Additional Analysis & Commentary on NARRG’s Second Court Hearing

Additional Analysis & Commentary on NARRG’s Second Court Hearing
kas_www_(A collaborative joint research and writing effort between Brian Wilson- Legal Liaison and other NARRG Team Members)

This is an updated analysis and further commentary on NARRG’s successful Second Court Hearing on Oct 24, 2014 attended by this writer (Brian Wilson), Gliebe and not so surprisingly Will Williams, as can be seen by his recent posting on one of his affiliated blog spots. There he states: “Mr. Gliebe reached out to me for advice, which I gave to him. That was back in January of this year.”  Further on he then states: “… now that Gliebe has satisfied their (NARRG’s) demands for him to name a successor, I’m certainly not going to turn over any of the sensitive Alliance membership and financial records that I’ve inherited from Mr. Gliebe.”

So all along since almost the start of NARRG’s filing on the lawsuit on Jan 2, 2014, Mr. Williams has been in active communication with Gliebe, as this is stated as such in Williams own posting. Looking back at one of Williams’ previous postings from a forum, in regards to Gliebe’s ill handling of the NA, Williams stated then: “What has Gliebe won, exactly? The privilege of having to look over his (Gliebe’s) shoulder the rest of his life, waiting for retribution for having hijacked the Alliance and driven it into the ground? Some winner. He (Gliebe) actually believes he can convert Alliance assets for his own personal use with impunity. That’s treason in the eyes of many.”

One may ask, if Mr. Williams previously believed that Gliebe was in it for the money illicitly as NARRG will attempt in Court to prove this was illegally done, why then the apparently sudden turn in Williams opinion of Gliebe, if in fact they were not all along working with each other since the beginning in some type of collusion? One may also note that the NARRG lawsuit is not only against Gliebe, but against all three NA board members, and the proper effectual control of the NA.

No one yet mentions that Jayne Cartwright apparently has not yet resigned, nor even intends to resign. So one of NARRG’s goals of changing the entire NA board to one that Dr. Pierce would approve of has not yet been achieved, as it appears Cartwright has not resigned, and we do not know who will be the other board members (Kevin Strom perhaps if Williams has his way?).

As Williams purportedly proclaims that he has copies of NARRG’s lawsuit against Gliebe and company and the NA, he can plainly see that NARRG’s lawsuit is not just about Gliebe handing over control to some accomplice, but also is to seek Justice for hijacking the assets of the NA for Gliebe’s own personal peccadilloes. How else does Williams expect financial impropriety, malfeasance, potential criminal theft (if that can be proven), etc., if the Court does not have access to the NA financial records?

Now that Williams claims that he has all of the NA  financial records, is he and his associate Mr. Strom going to exert the hands of justice so that Gliebe gets his day in Court and thus the wrath of legal justice? Or is Williams now going to forget all that and let Gliebe slide back into obscurity unscathed, his part in personally damaging the NA all but forgotten?

In the past, Dr. Pierce was not shy about using the legal system whether for purposes such as incorporating his organization, nor appealing a lawsuit that went against his favor. Nor is Mr. Williams not shy about using the legal system to right what he considered was wrong. So how does Williams expect Gliebe to be forced to give over control of the NA and the NA documents, unless an enforced means such as a lawsuit verdict against him is hanging over his head?

One must note here that Williams and Strom resigned from the NA a decade ago, and thus could never get legal standing to even successfully attempt to file a lawsuit.  If it were not for NARRG’s relentless legal proceedings, Gliebe would still be in control of the NA, and Williams would be just hunkering down at his private Tennessee mountain home, instead of his current fancy for taking on interviews with the SPLC.

Williams also in a published comment on one of his blog spots claims that by the use of NARRG’s civil lawsuit complaint against the board members of the NA, that NARRG intends to use the dissolution action supposedly for nefarious reasons.  Williams is here disingenuous to say the least in attempting to personally persuade NARRG to follow his legal ill-advice.  Williams expects NARRG to dump one of its several legal tools that provide enhanced leverage during the discovery process which Gliebe has repeatedly tried to circumvent.

Yet Williams’s now states will do the same evasive maneuvers in order to disregard the October 24, 2014 Court order signed by the Judge compelling them and the NA Corporation to turn over the subpoenaed documents and comply with an oral, sworn deposition.  Note that the dissolution action can be dropped by NARRG at any time and gives NARRG enhanced capability for enforcement of the discovery process of both the defendants and also the Corporation of which Williams now claims he is in control of.

