A Letter From Richard Scutari

A Letter From Richard Scutari

Richard Scutari

I have been in correspondence with Order member Richard Scutari and we’ve exchanged several letters. It it an honor for me to get to know him and to receive his letters, especially as since he isn’t in solitary any longer and in general population, he really doesn’t have time to correspond much with a lot of people. Mr. Scutari is very busy these days with his own education and he’s involved with programs at the institution including teaching yoga for the recreation department and heading up the Odinist program for the spiritual needs of fellow prisoners.

I have just received my third letter from him as we are discussing the grave issues concerning the National Alliance as well as other general and more pleasant topics. In his latest letter to me at the end of May, he’s offered to be of some aid to the Alliance by giving us permission to print the very first letter he sent to me in late March as his initial response to my Message of Hope for the National Alliance. He is hoping that his words may do some good. We are all sharing this same hope.

Since that first letter our discussion has increased and moved forward and I expect to be in regular communication with him from now onward. He and I have much in common in our outlook and spiritual values and I’m very pleased to be in correspondence with him

So now here is his first letter to me. It is stated below exactly as it was written and in totality. Nothing has been edited or removed.

– Jim Ring

*Published here with his permission.*

Dear Jim,

Greetings Kinsman! I hope this finds you well. I have followed you through your writings for years and was happy to finally hear from you, even if the news was not so good.

I am not quite sure how to address the issues you brought up in your “A Message of Hope for the National Alliance.” I get very little info on movement news in this country and none about the N.A. except for what is in the Bulletin.

I have not heard from Erich since April of 2012. I did write him a letter on 12 Feb 2013 to touch base with him and find out if N.V. Books still carried Civil War II. I assume you must be referring to this letter. Truthfully, I do not remember what I said in that letter and would appreciate a copy of what he posted. I do vaguely remember commenting on his article in the last Bulletin I received wherein he mentioned taking N.A. on a different direction; however, I do not recall the article stating any particular direction. Be that as it may, I did agree that a new direction is needed. For several years, I have felt that Dr. Pierce’s dream is falling by the wayside. In addition, I have always been of the mind that if one tactic does not work, try something that will. That does not mean change the message.

To explain where I stand, I will have to give you a little background. I have a strong loyalty to the memory of Dr. Pierce and to what he created. My loyalty was established by action and not by words. Two and a half months after receiving my 60-year sentence, two FBI agents came to the prison and talked separately to James Ellison and me. We were offered our freedoms if we would testify against movement leaders and others in the upcoming Berg and Sedition trials. Ellison accepted the deal and was the government’s star witness at the trial in Ft. Smith. He was released from prison after his performance at the trial. I refused to cooperate. One of the leaders they wanted me to testify against was Dr. Pierce. Because I was very rarely away from Bob Mathew’s side during the last 6 months of his life, the feds believed I was present when Bob allegedly gave Dr. Pierce $250k to $500k. When I told them they would not believe what I did not know, they responded by saying that they would supply me with facts, figures, and dates. After again telling them I would not cooperate with them, I was placed in the hole, had phony escape charges place against me, transferred from a medium security prison to a high security prison, had a management variable placed on me raising my custody level from medium to high max. It took me 22-years to get that variable off me.

In the meantime, I spent 19 1/2 of those 22 years in either the hole or locked-down at super-max prisons. I have no regrets for this. My honor and my loyalty would not allow me to do otherwise.

With that said, I want you to understand that I am still loyal to Dr. Pierce’s memory and to his vision. I cannot picture me ever stating anything against the way Dr. Pierce and N.A. embraces National Socialism. I am a National Socialist. In fact, I consider National Socialism to be my religion. My Wotanist/Odinist path is how I honor my ancestors. Like Dr. Pierce, I seek to draw from the Third Reich, not revive it. I will leave the goose-stepping down the street shouting White Power to the Hollywood Nazis.

I owe a certain amount of loyalty to Erich for his correspondence with me (albeit sporadically) and for the support he has given me for over a decade; but my first loyalty is to the Fourteen Word cause. So long as N.A. successfully works towards that end, I will support whoever sits in the chairman’s seat. For N.A. to fold because of ego’s, incompetence, or cowardice, would be a slap in the face to the memory of both Dr. Pierce and Bob Mathews.

Perhaps the problems with N.A. are as you describe them in your, “A Message…” perhaps not. It is not my place to suggest directional or policy changes for N.A. as I am retired from active involvement and seek only to spend the rest of my remaining years with my wife. I will say this though, the survival of the N.A. is important. I suggest that you, Erich and the board of directors sit down and work things out. Dr. Pierce believed in the leadership principle based on merit and he set up N.A. to run this way. In doing so, he set up a way to change leadership if it is not working. The position belongs to whoever can do the job and whoever is strong enough to take the position. With that, I leave you and everyone involved including Erich, with this one request – repair whatever is wrong with N.A.’ otherwise, you let our sacrifices be all for naught.

