional work and perception. Also keep in mind too that much has come to our attention about Gliebe that came after the collapse that we had no idea of. It has been a painful experience.

          If we are criticized by some for staying too long, then you must accept our insistence for wanting to correct the fault. We’re working hard to make the correction. That we do not accept Gliebe’s choice to your favor is not our fault. We were never inquired of in the matter. The news came like a bolt from the blue through the SPLC of all people. If Gliebe or Williams had wanted; they could have contacted us first. We had offered to discuss this matter with Gliebe several times previously if he was of mind to do so. We even tried to do so before filing the lawsuit. However, Williams has already admitted to working with Gliebe from the beginning; something we had suspected early on turned out to be true.

          Nonetheless, it is we who stuck by the organization all the way who have the most at stake. We struggled for the life of the National Alliance even while chained to Erich Gliebe. Others rattled the cage, got angry, even fought Gliebe, lost and left but we stayed. To us, neither Williams nor Strom were the answer back then nor are they today. There are many reasons we feel this way but that would make this missive much too lengthy. Anyway, as we took the trouble, did the work, made the sacrifice and were seemingly successful in forcing Gliebe out; it is also our right establish new management. Just because Gliebe’s choice is Williams / Strom doesn’t mean that we have to accept that. And as we don’t accept it our mission needs to be completed unless there is a settlement. I think that Gliebe’s choice says a lot and none of it is good from our perspective. And considering we’re talking about Gliebe, why should it? Do you think that the only good thing that Erich Gleibe ever has done was to turn the NA over to Williams? Why would he do such a “good” thing after all else that he has done to harm the NA. In my opinion, Gliebe is not yet gone, Gliebe isn’t going to leave the scene empty handed if he can help it.

          Strom is a leading personality, therefore a leader of sorts, for the simple fact that it is he who is the public voice of the new management. It matters little whether or not he is an official or has a title. Both Williams and Strom go together as a set. (an odd set I grant you in lieu of Williams’ earlier opinion of Strom I’ve related) An organization needs an intellectual voice and Strom fills that bill where Williams cannot.

          The descriptions applied to Strom are not accusation but fact. The definition of a pedophile is one who has sexual interest in children. You don’t “technically” get put on a sex-offender list. His plea bargain was in fact an admission of guilt. One cannot plea bargain and claim innocence. In other words to paraphrase he said, “I’ll admit to a partial of the charges you accuse me of if you agree not to prosecute for all the charges.” Court records show his romantic interest in a then little 9 year old girl, (stalking, writing love sonnets, etc.). The trial demonstrated that he has a sexual attraction to children. And so does his own confession in his own handwriting to his family before the charges, agreeing with his wife and mother to seek counseling. Testimony shows much more than something “inadvertent”.

          As I mentioned before, even for those who want to give Strom a clean bill, claiming he was railroaded by the government; do you expect the organization to have to expend it’s energy trying to forever defend him? Think we can recruit good family people in this circumstance? I guess if you’re only goal is to have a “little tent” as Williams wants maybe it’s OK. But Michael, that’s not what we want. When one looks into this case, one can surmise that the government took full advantage of a good situation for them. What I believe is that one cannot call this a railroad job but that the case was presented on a silver platter to them precipitated by Strom’s own actions coupled with his domestic issues. Strom will always be referred to by the media as a child porn enthusiast and the name of the National Alliance connected with the same term. There are many lousy terms that I can expect the media to refer to us as but to be connected to something this odious is not one we are willing to field, even if he actually was innocent. I see no reason why I nor anyone else should be expected to have to stand by his personal problems and defend him. If he were an idealist, the best he could do would be to write anonymously and not put the National Alliance in such a terrible position. Obviously, not only is Strom not National Socialist as he had told me but he’s no idealist either apparently. Neither Strom or Williams should expect the National Alliance to shoulder such a crushing burden.

          It’s not as if Strom were some sort of effective and successful advocate for White interests. His failing splinter group from the National Alliance was already rife with even more splintering (Nationalist Coalition) before his personal issues had been exposed. (By the way, in correction, although Williams 2nd stint with the Alliance ended in 2003, Strom stayed on into 2005 when his coup d’ e’tat failed. Also too, you may be interested to know that in 2002, Dr. Pierce’s Board of Directors had a list of 5 individuals they were considering offering the chairmanship to. Of course as we know Gliebe was on the list and I’ve already related how he was selected as chairman against the BOD’s better judgement according to one of those board members. I didn’t find that out until after the collapse. Also though, that list did include Kevin Strom’s name. Will Williams name however, according to the former board member, was not on the list for consideration. What the criteria was for selection for that list I do not know. A point being, if during his “heyday” Williams wasn’t even in the running as being a candidate for consideration for the chairmanship, why on earth would anyone expect us to consider him now?)

