“Thief” Gliebe Puts Dr. Pierce’s Property Up For Sale

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Property with Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall

We told you this was coming. Erich Gliebe has put up the bulk of Dr. Pierce’s property at Mill Point WV. on the market. Asking price for 289 acres and in addition the Dr. Pierce Memorial Hall is nearly $700,000. With the sale of this acreage; which by the way is up on the sheriff’s list for delinquent taxes, Gliebe will certainly sell off the remaining property shortly after and move the inventory to his suburban Cleveland home.

Dr. Pierce’s dream and the physical infrastructure he left for us will totally be gone in the near future.

There is no greater miscreant than this piece of filth who has betrayed Dr. Pierce’s Our Cause.

#4998– Pocahontas County, WV -$699,000.00-
Millpoint … Recreational Playground … 289 Private Acres with Quonset Hut close to National Forest.

  1. Unconventional Opportunist July 12, 2014, 2:36 am

    I had stored in the practical optimistic part of my mind that there were Aryan centric people with deep pockets and in powerful positions who were waiting for the end of the cycle to act.
    This would have been a sufficient time to still remain behind the scenes, yet contribute to our advancement: by buying the property in order to set the foundation for an Aryan future.

    • One of the results from NARRG’s April 16 special hearing of the lawsuit against Erich Gliebe and the other two Board of Director members, was that the judge issued an injunction against them that they may not sell, liquidate or encumber any of the assets associated with the National Alliance. This includes of course the national office real estate currently on market. Additionally, as previously reported, NARRG had in a separate action previously filed a Lis Pendens against the national office property with the Pocahontas County WV land records office.
      What we still need is more financial assistance to pay for the expertise it will take to win the trial. We’ve got a very strong case and we’ve got the right help. However we must also be financially prepared to bring the legal preparation before the judge and this time instead of a one day hearing, we need to be prepared for a two to five day trial.
      More info and latest news on NARRG’s lawsuit: http://www.narrg.com/2014/07/narrg-ramping-up-for-trial/

  2. Edward Rackson July 10, 2014, 10:21 pm

    I am sure NARRG is already aware of Erich Gliebe’s defense of his current policies, but what I have to say is worth hearing.

    On the NA’s unmaintained website Gliebe’s posted defense of his “new direction.”

    Time and length considerations will enable me to deal with only one of his fallacies. In regard to the putting the National Alliance (NA) compound up for sale, here is the “justification” for his actions. Gliebe wrote: “In hindsight, I would say my biggest mistake in running the Alliance following our founder’s passing was not putting the National Office property up for sale years ago. Sure, it was worth trying to maintain at least for a little while, but the reality is that you cannot have a headquarters for an organization that deals with people in an area where there are no people. Dr. Pierce chose Mill Point, WV for personal reasons. With the remoteness of the National Office and the cost of maintaining the facilities, it’s almost like we are chained to a corpse. When someone’s elderly parents or grandparents die, you don’t keep the house up and pour tens of thousands of dollars of property taxes in it so that your loved ones’ ghosts can wander around. No; you clean out the house, make a few small repairs, and then sell it. And that is exactly what needs to be done to the National Office; clean it up and sell it.”

    This is pure baloney, and I can easily demonstrate this. Consider the NA’s 2007 Holocaust Revisionist conference. One of the main reasons that it even came about is because it took place at the remote compound. Herewith.

    At that particular time, if Gliebe would have attempted to hold the conference in any major city near major airports, it would have attracted hundreds of “anti-racist” demonstrators who would have literally disrupted the conference. Furthermore, at that time there is no major hotel chain that would have rented hotel rooms out to the NA for a “racist, neo-Nazi Holocaust denial” conference sponsored by the “racist, anti-Semitic National Alliance.” For sure, one only has to look at what happened to the conferences sponsored by American Renaissance and other pro-White groups. In the past decade many of their conferences have been cancelled precisely for the reasons that I outlined here.

