NARRG Files Lawsuit Against Erich Gliebe & Board of Directors – Fights to Protect National Alliance Property & Assets

NARRG Files Lawsuit Against Erich Gliebe & Board of Directors – Fights to Protect National Alliance Property & Assets

narrgjusticeTHE ACTION:
The National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group has filed a civil action against Erich Gliebe, Ryan Maziarka and Jayne Cartwright for the removal of said persons from their positions of authority in the organization and also each person to be held financially accountable for damages done to the organization under their watch. The filing contains a plethora of civil allegations of wrong-doing and complaints stemming from a myriad of instances of malfeasance, misfeasance, illegalities and irregularities. In Erich Gliebe’s case these charges go all the way back from 2003 to the present. Although the bulk of the case is against Erich Gliebe, the other two are being held responsible for dereliction of duty as well as being accomplices under Erich Gliebe’s direction allowing the state of affairs to continue.

In addition to the civil action filed, NARRG is in tandem working to protect the National Alliance’s interests in retaining its property at Mill Point WV being put up for sale by Erich Gliebe as well protection of the organizations interests in the Canadian estate case. In all we have launched a three-pronged approach in saving the National Alliance from total destruction and embezzlement of its resources.

During a goodly portion of 2013, NARRG attempted in good faith to settle the management issues through an agreement to a legally binding out of court mediation with the aid of an attorney we had engaged for the purpose.  We had hoped to enter into a dialog with Erich Gliebe and the other board members to work for a settlement that would have allowed for the defendants to make a simple and clean exit and a transference to new management for the plaintiffs. However and unfortunately, Erich Gliebe did not wish to enter into mediation. NARGG never heard from the other two board people. At first, Gliebe insisted on interjecting a person who had absolutely nothing to do with the case whatsoever and refused to talk directly with NARRG team members. These conditions NARGG flatly refused. After that, Gliebe’s tactic was to stonewall attempts to get direct mediation started. Then, finally NARRG’s last communication through our attorney to set a final date in which to mediate in good faith was ignored by Gliebe altogether. Gliebe had been warned that if the date passed without some forward movement, that a lawsuit surely would follow.

Left with no other option, NARRG filed a civil action to save the National Alliance. As the case is now in process, no further comment will be made by NARGG for the time being. If any announcements are made concerning the suit they will necessarily be limited in scope. This announcement is to serve as notice to all the good people who have supported our efforts over this past long and difficult year. Even though the attempt at mediation was rebuffed, the case we’ve filed is very compelling and powerful as we’ve had extra time to expand the scope of our case. We feel that Gliebe has been foolish to have refused our good faith offer at mediation. NARRG team members and their friends and supporters have worked very, very hard to get to this point. Admittedly and purposefully we did our work in silence and now that we are able to make this announcement we know everyone that matters will understand and will support us onward to bring about “a New Era for the National Alliance.”  This is not a cyberspace game of showing who’s the biggest loudmouth but a very, very serious effort. We are doing something different. We’ve put into motion an effort that can bring this corruption to heel. What others have only talked of we are actually doing.

has a mailing address and an account has been set up for the purpose of funding the expenses of fighting this case. NARRG team members, especially the NARRG legal team leader, have already toiled literally hundreds of hours worth of hard work, investigation, compilation of facts, phone calls and e-mails. In addition, the team has invested thousands of dollars to get the ball rolling and will be investing thousands more for professional attorneys and legal aid.  And indeed we are now on the roll. We are on the greatest mission here and we are willing to sacrifice greatly to restore Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause.

Our Cause isn’t for everyone. It is only for those of good quality and character; obviously not the current incompetent and crooked management and certainly not the lowbrows and creeps squawking on the internet to create copy-cat groups.

If you would like to help our effort we would most certainly welcome monetary gifts to help us fund this legal battle. A small circle of National Alliance members and NARRG team members have provided the heavy financial burden that has gotten us this far. It is time for others to help NOW. Many have been waiting anxiously and patiently for something to do. It is now time for you to do that something. NARRG will be expending many more thousands of dollars to ensure we can fight this battle to victory for Dr. Pierce and the National Alliance. We will yet save his legacy, his Movement, the national office and the wonderful property he left for us, our place, a place he called The Land, the spiritual home for Our Cause.

The NARRG team and supporters have brought this struggle to the point where we can see that New Era for the National Alliance as a coming reality due to hard work, dedication, sacrifice and stealth. With this announcement we now ask for your support. Now there is something you can do. Up till now, we’ve asked for nothing. We wanted first to show you, to prove to you that NARRG is worth your monetary gift. We haven’t asked you for anything that we’ve not already sacrificed for ourselves over this past year and we will continue to sacrifice.