          Also too consider that besides his prison sentence, Strom is under a 15 year supervised probation. Don’t see any problems with that? Haven’t thought of the ramifications of that? Talk about security breaches and government intrusions. Much more can be said on this but it will overly lengthen this already long response.

          I will close here Michael as perhaps you think I’m burdening you with too much that you don’t care to hear. I’m not trying to get you to change sides. You’ll do what you want to do. I will do likewise. Each of us has to do what we think right. It is a tragedy that the National Alliance, the greatest pro-White effort ever in North America had fallen into the state it had after the good Doctor’s passing and continued on an ever escalation of spiraling downwards. What is happening now will decide what will be the fate of the National Alliance. The National Alliance can offer hope to millions of our fellow racially conscious North Americans, even just if only 2% or 3% of the White population. There may be a few who want the Alliance to become a religious restrictive group or have its name associated with people connected to odious behavior. It all depends on whether one wants the National Alliance to be a little tent or a Big Tent.

          I’ll take the Big Tent. Thanks for listening Michael. Perhaps there can be some good gleaned from our dialog. Something to think about at least.

          • Mr. Ring,

            I don’t have sufficient time to answer every point in your rather lengthy reply to my comment, but I’ll try and answer some of your questions.

            First, you claim Dr. Pierce had a desire to make revisions to the handbook, but because he passed away these changes never took hold. Fair enough, I can accept that, but how you can glean from that knowledge and make the jump that he was ready to nix Christianity from Opposed Ideologies is a giant assumption on your part, one that I certainly don’t share. I believe it more likely that these revisions had to do with the Internet as a medium, and how effectively members could properly use the Net as a tool to further their activism. That could be considered a refinement, but not removing 5 pages explaining the reasons why Christianity is not compatible with the worldview of the National Alliance.

            Having said that, I don’t hold any animosity towards racially-conscious Christians, or Christians in general who are otherwise good people. I was raised Catholic, but I was not terribly religious, I did not memorize lines from the bible or go to church every Sunday. I feel there are many Whites in America who are like that, but that’s my opinion. To sum this up, I really don’t believe Williams will turn away Christians who are racially-conscious and who want to help the Alliance grow, irrespective of its worldview. I think he has every intention of returning to the same organizational structure that Dr. Pierce utilized so well.

            You also say Pierce was NS first and foremost. I have no doubt National Socialism influenced him a great deal, and that he used many of its ideas to formulate the Cosmotheist creed he created. You mentioned he talked about Cosmotheism here and there – this turns out to be important, because, when did Dr. Pierce ever describe the National Alliance as a National Socialist organization in public? I don’t recall such an instance. If Cosmotheism expounds on the NS ideology, then I really don’t know why you have a problem with it being explicitly the ideology of the National Alliance. Again, it has nothing to do with offending Christians, but everything to do with establishing the ideology of the National Alliance as a true vehicle for change. Something which right-wing groups or other pro-White groups don’t or cannot provide. I thought Dr. Pierce’s speech “Our Cause” had summed all of this up very well.

            Regarding Strom being a stalker or romantically interested in children, that is sheer nonsense. Those charges were all thrown out by the judge with no basis in reality way before a plea was struck. You talk about family, well Strom did what he did so he can return to raising his 3 children(who were all returned to his custody by the judge), he did not want to be imprisoned for decades by the federal government and lose all hope of ever raising them. Anyone who has children knows it would be sheer torture to be away from them for a year, let alone 50.

            Because Gliebe was crooked and had no redeeming leadership qualities does not make Williams guilty of it as well. As for what type of leader he will make, only time will tell. I believe Williams had reached out to your group with a sincere plea, but NARRG did not accept, so there’s not much one can do with that.

            In closing, there’s a reason why Dr. Pierce chose the Life Rune as the symbol for the Alliance. It would represent the “rebirth” of our Race, and what would be even more important, a rebirth of the spirituality so our Race can survive throughout the Millenia without ever being threatened in such a way as it is now.

