NARRG Ramping Up For Trial

NARRG Ramping Up For Trial

When we first began this effort to save the National Alliance from its years of mismanagement by Erich Gliebe and the Board of Directors and after being rebuffed by them, refusing to talk about the grave issues before the organization, we knew we had major obstacles in our path to overcome.

Once we felt confident that we had a good case against the management in principle, we had to do a huge amount of research, capture of key documents and interviewing key witnesses and potential witnesses. As time went by we kept adding to this pile of evidence. Literally hundreds of hours of research was spent collecting data.

Then came the daunting task of finding qualified legal professionals to aid and guide us to set the foundations for a proper case to present. This was a more difficult task than originally expected. We went through many, many dozens of possibilities and referrals until we hit upon the right law office that had the appropriate expertise and the feel of a good working relationship between ourselves and the attorney.

With preparation done, the next big hurdle we focused on was the initial hearing that occurred this past April 2014. Without a proper case and without proper preparation, that could have been the end of it, as Gliebe unsuccessfully tried to have our case dismissed. However, at the end of the day, the NARRG team and its legal council left the courtroom very satisfied; having shown the worth of our case by having obtained the protection guarantee (an injunction)  of the assets of the organization, including the West Virginia property and office complex. Additionally through our testimony we gained the acceptance of the court to receive all our related documentation we’ve uncovered up to that point thus allowing us to next prepare for eventual trial.

In between a sort of lull from then till now, our legal council has prepared through the courts instruction, an intensive subpoena of discovery that has been served upon all defendants; Erich Gliebe, Jayne Cartwright and Ryan Maziarka. 

Note: Although Mr. Maziarka notified both Erich Gliebe and our attorney of his resignation of his Board of Director post and association with the National Alliance, he is still nonetheless in the status of defendant in this lawsuit. Additionally, as of this writing, Mr. Maziarka is still listed as an official according to the State of Virginia’s corporation listings.

With the delivering of the subpoena of discovery, we now enter a period of preparation leading up to an eventual trial. The subpoena will trigger subsequent legal activity in the interim.

Along the way, besides our corporate attorney, NARRG has enlisted the help of other professionals. Just before the initial hearing we had an attorney in West Virginia to help in applying a Lis Pendens against the national office property in an effort to help protect it from Erich Gliebe selling it off before the hearing. Of course, unknown to us at the time, the eventual hearing granted us the guarantee of protection we were seeking. The Lis Pendens however is a nice additional touch.

Now as we prepare for trial, the NARRG team has enlisted the aid of another professional; this one an expert in financial matters to help us. His work will bolster that of the attorney and solidify our presentation.

We’ve got a very strong case and we’ve got the right help. What we still need is more financial assistance to pay for the expertise it will take to win. That’s what it boils down to now.

To win, our legal fund must be as strong as our case is. In legal preparation, the NARRG team is well prepared to go back into the courtroom for the conclusion. However we must also be financially prepared to bring the legal preparation before the judge and this time instead of a one day hearing, we need to be prepared for a two to five day trial. This is where you come in if you care anything for the National Alliance and Dr. Pierce.

Overall, thus far, we’ve done pretty well. Initially, it was a small group of half a dozen people that raised the funds to get the ball rolling last year as we prepared the case for filing. Then once we announced the filing we asked for your support and that has helped significantly.

We have a core group of supporters who are sending in small pledges every month just like they used to do when they were members. We have received help from all over, even overseas, ranging in amounts as little as $5 all the way up to $1,000. The support has come in about evenly between our on-line PayPal feature and our mailbox.

We’ve have spent well over $10,000 up till now and will need more additional monetary assistance to complete the execution of this lawsuit. We expect our next legal invoice anytime now.

It is well worth it to those of us that are determined to save the National Alliance and Dr. Pierce’s legacy.

It is well worth it to us to invest to see justice done to the people who have allowed the National Alliance, once America’s premier organization to represent our peoples interests, to disintegrate to almost nothing.

It is well worth it to all of us who were, for years, taken advantage of and our altruism abused. Many of us have worked hard in the field to make up the difference for the terrible performance of the chairman and the lackadaisical service of the national office. We spent years recruiting local people who only lost faith when they got to see the lack of work ethic from the chairman and the comically tragic way the office performed; output that would be comparable to a third world small business office.

It is well worth it to us to see that these undeserving people not literally steal what is left of the substantial assets remaining of the organization even if bereft of members. We have put many thousands of dollars and countless hours of volunteer work at service to the National Alliance in good faith and will not stand by and watch the corrupters walk off with what belongs to the members.

We are on our way now. The NARRG team’s efforts are mostly completed and just need to be carried out by the professionals that we have hired to bring justice.

To assure that, we at NARRG want you to know that the rest is up to you. Let us hear from you today with a gift of whatever you can afford through our PayPal feature or our mailing address. Better yet, join with a growing number that are giving a pledge each month.

You decide how important or not this is to you. NARRG is prepared to carry on and do it confidently all the way to trial.

We can do this. We will do this. We’ve already gone well further than some ever thought we would get. Those people under-estimated us. As one person purportedly said to Erich Gliebe, “You messed with the wrong people this time.” Indeed he has. Unlike others, we are not satisfied to simply complain about what a bad guy Erich Gliebe is. We’re doing something about it. The Nay-Sayers can continue to Nay-Say. They’ve already had to eat crow and another helping will soon be dished upon their plates.

We are just as dedicated to the National Alliance now as we ever have been. The proving out of that dedication will be the removal of corruption at the highest level and then rebuilding.

Now you show them that WE ARE RIGHT! It’s really your call from here on onward.

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