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Ryan Maziarka '02

Ryan Maziarka, 2002

NA Board of Director member Ryan Maziarka continues to be a focus of attention of the Daily Press newspaper of the Newport News / Hampton areas of Virginia, a regional news outlet in his home area.

The newspaper published a March 31, 2014 commentary that we present here on the subject of convicted felons and the restoration of citizen rights.  Maziarka is a two times convicted felon, one count of which was a firearms violation.

The restoration of voting rights may be one thing, however the restoration of firearm ownership rights for a convicted felon, especially one like Maziarka with a firearm violation is quite another.

The newspaper used Mr. Maziarka as the focus of the subject discussed, probably because he has become a high profile local figure there due to his involvement as a defendant in the lawsuit against the Board of Directors of the NA.

We think you’ll find the following commentary interesting.

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