A Conversation with Mr. Sanders Pierce


Sanders Pierce with a painting of his brother Dr. William Pierce in the background.

The following is a 70 minute interview with Mr. Sanders Pierce, long-time member of the National Alliance who resigned earlier in 2013, and brother of it’s founder Dr. William Pierce. Sanders Pierce is currently associated and working with the National Alliance Reform & Restoration Group, which is comprised of the now resigned leadership strata and primary members/activists. The focus of this discussion with program host Rodney Martin is the life of Dr. William Pierce as seen from the perspective of his brother.

  1. Great interview !! Very inspiring !

    Sanders Pierce talking about his brother, makes one wish that Dr. Pierce or another man of equal caliber was the man at the helm of the NA. Maybe one day, we will all have the pleasure of supporting such a man, who will look to restore and continue the legacy of Dr. Pierce. Hopefully Sanders Pierce will be back on the program and talk some more.

  2. I really enjoyed that interview.Is it only me or do others feel as completely at peace listening to Mr.Sanders Pierce as listening to Dr.William Pierce?There is a strength in thier voice that makes one feel confident in themselves,and others of like mind.I never got that feeling listening to Mr.Gliebe.As a matter of fact he seemed to espouse a feeling of defeatism and despair.I’m sorry,I’m wandering.It was a great interview and I will listen to it again.Thank you.

  3. dmvjbrock@comcast.net December 16, 2013, 10:28 am

    Nice job to all of you.

    I want to let you know as a former member, I appreciate all the hard work put in to the organization and not letting it fade away. We need this group now, more than ever.

    “absolute power, corrupts absolutely” this is the perfect slogan for the former organization.

    I wish you all well and Happy Holidays …………………… Danny Brock Boston, MA

    When are you staring to collect from members? Get some financial security under your feet.

  4. We’re behind you in this fight! Don’t give up! The NEW NA is our last & only hope!

  5. Lawrence Connelly December 14, 2013, 2:23 pm

    Again, anything I can do to help.

  6. Lets get rid of the scum and start anew.


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