Meet the NARRG Team

Meet the NARRG Team


To give you a better idea of who NARRG is here is a list and description of some of the people involved. This includes the core team and a support / activist group.

Sanders Pierce, brother of Dr. William Pierce and a long-time member. He has taken a more prominent role in recent years and now is a leading participant in the restoration of his brothers movement.

All of the remaining NA unit coordinators which include Robert Ransdell, Robert Arnett and Jim Ring.

Brian Wilson who serves as the NARRG group representative to our legal team of attorneys in Virginia and West Virginia. He also previously served as a National Alliance webmaster.

Michael Weaver, the NA’s top individual activist of the past decade. He also promotes his own White Information Network which gives NARRG additional exposure in cyberspace.

Also one of our members is the National Alliance’s representative to Greece’s Golden Dawn organization. Among overseas nationalist organizations the Alliance was particularly close to the leadership of Golden Dawn due to the interest and work of Dr. Pierce in helping to forge closer ties with them.

Several members whose memberships go back as far as the 1970’s one of whom has been one of the NA’s top financial supporters for these many years and another who served on the national office staff in the 1980’s, and in recent years served as a proto-unit coordinator.

There are 6 members that make up NARRG‘s core with another half-dozen that act as an immediate support and activist group. The six core members alone have 75 years of service to the National Alliance.

It is important to note that every single person connected to NARRG from the most long-standing member who joined in 1974 and another who joined in 1978 to the most junior member continued their support and activism right up until the formation of the NARRG team was deemed necessary to save the National Alliance. That is a significant common denominator among the team members. Not a single member of NARRG abandoned the National Alliance. That’s who we are. We are the National Alliance.

  1. i subscribed to “Attack!” And the “National Vanguard” over the years and was always impressed with the content. It provided strategy and a source of pride as well as spiritual enrichment. All were sorely lacking during the heavily reactionary days of the 70’s and 80’s.

    The National Alliance provided a hope that a truly revolutionary organization could be formed and gain popular acceptance. The literature and book sales were top drawer.

    It is distressing to see the organization fall apart. During some of the darkest hours for our Folk the organization is inconsequential in the current fight for our Folk and our very survival. Not only is the NA inconsequential, but nearly every WN organization is. During a time when our Folk are looking for leadership our ranks cannot produce one. While European organizations are leading the charge to take back their homelands, American groups continue to fragment and squabble.

    Gott mit uns.


    • We have no chance of overcoming external forces unless we remove from our midst dishonest men. For decades now collectively we’ve allowed a sub-strata of some of the worst kinds of people to working themselves into leading positions; con men, criminals, crooks, crazy people, creeps of one sort or another, sexual deviants, profiteers, egomaniacs and the list goes on and on. 

      More often than not, this happens because good and decent people being responsible and productive can ill afford to take the leading roles in organizations due to extreme societal pressures; ostracism, loss of employment, alienation from family, etc. Thus the higher positions are left to those of lesser character and quality, the ones who many times themselves are unemployable or living off the dole; your money. These people become the so-called movement’s leaders. 

      For this reason alone, our enemies can keep us pinned down as semi-criminals, social outcasts, and otherwise people that even the racially conscious would be well to avoid any association with. Until we can overcome ourselves we have no chance of attacking the outer enemy. 

      In many respects the lawsuit taken out by NARRG against the corrupt leadership at the highest level is for the National Alliance at least a spiritual Night of the Long Knives. We must cut out the cancer within ourselves. Unlike others in the “scene”, we do not look upon any white featherless biped who says that he or she is pro-White as our brother or sister who shows themselves to be a person of little or no character or of ill repute, someone that any reasonable person would avoid.  A perfect of example is that of Glenn Miller, a two-time government informer, alcohol addicted, insane multiple murderer; a close personal friend of current Alliance chairman Will Williams.

      As pro-White people have no more cohesiveness than a bunch of squabbling Arabs, of course dirty laundry becomes public, especially nowadays with the internet. So it is even more imperative now than ever to clean house of our vermin. We can’t change the “movement” nor do we want to. We don’t even consider ourselves of part of the “scene”. As it is unmanageable and uncontrollable and because we see ourselves as something unique and revolutionary, we want to distance ourselves as far away from the “movement” and most of its personalities as possible.