            • Michael,

              Thank you for your reply. I don’t know anything more about the causes of the revision to the membership handbook than I’ve already mentioned. All I say is that whether the origination of the revision was from Dr.Pierce or Erich Giebe or someone otherwise, the fact remains that Dr. Pierce didn’t promote Cosmotheism as a principle theme of the Alliance since the mid-1980’s. The last 17 years of his work, had very little to do with its promotion. And due to this fact, it is not correct to say that the new management is going to get back to promoting the NA where Dr. Pierce left off. No, Dr. Pierce shows no record of promoting such. Again, Williams verifies this in his 2005 affidavit from his work at staff in 1992. I can verify that since 1990 when I joined there was no promotion of Cosmotheism all the way to his death in 2002.

              Dr. Pierce mentioned in the membership newsletter in the late1990’s that looking to the past, the 1980’s were a period of what he termed as stasis for the NA during most of that decade. It was a tough period as membership was not growing. He mentioned that having a “conservative” administration in power at the time certainly didn’t help matters but perhaps it is more than coincidental that the concept of Cosmotheism was obviously not catching as growth of the NA was stagnate. I think Dr. Pierce could see that a different path needed to be taken and he proved it by his subsequent actions. By the mid-1990’s NA growth began a steep trending upwards, something that Dr. Pierce and all of us were proud of. And again, Cosmotheism wasn’t in the picture during these years all the way to his death.

              And of course, as we know, the membership book remained the same from the mid-1980’s through to the end of his life. The NA has always warned of the dangers of the churches and that never bothered Christian members as they fully realize it as fact themselves. I knew many Christian members over the years and only a few of them had a church that they felt comfortable associating with. For the most part, their Christianity was almost kind of a personalized version of the faith and perhaps if they were lucky they found a few kindred spirits to be with. I have no problem with that and neither did any non-Christian member I know of as long as no one interposed their personal views upon their comrades nor tried to mix it into Alliance business. Again as I’ve stated previously, from my beginning with the NA in 1990, I haven’t met a single member who said that they were a Cosmotheist; not one, and that includes my meeting with Will Williams in 1992. I spent 3 days with him and he never said a word about it; and neither did Dr. Pierce in 12 years over many dozens and dozens of conversations. But on the contrary, the majority of NA members I’ve met since 1990 had a healthy respect for National Socialism if not considering themselves to be National Socialist irrespective of what they called their religious faith. I’ve met Christian, Odinist, other assorted heathen types, even atheists who expressed that they were National Socialists. Again, when I asked Dr. Pierce how he categorized himself he told me in definite terms he was a National Socialist.

              Dr. Pierce had relegated Christianity as an “Opposed Ideology” in the handbook yes, and weather it can be shown it was his idea to change that or not, the handbook states that the worldview of the NA is the philosophy of National Socialism and that we owe a great debt to Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists of the Third Reich, which by the way included among its followers tens of millions of Christians. He couldn’t have gained power without them. He didn’t divide the people; he united them in the only thing that could unite them; being German, despite the regions they were from, despite being either Catholic or Protestant, Pagan or nothing at all, despite being from aristocracy or the working classes or the peasant classes. The problem for NA recruiting was making a clear distinction between the Idea of National Socialism vs. the Third Reich mystique. In other words, we are not Hollywood Nazis.

              Dr. Pierce didn’t project to the public that we are National Socialists in that specific term but all the ideas expounded to the public for recruitment were National Socialist ideas. Once a recruit came in, it was a point to encourage education of the new comrade to read, learn and understand. Certainly the writings of the NA and the offerings of National Vanguard Books was pregnant with National Socialism; it’s history and ideas. Some people could not grasp the revolutionary nature of the National Alliance. Certainly they were for the White race but many could not easily overcome their right-wing, conservative reactionary way of thinking thinking that somehow we could save this unnatural system and restore America. At one time, America was represented by the mental picture of a White face; but no longer. Other new recruits, especially ones who were exposed to influences of other revolutionary Alliance members were eager to learn and reorient their reactionary thinking to our revolutionary vision of White living space; a “New Consciousness; a New Order; a New People” as our business card proclaims. The National Alliance speaks to long range goals not to contemporary politics of the day. That’s another thing that separates us from others. And Michael, Cosmotheism can offer a spiritual path for people to take. I have always been favorable to having the tracts republished.