Several misleading and erroneous comments have been circulating about NAARG’s attorney and NARRG Team Members since the first hearing in April. One example is that of Williams claim that NARRG’s attorney at the first hearing stated that he thinks the NA’s views are “repugnant”. As I (Brian Wilson) was present at the first hearing, while Williams was not, let me categorically deny that false allegation. NARRG’s attorney simply stated that he did not agree with the NA’s views. He did not say that the NA views are repugnant. Let it be known that beside the Court officials, the NARRG plaintiffs, and Gliebe, Maziarka and Cartwright as defendants, there were no others present inside the Courtroom at the first hearing.

Thus any rumors or allegations purportedly made by Williams or others, either in the past or future can only come from one of the three defendants, most likely Gliebe, as Williams nor anyone else were not present at the first hearing. If Williams wants to perpetuate undocumented false comments purportedly made at the hearing, let it be known that others will judge the validity of those comments based upon the trustworthiness and reputation of those sources making these misleading and erroneous statements.

Williams claims that he is now the NA chairman yet according to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission online records as of November 7, 2014, (two weeks after this purported changing of command at the NA), no such filing of change in officer has yet been filed. Thus one could possibly surmise that Gliebe is just “pulling the wool” over the eyes of current and former members, presenting a charade of appearance of resigning.  It may very well be that Gliebe has not resigned and may even have no intention to do so, unless he is forced to.

One may also wonder why would Gliebe turn over control of the lawsuit to an outside third party interest such as Williams? If he does so, then what would prevent Williams from not “throwing Gliebe under the bus” and leak out damning evidence of potential financial impropriety previously performed by Gliebe, which would then ensure in a judgment against Gliebe?

On the other hand, if Gliebe is still legally in control, despite all such protestations and proclaiming by Williams who at this point may not legally be in control, then Gliebe can continue to control the flow of information and documents according to his own pleasure. Even if NARRG goes to trial and Gliebe who personally is being sued as a defendant, along with the NA corporation itself (with someone representing the current controlling office such as Williams), then the world will see if in fact whether Gliebe is bluffing and blowing smoke and whether Williams is playing a poker game of deceit. That all remains yet to be proven.

Note that Gliebe was not being questioned as a witness under oath, when he stated near the end of the Court hearing on October 24th that he was stepping down on.  Also note that at that time he did not reveal who the new chairman was, remaining silent on that issue. As this was legally off the Courts records, then he is not bound to go forth and resign. In addition, there is nothing preventing him from at any time being reappointed back to the chairman’s position.

Yet Williams comments made during the day of the hearing came after the Court hearing was adjourned and outside of the Court chambers, where neither the Judge nor the Court staffs were not present. One can make bold statements and proclamations, but it remains to be seen if this is legally binding, as no legal evidence has as yet been submitted by anyone.

The lawsuit continues to go on, even though the purported wrinkle of Williams may be in the mix. NARRG’s plan is still the same, as this doesn’t significantly change the legal game plan for NARRG’s goal to have legitimate, ethical and morally responsible officers in charge of the NA. Williams purportedly now coming on board does not mean he gets a clean slate. NARRG will continue on to trial with the goal of prevailing over both Gliebe and the Corporations officers (whoever may or may not be appointed by Gliebe to take his place in interim status or such). The fact remains that Gliebe is still “on the hook” regardless of who is now in command and if Williams is that person, he now inherits part of Gliebe’s legal mess.

Williams and Strom have a dubious past, and their past performance in professionally running a corporation is questionable to say the least. Can Williams or Storm state one business or organization that they have led, or managed as either managers or officers? Some say that neither Williams (age 66) nor Strom (age 58) are presently gainfully employed. In the case of Strom one of his websites accessed 11/05/14 states “I’m looking for work”, while a web based biography of Williams states that “Williams dropped out of the workforce as a taxpayer in 1985, becoming a ‘starving artist’ and a full-time political activist.”


Supposed Tennessee office building construction. (12/28/13)

One may ponder, if in fact Williams has indeed not had a paying job since 1985, is he getting some type of monthly U.S. government check or other type of outside support for all of these years? Also one may wonder where did he get the money to construct the large building structure in Tennessee shown in one of his several websites, if in fact he is a self-proclaimed ‘starving artist’?

What have they done since, what are their qualifications if any? If they want to publicly refute their past lack of employment history, then NA existing and former members would like to see their past track records. Without such proven history of success, they are unqualified for the job. Gliebe states that Williams is the most “knowledgeable person to take over the NA”, but note that this statement is coming from a person (Gliebe) who himself has a proven dismal track record of over a decade of failure. Yet, it is reported that Dr. Pierce himself in 1997 forced Williams to resign due to Williams using NA resources for his own personal legal issues.

