American Dissident Voices – Canceled!

advcrossoutAmerican Dissident Voices program was the weekly voice of the National Alliance since 1991, at first being broadcast on a small network of AM / FM radio stations across the country as well as a station broadcasting on worldwide shortwave radio. At one time there were up to a dozen and a half stations broadcasting the program; some of them with quite powerful broadcast ranges sweeping across many states.

Stations willing to broadcast the program dwindled in the mid to late 1990’s, in tandem with the advent of the internet where the program found its newest and principle home. Eventually this became the sole source for the program.

Hosts for the weekly program over the years included, the programs founder Kevin Strom, National Alliance founder Dr. William Pierce as well as former Chairman Shaun Walker and since then Erich Gliebe.

As of October 2012, the once weekly schedule became unstable, being broadcast only once or twice in the final two months of the year.

With the current year of 2013, the program has not appeared whatsoever with the exception of a short, rambling, incoherent and conflicting message which incensed many, as it was put out on March 9, Commander George Lincoln Rockwell’s birthday with a decidedly sarcastic tone.

This website has been monitoring the ADV schedule of non-appearance and we announce at this point we will cease bothering doing so for the following reason. Word has reached us that Mr. Gliebe has cancelled the program, after 22 years of consistent service.

Granted that in recent years listeners have been rapidly diminishing due to the fact that Mr. Gliebe has been a lackluster host with his monotone voice and uninspiring reading from the script delivery style and messages that offer nothing in-depth or show evidence of deep thinking or research.

And the reason given for this cancellation? Mr. Gliebe says he is not getting PAID!

Can you imagine that? Well, many of us have done lots things on a consistent basis over the years for Our Cause and never expected any pay.

And in any event, even if it were true that Mr. Gliebe was no longer able to collect an Alliance salary due to dwindling support, he still has his regular full-time outside job since 2009 (as he apparently must have to maintain himself as a suburban Cleveland area homeowner since he refuses to live and work inexpensively from the national office) and that puts him in a position no different from anyone else in doing their work for the cause. Members are expected to volunteer their services, even pay for their own expenses, but Mr. Gliebe must be paid for his it appears.

In any event, we here cease with our monthly tally (of mostly zeros anyhow) unless we see evidence of some revival. No American Dissident Voices program, no National Vanguard magazine. Heaven forbid if you say anything pro-National Socialist. Is this perhaps Mr. Gliebe’s “new direction” he spoke of?

If so, it is the Board of Directors who are squarely responsible and therefore receive the blame for this shameful state of affairs. Dozens of good, solid members have written to both of them with their concerns only to be snubbed; every single one, ignored.

For the sake of the future and generations to come, for the sake of the memory of Dr. William Pierce, how can you two people live with yourselves?

  1. Just so there is no confusion whatsoever for readers of this post and commentary; the American Dissident Voices program of the National Alliance is still canceled.

    The posts and audio being currently made by Kevin Strom as of December 28, 2013 and January 4, 2014 thus far is not “American Dissident Voices” but a theft of the name just as Strom’s use of the name National Alliance and intent of use of other Alliance property is also theft.

    The intentions that Strom and Williams have detailed are clear violations of Federal law and I would think that Strom, at least, would want to avoid future entanglements with the authorities. In any event screenshots will help to record the crimes and collect evidence.

    Flagrant thumbing of ones nose at the law certainly has a way of creating storms and where there are storms there is lightning. Kevin has been struck once before concerning his pedophile issues and he is now, instead of courting little girls gambling with the consequences of people who engage in the illegal appropriation of the properties other others.

    Just as there are laws to protect little children from sexual predators there are same for those who steal identities, copyrights, trademarks and other real or intellectual property of legal owners. This arrogance is begging for an eventual comeuppance.

  2. Another “milestone” for the pretender, as Jim Ring calls the current chairman and right he is. So let’s see, no more magazine, no more statements to the press, no more interviews, and now no more ADV. I suppose there is nothing else for the pretender to destroy and throw away, except maybe the ideological foundation of the National Alliance, which he wants to de-Nazify, as he recently mentioned in some trash publication of his, but he offered no alternative view or suggestions as to what he thinks should be the new direction he advocates.
    At any rate, the seeping decay of his tenure is clear for all to see, and of course with this decision he has reached the bottom of the tank, I don’t think he can go any lower, or maybe he’ll surprise all of us yet again in the future.

    So he is not getting paid is his reason for canceling the ADV’s, hmmm…how many ex-members ever got paid for their services throughout the years? How many of you worked hard in various ways, to get the message out there to others?

    How many of you donated your hard earned money to get things done?
    How many of you gave money to that inept so called chairman, because he told you he didn’t have money to get by, e.t.c?
    Those of you who gave him money, know what I’m talking about.

    This is how he repays you, by saying he is not willing to work for the National Alliance anymore, because he is not getting paid!!! He does however want you to keep donating, and paying your dues monthly, while he does nothing to promote your interests, the very people he has said in the past he wants to protect. How about that for confusion, deceit, and outright audacity. Shame on him, and shame on the two “board members” who are just as guilty as this idiot Gliebe, for the present state of the National Alliance which I equate to a bum, living under a bridge.

    I agree with george norton @ 6:13 pm when he says:” Such a great man was Dr. Pierce, only to be replaced by the lowest of the low”, and I can take this to the next level by saying, that those responsible for this sorry state of affairs, will carry with them the sewage smell coming out of the “office of the pretender”, for an eternity.
    I am speaking of course about the esteem “board members, who to this day remain silent (as the obedient dogs they are) for they will go down in history, as the ones who aided this idiot in destroying the National Alliance, and they will be cursed by many I have no doubt.