      We can’t change the “scene” but we do have an excellent chance to save and change the National Alliance. Once that its accomplished we’ll see the quality of the membership and as a consequence the leadership come to people that we can be proud once again to associate and work with. 

      Unless we are able to attract and recruit from the millions of professionals and White working class family people we will continue in more decades of failure. We need to have men at the top posts devoid of liabilities so therefore they must enter into the ranks devoid of liabilities. 

      We intend to radically change the membership criteria for the organization. We don’t want quantities of warm bodies, lukewarm supporters nor do we want the outcasts of responsible society. And there will be no more clip the box-top or download an application and send in your $20 bill and you’re a member. No more of that! We need to know each and every one of our people before bestowing or allowing application for membership.

      For the leadership of the National Alliance; no more con men, no more crooks, no more irresponsible leadership, no people with mental disorders, no people with sex crime convictions and all the rest that has already been mentioned. These people must be kept out of our ranks.

      An organization, after all, can never be any better than those that lead it. Once we achieve this status, then and only then will we be ready to challenge the system. That is our mission and purpose now in view of a future time to establish White living space in North America.

      • I so agree with this post. I met some wonderful people in NA,and enjoyed the spiritual,and intellectual comradeship,along with the sense of mission. However;within the ranks,I encountered the ‘rebels without a clue’. One coordinator ,I knew,seemed to prefer rough necks,drunks,and druggies,to the decent. He allowed bums to insult nice comrades,and scare off others. (unit head split after Pierce’s death) I knew some wonderful people,inside,or ready to get involved,who only stayed because of Dr Pierce;and left,when he did,because of this problem of Low -life. . I am not religious; but this quote from Christ comes to mind:” Do not see a speck in another’s eye,when you have a plank in your own.” We cannot look to restoring our lost WORLD heritage/culture,with bullies,trash ,criminals,and chemical addicts. Our entire idea system,out of the Hellenistic view,is the best are always the few,and quality,counts more than numbers. “In the beginning our enemies persecuted us,and in so doing helped us-they removed our bad elements for us” Adolf Hitler.

  2. I am looking forward to a revived National Alliance and continue to make donations to the NARRG group knowing the money is going to a good cause. Hopefully Will Williams will come to the realization that he is wasting his time and ours and will give up his futile efforts to become chairman of the Alliance being he has virtually no support from anyone on this. Keep the donations coming in and the spirit up because someday soon the National Alliance will be a force once again in American politics.

  3. I have a new found hope for the National Alliance. If leadership is restored to those with the heart and passion for the cause; I believe there will be a great resurgence of Aryan pride and regrowth of the National Alliance. Through diligent advertising via popular social networks ( facebook, instagram, twitter, etc) , a stronger recruitment can be made. Organization and dedication is key. I encourage everyone to donate in support of the upcoming battles this organization faces and the values they stand for.

  4. Great encouraging posts, Comrades!! Our Fight Goes On!! Much work to do in getting these scoundrels out of our Cause…the TRUE National Alliance / NAARG!!!
    I continue to recruit in Spiritual Hope that we may indeed regain our REAL National Alliance!! I am confident, also, that MANY of our former members from the 90s & this past decade will return to our Cause once again!! I GRATEFULLY look forward to working together w/them again, as well as our future Brethren, Comrades, & Friends!! I am proud to march shoulder to shoulder again w/such worthy Comrades as Jim, Conner, Michael, Robert, Brian & hopefully Drahomir, Matt, & other former members & future ones, as well!!
    14/88/5 Bob I.
    Mr. Adolf Hitler= “One day the World will KNOW that I was RIGHT!!!”

  5. Excellent Post Mr. Weaver. Once the traitors, hobbyists, misfits, etc. are purged from our Great organization we can lead by example and attract true white Aryan warriors. Make no mistake if the path this country (and the world for that matter) continues, our children will be condemned to a living Hell on Earth. Not one day should pass without each and every one of us having done something to further the cause, no matter how small. When you lay your head down at night before you fall asleep, ask yourself, “What did I do for my Race today?”