Williams implies that if NARRG gets Court documents that membership information will be revealed. He does not answer the rebuttal of NARRG’s attorney to Gliebe’s same claim made at the hearing. Membership information can remain sealed and confidential in Court. Under Gliebe’s management partial membership lists of a few chapters have leaked out. In addition Gliebe himself has purportedly leaked out membership information to employers or in the case of former NA board member Kitty Molz, threatened to reveal her NA membership to her then current employer.

In regards to the subject of membership security, it should be noted that due to insufficient security at the national office level, the membership list has several times been exposed to others by disgruntled employees who left Gliebe’s service. At least one of Williams’ current allies is among these people. Gliebe never took the precautions necessary to protect the membership rolls. Many times members found themselves recipients of mail from competing groups as well as exposure to the public from political enemies due to lack of proper security measures. If NARRG wins control of the NA,  proper administrative and security measures to prevent these breaches from happening would be enacted and enforced, unlike what occurred during the carefree, slipshod Gliebe regime.

One should also wonder about one’s confidentiality when dealing with either Gliebe and/or Strom due to their purported use of routinely recording their phone conversations with others (which in some states is illegal). In the case of Strom this has been publicly revealed via published Internet sources.  In the case of Gliebe this has confirmed by two separate independent individuals.  Thus one should exercise extreme caution when in communication with either of these two individuals.

Due to Strom’s legal predicament, it is purported that anyone corresponding to him can possibly have their computers and other electronic devises confiscated by government authorities, so why would anyone wishing to keep their confidentiality put themselves as risk by having Williams right hand man being associated with the NA? Strom is under supervised probation due to his particular type of criminal conviction. Yes, authorities can come and take his computer and/or scan its contents anytime they wish without warrant or legal process. The condition of his probation may also possibly allow authorities to access computers of those who communicate with Strom.

Williams’ up until recently had a well-documented friendship with Frazier Glenn Miller, a two-time government informer and mass murderer. As a result of that friendship, Mr. Miller was Williams’ mouthpiece on a Pro-White Forum as Williams was banned from posting there. It was quite hypocritical of Gliebe at the first hearing in April in front of the Judge to falsely claim that NARRG is similar to Miller, when at the second hearing Gliebe verbally resigns in front of the Judge and then purportedly appoints a friend of Miller, Mr. Williams to be his successor.

Membership in a new NA by necessity needs to be radically improved and more stringent. Both Williams and Strom wouldn’t even be qualified to be members let alone participate as in a leadership position. High profile officers of the NA cannot have damaging baggage in their personal and professional lives, caused by reported and documented bad behavior, etc.. The image of the NA and those representing it must be cleaned up in order to survive the scrutiny it will get from potential new member recruits who are looking for an honest and respectable organization to join.

For one thing NARRG wouldn’t allow membership for anyone who has documented mental disorder or instability. Also anyone with a freewill admission of possession of child pornography and/or conviction for any type of sex crime would be shunned from our society; especially so the nature of Mr. Strom’s admission, and probation in Pennsylvania.

In conclusion, upon information and belief, we summarize here the following points which are but a few examples of what we now know and/or suspect about what some may have alluded to be some sort of Gliebe- Williams- Strom cabal:

  1. Whereas if Gliebe stayed in command he could potentially settle before trial, thus avoiding the courtroom proceedings.  In doing so, this would allow the NA to clean house and also allow proper management for the NA via the NARRG team.
  2. If on the other hand, Williams is legally in charge, then the lawsuit may likely proceed to trial, with nothing changed for Gliebe except he won’t have the power to stop the trial by settling and thus will be forced into the witness stand.
  3. Going to trial on a positive note will flush out the full and true nature of Williams & Gliebe’s business connections. (Gliebe on the witness stand may be anxious to have his revenge on Williams for forcing him into trial.)
  4. Strom’s supervised probation due to his particular type of criminal conviction is a serious liability for any respectable organization.  Authorities can come and take his computer and/or scan its contents anytime they wish without warrant or legal process. The condition of his probation may also possibly allow authorities to access computers of those who communicate with Strom.
  5. Membership in a new NA by necessity needs to be radically improved and more stringent. Both Williams and Strom wouldn’t even be qualified to be members, let alone participate as in a leadership position.  In Strom’s case, anyone with a freewill admission and/or conviction for any type of sex crime would be shunned from our society; especially so the nature of Mr. Strom’s admission.
  6. Now that there is published written proof of collusion between Gliebe and Williams, since at least January 2014, Gliebe’s silence on Williams and Strom using the NA’s trademarks, service mark, other assets, etc. can be considered by some to be a conspiracy.
  7. By Williams publically stating to this writer and NARRG’s attorney that he intends to not hand over any NA documents, Williams is thus in effect making a concentrated effort to try to protect Gliebe from potential future prosecution and possible further punitive legal actions.
  8. By Williams publicly stating on his weblog thread that he has carefully positioned himself for this purported change in NA control to himself,  can one possibly with some conviction believe that Williams is potentially alluding to himself now taking on the role of a crook, similar to what has been purportedly alleged against Gliebe?
  9. There are others items not summarized here, that the readers can come to a conclusion for themselves.