  3. george norton May 27, 2013, 6:13 pm

    I was/am a member of another organization when NA began experiencing its turmoil following the passing of Dr. Pierce. I recall listening to ADV over AM radio, a small station near Phoenix, Arizona. I also made it a point to purchase books, CDs, and ADV cassettes from the NA. Too, National Vanguard was my favorite “movement” publication.

    With the passing of Dr. Pierce, I was certain there would be “bumps” in the road, but was also certain that things would eventually move forward. It would have been impossible for me to be more wrong. I do not have the words to describe this ongoing tragedy. What form of people are these who would destroy Dr. Pierce’s body of work, who would destroy his legacy. Such a great man was Dr. Pierce, only to be replaced by the lowest of the low. A curse on those responsible.

  4. Robert Ransdell May 27, 2013, 4:07 pm

    Kurt you make some good points and I agree to an extent, however just creating a new organization is not worthwhile in my mind unless and until an able individual asserts themselves and gathers a following through their hard work and determination and ability. There is no organization out there that I can see that is what the Alliance was as far as politically, spiritually (how many organizations can even claim that as a trait) or otherwise.

    Can the Alliance be saved, hard to say, many efforts have been made and that is just counting recent ones.

    One thing I can say for sure, the Alliance is not gone and will never be gone unless and until Jim Ring ceases to live on this planet. Jim has a spiritual fanaticism when it comes to the Alliance and its holy Cause, the word quit is not in his vocabulary relative to the end game of this fight, a fight to save the NA. And for the record, since the term sometimes gets a bad name, in my humble opinion (and forgive me from borrowing part of a phrase that the Jew Goldwater used) fanaticism in service to our race and heritage, and to an organization that for decades stood steadfast in its ideals and principles which today could be gaining steam by the month with conditions as they are if only it was not in hands that seem uninterested in going forward with anything – is – no – vice…..

    Jim is not bigger than the Alliance, no one is, and it could survive and reach its potential without him, but again as long as he is alive it will not be gone – ever.

  5. Kurt, Thank you for your post. There are others besides yourself who have voiced similar opinions and I understand the motivation. Part of what is causing this anxiety is the fact that those who support this effort and website have nothing constructive to do now, providing that they have done what we’ve asked and written to the Board of Directors.

    However, keep in mind another thing. The fact is that the since Gliebe’s tenure as chairman started in 2002, the Alliance has gone through one upheaval after another, with everyone who was associated with Dr. Pierce either resigned or thrown out. And at each convulsion, those who tried to replace Gliebe were dismissed or left immediately and started a new organization when they were most unprepared to do so. The result was that not a single group succeeded in surviving.

    In realization of all these previous failures I decided to tackle this issue with a different approach than others before me. There have been so many who have dropped out that at this point we can accurately say that the National Alliance has left Mr. Gliebe. However, Gliebe and his cronies still hold onto the “deed & keys”. Dr. Pierce had built up a lot of infrastructure over the years and most of it is still in place if there were only people to utilize it. The Alliance has what other pro-White efforts only dream of and the people will come back, in droves, to properly utilize this infrastructure, when they learn that the corruption of Erich Gliebe is gone.

    Mr. Gliebe is hanging on to dear life to potentially collect a very large estate from a deceased member worth in the neighborhood of a quarter-million dollars. This hard work of Dr. Pierce put the Alliance “light-years” ahead of anyone else. This deceased member wanted to help in that work. Whether the estate is actually conveyed to the Alliance is another (legal) matter but the potential is there and that money belongs to the organization not a gang of thieves.

    This is our Alliance and it is we who uphold the mission of Dr. Pierce. A “pretender” and a couple of cronies who have now been exposed and unmasked stand against the will of the NA community. Each person may do what they will but please don’t ask me to give up what I’ve put more than a generation of work into. I chose this National Alliance as I felt it represented the only realistic hope for our people in North America and still do.

    For other perhaps to “leave the NA behind” is easier to accomplish as they haven’t put as much effort and sacrifice into it. They didn’t live and breathe it as an expression of the most effective way to reach our people with a life saving message. And it is the only way to promote the National Socialist message, which is the creed of the National Alliance, to our people.

    If there were some other worthwhile effort out there I would have given it due consideration. However, in my opinion, there is no worthwhile alternative. In consequence of that, I fight for the National Alliance. I fight to remove the corruption from it. I fight for the life’s work of Dr. Pierce and the vehicle he gave is to represent what he called Our Cause.

    I told everyone that this was an uphill battle and if it weren’t won quickly, it would just mean that we adjust ourselves to a protracted struggle. The struggle now is this website and people getting the word out. The mass resignations of members has been crippling to the “pretender” who calls himself chairman. Some of them will venture off to other efforts like yourself. It’s understandable. Not everyone sees what is special about the National Alliance.

    But others, like myself and the majority of the comrades I have worked closely with are all awaiting the possibility of our return to work to the only effort worth working for in our opinion. For us, there are no other options, thus, we fight. And if there is only a one in a million chance of success, then give me that one.

  6. Yes, the National Alliance is gone. It is time to move forward; time to leave the NA behind and congregate together under the auspices of another organization. Precious time has been lost in the vain hope that the NA will be re-organized and re-acquired. That will not happen, friends. The sad reality is that the NA has been destroyed by criminal elements. Accept this fact and show faith in the future in order to win it.
    Leading minds among former NA members should be in consultation with one another on planning the advent of a successor organization to the NA. Too much time has already passed.
    I will wait no longer. I am surprised and a bit saddened that no activity along this line has been taking place. A void of initiative is detected. If no viable replacement is forthcoming soon, I will probably be associating with the ANP – a fine organization.

  7. James Bradley May 26, 2013, 8:20 pm

    Once again you have hit the nail on the head. I cant understand how they (the board of directors) can sit by and allow this to happen. The once great National Alliance is gone.


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