NARRG’s Gearing Up & Now Accepts Gifts Through PayPal

Support NARRGAs NARRG is gearing up for more intensive activity and work, we will be needing the help of others to fund this effort. Thus far the NARRG team and a small number of supporters have borne all costs of our work, which has been considerable, and have asked nothing from others. We wanted to first set the base for our work with our own investment as we knew the imperative need to work diligently and most importantly to do so without fanfare. That investment along with the necessary quiet hard work is now paying off. More about this will be announced at the appropriate time.

In preparing for the immediate future however we want to ensure that we’ll have adequate funding. In preparation for what lies ahead we have already arranged a mailing address and have a dedicated financial account to accept monetary gifting for the sending of checks and money orders made out specifically to NARRG.

To further enhance and expedite this process, NARRG is now set up to accept monetary gifting via PayPal. You may send a gift to us through PayPal with your credit or debit card even if you do not have a PayPal account. Just click on the PayPal button wherever it is seen on this website if you’d like to send us a gift in that manner; it’s quick, easy and convenient.

All gifts, small or large are sincerely appreciated either by mail or PayPal. We’ll acknowledge all gifts that are received with return contact information. We thank you in advance for keeping faith with us in our mission to save the National Alliance and restore it to its rightful position.

In the beginning, about a year ago, our entire effort was expressed solely through this website. Throughout this time we have enlisted the support and good wishes of many National Alliance members and made many other additional friends as well.  Although the website is still very important, certain key National Alliance leaders and members have since come together to form what we now know as NARRG and our mutual and cooperative work has expanded well beyond the cyber-world and into the place where it really counts; the real world.

It is for the continuance of our fight in the real world versus the cyber world that we now are making these preparations. We want to effectively use the cyber world for the enhancement of our work in the real world. We at NARRG want to assure you that we will continue to sacrifice our time, work and money while in tandem we enlist for your support. Keep in mind these are preliminary steps, setting up the mechanisms in preparation for a continued struggle toward the achievement of our goals. We have worked hard all of last year to position ourselves into a situation that we are hoping to see our goal achieved sometime this year. For many of us this has already been a long, protracted struggle. However, even if it should take longer than we anticipate, we will simply look at the previous time we’ve spent as the necessary training needed to gird us and steel us to go the distance. It is for this reason we now feel confident to accept your help.

It is for the future of the National Alliance we fight; for the legacy left us by our founder; Dr. William L. Pierce.

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  1. I’m old fashion,my donations will be money orders. Keep in mind the time and effort that went into starting and maintaining this great website, time and effort aren’t free. Sending a donation of what I can afford is the easy part. Who knows, we could be so close to achieving something really big.

    I checked out Michael Weaver’s WIN, it will be added to my “favorites”

  2. As the sole owner and editor of the White Information Network, I shall do whatever it takes to promote NARRG to the best of my ability.Do right and fear no one!!!

    Sincerely, Michael Weaver

    P.S.Forward into the storm, a world lies beyond.

  3. Sorry guy’s I don’t use paypal for anything.
    Sending a money order can be a hassle but I aint having some kike making money of me when I can help it. I will be sending a money order in the near future. BTW I don’t facebook either.

    • I agree. When at all possible, avoid using paypal, facebook, twitter- any and all social media for that matter. I haven’t used any of them except when forced to use paypal a couple times……but here on Naarg you don’t have to.

      And same goes for Wikipedia……go instead to METAPEDIA.ORG instead. It is pro-Western and pro-White. “Metapedia gives us the opportunity to present a more balanced and fair image of the pro-European struggle…”

      • I think we should use whatever tools that are available to us. Social media can be used effectively to spread propaganda and promote activism, it just generally isn’t. In this case NARRG undeniably would be missing out on potential support if they were not using PayPal. Though if you want to put the extra effort in and send support through the mail, a sincere kudos to you. I just wouldn’t judge NARRG poorly for utilizing PayPal.

        • I’m not judging adversely that PayPal is being offered. Some on-line form of payment must be available. I commend this site for offering a mail-in option.

  4. By this notice, I take it that the legal action underway to divest Gliebe and cohorts of access to National Alliance assets is underway and meeting success.

    All…..yes, ALL former members of the Alliance who assert a consenting consciousness of the world view of the National Alliance and who claim a personal character formed in the Western White tradition of loyalty, integrity, dependability, and steadfastness in purpose, should be donating. Each circumstance is different, but everyone should give what one can.

    Here is one guideline that can be considered:
    Is it possible that you can donate the monthly dues that have accrued and have gone unpaid since you left the Alliance?

    Withdrawing from the Alliance after Gliebe’s misdeeds became exposed was a moral necessity…not a choice. Since the time of your disassociation, the dues you were paying have gone unpaid. What has become of that money? You probably still have it, and now you have the opportunity to catch up on those dues in support of The Cause in a way that can do some real good. If you resigned in disgust a year ago and were paying $10 per month in dues, why not catch up in supporting Our People’s Future by contributing that year’s dues equivalent of $120?

    I have so far given $500 and will continue to give as the means allow. Join me and the many other sincere and honest-hearted former members who want to see the National Alliance returned to the worthy.

    ‘Obstacles are not placed before us to be surrendered to – they are there to be overcome.’
    -Adolph Hitler


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