Thanks for writing me and bringing me into the picture. Hopefully you will continue to keep me in the loop. I would appreciate it if you would get back to me on all this when you have the time. I would like to know what happened to Resistance Records and its publication as well as the National Vanguard magazine.

Give my regards to all. May whatever is best for N.A. come to fruition.

14 Words,
Richard Scutari

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  1. I was incarcerated with Mr Scutari, I read the draft of this letter to Jim prior to its mailing. Mr Scutari is a good person and I am honored to have been able to get to know him, it was the only positive of my incarceration. I can say that he believes in the vision or Dr Pierce and is saddened that the current state of the NA is in the state that it is. However, I must add something to this topic, Mr Scutari is hoping to be paroled in a couple of years, it is at the discretion of a parole board, he has asked that anyone who contacts him not discuss topics or use language that could reflect negatively on his chances to be allowed to return to the world. If you write him please limit your political comments. Also I know that he has requested that he be removed from all POW type listings. Mr Scutari wishes to go home to be with his wife and live out his years in a comfortable retirement. He has earned this.

  2. For those who would like to help with Richard Scutari’s commissary fund please follow the directions below to the letter. It would be nice for him to be able to purchase necessaries and also I know he would like to be able to purchase some books.

    Also, it should be made clear also that Mr. Scutari is NOT asking for funds, however, anything sent is greatly appreciated by him.

    1. Funds must be sent in the form of a money order and his register number MUST appear on it as well.

    2. Nothing other whatsoever must be placed into the envelope otherwise risk that the money order will be refused his account and returned to sender.

    3. Understand that the money order will be placed into his account AND that he will NOT know who it was that gave the gift nor the amount given unless you are already aware of his prison mailing address and let him know yourself.

    4. The address to send it to is the following (and it is not his prison location).

    Federal Bureau of Prisons
    Richard Scutari
    Register Number 34840-080
    P.O. Box 474701
    Des Moines, IA 50947-0001

    Remember: The money order MUST be made out to his name and MUST include the prisoner register number on it. There must not be anything in the envelope but the money order, otherwise it will likely not go through.

    When the Bureau receives the money order they will directly deposit it to Mr. Scutari’s trust account which in turn will be applied to his commissary fund. The Bureau will send no notification to the prisoner. Richard will just discover he has extra money in his account and again, he wants it clearly understood that though he gives his permission for me to make this announcement, he is not asking anyone for funds.

    Richard Scutari is hoping for the best for the National Alliance as we all are.

  3. Richard Scutari, David Lane, Bob Matthews,Dr. William Pierce,George Lincoln Rockwell,Jim Ring, & most CERTAINLY Mr. Adolph Hitler!!!! THESE are men I so highly admire & STILL strive & fight for/with to reach our goals of our White Society & White Homelands! I’ve read & heard these men speak MANY times, & I very humbly state that I am TRULY grateful for them!!!! I ALWAYS feel those “Spiritual & Prideful Aryan goosebumps” when I read & hear them!! “mr.” gliebe…..PLEASE get out of our way & move on elsewhere!!!
    Kinsmen, let us work “harder than ever” towards our goals!! Just as we KNOW our former & current leaders would & shall be proud of our Great Race……THE Race of White Aryan Warriors!! I truly thank & encourage my fellow kinsmen for their efforts!! Like they say….let’s keep on keepin’ on!!
    Heil Hitler!! 88/14/5
    Bob I.

  4. Wow, when this man meets his maker he will be given a place of honor among his ancestors, the way this man stood by his principles and refused to sacrifice his honor is an inspiration and i think would be more common in a racially healthy society.

  5. Inspiring and measured words from a man of values, principles, bravery, conviction and resolve. Judging from what Mr. Scutari says in his letter, it seems to me that gliebe has twisted the words of this great man to further his own needs, and continue his fakery and deception.

  6. Wow!. Heroes still live among us. What a sterling example of loyalty and self-sacrifice! When martyrs are to be remembered and honored, his name will find it’s place.
    While The Gliebster demands to be paid for devotion to a cause, Scutari refused to break loyalty when offered the pay-off. Two entirely different spiritual beings are here portrayed. A study in contrasts. Hard question: Who is the example-setter between the two?
    My contempt for AmeriKWA only hardens as I read of the dishonest intrigues of government officials. American ‘justice’ can’t find its way to the dustbin of history soon enough.

    I don’t think Mr. Scutari is fully informed on matters to suggest that “Erich and the board of directors” be sat down with to “work things out”. That is what has been tried by many over the past 10 years to no effect.

    The National Alliance has died; it is no more, but life remains in the hundreds of former members that cry out for the means to contribute and associate once again. A new organization is called for and its time has come. It will be the true National Alliance in all respects except in name only. Big deal. The assests of the NA can always be acquired at some future date as they become available. To avoid this undertaking is no longer possible.


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