Pendente Lite Relief Hearing Successful for NARRG

Pendente Lite Relief Hearing Successful for NARRG

After consultation with our attorney we are now able and delighted to share some information with you concerning the April 16 special hearing on the lawsuit against Erich Gliebe and the other two Board of Director members. There are many details that we cannot go into but we can report on the most significant aspects of the hearing that were very satisfying to the NARRG team and they are as follows:

  1. Erich Gliebe had countered with a motion to dismiss our lawsuit and that request was denied. Evidence for NARRG was proffered and accepted by the court. Further discovery will now commence in earnest and the lawsuit as a consequence will move closer to a trial date.
  2. The judge issued an injunction against Erich Gliebe and the Board of Directors that they may not sell, liquidate or encumber any of the assets associated with the National Alliance. This includes of course the national office real estate currently on market. Additionally, as previously reported, NARRG had in a separate action previously filed a Lis Pendens against the national office property with the Pocahontas County WV land records office.
  3. As a direct result of the special hearing, Board Member Ryan Maziarka immediately afterward tendered his resignation as a member of the Board to Mr. Gliebe and all associations and duties connected with his position as the registration agent for the corporation and the National Alliance generally. Mr. Maziarka followed up with a similar communication to our attorney with accompanying copy of his original resignation.

In short, this was a very significant and successful day in court for the NARRG team. Now moving through discovery NARRG will be making further progress toward preparation for the eventual trial. The “ball is now rolling.” Kinetic energy sustained from this hearing will now generate even more “motion”, culminating ultimately with a trial.

The NARRG team has successfully negotiated this first hearing with some positive results allowing us to continue to press the case forward to trial. But to do so we still need your assistance. As a matter of fact, we need it even more so than ever as our next round of legal invoices will soon be at hand and we will want want to keep our attorney working unhindered while the “iron is hot.”

Some of you have signed up on our PayPal feature to pledge every month to help continuously until this lawsuit is successfully concluded or are sending something in the mail on a regular basis. To these folks we are most thankful as we are to everyone who has helped so far to bring us to this point no matter how small the gift. Added up together they result in a large amount. Many have honored us with larger individually substantial gifts and these have been most encouraging. The important thing is that if you care about saving and restoring the National Alliance, that you act now and participate in history in the making, the saving of Dr. Pierce’s legacy.

100% of the gifts we receive are used in paying the legal costs to execute this lawsuit. NARRG team members work completely on a volunteer basis. Every dollar collected goes to saving our National Alliance.

Please help now with whatever you can afford. Either use our convenient PayPal feature or send your check or money order to our mailing address. If you’ve given previously, please consider an additional gift or pledge like your former dues to give every month until we can deliver to you a restored and reformed National Alliance.
As you see here, we are already on our way to doing exactly that! We can’t do it alone however. We need YOU!

  1. Having just come across this effort, and as a former NA member I would like to inquire. It appears that the last significant court proceeding was back in April / May of this year. (The same for supporters comments.) Since a fair number of months have passed, what, if any, positive developments have transpired since then? Is NAARG gaining ground? What is the timeline for the next proceedings?

    I sincerely hope this noble effort has not simply ground to a halt.

  2. Great, great work, Comrades!! We SHALL prevail!! I will certainly help as I can. We of the REAL National Alliance were doing so well prior to the cesspool take over from the likes of e.g. [can’t even STAND looking at this traitor’s name!]!!!
    We lost MANY fine Comrades due to the undoings, neglect, & outright falsehoods & fakery from this thing & his type!! Away with small “w”, so-called white folks like this!! Get out of our way, gliebestein!!! 88/14!!

  3. Great news. Like Rob M., I hope for a future in which the NA will be the beacon of light that will lead our people out of these dark times. It will take a lot of hard, meticulous work, but it can be done.

  4. I’m proud to be a part of this effort. I envision the day when the NA will once again be considered the premier White nationalist organization. There is no greater honor that can be bestowed upon an individual or group than to be written about on the ADL website. This will be an important milestone.

  5. Thanks for this update, and thanks to all those spearheading this effort and to those doing their share by contributing to this undertaking and seeing it through to its successful conclusion.
    Isn’t it exhilarating to envision the day when the Alliance is regained and when all those of integrity and honest heart re-assemble once again under the banner of the Life Rune?
    The Life-message of the Alliance and the principles of National Socialism are too strong to be simply discarded and neglected due to the treachery of a few individuals.
    The Cause will once again find its greatest expression through the National Alliance.
    Involve yourself in this struggle today so that a future worthy of the best of our people is realized.


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