              I’ve met many Christians in the Alliance from 1990 to Dr. Pierce’s death. Christians were never prohibited nor made to feel unwelcome. A few I’ve met did feel a little uncomfortable with Dr. Pierce’s comments on the subject in the handbook during those days but they seemed to understand and didn’t take it too hard or personal. Dr. Pierce himself said that we don’t want to go out of our way to insult people. These were good and worthy people and I was glad that I could keep them in my company as comrades fighting for the very existence of the race.

              It’s a biological struggle now don’t you see, not a religious one. It only becomes religious when people with good or ill intent do things that divide us from the Blood over the subject of religion. Today’s management goes out of its way to promote division, animosity, mistrust, even hatred among our own kind. That is not indicative of a “national alliance”. I don’t have any problem with Cosmotheism except when it is pushed as a sort of exclusive policy and alienating good people. National Socialism as has been demonstrated by the application of history, is a uniting factor and thus the true representation of Aryan tribalism.

              And if Cosmotheism be really an elevated spiritual expression of National Socialism as one poster postulated, then I don’t understand why either of the two principles involved are not National Socialists? If Cosmothesism is an aspect or extension of National Socialism as you mention then why the problem of admission that our world-view is foremost National Socialist and Cosmotheism is secondary as an extension of it.

              Anyway, of what good is it to make the National Alliance into a religious organization that Williams says will begrudgingly accept racially conscious people who call themselves Christians but at the same time make strong inference that they are in reality 2nd class citizens? Are you doing this as you fully realize that you’ll never grow enough without Christian people and only wish to use them to feed the organizations bank accounts? If you’re out to recruit principally Cosmotheists or only them of course you know that you start from scratch. Most of our people at least minimally subscribe to this 2,000 year old tradition. You think you’re going to influence that in time at this late juncture to save our biological integrity? I don’t think so. I think it much too late in the scheme for religious reformations and recent ones within our own circles have all proved to be miserable failures.

              No, Michael, all we have left is Blood; Biology as a uniting factor against the rest of the world. And time is running out quickly. To put it very generally, to paraphrase, “It’s the color of your skin…..” as Commander Rockwell said. I can’t recognize a racially conscious Christian vs. a Cosmotheist by sight no more than the Black rioters who attack Whites can’t tell whether or not they are bleeding heart liberals or against their side. The Blacks naturally don’t care; they attack.

              If we can keep our biological integrity and become a cohesive unit based upon race and once again regain our destinies; then perhaps in the distant future we can once again go back to slaughtering one another; one ethnic group against another; one religious group against another. Aryans are naturally warrior people but now it is time to unite upon the Blood and put these other differences behind us. Otherwise, we don’t stand a chance. I’d rather stand with a man of character who believes in a coming Warrior Christ than a non-Christian without good character and values.

              Concerning Strom now: The court couldn’t be shown evidence that Strom had attempted to initiate a sexual act with the little girl; thus the charge against him was dropped. However, the court records clearly reveal how he did act toward this little girl, stalking her and sending her gifts,etc.; that the parents had even moved out of the neighborhood to get their little girl away from him, only to have Strom discover where they moved to and the new school they enrolled their daughter and the cycle renewed.

              I understand Virginia law now has changed since his 2007 trial and that today the result would have been different for Strom, now not having to actually have tried to have sex with a child to convict. Having to drop those particular charges in 2007, due only to the lack of sexual contact, the judge nonetheless noted that through Strom’s stalking and other activities that there was in his words, “overwhelming evidence that he was sexually drawn to this child.” In any event, in his 2nd trial the following year Strom plead guilty to possession of child pornography. His computer was festooned with images. He signed a statement to his wife that he had this issue long before the charges and thus gave a signed promissory note to seek counseling of which his mother arranged for with, of all people, oddly enough a Christian minister. I don’t know why you contort yourself Michael to attempt to defend such a person.

              If Strom would cut a deal and admit to odious charges he supposedly didn’t commit, how could you possibly trust this man to keep faith with the movement? And I think it would be prudent if you wait some more years when Strom is off of his supervised probation. Organizational security is at risk. Guilty or not guilty, Strom is now a crippling liability, not an asset to the National Alliance and further an embarrassment for all pro-White people. In my opinion, Strom is guilty if for no other reason than that he said he was guilty. His 1st trial is a good indicator of what this man’s character is about.