Initial Report and Commentary on NARRG’S October 24, 2014 Second Court Hearing

  1. Everything that Mr. Williams and the posters on his forum say in regards to the management of the Alliance is irrelevant. The fact that he is NOT the NA chairman according to the Commonwealth of Virginia State Corporation Commission online records is complete proof that Williams’ position is not legitimate. Indeed, Gliebe is very much still the chairman of the NA. However, if this has changed please correct me.

    • Maverick,

      It is quite possible that Gliebe has succeeded himself with Williams. An issue of the newsletter just arriving to a number of our NARRG supporters that are on their mailing list announced Gliebe’s Swan-Song along with Williams’ commentary about turning the clock back to the late 1970’s and early ’80’s. This is an indicator; although a professionally run corporation would have shown some documentary evidence of management change by now. It really doesn’t matter though. Williams can take Gliebe’s place in representing the corporation while Gliebe represents himself. 

      It appears that as Jayne Cartwright is still a board member that Gliebe is lurking close by; perhaps even as a board member himself, just for insurance. Perhaps this is the reason they’ve not filed as yet. That wouldn’t look good! Anyway you look at it, Gliebe & Williams / Strom have been in business together a long time; even before the lawsuit was filed. We have reason to believe that Gliebe was looking for an eventual exit plan with benefits before the final collapse in 2012. There’s been some foul dealings afoot for quite some time and continuation of the lawsuit may help to flush it all out.

      Bottom line Maverick, it doesn’t much matter who we are dealing with here. All the defendants for damages remain the same and someone has to represent the corporation whether its Williams or Gliebe or some other warm body. As we outright reject Williams / Strom anyway, this new development doesn’t make much difference to us.

  2. Gliebe is out of the NA, and last I read was living a meager existence as a janitor. Isn’t it just “mission creep” to keep the litigation going? I have no respect for the man, especially in terms of how he defiled Dr. Pierce’s life work, but spending thousands in litigation to get literally pennies back is absurd…assuming you win a judgment. I also wouldn’t count on the same legal system run by Obama and Holder to put such a man in jail either. Gliebe is finished and your litigation accomplished its goal. Move on.

    Why not try and use your talents and resources to help rebuild the NA, even if you must make an alliance with Strom and Williams? They have ADV broadcasts going again, plan to start publishing the magazine again, and seem to have momentum in restarting the NA – plus they now have the West Virginia campus and Pierce Memorial Hall. Why litigate your resources away and create two impotent organizations, when you can unite as one and use your leadership to steer the organization in the right direction? If any business or organization only thrived when every member liked each other, there wouldn’t be an organization out there larger than a lemonade stand – anywhere.

    Don’t lose sight of the goal: a functioning National Alliance, not necessarily one leadership regime over another. Strom and Williams are getting it there, now step in, grow it, and steer it in wise directions!

    • Ryan,
      Your comment has good intention no doubt but we don’t think you’re seeing the great divide between our side and their side.

      To avoid redundancy refer to the NARRG Admin. comment on November 9th in answer to your initial question. By the way, we are not seeking to put Gliebe in prison. This is a civil matter; not a criminal one. We have only pointed out that through a trial, this civil case has potential for the state to afterwards pursue a criminal one.

      We cannot work with either Williams nor Strom, both of whom intended yet another version of Gliebe’s “New Direction” except using a different path; the wrong path; turning the National Alliance into some kind of religious reformation. That is not the intent or mission of the organization called the National Alliance. It’s mission statement in the Articles of Incorporation make that plain enough. The intention of the National Alliance was always to build a Movement not a church.

      As to the momentum you mention, other than Strom sticking the ADV name to his posts that he’s always maintained otherwise, we don’t share your opinion. We feel that momentum is more clearly demonstrated by deeds, and the execution of this lawsuit, which unfortunately is necessary just as much now as at the beginning, shows the mandate and determination of members and supporters who reject Williams / Strom as much as they do Gliebe.