    My whole point being is this. Directly contradicting what Gleibe wrote, it is because the NA compound is in such a remote area that it is a great place for NA meetings. It would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the “anti-racist” enemy to mount any type of disruptive demonstrations near the compound, because it is so remote. Indeed, they may even be frightened to come down to “Redneck Country.” Furthermore, the NA never has to worry about having the meeting cancelled, because they own the land and do not have to worry about a hotel chain cancelling the event.

    In conclusion. Gliebe is not kidding anyone. I and many others believe that the real, underlying reason he wants to sell the compound is because he can gain a large amount of money, and when the NA finally goes defunct for good, Gleibe can walk away with the profits and enjoy a comfortable retirement.

    • You’re right brother ! He’s not kidding anyone with his bs, about the New Direction. He’s full of it, he thinks he can pull the wool over our eyes, like he’s done for years now, and what the hell is his new direction ? He says go to European festivals, take pictures and blah blah. Did he go on any ? Where are the pics of him going to one ? In his latest ranting in that grandpa website of his, which nobody reads or cares about anymore, unless you want a good laugh these days, he says that some old activist called him and talked to him about the new direction and all that bs. I’ve been around for years, and was part of the Alliance for years, and I can tell you, nobody wants to talk to a guy who’s done nothing except seat on his ass and done nothing sponging of us for years.
      and talk about the media giving the Alliance a bad name ? when did old Gliebstein ever defend the Alliance against the media trash ? Yeah, that’s what I thought.
      Hopefully, the old Gliebstein will have his comeupings, in the court of justice.

    • I’d like to make a comment concerning the reference made of the national office property being described as a “compound” and also make a couple other observations peripheral to the subject of the property.

      This reply is not to criticize the poster as the word is used generally by many others who are sympathetic to the Alliance and NARRG’s mission. Mr. Rackson’s message is spot on.

      I think the usage of the word comes through from the constant use of it from the media for anyone of their enemies who has a place of their own. They use the term loosely and even lie as they wish to conjure up certain images and stereotypes of armed fortresses with wild-eyed gun-toting occupants and booby traps within.

      First of all this is not what the national office property is like at all. A compound is an enclosed area, usually by some sort of fencing or walls with a residence or other building(s) within the protection of the barrier.

      The 360+ acre national office property at Mill Point WV is nothing of the kind. There are no walls, no fences. One can simply take the access road from the state highway up to the property entrance where there is a secured gate just like many another rural property.

      Otherwise, the acreage is bordered by other landowners property and a national forest. The term “compound” cannot be applied to the national office property.

      On a peripheral subject ,Erich Gliebe likes to make reference to the property and national office as being remote or out in the middle of nowhere. I think to describe it as such is over-stating the case. After all, in about an hour you can drive from the property to a large town with every necessary amenity and an interstate highway. That town also has a small airport that is serviced by one or two major airlines. I wouldn’t consider such proximity as remote. Also another small town, the county seat, is just 20 minutes away. Very rural, yes; remote, hardly.

      But then again it’s a subjective term. Gliebe, being cosmopolitan, would probably term any rural area as being remote. But its a given that the national office area is quite rural and quiet, a beautiful place more healthy White people would find inviting. The national office provides a pleasant, safe working environment in the country, especially necessary for a business like ours.

      And certainly you won’t find big city amenities like multi-racial major league sports teams or strip clubs for instance or any of the other things that a racial activist doesn’t need.

      Considering the location is in “Wild, Wonderful…” and White West Virginia its fairly free of violent crime as most White, rural locations are. There probably isn’t anywhere safer in America for a pro-White gathering than the Dr. William L. Pierce Memorial Hall as Mr. Rackson points out. Any husband can feel comfortable bringing his wife and children there. No antifa protests, no violence, no anti-White system police, no getting kicked-out. And if only members had been allowed to utilize the property for camping during Alliance events.

      Most of the members in eastern America live within a day’s drive from the office and if they had been allowed to utilize the property to camp, our members, especially the family people, could have done so inexpensively instead of having to shell out hundreds of dollars to local hotels and restaurants.