              More embarrassment lay in store for the new management also with Mr. Williams continuing relationship and friendship with a long-time known government informant and now accused multiple murderer, Frazier Glenn Miller. Yeah! I know, you’re going to me its OK to tell lies for the government to get others in trouble to reduce your prison sentence just as you make excuses for Strom. This is just one example of the great divide between you and I. This is grist for the media mill, associating the National Alliance’s name with such scum. (sarcasm follows) But what the heck, Michael, the new management is already working with Gliebe, has an admitted pedophile speaking for the group; why shouldn’t the chairman be friends with and associate with an infamous documented federal informant / accused multiple murderer?! Let’s keep the National Alliance solidly anchored to the rest of the wasteland out there.

              Again you are wrong, I’ve told you that NARRG was not consulted about this new management structure. Williams only spoke briefly outside the courtroom after the hearing with Brian Wilson asking that the lawsuit be dropped. That is a request only; not reaching out. Reaching out is having a dialog with your adversarial party. It is NARRG who has reached out to Gliebe only to be ignored and rebuffed. Williams represents, as Gliebe’s hand-picked successor, just a continuation of the same bad management but with different emphasis. My feeling is that these two obviously have a business agreement between them and have been in partnership for a long time. Williams has said he’s been helping Gliebe for a long while. So we think it unlikely that we’ll be hearing personally from Williams. But if he should, he knows how to get in touch with us. As we don’t approve of Gliebe’s hand-picked successor, we’re certainly not just going to let Williams walk away with the NA, to move in like a “thief in the night”. We have far too much invested and are now deep into the process than to simply walk away. We have no reason to. People are keeping faith with us to win this battle. This is a struggle for the future of the National Alliance, therefore we have every reason to stay the course; even more so now.

              In closing, the only part of your comments I can agree with is your concluding statement. Yes, Dr. Pierce did indeed pick a symbol that represents the mission of the National Alliance. The Life Rune comes from our ancestors of the remote past and in recent times, this symbol of Life & Rebirth was used by women National Socialist organizations to represent them within the structure of the overall National Socialist movement in the glory days of Germany.

              That there is a spiritual aspect to our mission is not in question whatsoever. Everyone realizes this. I’ve always said that whatever your personal beliefs are about God, (or even if you don’t believe in God or an intelligence we refer to as “Life Force”) that if you are a committed National Alliance member, this movement is “like religion” to you. It has to be or will will not win.

    • The law-suit continues Mr. Panitzke and I will continue to support it for all the right reasons.
      The Alliance will be regained by those who have shown consistent devotion to it’s mission and who have supported it by unbroken years of membership and dedication. The malfeasance and back-room dealing that has characterized the past and present directorship will come to light in the months ahead.
      Your recommendation is no doubt well-intentioned but arises from a limited understanding of all the issues at hand.
      When the truth is finally revealed in the months to come, people will lose their breath at the depravity of what has happened under the banner of the NA.
      THEN…will ‘Viking Justice’ repay in full fury.

    • Paul P. I was a member of the Alliance up until that no good Gliebe took over. He messed everything up with his totally no good management, his scandals, and the fact that he took the Alliance from Dr.Pierce healthy and turned it into the plague. How am I supposed to trust his judgement now, turning the Alliance into someone who doesn’t have any record of leadership behind him and is friends and supports a pedophile? I don’t want to have to defend that with people if I was to come back, I don’t want to have to defend a man and an organization with that kind of baggage. No way. and what makes you believe that we should all have to make peace with Williams? You say the Alliance is in good hands now. I want proof, and just because he’s in the driver’s seat that don’t mean a thing. a man has to prove himself.
      As for the narrg people all I have to say is that they have remained consistent with their goals so far, they told us they want to see real change for the better for the Alliance, and they’re sticking to it.
      You talk about Sanders Pierce being “abused”. Sanders has a mind of his own and can make decisions,no one is forcing him, then you talk about Wilson being a “Fundamentalist Christian”.Who the hell cares what he believes? Who the hell cares what anyone believes is their god, as long as they’re fighting for the right reasons which is our race’s survival?
      No one is wasting anyone’s money, so don’t even go there. No one is forcing anyone to send money, people make up their own mind, and send money if they like and think this fight is right.and what the hell is that crap about “agents’ and viking justice and “our patience is getting short’ and the “usual suspects”. it sounds really retarded.

  4. ….As one would expect from the premier unit of the former National Alliance. May it reform and rededicate itself with zeal and devotion once legal victory is obtained. The wait is agonizing and frustrating for us all.


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