      Also, neither of these men have had anything whatsoever to do with the National Alliance for 10 years or more; all of the NARRG team members have been long time members as well as members to the end. We didn’t drop out. It is we who have begun this mission, worked very, very hard at it and have raised many thousands of dollars to obtain new leadership and it is we who will determine what that leadership will be and we have unanimously determined that leadership is not going to be of Gliebe’s choice. We reject Gliebe’s chosen successors. So, simply, the lawsuit goes on. We will get what we came for. Gliebe’s choice of Willams / Strom is not what we came for.

      NARRG team member and the brother of Dr. Pierce, Sanders Pierce, who more than anyone knows what his brother wanted, made it clear early on in an interview that we would consider the Williams / Strom duo unacceptable leadership for the obvious reasons. This was when they began there copy-cat version. What makes you think that it would change now?

  3. I thought that this article was a very comprehensive report on both the current and past activities of both the defendant and his accomplices. I think basically what Williams is doing is to try and confuse individuals who are still on the fence about which organization to support and attempt to turn them against NARRG, making baseless accusations of your alleged “nefarious activities” despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. One only needs to take note of immediate support between Williams and NARRG, whereas NARRG now has over 800 supporters and growing, Williams and Pedo Strom have only several frequent visitors on their websites.

  4. What is the point of going after Gliebe for alleged “malfeasance” and financial damage he has done to the corporation in the past if Gliebe himself is financially insolvent? You guys even posted an article that showed how Gliebe was being sued by debt collectors so you can’t possibly think that he has any money to pay restitution for any damage he has done. Unless Gliebe is being pursued in a criminal case, your point about whether Gliebe will remain on or off the hook is completely irrelevant unless Gliebe has the ability to repay his debts. This case has become a spectacle of name calling, false accusations, and unpleasant infighting which makes everyone look bad.

    • First of all understand that as far punitive damages are concerned it is not only Gliebe but also the other two board members who also face this prospect. We are not aware of what their solvency situation is, not having considered it as that is not the point at all. Civil wrongdoings are alleged to have been perpetrated and judgement for punitive damages is a punishment for civil wrongdoing. In this particular case the judgement being applied for is a most conservative estimate of the financial loss of the National Alliance over the Gliebe years from inattention and mismanagement.

      The previous articles concerning Giebe’s being the subject of a plethora of local lawsuits in his home area are telling examples of how a man who cannot manage his own personal finances couldn’t expect to be able to successfully manage an organization and its related business entities.

      The fact that one of the three defendants claims poverty is quite beside the point. A judgment, no matter what that might entail is sought for the principle of justice, irrespective of the potential of the collection of the punishment. In many cases judgement from an insolvency can come for example from the garnishment of wages and other income until judgment is paid.

      Let me strongly point out to you, especially in lieu of the tone of your question, that any judgment for the plaintiffs and subsequent collection of damages awarded will go straight away into the organizational accounts to help a once great organization get back up upon its feet again. The foregoing really not needed to having been mentioned generally but for you I want to make that crystal clear.

      What is irrelevant sir is whether or not damages are being sought from civil or criminal case. Neither is Gliebe’s ability to pay, for a judgment speaks to the future as well as the present. Keep in mind however that this case has potential to afterwards be reborn into a criminal indictment as was noted at the first hearing on April 16, 2014.  Some of the charges in this civil case are so serious that if found upheld the State could intervene with criminal indictments. That of course remains to be seen and if it does happen that is a consequence of the actions of the defendants, not ours. We’ve sought civil relief. Gliebe and company can settle beforehand if they like, that is, if they haven’t given away their power to negotiate. Otherwise, we go to trial.

      As to the “spectacle” you speak of, that has happened just very recently with the Gliebe’s introduction of Will Williams and Kevin Strom into the mix. Gliebe and Williams put on quite a show for the SPLC. But no matter, the hearing went in our favor and that is what really counts. You seem to think that we in NARRG are a part of some scene or what others refer to generically as the movement. No, you are very much mistaken. We must remove ourselves from those embarrassing and sordid personalities who have held us back for all these years; kept us from being able to recruit the working class families and professionals we need to build a real movement. What reasonable and responsible person would be attracted to the likes of our adversaries?

      These men are heavy baggage for the Alliance to bear. We who kept with the organization to the end cannot and will not burden ourselves further with casts offs from over a decade ago whom we would have to forever also be making excuses for their own unsavory histories. With that, we are done with.

      There is no reason why the National Alliance shouldn’t have been growing at a healthy pace since Dr. Pierce’s passing and especially so over these long Obama years. To switch from one rotten apple to others just as rotten isn’t an answer. The fact that Gliebe wants to succeed himself with Williams speaks volumes, don’t you think?

      No, Thomas James, those arrayed against us look bad all unto themselves without any aid from us thank you very much.


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