      No one likes camping and the outdoors better than White people. Members who wished to could have brought their own food along to cook out and stay put without ever having to leave the place until the event was finished. The meeting hall even has a full kitchen that the members could have used to help in meal preparation in addition to restroom facilities (which have been inoperable for going on 5 years now). Like the abandoned national office building, the meeting hall is full of dirt, rodents and cobwebs. All of the buildings on the property have been allowed to go in unchecked decay.

      This might be called “in the middle of nowhere” by Gliebe and masses of our people today who are hopelessly urbanized and obviously from small to large degrees becoming devoid of racial spirit and connectedness to Nature. But for we who are imbued with the spirit that motivated Dr. Pierce to acquire this property, this is home to the national office, the home base from which to carry on our work. A real working office, a business like ours, absolutely requires a place like this.

      It is only that the national office has not been a place of work for too many years now, in part because Gliebe never even worked there himself and more so because Gliebe really didn’t do any work at all to promote the organization, that he calls the national office property a White Elephant.

      The national office is not an expensive place to operate and the property taxes are dirt cheap for such large acreage. And once again, the taxes are in arrears.

      But no, Gliebe wants to sell off the property so people have to come to what we’re trying to fight against; the degeneracy of the cities, multi-culturalism and cosmopolitanism. Well fortunately, by court order, he can’t sell Dr. Pierce’s property off.

      It’s bad enough he denuded much of the land through allowing two big timber cuts starting in 2010. But then again, that was a warning sign of things to come according to one former member who is in the timber business I know. He told me that whenever you see a large property timbered, 9 out of 10 times that property shortly goes on the market as the owner is trying to squeeze every dollar he can out of the real estate.

      There is no reason for the National Alliance not to be successful, especially now; especially over these Obama years. People are looking for answers but there has been no one there since 2002. It still is the only effort that has a chance to connect with the kind of people that we are looking for. Certainly that is a relatively small percentage but nonetheless if we were able to reach them and recruit them, that small percentage is a big number in people; a real movement to represent the revolutionary idea of White living space in North America.

      After years of stasis due in part due to peoples hopes in Republican administrations, the Alliance was on a quickly moving upward path of growth from the mid-90’s up until Erich Gliebe took the reigns. After that it has been all downhill. So outrageous has this decline been, so obvious the cause of it that the body of the organization has been desperately trying to rid itself of this vampire in one upheaval after another over these long years, fighting for life against the tide of constant membership fall out and financial anemia caused by this inept or corrupt man. No more.

      This is the final battle. The enemies of the National Alliance and Dr. Pierce have had no better friend than Erich Gliebe. Some people have even mentioned to me that they think what has happened over the years could best be described as “controlled demolition”.

      No matter.

      We know where the vampire sleeps now. We have examined his coffin filled with his native earth and have carefully sifted its contents. We have prepared the proper tools to oppose such a monster and when he reposes which he evidently must, we will be there to deliver his comeuppance and restore life back to our beloved National Alliance.

  3. Just telling it like it is, Bob, and your words are still too measured and mild. That pig is undoubtedly the most destructive and ruinous individual ever to appear in the White Nationalist movement. We have yet to build the vocabulary to adequately describe the opprobrious nature his being and the outworking of his evil.
    The accursed name Gliebe will forever be associated with the lowest of the low – actions rarely matched in the historical annals of human behavior.

  4. The mere thought of this sub-human makes me want to puke!!! EG….you are NO Comrade of OUR Race!!! You are more aptly comparable to a three-headed viper, you slimy, squirmy traitor, you!! You OBVIOUSLY have a “sheared conscience” & absolutely NO shame!! How long have you REALLY been like this? Dr. Pierce would be utterly LIVID to see & hear you as you REALLY are!! You are so far gone that I have NO doubt that you are truly incapable of repenting,…and fella….you truly, truly should!! Utterly discusting!!!!!

  5. If the NA property is taken by the county for delinquent taxes, they might auction it off again after a tax deed sale. In that case, someone might be able to buy it for considerably less than $700k. If the new NA regained the old Pierce property, organization prospects could pick up once again.

  6. what is the status of the alliance today and what is the status of this organization ??

