NARRG Public Policy Disclaimer

NARRG Public Policy Disclaimer
Updated: 3/22/15

professional_worker_runeNARRG wants to continue the policy set by Dr. William Pierce in regards to the recruitment of healthy White people of good values.

NARRG wants to continue the policy set by Dr. William Pierce in regards to the recruitment of healthy White people of good values. Dr. Pierce viewed as eligible recruiting material from the pool of race conscious White men and women from both family oriented middle class blue collar workers and professionals. NARRG fully realizes, as Dr. Pierce did, that these people represent a small minority within our own kind. These Whites have confidence in themselves and have a belief in their own White identity. Dr. Pierce shunned the ne’er-do-wells, crazies, and criminals. NARRG wants to continue that policy of recruitment as to the type of people we want in the reformed and restored National Alliance (NA) under new leadership. Crooks, criminals, drug addicts, haters, the mentally ill, professional parasites, pedophiles, homosexuals, racially mixed “near Whites” etc. can go elsewhere as they are not wanted in the restored NA.

Under the Erich Gliebe regime, either intentionally, from lack of concern, or possibly both, all types of people we don’t want were allowed in, some of them having been directly recruited by Gliebe himself with his full knowledge of their leery and dubious backgrounds. As long as they had $20 to hand him and could tear off and fill out a coupon membership application, he considered all as eligible members of the NA. Despite repeated requests by others within the NA to have a more stringent and rigorous background check, Gliebe feigned interest and concern, but when push came to shove he enacted no membership criteria reform, all to the detriment of the NA.

With the changing of the guard, it has gotten worse.. Getting the monthly $20 bill is still the paramount requirement for an adherent and admitted, convicted sex criminal Kevin Strom has even been upgraded to being the public voice of the organization.

Gliebe had at the initial April 16, 2014 hearing accused NARRG of being in the same vein as Glenn Miller who admitted to and was charged with killing three people in the Kansas City area last year. Miller, you may remember was associated with several groups over the decades, became a traitor against his associates and plea bargained out of extra jail time by being a government witness against 13 other White nationalists. A known paid government informant, Miller never was associated with the National Alliance. Yet Gliebe, without any evidence at all except for his bombastic verbose, tried to make a connection between NARGG and Glenn Miller. NARRG wants nothing to do with Glenn Miller or anyone else of Glenn Miller’s type, including Miller’s decades long and continuing personal friend Will Williams, who was chosen by Gliebe to be his successor to chairman in a surprise announcement at the end the 2nd hearing on October 24, 2014. Go figure.

We cannot have undesirable, unstable people of bad character in our organization if we want to recruit respectable White working class families and professionals that are racially conscious. The single most important characteristic of a member in Dr. Pierce’s opinion was that of being of good character.  Thus, as NARRG has been publicly attacked by Erich Gliebe, Will Williams and others, NARRG wants to make a public statement disavowing such violent criminals and various other miscreants.

Hence, you will note that NARRG now has a public policy disclaimer posted on our website. This serves many purposes. It will put on notice, those of ill repute to stay away, and at the same time, put a strong policy statement that will attract the kind of people we want and repel the ones we don’t want.

To learn more about our positive outlook for the future management of the National Alliance we invite you to read our Pledge of Intent.


The National Alliance Reform and Restoration Group (NARRG) began in 2013 and is in no way associated with any other group. We wholeheartedly denounce any acts of violence perpetrated by anyone and especially so in connection or associated with the name National Alliance.

NARRG conducts its work within the realm of legal activism. We seek, through the restoration of the National Alliance, the revolutionary development of the idea of the need for White living space on the North American continent. And in doing so, thus create a sense of community amongst us and outreach to others until we can organize to achieve our goals through the education of people who are racially conscious and offering a positive goal to strive toward. We seek to create a new paradigm; a new perspective toward building a better world; a new way of thinking about our situation and thus developing infrastructure to eventually effect a systemic change that will become inevitable as the system continues its downward spiral to chaos, degeneracy and demise.

  1. What will White people do when the “legal” forms of activism are made illegal, or made so that upon our activism there can be no possible change towards our favor? What then will we do?

    • We must not tax ourselves ourselves with “What if’s?” as this is entirely academic unless we are able to motivate our people to stand up for themselves with the rights that they still have. Without the building of a movement with sufficient infrastructure to carry the Idea of White survival and destiny into the future, there is no basis upon which to muse this kind of question. Clearly not nearly enough racially conscious people are exercising the legal rights they still do have. Our job is to give people hope and motivation to mobilize on their behalf.

      In the meantime, in rebuilding the National Alliance we must be very careful on who we allow to be associated with us, especially when it comes to membership. The current so-called leading figures of the Alliance wouldn’t even qualify to be a supporter let alone a member. (We will not tolerate admitted and convicted pedophiles, the mentally unstable, or people who carry on friendships with known government informers, just to name a few.)

      Once an infrastructure is built and a movement created, we can then ponder this question more pragmatically as by then we’ll have resources from which to help shape our future course as the establishment changes the rules of the game and at the same time continues on its own ever downward spiral.

      We would like to recall a quote from Dr. Pierce on a similar question as yours. Certainly the future is uncertain but Dr. Pierce told us that it is nonetheless our duty to do what we can. He said in an American Dissident Voices broadcast that, “We must act NOW!”

      If we do this, we’ll have a better idea as how to answer your question later on.


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