For those good people who have previously been with the National Alliance or new people who are interested in supporting a real effort that speaks on behalf of our race, this chance to save the organization represents a real investment as anyone who is interested in Our Cause knows full well that the major portion of the so-called “movement” is nothing but a vast wasteland of crooks, creeps and crazies.

In fact, a National Alliance under proper management wants nothing to do with this crowd whatsoever. We will as Dr. Pierce said, “Dis-invite” the “movement” rabble from our association. Heaven knows that we had to report to the viewers of this website distasteful subject matter that certainly proves our point even from within the previous Alliance circles. We refuse to have anything to do with the underclass of creatures who are arrayed against us be they dishonest or outright crooks, be they child predators, be they parasites, be they people with mental problems or just plain crazy people, etc. Enough of this! We are going to start out with a clean slate and wipe away all this filth. “What is bad does not belong to us!”

Dr. Pierce founded the National Alliance to be a revolutionary organization with revolutionary ideas as the good Doctor declared himself a to be a revolutionary. Our mission is to be a voice for the idea of White living space in North America; a long range goal. The National Alliance has a world-view and we will maintain its integrity. Gliebe wants to dismiss Dr. Pierce from the Alliance and this simply cannot be done without dismissing the idea of the National Alliance itself. The movement cannot be separated from its founder and still be the National Alliance. What Gliebe intends is to dismantle and dissolve the Alliance and redirect its remaining resources under the guise of what is really a kosher conservative “culture club” tailored to his own benefit and/or retirement. Let him get out and leave the Alliance alone. He was never one of us to begin with. Otherwise, we’re going throw him and his ilk out and we look to do it this year. We’ve gone too many years now not be able to recruit for the Alliance due to Gliebe’s street-gutter personal reputation and the abysmal service provided to the membership.

A side benefit of filing this case is that it will also at the same time serve as a springboard in dealing with those who have expressed intention and are in process of theft of the National Alliance name(s) and other assets. In the weeks ahead, through the workings of the legal process we expect to be able to deal effectively with these individuals as well if by that juncture they have not ceased with their illegal activities. They must discontinue use of the name of the National Alliance and all other names and titles associated with it as well as discontinue use of copyrighted and trademarked symbols and other properties they have publicly expressed they intend to appropriate for themselves.

Now lets ACT! We’ve got the kinetic energy moving. It will keep in motion, IF YOU HELP!

ALL monetary gifts will be specifically and strictly used to pay legal expenses only. So rest assured that every dollar received from now on is going directly into the legal fund to pay the attorney(s) and related expenses and fees associated with this case, 100%!  All of the NARRG team members work is strictly voluntary.

If you’ve been a member of the National Alliance, you might consider gifting NARRG on a monthly basis similar to your former pledges as a way of continuing, consistent help as this struggle carries on. After a successful conclusion to this lawsuit any extra monies left over from legal and other related expenses will be deposited in the National Alliance general bank account. After that we’ll need continuing help to get the organization back up and running again.

Please send your personal checks and money orders or even cash to help build our war chest.

Checks and money orders need to be made out simply to: NARRG and mailed to:

1805 N. Carson St., #196
Carson City, NV 89701

We also can accept your gifts through your major credit and debit cards through PayPal. Just look for the button on the website and click. It’s fast, easy and convenient. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use this service.

Only NARRG represents the National Alliance. The Alliance community virtually left Erich Gliebe all alone when he disallowed the members proper management change. And our people certainly aren’t going to take up with the low-brow posers either. No, NARRG is the National Alliance and we announce here that soon our community will be coming back to its Spiritual home; that wonderful place in the mountains of West Virginia that Dr. Pierce acquired for us; what he called, The Land.

Once reestablished, the National Alliance can grow once again across North America to be the beacon that it was meant to be from its renewed administrative center, once again a real working office. Dr. Pierce meant the National Alliance to be The Movement in every sense of the term, a true alliance of all the cross sections of our people. Especially we need the professionals and the working class family people. (Remember, the Alliance once had dozens of chapters and working groups across the country. Now it has none at all.)  It is up to all of us to make the rebirth of the National Alliance an inevitability. We live and breathe for the dream of White living space. We have to catch up now for a decade and more worth of not building infrastructure, leadership cadre and a real membership program that qualifies its people as to quality. But if we can defeat these criminals, we can do the rest. The words, “impossible”, “can’t”, “too risky” or “too dangerous” does not exist in NARRG.  Stand with us and witness the rebirth of the National Alliance.