    • The National Alliance is a legally recognized entity, a non-profit corporation, that has ceased functioning as an organization. NARRG is not an organization per se but a collection of NA members who have disassociated with the current management after seeking redress and now in reality representing the body of the National Alliance in a legal manner to regain, reform and restore the mission that was left us by Dr. Pierce.

      In other words, the National Alliance, the body or organization represented by NARRG is working through the corporate legal system to replace bad management with proper management. The current regime has violated many requirements and basic tenets of corporate responsibility and therefore are subject to replacement and liability.

  7. If I am not mistaken, the property up for sale by the so called leader of the National Alliance, includes Pierce Peak which is the final resting place of Dr. Pierce, as his ashes were scattered on that mountain, and are now a part of that land. Some would say that Dr. Pierce and his land are connected even in death. If that is the case, and this land is part of the property up for sale, I have nothing but disgust for that low life scum, gliebe[sic].
    Is there nothing sacred to him? Had Dr. Pierce chosen to be buried, and there was a tombstone there what would gliebe[sic] have done? Unearth the bones and throw them away? Would he have torn the tombstone and sold it for scrap?
    It is sad and hard to imagine such a thing, but something each one of us needs to think about.
    All the years of hard work by so many members, all the hard work and sacrifice of so many good men and women, and it all comes down to this? Dr. Pierce’s lifelong work and dreams, his memory and ashes now, sold to the highest bidder by this monumental crook and grand deceiver for money he does not deserve, nor should he have. What happened to respect for great men like Dr. Pierce ? I suppose there is none, when crooks like gliebe[sic] are involved.

  8. So when will Geibe leave?! Get that shitbag out of power and REBUILD the National Alliance already for God sake!

  9. Wow, Gleibe has really proven himself as a super swindler. He will always be known as the guy that squandered Dr Pierces Alliance away for a little fun money. 
    This has got to be the worst case of profiteering ever. 

  10. I wonder if this creature has any shame, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I behaved in such a manner. And to think this guy is raising a son, hopefully the kid uses gliebe as an example of how not to act.

  11. This piece of human filth erich gliebe[sic] is the low-life of the century, who crawled out of the sewers of hell, to come and cause such trouble for the Alliance for so many years now. A paid prostitute who has methodically destroyed Dr. Pierce’s dream and life’s work since he came into the scene. A liar, a deceiver, a creature of low intelligence ( whether real or by design) he is all those things and much more. All those who have supported him, knowing he is a crook, a thief, and a fraud should be ashamed of themselves. You know who you are, and we all told you so, but you wouldn’t listen. You chose to support this piece of (you know what) and now he has betrayed you too. He has taken everyone’s money for a cause he does not care for, he is now taking another man’s vision and he is selling it for his own benefit, because you all know, he’s going to take the money and run. Don’t think for one second that he wants it for the “Cause”. May destiny and fate deal with him, as they see fit.

  12. It’s sad indeed.But is anybody truly shocked?I wonder where the proceeds will go?

  13. Since 1987 I have contributed at least $120 a year to the NA, lets see if Eric Gliebe compensate those of us who have stuck with it out of the proceeds of the sale.

  14. Michael Weaver June 28, 2013, 7:44 am

    Alas,as a former National Alliance activist,I am both outraged and disgusted!!This despicable act on Gliebe’s part is dishonorable and greatly deserving of our utmost contempt..It would behoove Mr.Gliebe not to cross my path and I do not care if he is a former boxer. This news has brought me much melancholy.My dear friend,Haywood Turner III,is probably very angry in his resting place..Valhalla. Can anything be done about this thief? I shall repost this story on my blog: News4whites.blogspot.com post- haste..

  15. maximiani design June 28, 2013, 5:00 am

    Wow, the taxes are low for a property that size.

  16. Lawrence Connelly June 28, 2013, 3:53 am

    How sad that the greatest voice for white people in this country should come to this. Gliebe must go ASAP

  17. This is very upsetting but was expected considering how little Gliebe cared. In my eyes this is outright theft.

  18. Joshua McNellis June 27, 2013, 11:18 pm

    What a terrible shame. Dr.Pierce would be heart broken.


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