Response to Illegal Attempt at Appropriating National Alliance Assets

Response to Illegal Attempt at Appropriating National Alliance Assets

This is public notice that the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group has become aware of a project by at least two individuals, one Kevin Strom and the other Will Williams, who are already publicly indulging to illegally appropriate the National Alliance name, publication rights, copyrights, trademarks, symbol, etc., to create yet another copy-cat group. Mr. Strom, as many well remember, had attempted such a project against the National Alliance once previously and failed in large degree due to the exposure of his odious pedophilia issues. Subsequently, as we all know he plead guilty and was sentenced to a short term of imprisonment. The records and documentation speak for themselves.

Be it known to all, so that there is no confusion, our group has absolutely nothing to do with nor wants any association whatsoever with Kevin Strom or anyone associated with this under-handed enterprise. The National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group consists of the entire, most recent, yet long-term, members of the leadership strata, unit coordinators and prominent necessary support personnel as late as 2012 & 2013. This group in addition includes long-term member Sanders Pierce, the brother of the good Doctor.

Our unfortunate National Alliance, in spite of its moribund condition due to the malfeasance and misfeasance of Erich Gliebe and the acquiescence of same from Ryan Maziarka & Jayne Cartwright who constitute the current board of directors, is still, nonetheless, despite its outrageous management, a lawfully recognized entity. As we in the NARRG continue our efforts, we will keep an especially close eye on this development and with the continued illegal activities of these interlopers from long ago, we will also be preparing to deal with them in the appropriate manner necessary.

*Update: As a direct result of the special hearing, Board Member Ryan Maziarka immediately afterward tendered his resignation as a member of the Board to Mr. Gliebe and all associations and duties connected with his position as the registration agent for the corporation and the National Alliance generally. Mr. Maziarka followed up with a similar communication to our attorney with accompanying copy of his original resignation.  Read more…
  1. I have been paying attention to the McCorkill gold case here in Canada, with McCorkill leaving his gold collection to the NA in his will.The SPLC and other Jewish groups have had the will contested in court. With the possibility of a up to 400,000 coming to the NA, I wonder if this is why they are coming out of the woodwork to assume control?

  2. Rodney Martin of the American Nationalist Network was guest on a program called Imperian Mandate on December 30, 2013.

    The program originally was scheduled to discuss other topics but in lieu of the announcement of Kevin Strom & Will Williams attempt to illegally appropriate the National Alliance on the weekend previous the program focus changed to discussion on this development.

    Pedophile Strom is the subject discussed by Mr. Martin in detail for the first half-hour of this one hour program. Below is the address that you can go to listen and hear some of the sordid details of Strom’s perversions which includes much more than just possession of illegal sexual child imagery.

    It is not only those of us who are working toward restoring the National Alliance under proper management who are threatened by this development but every other person outside of our sphere who is in one manner or other striving to ensure a future for our race that is also threatened. All racially conscious White families are threatened by this development.

    Not only do we have to remove dishonest men from our midst but now it is glaring at us that we must crush the pedophiles amongst us as well. Adolf Hitler said, “What is bad is not ours.” It doesn’t come much worse than this.

    Here we must exorcise yet a different sickness that threatens us. We must cut out all this cancer with a spiritual/political Night of the Long Knives as Mr. Martin suggests in the program.

  3. Well, well, well, look at what the cat dragged in ? That picture with the white sweater…..and that pose….. !!! Famous pedophile Kevin Strom and friend Will Williams, famous for “jumping” from White nationalist organization to another. I suppose the old saying, “birds of a feather flock together”, fits the two of them perfectly.
    How can Strom think anyone who values their reputation will join him in this latest “effort”, is beyond me ? Unless of course he thinks that White Nationalists have forgotten about his perversion, and all is well. I suggest to PEDOPHILE Strom and co. to stay at home, and stop having delusions of grandeur.

  4. How the hell did a pervert like Strom ever get involved in the Alliance in the first place??? And how the hell can anyone with any decency have anything to do with him??? Everyone needs to blast this pigs mugshot everywhere they can. Keep up the good work gentlemen, I have sent letters to the traitorous “board of directors”, let us know anything else we can do to get the NA back on top where it belongs. Cheers, and Happy New Year to all.


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