Dr. Pierce Speaks on Religion

Dr. William Luther Pierce

Dr. William Luther Pierce

There are those among us who would like to cause dissension among racially conscious people with a Divide & Conquer stratagem. One of the most sensitive pressure points to exploit in bringing our people to war with one another is the subject of religion. On that topic we would like you to know how Dr. William Pierce felt on the subject.

The following is a segment of one of Dr. Pierce’s American Dissident Voices broadcasts originally aired in 1997. Titled On Churchgoers the good Doctor explains what he felt were the redeeming attributes of the church in yesteryear versus the destructive power of the mainstream churches today, especially since the end of World War II. He encourages his racial “Christian friends” not to admonish him in attacking the churches who preach our doom but as “positive Christians” to join him in pointing out the subversion of the churches against the survival of our people. He ends with a call for racially conscious people to put aside the division between believer or not and to join with him in a common bond of blood as brothers and sisters united in defense of the race.

Listen to the words of Dr. Pierce on this subject just 5 years before his untimely death.



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  1. WOTAN! Will Of The Aryan Nation. There is nothing wrong with choosing any religion you feel best suits you as long as you remember that if there is a God then he created nature and natures laws. Nature is cruel and beautiful at the same time, Might is Right and only the strong survive exemplify nature perfectly. The old testament has a basic creed and set of morals that any white nationalist can interpret and benefit from. It is the jewish Zionist created new testament that is anti-nature in every way shape and form. Following the new testament only leads to the slavery and ultimate destruction of any race that follows it (as the jews intended). Remember nature’s highest law is the preservation of your own kind.

  2. Deism..the worldview of reason I believe will better serve our people. Deism is compatable with nature and common sense.

  3. Christianity is versatile. At its worst, it represents mere Jew-worship, while at its best, it represents the core values of our race in a way that it should be impossible for any White Nationalist to complain about. Whatever your personal views on the doctrine might be, any emotionally mature adult is surely capable of recognizing the plain reality that no cohesive White movement is ever going to be able to exist on a basis of insulting and attacking the Christian faith, and thus that any individual who spends his time attacking the Christian faith is either wittingly or unwittingly serving to undermine the cohesiveness of our movement.
    Those of you who feel the need to attack Christianity simply need to man-up and deal with whatever emotional weaknesses you are suffering from, because you surely cannot make the argument that your attacks are constructive in any way. This is not to say you cannot hold your own opinions on spiritual matters – that is something which is every person’s individual right; it is merely to say that you need to have honor, and respect the positions of your brothers when it comes to their right to hold their own opinions on these very personal matters.
    We do not need Christians, Pagans or Creativity followers in this movement – what we need are adult men who are capable of behaving in a cohesive manner, cooperating with members of their race. If you are incapable of this, please return to your Jewish video games and porno and let real men take care of business. This White Nationalist movement has no place for emotionally volatile children.

    • To mr.Joseph Brown:I wish I was able to verbalize my sentiments as well as you have done.You certainly hit the nail on the head on the subject of Christianity iin the White Nationalist movement.Kudos to you.

    • I take my hat of and bow for this your far beyond perfect definition of how a real White Nationalist shall be “programmed” to fit in and make our world a better place to live in.
      I am one of all admirer of Mr William Luther Pierce — I miss him and his inspiring writings and radio shows every day.

      All the best from Sweden
      Ulrich Johansson

      • Hmmm………..
        I think “….your more than perfect definition ….” represents my meaning better.

        Why don’t everybody speaks Swedish?! 😉

  4. Thank you for this.


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