  6. Michael Weaver April 1, 2014, 3:50 pm

    The Importance of Idealism

    by: Michael Weaver

    During the history of the Aryan race, brave White men and women have
    fought and died for ideas.The Aryan fighting spirit is Ingrained in
    our Race soul, it’s an integral part of who we are as a race. Take for
    example: the bravery of Leonidas, the lion’s son of Sparta. In August
    480 BC, Leonidas set out to meet Xerxes’s army at Thermopylae with a
    small, but well organized and disciplined force of 300, though vastly
    outnumbered Leonidas exemplified the Aryan traits of Honor, Loyalty and
    Courage when he died a warrior’s death during the Battle of
    Thermopylae that day. Let’s not forget the brave White men who
    defended the Alamo against the tsunami of Mexicans on March
    6, 1836, though overwhelmed by the advancing non-white army, they
    displayed Courage, superior fighting ability and the Will to Win, even
    though the odds were against them. These were the men of our race and
    the same blood is within us all!

    Idealism is a powerful force, especially in the hearts and minds
    of intrepid Idealists. I’m reminded of a intrepid idealist, who was
    born in Austria on April 20th, 1889, his great name often invokes
    instant condemnation from the Bolshevik Beasts who control our mass
    media. He’s been demonized by the Jewish-controlled media, because he
    broke the Jewish stranglehold over his beloved Fatherland. This
    talented Aryan genius was a painter, great orator, tactician, strategist, but
    most of all, HE WAS AN Idealist!

    Our Beloved founder Dr. William Pierce was a visionary,an idealist
    who put Idealism into action!

    Dr.William Pierce believed in the righteousness of his cause and he
    believed in his people, often working an 80+ hour week building the
    National Alliance as a powerful force to counter the Jewish poison of
    MTV, VH1 and the communistic indoctrination centers of the public
    school system. Dr. Pierce spoke forcefully about the Terrible Taboo
    Topics of Today, for that thought crime, he was both feared and vilified
    by the race destroyers, the race corrupters, the most nefarious race to
    walk the earth, the Scourge of Humanity, the JEWS!! The National Alliance
    is the product of Dr.Pierce’s Idealism, as members of the National
    Alliance it is our duty to continue on the righteous path that our
    beloved founder set forth for his members to follow. We must do
    whatever is necessary to bring our noble cause to victory! Our Race’s
    future is in our hands and demands our immediate action! We are the
    most creative race on earth and if we are courageous, no force in the
    world can defeat the White Race! We must look deep within ourselves and
    seek the warrior spirit that our Aryan ancestors possessed. We must be
    passionate in our mission to awaken the sleeping White giant! We must
    expose the corrupters of our youth, the nefarious Jews and their
    willing collaborators. Remember, the seeds of truth must be sowed before
    the great harvest, The National Alliance must be our Raison d’etre, our
    reason for existence. Are you ready fellow comrades for the National
    Alliance to sweep this nation of the Jewish power structure and
    reclaim our ancestral homelands? Stand up White men and women, have the
    courage of your convictions, Ich Kampf (I Fight) should be our motto.

    George Orwell aka Eric Blair said eloquently:” In an age of universal
    deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” If, this is indeed
    true, Then Let the White Revolution begin!

    P.S. I am Michael Weaver and I stand behind NARRG 100%. Please join us in our efforts to save Dr. Pierce’s legacy, thank you.

  7. I feel it would be good to make a clarification to the ending thoughts of the above article. While it is true that virtually everyone connected with NARRG had been a member almost right up until NARRG was started, the posts intention is not to cast a judgment on those who left the organization due to Erich Gliebe’s incompetence, inefficiencies and inattention and also to the overall poor quality of service from the national
    office concerning members issues and customer needs.

    One of our supporters had sent a monetary gift to help and asked that we not hold it against them that they had dropped their membership. We certainly do not blame them for dropping out over the above conditions and we hope with their help and those of others that we will once again be able to offer a properly managed National Alliance that they can belong to once again.

    The purpose is to call attention to those who would like to appropriate the National Alliance who have been gone for many, many years and now all of a sudden after all these years and at this time in particular of all times they show an interest in creating yet another one of their copy-cat groups. It is to these people that the statement is aimed.


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