  1. formerNAmember May 24, 2015, 8:33 pm

    What sort of standing does NARRG have to bring about this suit? From where I sit (outside both organizations), there doesn’t seem to be any sort of standing at all by NARRG. In fact, it appears this new organization is making claims upon an existing one that aren’t defined by any contract that I can see. Please forgive me if I’m ignorant, but it is very hard to see how this suit will stand. If you’d be kind enough to enlighten me (and the rest of the world) perhaps you could win support for the suit—and perhaps even prevail in court. Thanks.

    • As NA members of long standing, NARRG was recognized by the court on April 16, 2014. What seems to you is of little consequence and we forgive you for your ignorance of corporate law. This has been a learning process for ourselves as well. The fact remains that we do have standing to bring this suit and in the course of the proceedings it has been affirmed twice more by the judge over objections of the defendants.

      We have support for the suit (apparently more so than do the defendants) and thus we are able to carry it forward. We are well into the process and believe we’ll prevail; especially in light of recent developments. What we are doing is the last chance for a proper governance for the organization. We invite you to read our Pledge of Intent as a starting guideline of what we have in mind.

  2. I am paying close attention, along with many others to the status of this important case. Please keep me posted! Thank you…

    Chester J. Doles

  3. Not trying to sound too inquisitive given the anonymity of the internet, but what would be the sufficient amount of funds required for the successful completion of this lawsuit, if this information is possible to disclose? Thanks for your time.

    • Speaking as the NARRG legal liaison, I would like to briefly answer Anonymous’ question regarding legal costs. Let me say that without providing our opponents any strategic intelligence information that could be used against NARRG, I posit the following response:

      Our initial inquiry with potential law firms revealed that a corporate civil case like NARRG’s could run from $10K up to possibly $50K (or more) depending on how vigorous a legal challenge was put up by the defendants. The low end cost estimate is for the existing Board of Directors giving up and abdicating shortly after legal action was initiated, while the high end cost estimate is for a full blown trial. As Sanders Pierce indicated in his interview with Rodney Martin on March 14 (, a formal legal Complaint has been filed with the Court by NARRG, with the defendants now having been officially served. The initial First legal phase is now over at an incurred cost near the quoted low end estimate, and pledges which thus far, although encouraging, haven’t quite kept pace with mounting expenses. We expect the distribution of the Sanders Pierce interview will have a very positive effect to help bring us up to par with our obligations.

      As of today March 15, Gliebe, et. al. has not given up and has legally responded by basically denying the Complaint. NARRG is now in the Second legal phase of initial hearings and motions and, thus again depending on how the defendants respond, additional legal expenses will be incurred. If a Third legal phase consisting of a full blown trial is necessitated by Gliebe’s continued denial and obfuscation, then the total legal expenses incurred may approach on the order of half to the full initial quoted estimate.

      Note that Gliebe and the other two Board Member’s defense may incur similar order of magnitude legal costs which they will have to raise if they do not have that money already set aside in reserve. In addition, the Judge during the Second legal phase may (or may not) rule in NARRG’s favor and thus could potentially immediately short circuit Gliebe’s continuing tenure as Chairman of the Board.

      In summary, at the going rate of $200 to $300 (or higher)/ per hour for Attorney fees, a corporate civil legal case such as NARRG’s is similar to a complex civil contested divorce case, and thus is not out of line in expenses incurred. With that being said, I hope that answers Anonymous’ (and others) potential questions regarding legal costs. If for the purposes of giving a substantial monetary gift, someone needs additional information besides what is offered above, they will need to email NARRG and set up a telephone conversation with the appropriate NARRG team members.

  4. I just sent in my second contribution… $300 this time. Is everyone doing there part?
    Send in what you can………but send something in.

  5. I just mailed in a donation to help with the lawsuit. I sent the same amount (much more than the minimum) that I used to pay in dues to the NA. It felt good.

    • Thank you, we greatly appreciate you supporting our efforts in freeing the National Alliance of it’s current corrupt leadership.

  6. Has any headway been made yet in the lawsuit against Gliebe and the Board of Directors?

    • Yes, things are progressing very well in the development of this lawsuit. We cannot offer much as to specifics of the case as NARRG plaintiffs are under attorney–client privilege to protect our interests and those of the National Alliance we seek to restore.

      We can report that the defendants have all been process served, and that they have acknowledged the court.

      Now that we’ve got the ball rolling, NARRG is actively seeking help to pay for this expensive but necessary process. Please consider sending a financial assistance gift to either our mailing address or by using our PayPal feature.

      Thank You.

  7. Excellent to hear of this undertaking! The Alliance may yet return to those worthy of its legacy. I will be sending in a donation shortly and encourage all formerly associated with the Alliance to do so as well. An expression of gratitude is owed to all those spear-heading and assisting in this important effort.


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